Sulaiman Moola – Lockdown Reflections #12

Sulaiman Moola
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad.

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Today we commence again with a boom of Imam Shafi Rahim Allah in which he speaks about Kava powder and destiny. He says in Bobby Bobby clip B he went the way he yes three acaba mcdouall. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah says in Bobby Bobby twigby he what the word he la Yes, Tokyo. Verily, a doctor with his medication with his knowledge with his sciences, is unable to avert and divert the plan and the destiny that Allah has decreed for an individual. Then He further says and so amazing. Malik Toby Malik, Toby yamu to be de la Levy, you Bri Oh mithila who FEMA Mother melito BB yo Muto beat De La Via katakana. You burrito mithila who FEMA mahbub How strange that when a line is decreed the death

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of a person, then you find a doctor succumbs a doctor succumbs to the same melody, for which he has been treating patients for years. Subhana Allah what what does the poet say? merli Toby iamu to be de Illa de katakana you Bri or mithila who faema mother that when Allah has decreed death, then a doctor succumbs to the very same medical condition to which he has been an expert on he's an expert on cancer. He's an expert on this year he has this speciality or this superspeciality and with the grace of Allah, he has rescued the lives of 10s of hundreds of people. But when Allah decrease his death, he succumbs to the very malady and illness for which he is a specialist. And furthermore, he

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goes on in the poem and he says, helical mo da v one and mudaraba helical moda we welcome odawa one lady gela. But the wha wha hoo woman is Tara, that when Allah decrease death, then you find the doctor, the patient, the manufacturer of the medication, and the pharmacist all happened to pass away because of the same melody, the person who was treating it, the person who invented the medication, the person who came out with the necessary vaccine, the person who had the sole rights of selling that particular medication, the person who was involved his whole life was having that very same vaccine. But when Allah had decreed death, then you know what, they also come and

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surrender. That is why we save this year and there's a big difference between the two. We don't say that COVID-19 brings death we say death brings COVID-19

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we don't say that. Death brings cancer. Cancer brings death. So when Allah has decreed your there's a big difference between the two one is saying you know what? I'm staying with my parents and one is the person said, My parents are staying with me. It might outwardly look the same that you share in one roof, but the respect displayed by someone that's saying that you know what, I'm living with mom so I married I have my kids but I'm living with mom in our In other words, I'm in mom's place, right? So that's our believe that Corona does not bring death death brings the corona when Allah has decreed and ordained death, then these will be different circumstances that will prevail in the life

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of a person, Hannah Khalil muda, we will mo Da Da Da Da Da Da Hua Manish Tara, when it is cutter and destiny, then the doctor, the patient, the manufacturer, the pharmacy has all died, while their hands are actively involved in that very same

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particular vaccine. So this is the in you know, years ago, I remember reading an article in a particular place where there are a lot of quakes that were taking place. And so there was a meeting of head of states that what measures could we put to reduce the impact of earthquakes and while the meeting was in process, an earthquake took place. Right? So we're not we're not averse to the need of taking measures and precautions etc. But I think in this particular program, we are here to give hope to people in the mercy of the Almighty and also to re you know, align our team and our trust and our confidence in the Almighty. Just to continue we speak about some quotations and then we

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speak about an amazing narration as well about sobor so hasn't personally Rahim Allah used to say that our saarbruecken zone Min coluzzii will hide that from the treasures of Allah subhanho wa

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One of the greatest of treasures is a person who's blessed with subber patience and endurance. In fact, Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah, who was a great man. Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah we know about him and there's so many amazing things about him. He used to say ma Allahu Allah Aberdeen. Allahu Allah abdon minima. Whenever Allah favors any person with a bounty, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala snatches that bounty away, and Allah replaces that bounty, what sobor and patience, then what Allah gave him is greater than what Allah took from him.

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Yesterday I was touching on an ayah and then we digress and I have a riff, flesh of that is again, a verse of the 22nd Jews in which Allah says, woman and two men stay in for Who are you for that whatever you give, Allah will substituted in Mario full poron under this if it is mentioned, that Allah has given the promise of a substitute, and Allah has not given the promise of a monetary substitute.

