Sulaiman Moola – Lockdown Reflections #9

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the negative impact of Islam's peace plan and its success in peace planning. The success of Islam's peace plan is highlighted, along with the importance of finding comfort in a night and avoiding negative comments from her peers. The "red hot summer" experienced by many people is also discussed, along with the unique dynamics of the Baraka class. The "byproduct" concept is also discussed, including the "will" for the "rockets," the importance of forgiveness, and finding one's own mistake. The segment also touches on various topics, including a book called Tesla to Elon Musk, a post on the streets of costs, a Christmas song by Elon Musk, a scam involving ice cream delivery, and a woman upset about a situation.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam O Allah Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. So undoubtedly It is only Dean and Dean alone that can give solace to a person and that can mend a heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing our Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, What after nadamoo anaklia de casa de Luca Bhima yaku O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam we know very well at times you feel your heart being constrained by what people say against you, and it cause pain and discomfort, and what was the treatment and there are a large and the medication that Allah subhanho wa Taala had had conveyed to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for sub Arabic for sub Arabic

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ohakune Minister God that continued glorifying your Lord and remain in prostration wha Buddha, Rebecca hacia, to actually attain and worship your Lord until death overpowers you. Yesterday we spoke on a very important, sensitive, delicate, intricate topic and that was understanding that the decision of Allah subhanho wa Taala. regarding his creation, the Hekmat of that is known to Allah. At times Allah reveals a portion of that Hekmat to us. And then if somebody wants to probe beyond and query the segment of the Hikmah, the wisdom of the wisdom, then that is something beyond our grasp beyond our scope beyond our domain. So as believers we know and understand to the point that

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Allah has given us limitations. That is where it is. I share with you a very profound reflection of Army ribbon Abdullah Tamimi, Rahim Allah Ahmed ibn Abdullah Tamimi. A believer is one who every day endeavors to make himself a better human. There's this very profound or do couplet and I must say I've had so much feedback from different people some insisting that I must flavor it with although some insisting that I must flavor it with Gujarati some saying I need to add on more Arabic May Allah bless everyone The time is limited and we try and accommodate as much as possible so the autopilot set get to minus alpha delta where deca or Omnia solver logo Cobra Delta who I

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don't know salco but delta who a calmness solver logo Cooper Delta who where they go yes al Bara Ron Jean raha her Kisi Ne Aparna Allah grant de cada yes al Bara Ron geen raha you know some of these things that the PO would say in a language, La ilaha illa Allah in my early years of speaking, I was only fond of Arabic poetry. And if you look at things have evolved in that regard and one day one of my staff told me May Allah bless him and preserve him. He said good autoshares ie bc kakuro good autoshares Irie bc kakuro and and once I've got into this order poetry Subhana Allah I you know what, it's just amazing. It has captured me in its own way and feel and it adds a very unique

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dimension. So the auto pervert said, to Marisol Koopa Delta, Vega, you've seen the turn of the year, and I've seen humans turn in throughout the year. You've seen the change of the year and I've seen the humans changing. And by the way, he says this world has this year has been a very colorful year. This year has been a very colorful year everybody's displayed a different color. Everybody has displayed a different color. Watteau atika mod Saku RTA one da da da da da da da da da Marga

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Watteau, Ajay Kumar sub Gulati here or Na Ma da da da da da da da is Lia Marga it's just as well it's just as well that Death Grips everyone otherwise the elite and wealthy were capable of saying he was poor so he died. Poor guy man he had nothing he died but the rhythm and the system of Allah is called Lodi rain or Empire let Salah motto ha Yo man said to the Rico Hanukkah. Boo. Hello Darrin wine pilot salameh to her and I read this poem in Surah. Mustafa sallallahu wasallam that every home regardless of how long its prosperity is sadness and pain will grip it one day inevitably. That's the reality of law allowed to catch on or couldn't unnecessary Whoa, whoa, bah bah bah bah, bah

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could lunacy dahulu death is a vessel from which we all drink and the grave is the dog.

