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Zaid Shakir


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Imam Zaid Shakir clarifies masculine and feminine gender in Islam, and meaningful relationships between men and women.


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So you know how to

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start by

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mentioning the obvious, and that is many, many definitions of feminism and many types of feminism. Some mentioned three waves of feminism first, second, third, someone mentioned four waves, or second, third and fourth,

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I would like to just focus on a couple of those

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by saying that this man does not countenance

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third wave feminism. So, those who identify with that particular movement, it's extremely problematic.

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One of the leading theories, and somehow being the originator of third wave feminism, Rebecca Walker and

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clarence thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings, with Anita hills concerns which

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Walker and many others have felt should have disqualified. Clarence Thomas Anita hills concerns

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sexually predatory

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unconscionable behavior of Clarence Thomas tour started over women should have disqualified him from the bench clean

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anyway. And so in Africa, and after that, Rebecca Walker,

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the following

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he says I write this as a plea to all women, especially women of my generation, that Thomas's confirmation serves to remind you as it did, the, that the fight is far from over that this dismissal of a woman's experience is moved into anger, turn that outweigh the changing political power, do not cope with them, men, unless they work for us to not have sex with them, do not break bread with them, do not nurture them, if they don't prioritize our freedom to control our bodies, and our lives, I am not a post feminism feminist, I am the third wave.

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So I think almost

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first and foremost, because it removes any

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concerns emanating from scripture from the existence of God from the equation altogether. It reduces the concerns of a woman's to the, to her personal and individual affair. So it abstracts women from

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a wider societal context and its concerns that she might have a wider societal context, just one brief example of what I mean the wider societal context and you will be defined, a woman should have a sole right to determine if she should have an abortion or not.

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And so, any considerations of Almighty God

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and the providence of God have delineated concerning abortion are irrelevant

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in terms of a woman's right to a nation,

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a wider social context, any consideration of the men with whose participation in a submissive consensual relationship, best concern and consensual relationship, taking conduct

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in the context of a marriage, as consecrated in the name of God?

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In that social relationship,

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the man with wounds contribution that pregnancy will be absolutely unequivocally impossible.

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has no say in whether this child is born or not.

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That's it. That's how hard case to make from

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now there are nuances. There are considerations that we could discuss. Just

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Presenting the case, all of the things being equal, I would argue that's the

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argument to make, you should not nurture them.

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We'll come back to this.

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What we started saying that mentioned body tone and body as

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you are, each of

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us was

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the best, this verse alone, and I'll come back to this verse. They are

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grogginess for you and you are one of the

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widely accepted time series and something repeated in

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the industry nurture each other.

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This consideration is the mission of document retrieval.

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The man

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does not work for her specifically.

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I would argue that's difficult, that's problematic

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for a Muslim. Secondly, what? feminism lesbian feminism is not something that most of us that's an idea that, and this this thread within the feminine is not the whole, the totality of feminism. I mentioned just two years ago at the knowledge

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conference and had

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many sisters, who said, You're saying all lesbians are feminists, I'm not saying all lesbians are feminist. I'm saying there is a school of feminist thought known as lesbian feminism, that items that lesbian is the logical outcome of feminists.

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one of the theories

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like this,

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in the worlds of mathematics, feminist, Shiva, Japanese, that's been feminism emerged to develop lesbians, and the women's liberation movement began to create a new distinctly feminist and lesbian politics.

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And lesbians in the gay liberation from that, to join us to join our systems. And so

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the argument goes from there, this is the logical outcome of feminism, that's the spread that strengthen Muslims totally reject,

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should show me which, in my opinion, you could argue against me, based on your assessment of the situation that you're in.

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I would argue that rejects a postmodern

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view of feminism, which itself rejects the ideas in finance.

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A lot of you have been taught this to university class.

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binaries are bad.

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One of the bad binaries is that the gender binary is the racist binary, that right? Does it change gender binary, binary, male, female, and it's bad. And to make the long story short, is that because of you accept the validity of that find them, you don't accept the validity of many of the groups that are sold by LGBTQ I, etc. That's the bottom line. And so to just articulate a little further, that these binaries are social constructs, therefore they can be deconstructed and reconstructed in any way.

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And so that's something that rejects why because Allah says, condition in column so

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that binaries are the foundation of the creation.

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And they're not all confined to the gender binaries, but that's one of them. When they say that you can move that the male

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and the female

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taco rocket loan lending

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humanity fear your goal was created from a parent

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a male and a female.

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So that's the foundation of creation. That's the foundation.

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A lot of mentioning

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his creation of the new executive.

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And so some people will say that's a biological reality that has no social implications. Again, I would, I would argue otherwise, a lot. There are social implications. And there are elements that are socially constructed, but

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there is a binary that is inescapable

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that can produce them. And so binaries and those who argue against to be what many of our festival and say that

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these are created an opposite, and they're known from the opposite.

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And so those who reject binaries altogether, the crime is totally late when the hot night in a day beldon female

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is none of

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Heaven and Hell,

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then you can go on and on.

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And so I would argue, again, that will be a very difficult argument

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to make. And I think for Muslims, to confine themselves to those categories.

