Life is a fluctuation of emotions

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Life is a fluctuation of emotions. Sometimes you bright spirited, energized, adventurous, innovative, you wish you had a lifespan of 1000 years low your amaru Alpha center and you want to conquer the world. And then towards the latter part of that same day, things go pear shaped and you're down you depressed, and you lose your entire cottage and your your your drive. And then you're so grateful that there's something like death and this life will end and there's another life because this is so fake and transliterate well into verses of the Quran very, very aptly. Allah subhanaw taala gives us a summary of life in its entirety. Verse seven, and eight

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of the eighth 18th chapter of the Quran. In Johanna halal are the Xena tele Halina Bella

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Bella, whatever beauty and splendor, attraction and embellishments you see on this earth, Allah says it is Linda biloba whom it's a test it's to examine you and you know my brother, and I'm sure you will understand my sister when you in an examination hall and the examination paper is given to you and you are told choose the correct answer. And that's it. There's so many things to eat Alexa, choose the correct answer eat Hello. There's so many display outside they choose the correct and that is halaal relation with your own spouse. There's so much dealings happening out there choose the correct answer that which is halaal and then in the first day after Allah says we're in nyla

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Jerry Luna Marlena sorry then Jo Rosa, and the time will come we will level this earth out it will be a barren land it will be a plane for you. In other words, this entire world will be destroyed. How is he dunya mean VEDA yetta ilani ha ha ha baja Chetan was Suren, sama de Marana wa Robin, this is the world in its entirety. It is beauty and splendor. It is glitter and glamour. And then in the end, it is nothing but ruins and destruction. So what must I do and what must you do my brother yassa hubby Oh my beloved brother or my sister. Oh, my companion lottery. Do not be arrogant on your effluence on your opulence on your prominence. lottery. Why shouldn't you be proud fendler Amaro Yun

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Fado when you're Zulu, because your life is melting away and these comforts and perks and luxuries are gradually being taken away. What either Hamilton lol boo boo Regina satin allambie Anika mahamadou The next time you attend a funeral, and you see the casket been carried, remind yourself you will also be carried on someone shoulders One day, he who views the world at 40 the same as he viewed the world at 20 surely wasted 20 years of his life