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From which we all end up. Anyway, that was just as a preamble. So I wanted to share with you again, on the note of accepting the word of Allah accepting the will of Allah and not resisting or challenging what Allah subhanho wa Taala has decreed. And when Allah gives people in a peace, you can literally see it. It's not physical, it's not tangible, but it is something you can experience the inner joy, comfort that people enjoy in the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah give it.

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I often speak about this incident, where I was in Albania in a place called elbasan. And we were doing some humanitarian relief work with lm dad. And as we had wrapped up and in conjunction with Rama, mercy from the UK, so we had done some distribution, and I was the visiting scholar as part of the delegation. And we lapped up things, and then we were coming back. And then they said, there's one of our madrasahs that we oversee. And it's a matter of the orphans. It probably you just want to spend five minutes there. And I said, that's fine. And this has been my take. Sometimes it's the last five minutes of the journey or the take, which is the highlight. The Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam said don't leave the food for in the coolatta droon paramiko Baraka because you don't know where Allah has kept Baraka, probably you ate and now you do your broom. And the muscle that fell in that Allah kept the burqa in that Allah kept the burqa, and see sallallahu Sallam said that sakata lokomat, to a deacon, that when your muscle falls out, when you meet them again or be harming, then then remove the impurity and the dirt that has settled on it. And then eat it while you're on and don't leave it for the devil. So at times, it could be that loss, it could be that last muscle in which Allah has kept the Baraka and that's what we need. What we need is Baraka, what is Baraka?

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almanor kathira, Bs Bobby kalila, maximum output with minimum provisions, maximum output with minimum provisions. So, I said, that's fine. I mean, we got nothing to lose, and voila, that was the highlight for me, it was the highlight.

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And I have another thought, inshallah try and share that as well. So, I, I walked into this little madressa

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and prior to that, I visited another madressa, in which there was a woman 85 years of age, and she comes to madressa daily. And the dynamics of this class is very unique. You have a child, you have her mum, you have had granny and at times great granny for generations in one class, because 50 years of systematic oppression, you know, that that had denied them any access to religion or faith. So because of that systematic communist rule that was unleashed upon them in its most brutal form, they were denied and kept away from from Deen so that that passion was now reignited. And they would come and learn the basics. And it's, it's amazing to see like a 10 year old, a 30 year old, 60 year

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old and 85 year old sitting in one class and learning basic aspects and sitting on the floor. So anyway, I get into this class here. And then they see this, the chef here and he's come here with a delegation. Can anybody just give a little brief explanation to them about this madressa which you know, the organization is running and how beneficial it is. So the young girl stands up, right? This is in elbasan. It is in Albania, probably 14 or slightly younger. And in her broken English, she comes forward and I will mimic her words. What I'm saying is that when Allah gives you peace, regardless of your external conditions, you have such inner happiness that cannot be understood by

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anyone other than those who feel it, enjoy it and experience it.

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My mind wants to another area where Allah says watch the latest movie that we have made the night for you to get comfort. Comfort right The night is a source of comfort in Romani. allama Shahabuddin Odyssey Baghdadi writes under this ayah that the night is a source of comfort. Right for her no love letter yesterday hoon. What 100 Alma RC yesterday hona Illa le him washed by him that when the night is a source of comfort, the comfort of every human is different to the other. So the negligent and heedless and oblivious they comfort is just to drop just to drop on a couch just to drop on a recliner just to sleep. While the sinful that comfort is to club pub drink, womanizer gamble that's

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take comfort and the new law that the friends of Allah they come up with is now it's perfect time for me to converse with my Allah. So the nine brings a comfort

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But the humans are diverse in how they draw comfort from that night. They die. Allah says the utterance by night is more focused in in analogy I lay here I shall do what? Verily, the standing up by night is more effective in crushing the ego, right? I should do one without any one karate, Aqua Mattila and your utterances are more aligned and synchronized and more focus anyway that's good comes forward and she says, I four years old My father died

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these were her words right? I'm four years old and the entire class the boys decide that goes into everyone's often you know, one has a father

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and that's the the the the 50 definition for the record of someone losing their father in the ruling of Sharia that such a person is classified as a team and that ends at the point of boo boo so once you physically mature then you are no longer defined as an orphan you could say she was an orphan he was an orphan and if they lose their mom as well, we empathize and sympathize. But from a journalistic perspective, the way the team applies to a minor who has lost his father anyway I four years old My father died my mother very sick my mother dialysis you know dialysis brother I say yes my daughter I know dialysis we communists very difficult no religion. My house very poor we don't

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eat but your organization you can you open madressa I come here my whole life to said to depress, but I come I make such that when I go in such that all my pain go away.

