What Is The Ruling Regarding Backbiting For A Non Muslim

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The speaker discusses the importance of manners in Islam, including being back by a Muslim or non- Muslim person and not back by a relative or child. They stress that manners should not be related to faith or relationship with others. The speaker also mentions a report about a woman who refused to wear a shirt and was punished by the police.

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What's the ruling and regarding making lead before a nun Muslim

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lead up backbiting is a bad manners. And it's a bad manner and it is not part it should not be part of the characteristic of a Muslim or a believing men or woman. So it doesn't matter you back by a Muslim or non Muslim, yes, if you back a Muslim, maybe that's worse or you back a relative or parents or children or husband or wife that will be worse because that person closer to you, but still doesn't matter. It is a sin and it is not allowed. And the believer is was ordered to have a good manners with everybody, not only with the Muslims and should not do injustice or violate other people's rights, regardless of their faith or how close or far they are from you when it comes to

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your relative or non relatives. This is irrelevant here. And when Allah subhanaw taala said that he eat the flesh of his brother it doesn't refer to the Brotherhood in Islam but Brotherhood in general as a last resort as well as the home side we're in Medina homes right there brother Silas that brother shape and he they were not believers are in Ibiza Solomonic or Anil speak about the common practice which is the whole word Islam or on the Imam but also in basically encompasses every type of kind of people yomo piano as reported and committed to the MIDI in Ibiza la Sallam said either can a omo piano for in the LA hedge metal collider coffee side UI in the Day of Judgment alarming

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all the creation in one place. Yes my own would dare anyway and for whom will a bus or some una de him be saltiness matter woman barreled coming in mcaro a lower call upon the people on the land of resurrection and everybody hears and those who near and those who are following the same way he would say I'm the king and a day and I'm the one in charge today. There is no one from the people of fire will enter the Hellfire and he has something against a one from the people have an agenda. So even if you are among the people of our agenda, but you have done wrong to someone from the people of the hellfire. This is the day we're alone would bring justice between both of you. And vice

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versa. The Hadith said and this honey is acceptable Hadith reported by telemedia Rahim Allah, which it shows you that the person should care about maintaining good manners, staying away from anything that has to do with harming any human being. Regardless, regardless of their faith. May Allah Subhana Allah always keep us on the straight path and beautify us with the best of man.