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So we generally like I gave my $1 I need my 10 I gave me one rain I need my 10 right. That's the normal mathematics we do. But that's not the promise of the Quran. The promise of the Quran is replacement substitute. So whether Allah replaces it in monetary or otherwise that's the choice of Allah, but the promise of Allah is he will grant you a replacement. And furthermore, it is written that at times Allah replaces your donation by 10. And at times, Allah replaces your donation, by contentment and free in your heart of greed which is greater than a monetary replacement.

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Subhana Allah, ma and in fact the two men che in whatever you spend, for whoever you have for Allah will replace it. And I have a flesh of another year in the Quran, which is in the 20th Jews in the 29th chapter, the chapter or the uncover the spider. Allah says you are the Boma yada yada, yada. Elaine ito pelabuhan You are the Romanian sha Allah can punish whomsoever He wishes were your humble man Yeshua. And Allah shows mercy on whomsoever He wishes are luminesce Fie Rahim Allah in Madeira kuten zeal under this ayah he gives the different options and explorations of the punishment of Allah and the mercy of Allah. So one to see that he mentioned and I quote, on the strength of

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Metallica Tenzin, which I read, you are the evil mania Shah or been heresy, while your hammer mania shot will be it

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that Allah can punish whomsoever He wishes by inflicting greed in his heart. And Allah can Bertie whomsoever He wishes by endow in that individual with contentment, La ilaha illa Allah. So unfortunately, we only interpret,

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you know, replacement or the bounty of allies material like I always tell people, the verse of the Quran, Allah insha Allah as he denticon Allah says, if you are grateful, I will increase. Now we only take this to mean money. Be grateful Allah gave you the ability to report on Allah will increase you in your ability to read Quran.

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Be grateful that Allah gave you the ability to resist evil, Allah will strengthen your resistance against evil.

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Why it is perfectly fine to use it in the context of monetary but it's not limited. It's not restricted to that I will connotations and deductions and understanding is like, okay, I like me, well, I must make sure I'll get more great, awesome, wonderful. And yet again, the scholars say look at the beauty and the kindness of Allah. So when Allah speaks of gratitude, Allah says Allah insha Khartoum, if you are grateful, la as he did not come absolutely sure what certainty I will increase weather in Colorado and if you are ungrateful, Allah did not say the Bandicam

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Allah didn't say definitely said in other Bella shaded, it gives a warning, it gives an alert. So what gratitude abundance is guaranteed, and with ungratefulness you are predisposing yourself to the potential Wrath of Allah. Look at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala look at the mercy of Allah that He didn't say I will definitely punish you. He alerts you He wants you he cautions you in Isaiah Bella did remember my punishment is very severe and very intense. So armorican Abdulaziz Rahim Allah said that if Allah has blessed you with a particular bounty, and then Allah by his will has snatched that bounty and I think I've touched on this before. And I will say it again, that a

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believer needs to fear at every moment that alarm can take away what he has given me. This is the shear are the symbol the hallmark of a believer. This is the hallmark of a belief

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in constant fear my Lord can take at any time.

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So there is the verse of the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala says after me no makala after me no matter Allah, do they feel that they are secured from the plot and the plan of Allah for Allah Emmanuel Macron Allah Hill, alto mahasi Road, that is the nature of losers under this ayah in biannual Quran it is written and it gives me a shiver in my back. Well yeah, the Holo fee and included in that person is a person whom Allah has blessed with the ability of goodness who's who's the who's who's been blessed and endowed with with the ability of good while Amelia huff is still Ah, Baja, and he feels he has given me the ability to read Quran to be generous, it's fine, I can do

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it I I can continue doing it and he doesn't fear that Allah can * that away. Now look into look at these words for a yaka, yaka and Amanda who fulfill me and hopefully will feel hopeful

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for Yaga Yaga and Amanda who Beware, beware, you know you have on these electric boxes, right? What they have danger how far in gozi if I'm pronouncing it correctly in in the other languages like buhay alert, this is danger. So the author writes of banker and beware alert, this is danger. This is a hazardous yaka, yaka and tamanho How dare you think that you have a monopoly you secured you protected you insulated, fulfill money in whole foods? The more you think what you have is protected, the most susceptible and vulnerable you are for Allah to * it, waffling Hovey Aminu and the more you fear that Allah can strike, the safer you are.