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When I looked around, there wasn't a dry eye. This was on our way out. This girl told me in her sajida her entire depression of the day is taken away understand her life. It was 50 years of of brutal communism there. Right and you still see it although it has been lifted now. Her father passed on at the age of four. I wish this is an awakening to our young girl at the age of 14. Her mom is in a crisis financially they restricted there isn't much access to Islamic information. But Subhan Allah Allah gave her divine comfort in setda and prostration May Allah give us that type of sajida

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their motto a girl such a kaneesha here Tokyo Hua si such car Giotto Raja is me benicia there Mr. Iger has such a kaneesha Taka Hua as as such that girl ga is me penneshaw Oh my brother, don't be deceived by the hallmark of prostration on your fall off. What about your fall lock been riveted to the ground in a way that you leave the imprints on the ground you leave the imprints on the ground in La Jolla. Raka hyena taco what Dr. Lu Baca saggi did. Allah observes you when you stand in and he's observing you Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when you are turning amongst those that prostrate so it's a matter of finding your Creator and finding peace with your Allah finding peace

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with your Allah. And then that's just a unique feeling. That's just a different euphoria. The ecstasy of that is indescribable. So ami rebny Abdullah Tamimi, amin Abdullah Tamimi, Rahim Allah He was a who he was the distinguished student of Abu Musab a Sharia law man who he used to make this law. And again, he ties up with our sentiments on the crisis, the situation that challenges the world of Allah. So wherever Allah speaks about what he did, that Allah says that he can do as easily. That's the calculation. And that's the measure of the being that has all knowledge. And I've had the opportunity of traveling with some of my very seniors and assata. And at times you encounter

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a snag or a challenge or you have a difficulty getting in, and they just step aside and they said, vatika, who lives in LA? That was the calculation of Allah, that was the arrangement of Allah, that this flight was not bound to leave this, you know, challenge had to happen and this snag had to occur, and this is the world of the Almighty, so listen to what I'm eating now. Bill at them, he said. He said Li e holla petani be Amharic. Welcome Danny v balaia Javi dunya be mushy it so McCool tele stem sick well I can kill you for a stem sickle elim Tom sicne. billet fricka Jacobi Yuya Mateen Li e babba, Touka, Hoban, Sahaj, la la akula masaba warra Bonnie Bakula. Cada in sama or

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Burley ma hope be laka ma us back to IE one I'm sorry to fee.

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And this is now brimming with faith. It's brimming with faith.

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What did he say? He said oh my lord.

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You created me by your Will you decided decreed and ordained my existence? You know? My mom often says this and from from someone else, they say opera dunya Ma, Are we together? So another ladies? Avi Toka. Jaya cam, Avi toga, Jaya cam. You say, Oh, we are ready. We are here this. How are we going to leave? How are we going to live? We have arrived. There's no escape. Are we together? That's the truth. We are we born we've arrived we in this world. The challenge is how do we leave? How do we leave? Once a person mentioned he said that he was out in the park of Allah in Pakistan, and he met a brother from America. And he came out in hirogen the path of Allah so I asked him, you

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know, you, you you come from a land where it's all happening, where life is happening. What did you come here for? He said exactly. They we know how to live. I've come here to learn how to die.

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I've come here to learn how to die, that I want to die. I want to die in a way that's that's enviable, to die in the correct way. So I've come to learn how to die.

