Kamal El-Mekki – The Nafs The Shaytan and Discipline

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The shayal of the world is a fundamental part of human culture and is crucial to protecting one's behavior. It is important to acknowledge one's mistake and not obey the world's interests. The segment also touches on the negative impact of hesitation and fear on one's behavior and the importance of learning and not obeying one's desires. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and song and discusses the importance of control and discipline in achieving healthy eating. The speakers also mention a fundraising event and a light check-in.
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and hamdulillah hearable Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hill. I mean what other early he was a hobby of mine about the title of our hotbar today is the neffs the shaytaan and discipline and by the knifes we mean yourself, the soul, and how it longs for things and how it desires things. One of the scholars he said, the knifes is the most intense battleground of any human being. And if you defeat your enough's, you will be victorious over anything else. If you can curb your desires, if you can stop yourself from doing what you want, and as opposed to simply obeying every lust and desire that you have. If you can be victorious in this battlefield, you can be victorious over

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anything else.

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One of the biggest problems and scholars mentioned is that most people don't realize that your neffs is your enemy, meaning you are constantly fighting against yourself fighting against your desires. It's commanding you to do things it's commanding you to disobey Allah azza wa jal, and your job is to resist. But many people don't realize that their enough's is their enemy. So as a result of that, a number of things happen. One, they blame the shaytaan for everything else, or two, they'll blame evil I or they'll blame someone doing some kind of black magic to them or what have you. But when you blame the ship on, there are a number of things of things to understand. Number one, the

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shaytaan he's weak, and Allah subhanaw taala described him as weak in Nikita shaytani can have an ephah indeed, the plot of the shaytaan is weak. And we know him as a Lewis was Al Hannahs, Allah NASA and now he knows Yanni he withdraws, he's coming whispering then he withdraws, and he whispers and he withdraws again. Why is he always withdrawing? Because you say, Oh, the bill, I'm sorry. Gemini sent him away. The oven is sound. And he is he runs to another city. You recite Quran, he runs away. So he's not there constantly. He just makes his suggestion, his whisper. And then he goes away.

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You notice in Ramadan, you are the same person outside of Ramadan. Yeah. And your thoughts are not any different. When the shell bean or the Mirada or the leaders of the Sheltie and are chained up. Do you feel different? Are your thoughts different and pure and Ramadan? Does the crime rate drop in Ramadan? That really, because that indicates to you that the shape and influence is not that strong? He just makes suggestions and it's completely up to you to take or to reject. And that's the same argument that he makes on the Day of Judgment.

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When people try to blame him, he says, In nama TAO to come first the job totally. I just made the invitation and you're the ones who responded ferrata pneumoniae,

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Hello and welcome. Don't blame me blame yourself. All he did was suggest he never forced anyone to do anything and never physically made you do anything. So we see that the influence of the shaytaan is not that strong, that we're going to blame everything and all our, our failures on the shaytaan.

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when that happens, and if you always blame your sin, or your mistake on Iblees, or the ship on, you blame it on evil eye on someone else, even though it is true, but it's rare. And you blame it on black magic and what have you. If that happens, you cannot progress spiritually. And you're always blaming ship, it's never your fault, then why would I improve and progress spiritually? If it's never my fault, every mistake I make is blamed on something or someone else. But what's interesting is that in the Quran, you never find ever, any sin blamed on someone else and someone committing a sin. But the Buddha wasn't his mistake or her mistake. It was someone else's mistake. Even when Adam

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Ali Salam ate from the tree, it was not blamed on the shaytaan and it was not blamed on Hawa even though we have a hadith that mentions Hawa, gave him aid first and gave him to eat. She still was not blamed, because he could have said No, Allah, rather Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran or also Robbo, Adam disobeyed his Lord, it was not blamed on anyone else.

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So when you make a mistake, then the best thing is to own up to it and to confess to it, not to try to put the blame somewhere else. And that's why a few hours ago we mentioned had a dua or a form of is to form and this individual Selim called it see you that is the for the master of all the doors of seeking forgiveness. And the scholars mentioned one of the great things about it and this is found in Hussmann Muslim and others where the where you say a boo will be in America it will be them be firm believer in the Hula, hula and is the one that starts Aloma Antara Bella Illa. Allah and HELOC 21. That one, so the scholars said about the dead if what is so great about the DUA is you're

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admitting saying yeah, Allah, I'm admitting all the sins I committed, I did them on my own. I'm not blaming them the shaytaan or on circumstances or on other people, but I admit to them and they said that's what makes the DUA so great that you admit to your mistake, you don't blame it on anything or anyone else.