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The more you think what I got is minds. The closer you are that allow us * it. And the more you think you know what Allah can take it at any time, the safer you are.

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Furthermore, there is another quotation, you have one of the great scholars he used to have a note and in that it was the letter in your fridge ohakune locked in for younger roofie How was he ham October was Arabic. So he had a note and he would read it often and in that it was written that persevere on the command of your Lord persevere on the decree of your Lord. He would keep this idea as a motivation as an inspiration to him. That was very persevere. And again, yet there is another quotation here regarding Sayyidina yaku alayhi salatu was salam, whom the Quran refers to as Sabra and Jamil when when he was told by his children about the day in which they fabricated that the wolf

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had devoured their brother and their sibling. So he said for sub Baron Jamil I will display beautiful sober and there's unanimity of the chorus scholars have said that what is meant by beautiful sober it is a sobre la de la raza fi patients in which there is no moaning or groaning and I just want to share with you one two Tales from the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. About people who displayed such suffer.

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So there is a famous incident that appeared in the books of Hadith regarding appa Rahim Allah. He says once I was sitting with Abdullah, Allah now I'm delighted now basil, the olive oil was of course the cousin of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the father of the seed.

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Allah Allah had blessed him with this amazing thing he used to say that in Neela it Allah that Allah has blessed me with three amazing qualities in Neela to Allah for our doula and the message me an anti muslim lady Allah, that at times I would be reflecting over a verse of the Quran and then I would be immersed and engrossed in it, and then my heart would scream out I wish the whole world could leave what they doing and come understand the Quran as I've understood it. Right. And then the second thing is we're in the last microbial How can women haka male Muslim maniacally available for a for a hobby, he won Mali ring, the woman of the year, that I would hear that there is a Muslim

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judge who has been appointed and is executing justice. And that would bring joy to me just to know that there's justice in the world, and people will be given their due and people will not be abused and exploited. And I would be elated, ecstatic, overwhelmed, yet I have no case that is pending that I have no matter to submit in his court. We're in the last microbial life you see bull muslimeen for a hobby he won many between a lot of them inside him. And then I would hear that beneficial rain has come on a particular land. And you know what, it's it's brought about good growth and vegetation and produce, and it would bring joy to me whereas I have no farming there. I have no animals grazing

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there. But just to know rain has come and benefited people. And I often say this the On a side note, if if you have the capacity to experience

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Happiness on the accomplishments of others, then every day will give you a new reason to be happy. And if you suffer the melody of being depressed on the joy of others, then every moment will bring you depression. Why? Because the world is such right among. Rosati, Rahim Allah said that

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la lu

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lu a person who will never be free of someone in his neighborhood or his friends, man and I'm Allah, Allah, He Berryman, our Jahan, Omar Lin, whom Allah has favored would help with wealth with prosperity. So if you're suffering this melody, then constantly you will be in depression.

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Anyway, I've deleted numbers for the alarm and Omar, one of his great disciples was APA a Ba Ba Ba Ba, Rahim Allah He was the great African scholar Selma bien kohane Rahim Allah said Mara a to Bill Maher a to a hidden you redo bill, tell me what Allah azzawajal la la la la la

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la hidden. He said I never seen anyone whose motive of studying Dean was exclusively the pleasure of a larger than three people. Mara I hadn't read to beloeil me what Allah azza wa jal VEDA Hakuna Matata, una mujer hit appa pose and Mujahidin Rahim Allah is one of the tutors of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah. In fact Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah said he said Mara, a to Africa I mean, hammered whether a jamaa illuminata from my teachers I didn't see someone who was a greater master on jurisprudence than hammered Rahim Allah. And I didn't see anyone who could master and imbibe more sciences of Deen than appa Ebony Abdullah Rahim, Allah great scholar. Anyway, I thought maybe raba

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Rahim Allah says that I was sitting with Abdullah basmati Allah and Houma. And he said, I know he came at me earlier. Jana, can I not show you miss paradise? Laila, how can I not show you miss paradise? So you have missed Africa you have missed Asia, you have Miss Europe you have Miss World. I'm paraphrasing But literally, yeah, I show you a woman of gender walking on this earth.