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So he says, Oh my Lord, You created me, You created me by your world. And then you've subjected me Halekulani be amrik accompany fi balaia Javi dunya then you decided my era my period in which I will have to exist. So the period the time the era in which we are with these things, you know, sometimes you wish, like somebody said, you just want to unplug 2020 and plug it back on. You cannot do it this was decreed This was ordained and this is how the world is at this time. So you decided my period of existence, the makuta li system sake, then you create the temptations in me and you told me behave and you told me restrain and you told me manage yourself I asked you with respect Oh my

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Allah gave her a stem sick in Lambton sicne Billerica Jacobi Yamato Am I alive you're not gonna hold me and give me the courage and the strength and you're not going to assess me then how am I going to navigate through these stones in the world? Oh Allah. It's challenging. It's daunting this financial it's biting on the economy, installing on my health, it's stalling on my it's creating a whole lot of challenges. Allah How do I navigate through these stormy waters without you helping me? Hence we say Mona, Mona Jyoti is talking with Allah. What did the one pious person say? They said Allah He gave the rucola and acid. Okay fella rucola intercalary mo, Allah, I don't have the courage to ask

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you because I'm so wicked. But I don't have the courage not to ask you because you so kind.

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So when I look at my wickedness, no, I cannot love my hands. When I look at your kindness and your mercy. How can I not lift my hands and that brings me on to another idea of the Quran. Allah says and this is the statement of Satan. Now Who the * is Salam? He said in Nairobi Rahim en la ilaha illAllah La ilaha illAllah. You can see under the footnotes of this ayah in the 12 Jews intercede on earth many would say now who tells these people in Nairobi Rahim Allah, my Allah is merciful. What do I do and he will love you he's one who gives of love, right? There's a virgin where do we only know it in the context of marriage but alas pixel Allah is we do so in the Tafseer Othmani, what is

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written here. Allah spoke of two attributes Allah is the Rahim when you apologize and you repent, His mercy will envelope you and forgive you. But he is so kind that after forgiving you he will love you. And then it's mentioned that if you offend anyone and you apologize, worst case scenario, he won't forgive you best case scenario he'll forgive you but he won't love you. I mean, listen, now you know what you've rocked the relationship What do you want me to kiss your feet you want me to kiss the ground on which you walk I forgive you good luck no move on man. You don't expect me to now certain You know what, Lord you and extol your praises and pamper you, that's not going to happen.

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So the relation has been bruised has been injured it has taken a strain but Allah says in this ayah of the 12 jewels of Surah Hood in Iraq bira Haman we're doing my Allah will forgive you who that a Salam is telling his people in Nevada live up be my lord Rahim and merciful that will embrace you and forgive you will do done after forgiving you in love you who can do that nobody can do that. But Allah, I often say sometimes we need to have an unpleasant encounter with a fellow human to appreciate how daunting it is to get a fellow human to forgive you. Then you understand how easy it is to get Allah to forgive you. Then you realize how easy it is for Allah. Then another verse of the

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Quran Allah says Allah buka lohani you know Rama, mercy was written in merciful Quran under this ayah Allah said, I am self sufficient and I merciful and the Assyrian right the wisdom of attaching or the wisdom of the mention of mercy post independence is generally in the world when a person is somewhat because only Allah is independent. Only Allah is independent. You know often you hear the old people say

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lahmacun nikolina Mataji Nika they mean well but the reality is the system of this world is we all are

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interdependent creatures. So we all are montage. What what they mean by saying this is allama coonawarra Mataji curry Allah Mohsen makers mo I'm tired of the person who's selling a massage of the person who's who's putting on a light and we all are we we are needy creatures. Yeah you are nurse and tamale for Cara and tamale for Cara in Allah. You are dependent creatures you are dependent creatures. So generally when a person is independent or somewhat independent, it breeds arrogance. Calla in insana, that Yata la da, da is a man becomes arrogant, although the context of this ayah in Surah, Allah Allah which was the first chapter of the Quran is Abuja Whoa, when he

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perceives himself somewhat independent, it just becomes arrogant. Allah says I'm independent, but I'm the most guy.

