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Life is Fickle

Sulaiman Moola


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Allah ma Shabbir Ahmed osmani intercity. Othmani writes one place adme cabbie go Lisa bachata hair or concrete samartha

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Sometimes a person survives a bullet wound and dies with a pebble.

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You survived the bullet tune, not because of your resilience in your immunity and how strong you are and how you bounce back and what a fighter you are, and our family is known for is a fighter.

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you bounce back because you were not on the list of molecule mode that day, and you died with a cough because your name was numbered and your days had lapsed.

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And then, what did say the NA lira the olana say to amino fedun meopta Whelan, Allah de la lune hunter issue in and forgery. For commensurately in Martin in, in LA welcome in Aileen in Arusha, de Haan Isla de Hurry, welcome in fatten UMC Will you speak Amina Walker the new sujet who Allah your dream, you tend to be very ambitious in this transitionary abode to me lofi dunya taweelah and when I did three the general a health issue in in February but when night falls you have no clue if you will see the crack of dawn and the flesh of dawn. Now the irony of life the irony of life for come in southie in Manta min v.

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There are just too many Healthy People who have fallen without a medical explanation. And there are just too many critically ill people whose death is almost certain, but they out loving healthy people.

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Welcome in Arusha, Harun Illa de hurry. Come in fatten UMC Will you speak Amina Waka lucija, who Allah yet three, many young men walking around, flagrant, flamboyant arrogant, no way not the cuffin in which he will be wrapped, has been sown and it has arrived in the marketplace already.