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So I said please do tell me. So we've heard the Hadith but the point I want to say is when Allah and Dawn someone with that inner suburb and patience, it's just something different, unique. He said, How the * to soda. Remember, sometimes you gave and then Allah gave you inner contentment, Allah gave you inner contentment.

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I recall this incident I was flying in Australia. I had taken a flight from Brisbane to Perth. It was Ramadan. I had done my soccer in Brisbane and then prayed for Salah went to the airport hopped onto a flight. And we know from one side to the other coast, from East to West Australia is a good four or five hour flight. And that's a domestic flight. And from the law makes it easy in Ramadan each time you get a bit concerned worried but then Ramadan sets in and Allah just gives you that amazing strength and you get by and I found a person sitting close to me and he was abusing alcoholic beverages. So the cabin crew told him that listen sir, you've you've you've surpassed your

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limit. And you know what? You're becoming rowdy you're becoming you know, a nuisance and you cannot take anymore? And he says no, no, I need more. And I'm thinking to myself, yeah, Allah, you know, you have put the fast on us and you give us the strength and you're a man is drinking and the more he's drinking the more it's aggravating is this. The more he's drinking the more he's aggravating is this. You have a person that is has all the wealth and he wants to make more and more and more and then you have other person who's got basic and average and unlike gives him inner contentment. You are the Romania shall obey the heresy. Romania shall obey the law kana. Allah can inflict any

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punishment on a person in the form of greed. And Allah can pity anyone by blessing him or her with contentment and peace May Allah grant us inner peace and contentment.

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So I'm delighted now buzzworthy Allahu Allah said to me a lot when he came, right I mean, Alien Agenda. Can I show you my paradise? I'm like, yeah, show me is to soda. Your comes a woman with dark skin, here comes a woman with dark skin at 18 nebia sallallahu wasallam. of African origin, she had once come to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And she said in Surah, Allah I have these epileptic attacks I have these epileptic attacks. And when this happens to me, then my private area becomes exposed. So pray to Allah to kiyomi pray to Allah simple. This is a condition but her requests as a straightforward simple. Her condition was obviously severe and intense, and we make sure that anyone

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who has this severe condition or any related condition, may Allah miraculously grant them the formula miraculously grant them Shiva Subhana Allah did the Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam say to her in shittiest

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Bertie, Willa killed Jana when in doubt Allah you have a sister I heard your requests and I understand your pain if you want I will pray to Allah He will cure you and if you want persevere and Allah will give you agenda

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if you want persevere and Allah will give you agenda our mind would run in a different way our okay only be overwhelming to have a journal entry for only overlaminate dwarf agenda and Shiva you know that this is how our mind runs. I often speak about that incident of Satan our idea of a loved one who were one day he was sitting outside and this is mentioned in few books of Hadith I've read it and a person came to ask for something so he said Hassan or the Allahu anhu his son Hassan, he said go inside and ask your mom Fatima rhodiola and her for the Durham's that are there six Durham's that are in the house.

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So, Fatima delana said there is absolutely nothing This is the only little bit we have for basic needs and food etc. So he came back and innovated the story Rolando Oliver said now go back and tell your mom to give that and to have trust and of course reliance in Allah and understand the situation of Fatima delana there's nothing else in our situation is like going in the house and in my cupboard in my closet you see there's some forex leave the dollars not the pounds that some big Canadian not the rupee is behind that you'll see that there's a stash yeah just bring something from there you know so there's like so much they just pull that out and bring this and give it right so there's

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surplus there's excess that's our condition long story short she gives it for tomorrow the Alanna The only well she had the only thing gave it say that hasn't got the alarm says my dad passed it on to the beggar And off he went a few minutes they after a person came and he was selling a camel. So say earlier the alarm said I will purchase it. You know what work from home work smart. Right from your laptop. So bahala Dean was happening, Dean was happening I I say if you look into the dean, there's so many incidents. There's authentic hadith in Bukhari, where a person was owing money the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that men are unwell. And so you read the law man who if you

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borrowed money and you're passionate to pay it, Allah will help you bait but you need to be committed, you need to be committed, I want to pay I want to clear my dad's I need to drop my standards and I need to come out then Allah will help you and a person came out the hadith of Bokhari and then he came out and he said y'all I promised the man I was owing him money. And today is the day and he's looking for a boat and a vessel to take him across the shore the hadith of Bokhari the words of the messenger sallallahu wasallam and he couldn't find anyone so he just found a piece of wood that was floating and he dug into it he dug into it and then he put the money in any