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Anyway, mine is running in so many different directions. So we were saying that he may draw to Allah that Allah you will help me help me to navigate that listen to this. He said Eli Hey, in Nakata alum Logan at Lee adonia be Murphy ha some truly bad mini Mr. Barton some truly bad mini robot and luck lava hub to Holly Polly be her family enough car hamara hemming Allah if I own this entire world with all its contents and I was told part with it and Allah will love you, you know my Allah, I would have happily relinquished all my assets to secure your love. Wow. What a statement. What a great statement.

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willhave isn't a word Rahim Allah used to say that an avoidable sorry, in a min and takuna li adonia mundo de ella and tough enough data.

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If I own the entire world from its inception till its destruction, and I gave that in charity greater than that, for me would be to have the divine ability to restrain my gaze. So what did what did I mean even Abdullah let me say, he said if I owe a lot if I own the whole world, and someone told me part with it, and Allah will you will be the Beloved of Allah. I would have parted with it for heavily enough cr hamara. I mean, I asked you Oh my Lord, give me control give me control over my ego a lot, that he does not annihilate me and it does not destroy me. And that this verse in the Quran, mineral Jin Natty oneness, our law we seek refuge from the devil of the jinn guide and the

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human guide. Allah We seek refuge asylum protection in you from the devil be the devil of the jinn guide or the human guide. So the jinn can we all know that devil what is meant by the devil from the human kind, and in that it is mentioned of reference to his Deen Rahim Allah in his book Masekela Quran, he writes any codes different references, that it refers to the human neffs the human nerves, that is the the the human devil that is the human devil and that is that the nerves in us then he says a lie he Wow, look at this, and this is what I intended to speak but so many things came before that. A lie he babble Touka Hoban, Allahu Akbar Oh my Allah I love you so much. Oh my Allah, I love

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you so much. ilaha habitica hubin Salah la akula masaba Vani be Khalifa in that because of my intense love for you. It has become easy for me to deal with every difficulty you put in my path. What Bonnie we call a coda in and it has enabled me to be happy on every decision you have made for me from our obey Lima hobbie. laka. Ma us back to alayhi wa, I'm happy to be here. As long as I know you are happy with me. I it doesn't bother me. If I get up hungry, or I sleep hungry. Oh my Allah, knowing that you are happy with me. So this was the high level of raba bilka these people possessed. We move on as time is running by and we code yet another Hadeeth in this regard to give comfort and

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solace. I have a book called Tesla to Elon Musk, in which it speaks about comfort and consolation to those that have been tested in different ways. So just to mention one had easier and then we'll probably share something from there as we kind of wrap up Jabba the alarm line who says that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you're worth 100 lafiya to melt Yama hain, you're about 100 Bella

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atharva low Anadolu the gun at COVID fit dounia bill Macari robber who tell me that that's a man who says the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when the afflicted ones will be rewarded on the day of Yama. The healthy individuals will wish that their skins were cut with scissors in this world, so that they can also attain some reward. You know, human nature is such that

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we generally prefer immediate benefit.

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So, you tell a child, somebody is dangling a candy or selling some popcorn. You said either you take this on the weekend out, buy you something nice, something tangible, something good. He's like, No, no, I want this come weekend. He wants that as well. That's the reality of insanity. Right? And you get some of these people who are selling ice creams. They know how to play it and dangle it and display it.

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And again, I have a flash on this year. I've mentioned it many times, but because we're going through so much crisis, probably it's relevant

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to three years back when we were in Lombok Island, and we're doing some relief work there again with lm dot post the earthquake, and then we took a flight from Jakarta to to Lombok, and Lombok, if you know its history, it's it's an island full of massage. It has like 1000 odd islands, people will talk about Bali that's close by and people go there for holidays, but Lombok is littered with masajid and I seen structures that had collapsed etc. Anyway, we drive for like three hours we summit a hill we get to the top and it's extremely hot, I rotate my gaze, there's nothing but debris and ruin nothing. And I sat there and I just you know had a reflection of Satan and he wrote the

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Allahu anhu. And I even said that we did a recording there as well say da da da da Ilana often can use libcaca for who can you call the Buddha for Who were you hot enough. So often, he would sit in seclusion and isolation and then just rotate his palm and ask himself tough questions. Imagine him auditing himself and asking himself tough questions. Whereas we ought to direct that to ourselves.

