The Spiritual Ladder – Privacy When Discussing Sensitive Matters

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. In my Muslim Rahim Allah makes mention of a narration in Sahih Muslim in Kitab, Nika on the strength of an Omar Rahim Allah, Who says going to encima Abdullah I was once working with Abdullah rhodiola and who be Mena in the plains of Mena. His love to have fun when saving the earth man, but the loved one who came by after exchanging Greetings, etc. He addressed Abdullah minimus Rudra the Allahu anhu and he said, Hello make about Abdur Rahman in La La cahaya are Abdullah screwed? Can you kindly excuse yourself for a moment I would love to have a moment with you in privacy, I have a particular matter

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to discuss with you. Nathan eration goes on first stuff Allahu Allahu he took him in isolation and seclusion and the Hadith also expounds on the matter that he intended discussing. In essence, it was Satan Arthur mamre, the Allahu anhu who extended a proposal to two other live animals that can I arrange for a prospective spouse and get you married etc. which is great is wonderful that you take care of the needs of your brother, your friends, your companions, someone is divorced or widowed or is looking to settle down you know, you pay them up or looking for employment. However in my memory Rahim Allah alerts us to a great etiquette and that's the richness of our Deen. That's the profound

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nature of our teachings. fee, the liloan Allah is Babel. asare be mytheresa for in Oh, man, you start the grooming vainness we learned from this, that if you want to offer a proposal to someone to get married, or you want to counsel someone who is having marital discord, you don't do it in public say now Earth man did not address the matter with Abdullah massarotti in the presence of Alabama, rather, he took him aside. So the message is my brother when you help, it's great when you empower it's noble, but be conscious and cognitive of the surroundings and the sensitivity of people, certainly who say it was the Noblesse of who a Buddha was one of these distinguished students, he

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says, I would daily attend come to Buddha with more alcohol party salad. I was a punctual, diligent, devoted student in the discourses of my teacher, sorry, the Messiah, Rahim Allah on a particular instance for a student I was absent in class that affected me, he looked around for me, and he did not see me for one and maybe more of our elderly relative. So he thought probably I had taken ill was the other unimin holder who and he asked, you know, those are all reasonable without nobody really had a reply for them. to LA, he bothered me when I returned after a few days, he asked me in a container about what da da Where were you? I did not see you in the lessons for the last few days.

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So I said, my teacher, my mentor to feed zojirushi, my spouse had passed away, first of all to be Emily Ha. So I was engaged in the rituals of burials, burial, etc. So my teacher consoled me comforted me. And then he said, Hello, bertina Why didn't you inform us financial generosity hallmark, we would have attended the funeral as well and supported you during these trying times. So I acknowledged his condolences and his sympathy to an akuna. And I was on the verge of now leaving the gathering, because the lesson had concluded for Steve bacani. Is that just wait, just wait one minute. Hatton sort of like Jimmy Roman kind of imagine his until everyone had left the gathering.

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When everyone left the gathering, he renewed his condolences. And then he said, We're going forward. I'm afraid of his death is oj luck, have you given thought to getting married again? And I said, well, who will marry me to their daughter I am a often he said, I kept you behind till everyone left, because I would like to marry you to my daughter. The point I'm saying sensitivity not in the presence of people. So let us be amongst those people who can help. But let us not compromise our help. By being insensitive to the emotions of people. I mean, terrible at me.