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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. It is indeed part of the richness of the teachings of Islam and the pristine teachings of this beautiful religion, that it is a faith governed by values, morals and etiquettes. And today, unfortunately, this has become so absent and there's such a vacuum in the lives of people regarding basic etiquettes of life. And hopefully in sha Allah in the series, we're going to embark on different etiquettes that govern our day to day interaction. So as the opening remark I say to you, my brother and my sister that hakama and the Halima say, at tarbiyah two and tarrif metathetical LOM good nurturing and upbringing will teach you when to speak. You could be

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articulate, but there's a time to speak. In fact, Ibrahim Bin Adham Rahim Allah said it has submitted Alhadeff yet Akella Maliki bar I used to Nam In Haiti here. If we had to listen to a young boy interrupting the discussion of a senior honestly, we would become despondent have a bright future for him. So the first thing tarbiyah is an tarrif metathetical alum went to speak, while lako and istemi lemania Tech alum and good character is that you can be attentive. Sometimes the person doesn't want any counsel. He just wants to offload husband and wife at times. Can you just listen to each other? So we all want to become good speakers, but are we good listeners are throbbing Raba

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hurricane bahala, who was the great African scholar, it is said about him that at times people would narrate to him an incident and he would listen to it so attentively as though he never heard it. Whereas he heard it before that man was born. Well, a Flacco and testimony Allemagne Yetta Callum well Dubow Allah to party Armenia Tech alum and good mannerism is that you do not cut someone when he's speaking. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not interrupt the villager while he was passing water and urien in the masjid, how often a person is trying to speak and we abruptly cut him we don't allow him the opportunity to complete his point or express his argument. And last but not

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least, what the car Oh, Allah to suck data Columbian. Yetta Kalam and it is a mark of intelligence that you do not believe whatever you listen to. So while it is important to afford people, the right to speak and not to interrupt them and to find the right time when to speak, but that doesn't mean everything that is told to you, you accept it. May Allah bless us with these beautiful teachings. I mean your bill Allah me