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So anyway, I entered this little tent, I gave a talk, the translator translates the assistants sitting outside, patiently, we distribute some bag drives means etc. And then we drive up to another section of the scam. And there's a little notice hanging on the back of a tree. And I didn't make much of it. It's all poverty. It's hard children are playing outside, simple, basic, nothing elaborate, Unbelievable. Unbelievable. around them, this debris and rubble. So the host and the local delille. He said, You know what's lithonia? Like? No, I have no idea. He said, It's written here. Our children don't have ice cream. And we don't have money to give them ice cream. So please

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don't sell ice cream in this neighborhood and make our children cry.

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Now, as a parent, you know what, you just have to hop onto the flight and see a child of your age and you think of your child. This is how our life has made us you immediately just triggers is a nostalgia that is evoked within you and allows my witness I may draw to ally seriola I don't want to leave this place till I don't give these children a script. And now you're in a remote place and you wonder how but Allah does it. And it wasn't long. Five minutes later man comes up on his scooter and he's there selling ice cream. And this was the one time where you you were grateful that what you asked for happen otherwise when it happens like I should have asked for better or different but no,

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yeah, it was spot on. Long story short, we negotiated bought the ice cream queues of people 10s of hundreds of people. And there's only X amount of ice cream yum. And I had the daunting task of distributing it. And now I'm trying to find the youngest and the eldest, but the is only young and old. And I continued given hoping that the provisions will not be depleted and exhausted, but it had to be depleted at some point. And I still have nightmares as the last mom came forward with her two year old child child crying. Both were scantily dressed because of lack of provision. And I to just turn my palms and say nothing and tears trickle down. And it still gives me nightmares that that's

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the crisis in which people are loving. So we got a lot to be grateful to end with this narration year in which the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Yo, yo, Malka, Yama on the day of Yama, those whom Allah has given good health, when they will see the compensation and the reward of those that were challenged those that was sick those that were in difficulty. Low Anadolu the home con at Korea that fit dunya bill matar ease that they would wish that this skin was cut away by scissors

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so that they could have some compensation. You know, I'll leave you with the flesh year and a thought that Allah just put in my mind. Now, the owner might say, that there are certain aspects in which you can resemble the Prophet sallallahu sallam, right? You can adopt his humility you can adopt his simplicity you can adopt his character. But there are certain things in which you cannot adopt it only circumstances can give you that similar similarity like the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you lost your spouse similar to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you lost a child that was been circled similar to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you lost your daughter similar to

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So sometimes Allah brings about that situations in your life, creating that closeness and proximity to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And again, I share with you some of my experiences, and I'll conclude on this year. They is a orphanage that we visited in, in Mombasa. It's called the orphanage of Abu hanifa urashima, hula, funded by a UK organization as well, how can I possibly forget that moment? The children came out and we gave some food etc. And then the young boy came out and I asked him, what's your name? And he said, Muhammad, and then the host told me he's an orphan. So he understood, so I started engaging him. He said, I

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asked him, you know, what's an orphan? He said, Yes, I am like Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. My name is Mohammed. And both my parents are late. By a lot the way I cried. I couldn't continue with that interview. I said, My young boy, I just don't know what to tell you. I don't know what to tell you other than all you hug you and embrace you and give you the same comfort that Allah gave to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Mia JDK Yachty man, our Mohammed Salah Larissa and we found you as an orphan, but we shouted you. So I say to you, my young boy what Allah said to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam that as Allah knows UI and often Allah will shout to you. We ask Allah

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subhanho wa Taala to give us that inner connection and bond with our Creator, and happiness on every decree of the Almighty Armenia Bill alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad while earlier he was happy to hear from me on hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

There Is Cheers In Acceptance And Tears in Expectation

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