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Third, wave feminism, lesbian feminism,

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feminism, that is entering into the entrances into various schools,

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that wants to be very careful, now, it's not healthy, to talk about is learn based on what it is, or based on what it doesn't countenance, because we should be should be very positive. And presenting the balance of my time, I like to present what I feel are some of the verses that serve as the foundation for a Muslim feminism, if you will. First of all, there are legitimate concerns about the status, Dana mentioned, some of them

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involve women.

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But the removal of those is the responsibility of everyone in the community, not just the system. And then reality, which effectively addressing those issues must involve everyone. So in that sense, in the sense of moving on precedent,

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destructive. So

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I'm trying to find a Word document in this document, because I use this company. So

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like drying up your soul.

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So domesticating practices,

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that affect abundance

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has to be addressed by the entire community.

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Because in many instances, women can

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address these issues in isolation, when they can raise a war, or sometimes, in some instances, to take a man to say, listen, rather than

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putting another hand on your wife is a bunch of angry Big Brothers. And

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I'm just saying.

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So sisters can say is wrong in your views, and maybe that abuser, the only thing they understand is the language that you're trying to speak.

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I'm not advocating for violence, you're saying, sometimes a male empowerment in a situation is absolutely critical. But to be

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more to the point, we mentioned non first as a foundation, from the best of the best

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that the binary doesn't have to be bad to one of the premises of those of feminist scholars, post modern scholars who argue against binaries or that they're bad, but that's not something that is the outcomes. So the male female binary from the bachelor

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To the best of luck,

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it can be complementarity. And that's the ideal situation. So it's not a question of men and women's existing in opposition to each other. It's a question of men and women existing as complements to each other. And this is what this this course, captures, is further highlighted in a second verse, Chatfield is the foundation for a Muslim feminism. When we know who

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we are,

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the believing men and women are protecting friends of each

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with any test that you're hunting the law

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in the law.

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So we believe the lives of men and Bolivian women are protective friends with each other,

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they encourage each other and establishing regular,

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encouraging, they encourage each other to commend

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you for completing.

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So, in the social space, encourage each other, to work together to ensure that the social space is more more ethically

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then encouraging each other in personal piety.

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So that

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they encourage each other and establishes regular prayer,

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they encourage each other

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and obey the laws

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and is less. So in other words, there is no separate social project, there is no separate religious project, that they exist in isolation of the job, rather than exist as complimentary have as the providence of the law, emphasized specifically, what he said. And he said the Chicago region, the women are the complimentary have Submit.

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And so, as we as we engage and entertain and countenance ideas that split us apart from each other, we move away from the Muslim idea, which is to bring us together

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or at least established conical reject, men and women are the complimentary have to each other, so without each other.

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So we need each other, but we need each other in unhealthy ways in abusive ways

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to set the level where they said that

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the male is no bias.

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And there are there are roles that

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that are, that are complimentary, there are roles that are that are unique and distinct.

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There are roles that we assume that are exactly the same.

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But on aggregate,

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we have generally generally speaking, and again, there are exceptions of that we have distinct roles, we have a common destiny.

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Our rewards are the same for actions,

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then you are on an island in the middle

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the reward of either male or female will be diminished in any way.

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So I think, on the basis

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of these verses, and many, many others, what the prophet

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said that

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we can create a healthy, most of feminism, if you will.

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And I think we're in desperate need of that because a lot of practices within our community and beyond our community are deeply harmful, deeply abusive, deeply

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particularly waiting upon women. You could

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You can relate to a pornography that

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women are dehumanized overwhelmingly for the pleasure out of the state of pleasures.

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If you have again, I mentioned this a couple days ago strong continent constitution, I will recommend Chris Hedges,

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America the farewell tour. And in that book, he has a chapter on a single message.

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And just, which is an extension of this chapter in the empire of illusion, an algorithm, which

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is difficult to be, and it's the point the presentation is pornographic. And the presentation is into focus and masochistic. But it gets to the depth of how women are dehumanized and has been phenomenal. monography star mentioned site, James Baldwin, what does Jake Bachman say ultimately, your white American?

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Does he feel white America?

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Or does he feel the white

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piggies are not afraid to get killed eventually, but I'm not afraid.

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People would have such a hard time coming to grips with who they are.

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And Chris Hedges interviews your Panagiotis

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project trajectory, abusive childhood alcoholic

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that Tom Harmon needed to pay for the drug

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is making $70 a day working 12 hours

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to make $1,000 a half hour shoot

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Long story short,

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she says

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feel sorry for the men

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for consulting

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because it's destroying,

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And so the destruction of women now for the pleasure of when the dehumanizing moment for the destruction of men

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is something that is going to take all of us to end.

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the feminist movement, as currently constructed, is not going to end.

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Women alone are not going to end. This is one example.

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Domestic Violence is going to take all of us working together, educating ourselves, educating our children, boys and girls

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and healthier ways of living of being understanding that we are remaining with our Creator and seeking the love of our Creator first and foremost. And just as an as a heifer.

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masculine movement is not a solution, just as a white identity movement, which was largely responsible for Trump's election, is that the solution to a pursuing exceed black identity.

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Growing male identity movement, the red pill is not a solution to our feminist movement. The solution is is

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understanding Islam and then building and way to address these real problems. from a perspective and from an A an approach that is first and foremost not pleasing to men per se. pleasing to women per se, but pleasing to Almighty God.