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As for jihad, enough struggling against yourself, this is something that is ongoing and it will continue for the rest of our lives. And Nabi SallAllahu sallam said in a hadith, Allah Akbar Rocanville movement, should I not inform you of who the believer is? And then he said, Man, I mean, who knows who I am? Why to him? Well, I'm forcing him, the people, the believer is the one that people can entrust with their wealth and with their own selves. That's the believer. Well, Muslim man selama nurse, woman, listen, he wired and the bully and the Muslim is the one who people whom people are safe from his tongue and his hand. Well, moja who mangia had enough Soho, Fatah Tila, and

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the Mujahid is the one who just had enough so who Yeah, and he struggled against himself in the obedience of Allah azza wa jal well Maha Maha, gentle hatha yoga was the noob. And though Mohajer, and here, it means the Maha Yoga is the one who emigrates but it also means the one who abandoned something. He's the one who abandons mistakes and abandons sins, as noted by Oberon and abandoned Anessa in the merger, and it'd be healthy environment. Tirmidhi also has a shorter version, the version that says I'll Mujahid and Mujahid and Tjahaja Neff. So the Mujahid is the one who struggles against himself. So our job is to struggle against our desires, and not to obey our desires and not

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to find an excuse or justify them, which is what happens today in America. Every time someone follows a desire, the desire becomes a lifestyle, the desire becomes Allah created them that way, that desire is what they were born with. It's just a desire. There is no excuse. struggle against it. That's it.

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And it doesn't have to be haram. It doesn't have to be haram. And we all know the narration of when Amara Golan who was in the market and so one of the companions there, he said, What are you doing? He said I desired to eat meat, so I came to purchase some meat. So o'mara de la and hotels him our CoolerMaster hater, Mr. Right. Every time you desire something, go buy it. There's nothing haram and he didn't argue you're a middleman.

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Money and what's wrong with it? It's permissible it's from the play Yeah, but he didn't because he understand what I'm gonna do. Alana is saying he's saying discipline yourself. It doesn't have to be haram. Even the halal stop yourself. Not always every time I designed something chips, I'd have to grab a piece of chip I have to grab candy you have to find something to chew on to eat to drink. Not always following my desire, I train myself a little bit. And this is the month to do that. And that's what's so great about the month of Ramadan. This is the month to curb back our desires to control our knifes a little bit. The good news brothers and sisters, you keep resisting your desires

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and you will not be a slave to your desires. And you keep resisting the shaytaan and something amazing happens Imam and hustle bustle mo Allah. He says if shaytaan saw you constantly obeying Allah azza wa jal, he will seek you again and again he will keep trying with you. And if he sees your consistency, meaning your consistency and obeying Allah azza wa jal, he loses hope in you, and he leaves you. He loses hope in you, and he leaves you. And if you don't believe that, think of something simple. Do you think the chiffon used to come to Abu Bakr and say, how about you skip Lahore today? No way he would come to him with something that basic and that simple. No way because

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he knows there is no chance so he will try something else. But he won't try something like that. And was amagno Katara de la. And there is also not only that, he told him the shaytaan is afraid of you. The shippon is afraid of you. So that's what happens when you're constantly obeying Allah azza wa jal Akula COLA that was stuck for Allah. And all the money will come in Germany, I don't know first of Euro fair for that Mr Vereen, ask Allah subhanaw taala first forgiveness indeed those who ask for his forgiveness shall truly prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill, I mean, one of the early he was a big mind about one of the scholars said in order to be disciplined in anything, you have to be disciplined in everything. You need to have discipline in any field in anything, you have to have the quality of discipline

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mean everything, and you have to have that quality in you. And in the books of the skier to skier to knifes, the scholars the comment about overeating, and since we're in the month of Ramadan, and it has a lot to do with eating, and we found it

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perhaps appropriate to make these comments here. If you claim Rahimullah, he says one of the worst desires a person can have is excess in food and overeating. He says this is what got Adam out of paradise in the first place. Sadhak he said this is what got Adam out of paradise because Adam Allison could eat from Jana

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endless variety and only one he couldn't eat. So he's saying this is why this is what happened is what got Adam Alayhis Salam out of agenda. And this is what stimulates the desire for wealth and it also stimulates the desire for intimacy. So he's saying the idea of going after your overeating and just indulging in that desire.