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interested it and he said Allah you know you you allow this to flow to that person and let the money get. So today we talk of EFT we talk of internet banking we talk of quick transfers we talk of so many other ways of getting money across continents. Water transfer

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right water transfer this the Hadith he put the money and that person on the other end anticipating that today I will receive waiting in the distance is there any vessel or boat or any sign of someone coming? Because when a person has been promised his money then obviously he's he's anticipating it selasa tuna Hakuna Matata Hakuna Allahu Allah has taken the responsibility of aiding three people number one and number three you need to have a bride or groom who gets married with the primary aim to protect their chastity and then a person who thrives in the path of Allah will be much more comfortable letting you the other Makati is an academic term in essence in a loose translation a

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person whose only money if he wants to pay Allah will aid him and I know of people

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who had a passion Allah made them pay back every cent and Allah turned the things around that the people whom they owed money to Allah reversed it that person borrowed money now from from a person who was his former data. So behind Allah Subhana Allah so Allah can turn anything at any time. This person waiting outside the piece of wood floating by comes he opens it and he finds his money subsequent Lee the two meet up and he says brother, I'm owing you money and I couldn't meet you on that day. He says no, no on that day that piece of wood floating came to my show and came to my house and I received the money and May Allah bless you. So anyway, coming back to the incident of

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Satan and you know the Allahu anhu the person walks in he says are you selling this? He says Yes. How much are you selling it for? I'm selling it for 420 Durham said earlier the Alanna says I have I have bought it and after I know who he ties it up after the one that's why in Arabic also after is known as the Arabs refer to that which they dye their the scarf with as I recall. So after the actual role of an architect is to restrain you from wrong, right and if it doesn't restrain you from wrong, it defeats the whole thing. You know, the guy who went to the neurologist and he said that the human brain is divided into two

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the right and the left you don't have anything right in the left and nothing left in the right.

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He went to the neurologist and he said like it's divided in the right and the left you got nothing left in the right and nothing right in the left. Long story short, a person passes by after that he asked a dinner a little Delano Are you selling this a little delana said yes How much? 780 grams 180 grams. So he agreed and he paid the centenary of the Allahu anhu said now do the olana immediately paid the man he was owing the 122 and the 60 Durham's he gave to his son Hassan Rolando and he said go and give it back to your mum Fatima, that in the morning she gave six Durham's before the sun could set alarm multiplied it 10 times for her and gave it back. So behind Allah now in a real world

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in an ideal world when we try and analyze this you like but this burqa doesn't happen to me to start off here's a quick thing and that's what I want to say on the on this incident that I was mentioning, which one of us has the strength to part with the only six Durham's we have? I'm afraid we cannot. And even if we muster the courage to part with that six Durham's, the only six Durham's that we have, then, if somebody is selling us, a commodity an item, we buy it, and then somebody comes by and says, Listen, are you selling it? Yeah, how much 180 done. Now when he agrees you like Oh, I should have told him to 20 Man, this guy was ready, man. You know what, brother, I'll come

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back. I need to have a word with my wife. Actually, we you know what we slept over the matter. And by the way, you know what? I think actually, Baraka is gone, Greed has set in Baraka is gone. And even so, now when the man pays me 182 I pay the man hormone 120. No, I'm going for Ramadan. I'm going for Ramadan. So unfortunately, this is where we lacked that sense of Baraka May Allah grant us understanding and goodness. So anyway, she asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam she said, Oprah does Allah pray for me the messenger sallallahu Sallam said, If you want, I will pray and Allah will kill you. And if you want, you make supper and Allah will give you agenda. Look at the words of this

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woman, La Ilaha Illa La La, la, la la.

