A Thermometer To Check Your Sincerity Levels

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, one of the key ingredients and prerequisites for the acceptance of any action is if laughs and sincerity. The world judges us by our actions while the almighty judges us by the motive of our actions. If loss is a very delicate, intricate and sensitive aspects of our faith, simply because only Allah knows who possesses a class and who lacks it. Of course, as believers, we have been taught and told that we should be generous in believing that others have his last assuming as a class and critique yourself and interrogate yourself. Well, today, my brother and my sister I share with you a thermometer of last. That's what I call it. And like always, with the

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grace of the Almighty, we provide you that q in the light of boron. So the verse we look at today is chapter nine Jews 10 verse 42. The context of this verse is the expedition of taboo, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mobilizes the companions and tells them that we going out to the book to move geographically is located between Medina and Damascus in the center between Medina and Damascus. The journey is obvious the heat is intense. So the manavi thing they shy away they withdraw and they make lame feeble excuses. Allah subhanho wa Taala says lo cannot carry back what's that foreign costly that if the journey was closed short nearby, and the material limb returns gains

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was easy was accessible was immediate was definite lecture by route they will definitely follow you while I came borrow that early him a Sherpa but the journey became very far for them. So then they were hiding under the pretext of this excuse and that excuse. Now let's listen to what the great Mufasa writes in biannual Quran and it gives me a shiver in my spine and I call it a thermometer or a yardstick of measuring a floss fee it bar only my name to Hannah nafsa here my habit Allah Hey, amla. This idea provides us with a perfect opportunity to analyze ourselves and check our class levels. When I'm doing a good action. Am I motivated by the pleasure of Allah the obedience of Allah

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or by something ulterior? For any

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fee? FEMA lamea confy Jimin phytoene donia we are doing what kind of E mashup he speaks of two things that diversity Li releases a hint to us analyze the condition of your heart, when the nature of the action is such that he doesn't have any material gain. There's no monetary return. There's no coverage. There's no recognition. There's no prominence there's no it's not appeared in in any Gazette in any media on any social media or anything. What kind of e machaca. And the nature of that action itself is challenging is daunting, is difficult. It's not simple. If you find yourself obliging to some act of virtue which is difficult and doesn't have any material flavor to it. Then

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Subhana lophelia medela praise Allah your thermometer of ethos is high is good. Is that an ideal position but if on the reverse for in Milan, LL Mata la mina, Lil men for it donia we Yeti? Let's see Yama either Ghana Salah. You find yourself ever ready to perform an action of good but that has some material flavor. It's giving you likes is giving you a thumbs up. It's giving you retweets. It's giving you prominence it's giving you mileage. It's giving you coverage. People are talking about it you feel in your ego being inflated you are feeling prominent about the whole thing. Let's see Yama is I can assign a lot more so when the nature of that action is very simple. It's very

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easy. It does not involve any effort on your part, laser delille and lil Maha Betty, this is not necessarily a reflection of your love for the almighty fella. Yatta ro beatha hum maleeha myth La, La La ilaha IL Allah. So don't deceive yourself, or appease yourself by the repeated execution of such actions which have material benefit in it. And it's simple to execute that this this stems from your love for Allah because this is not necessarily a reflection of the love for the Almighty. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless me with loss. May Allah bless you with a philos amin era Bella alameen