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And we have similarly the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said Ma Mala Abdullah Adam where we're unsure Roman botany that the worst thing you can fill the worst vessel you can fill is your stomach. Husk no Adam Luca image, this is sufficient for the son of Adam are just a few bites you came in the Silva I need to sustain him to keep him upright able to walk able to stand straight, just a few bites, thank God, I would I would then if you have to, and there is no other way. That's when you leave a third for your food, a third for your drink a third for your air, this hadith, this third here, that's the maximum. And we mentioned it like it's the minimum and we quote the Hadith

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women, this is the minimum eat 1/3 and then leave 1/3 for water and 1/3 for food. That's the maximum, the minimum just a few bites to keep you going then if you have to, and you must, then a third for your food your drink and your air. But so the idea then is to control ourselves when it comes to our desire and to control ourselves when it comes to our food and not to just need.

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They told you in the books of taking care of pets and dogs. They say never give your food your dog very hot food because it cannot control itself and it will burn itself it will burn its mouth and keep eating while burning itself. Alive. It's painful to say

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There are people who act like that. No, the food is red hot, and they're burning their hands. And they're burning their tongue. And they're breathing and they're constantly and still going for the next one and the third and the next. Where's the self control? Where's the difference between the human being and the animal, they had a commercial for some contraption, you go to the dentist, he puts it in your mouth, so you eat less.

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And this is what it comes down to another human being cannot control himself to the point that they have to put a mechanical device in your mouth. So you eat less in the month of Ramadan. This is where we train ourselves. This is where we're training ourselves. This is where we have discipline.

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Know, Kodama,

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he and this is Yanni in defense of the overweight people in the audience. He said, Being overweight doesn't mean that you indulge. And we know that now. So hey, Andy, there are people who just have high metabolism, they don't indulge in over eating. And then he says, and this is for the thin people in the audience. Being thin doesn't make you healthy. And it doesn't mean you don't indulge. And there are some people who are thin, but they're always over eating. I just ALLAH blessed him with the metabolism. So what are we mentioning this? We're saying it's about the intake in the control. Someone can be skinny, but he eats so much and always overfilled and over eats.

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Still not good.

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So you feel you're yourself to the point where you're just able to function and you're satisfied. It will Kodama Rahim, Allah He said, you if you eat too much, you sleep too much. And then so you worship little, every single one of us. Were in Ramadan, we experienced a day when we had light Iftar and we came and as a result of our light, Iftar Tarawa was light. And we've all experienced the day when we had heavy if thought, and we came to the same length thought away, but it was heavy. There the relationship and there are people who overeat so much and Ramadan, that they gain weight and Ramadan, it's one meal but they gain weight throughout the month. And there are people who

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overeat so much that they have to put their hand gently in the salah. Because any pressure can create concrete problems other people who vomited in the middle of nowhere because they could they went down to student on their own Iftar came out, over eat, it's a problem. It's an issue. And it's a chance for us to practice discipline and controlling ourselves. And we're going to end here in sha Allah, but we inshallah after the Salah, we're going to have a mini and a quick fundraiser and one of the things we're trying to do is we want to space out the fundraising throughout the month of Ramadan. So we don't just go heavy at the end of the month, give people opportunity, maybe people

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who won't be here with us don't pray with us. So we're gonna do a light fundraiser and that's why we kept the hotbar light so that and you don't have lunch anyways for that from that lunchtime we'll spend a little bit get on shall laughter the salon Shala. With that we ask Allah azza wa jal to make use of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make use of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for Lumira no one was gonna tubba one bottle of water and we're gonna Justin Alba, Allah Hamada Jarrah dunya Cobra Homina while I'm a beloved Illumina Well, Elena Remo, Sirona for Lahoma but him to hide the Illuminati. I'm not

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hosting you as a fee robotic. Well, you know, Marcia tick, Murphy bill Morrow for Yan haffi, an SME I also Lahoma robotic and I've also had a lot I mean, while early he was a big man. Um, Kamala

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