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We are in, you know, medical terminology is where people are in denial, right denial. And that's the first phase when prognosis or diagnosis take place. Preliminary reports suggest that they could be a cancerous tumor. But at this stage, we don't know if it's malignant or benign. But we still you know what, the reports are unclear, it's vague, so person is still fighting it, resisting it, denying it, there is a person making peace with the situation like I'm happy. Whenever you have Allah subhanaw taala then I will persevere then I will. I'm happy but pray to Allah, that in my subsequent epileptic attacks, my private area mustn't be exposed. So the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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then prayed in the Akasha, federal Allah Allah at the cache of that owner, be over la Pray for me, the messenger sallallahu wasallam prayed for her. So the point and the focus we're speaking on today is that those whom Alon has endowed with sobor it is just absolutely different. Abdullah mobarak Rahim Allah used to say that a sobre la arterra foodlab de la habima, a Saba Minho. Sabu in the law, what is sabar? Where a servant acknowledges that Allah has tested him, and he perseveres on the reward that Allah has promised to for him. And yet Eunice urbanizacion Rahim, Allah used to say, when somebody asked him, what's what's the ultimate of Sabah? What's the ultimate point? What's the

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pinnacle of Sabah? He said a akuna Yama to Cebu masiva, that a person can become after the affliction of a triune from the almighty similar to what he was prior to the affliction. So you know, you and we live in, in a world where it's quite challenging. And this is one of the challenges of mass media, right? I remember I was in Ireland, and we were having so hold and then I was flying to London the next day. And this particular brother's daughter was doing some theory and theses and research on this year, the impact of social media on the body. And she had written this whole thing, which got me thinking that gradually in the early days, and just to wrap up, you know, news would

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filter in after a period of time, and each type of news has a certain impact on on the wiring of the body, on the anatomy on the makeup on the disposition. So you have good news that obviously, it this this endorphins, there's this excitement that there's happiness, and then there is negative news or sad news and then that creates somber depression etc. But now the body is going through erratic fluctuation in a minute, like you sit in and while next minute or in alila and this is creating erratic waves in the body where the body is not settling into Good News Digest, understand rejoice, experience or then contain breakdown in

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Emotional and this has created a whole new set of challenges for the medical world. So, yesterday when you were not afflicted that joy that euphoria, that excitement, that bubbly nature, and tomorrow when you afflicted to continue in that same stride that would be the ultimate in terms of suffer. And yet again pay Sydney hijo de Rahim Allah said that what is sobre jameelah beautiful Southern, a akuna Sahaba merci by filco mila manha La ilaha illAllah

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the afflicted individual cannot be distinguished from the non afflicted. So you walk into a gathering, right? I mean, we learned about the messenger sallallahu wasallam, where companion came in, and he said, Men minko Mohammed, Laila heilala, so Who among you is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the reason for this is of course, the messenger Salaam had this luminous light and this luminous appearance, but he himself did not distinguish himself in any way, when Abu Bakr and the messenger sallallahu wasallam entered, right and the people stood up on the rooftops, and and they were anticipating the number of Allah and Abu Bakr radiallahu coming in, and Abubakar vilano

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realized that they are now confused, who is going to be over Allah Subhana Allah, immediately he understood and look at the cover and the foot cleaner, and the maturity of Satan, Abu Bakar sometimes you have dear disciples that are moving with the shares, and people are confused who it is, and the person is enjoying the glory and the moment like Santa Monica, Monica Lam, subsequently you discover he is the driver, right? And the man enjoys the glory for the moment in Abu Bakar vilano realizes it, and then he puts it a shawl and a shade over the profit of a line people realize that the person who was given the shade and the shelter was the Nabhi of Allah. So the messenger

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sallallahu wasallam. somebody walks in man minko Mohammed who's Mohammed and we said his original abbiamo ticket, this failed looking brilliant individual with this luminous light who's reclining he is Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam amongst us. So basically Hijazi says that the the height and the pinnacle and and the essence of silver will be that you walk into a group and the afflicted individual cannot be distinguished from other somebody would have to ask, so who lost his brother or who lost his job? Or who is going that would be the height and voila, there are people who has been blessed with that condition. We asked the almighty to grant us the attention and conviction in him

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and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us our fear we asked for half Yeah, that's the beauty we ask. Allah Allah I bid in Benin I met in alpha Mina Latvia waka lumen rufiyaa. He just said he flew FEMA. chatear robbia. Allah has not favored any person with a greater bounty than sound health. And any person in every person whom Allah has blessed with good health. He is living a blissful life. May Allah bless us with perpetual afia I mean your blood I mean, most of them are gonna be you know Muhammad. While early he was happy here, Gemini.

Problems Never End, They Only Differ –

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