Zakir Naik – Can a Muslim Girl become an IAS Officer in India to Serve the Ummah

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller asks a question about becoming an IAS officer in India to solve problems with the um emotional control laws. The representative explains that the best profession for a woman to become an IAS officer is to work closely with her male partner and not allow her to maintain rules and regulations. The representative also advises that becoming an characteristics officer is not a job for a woman and that she will not be serving the um emotional control laws.
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Next question from Anoosh from Kashmir India, can a Muslim girl become an IAS officer in India with the intention of serving the ummah?

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I would like to ask the sister that why does she want to become an IAS of office in India to solve them? There are multiple things better that a woman can do.

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Why should the woman go out or the way to become an IAS officer? And will she be able to maintain the rules of the Quran and Sunnah. So if you want to serve the Ummah number one you have to follow the rules and regulation of alliances wrestle.

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The best act of a Muslimah of the Muslim woman is to be a good mother. Nothing better than that. The status that Muslim gets because she's the mother is phenomenal. Our Beloved Prophet masala Salam said that paradise live beneath the feet of the mother

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and the child,

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even if your mountain of work to the mother, he cannot compensate what the mother has done by keeping that child in her womb for nine months. Now many families know how can you all look all the sudden you want to become IAS officer? Or do you think becoming an IAS officer as a woman? Will you be able to maintain the hijab? Will you be able to maintain the rules and regulations that have been prescribed in the Quran and say Hadith? And the answer is no.

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As an IAS officer, you have to work closely with the male which not permitted you not be able to maintain the job, the dress code will be different. So but natural, the best profession if you want to do a profession after being a mother, if you want to do something for them, number one is the profession of obey. Allah says in the Quran in surah facilite chapter 41 customer 33 Woman has on a call a man Doyle Allah He was among the Solihull while inedible Mr. Smith, who is better in speed than one wife to the view of the Lord works righteousness and say that among Muslim, the best profession for a Muslim in a day. So even for the Muslim ah, this is for the Muslim men, yes, even

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for the Muslim, the best profession of the day. And that the reason that when I wanted to marry someone I want to Marissa there because the sum up that a woman will get but naturally she's supposed to Dawa with a woman a woman doing Dawa to a woman is far more serving the Ummah and doing Islam to the Muslim who may not be knowing the teaching of Islam. So if you're doing our to non Muslim, the non Muslim woman and going down to the Muslim woman, getting them closer to Quran sunnah, that a million times better service, then you becoming an AF officer. Being an S officer, there are high chances that it will go away from the Dean, you will not be able to follow the rules

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and regulations. So number one best profession after becoming a mother, it becoming a dire number two, you can become a teacher. You can teach your Islamic school or Islamic College, teach them the give them education. Number three, you can become a counselor.

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You can be a child counselor, you can counsel, the Muslim, the children, get them closer to Islam. If you're under served DOMA. You can become a doctor, you can become a gynecologist. If you become a gynecologist, you're preventing hijab been broken by your Muslim sisters becoming a doctor. It's a noble profession.

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Again, apologists are become a pediatrician. You can do speciality there are various option Why should you become an IAS officer for the highest officer is not a job to be done by a woman and that too by a Muslim woman, you will not be able to maintain your hijab and not be able to maintain all the principles. So my advice is it is not at all permissible for a Muslim to become an IAS officer in India. You will not be serving DOMA, you will be in fact, going away from the dean and leave us at DOMA you will be paving your pathway not to heaven, but away from them. So inshallah I hope that you become a good mother, become a dyer or become a teacher or a child or a doctor of themselves

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