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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a brief text from the Prophet sallama's creation and the importance of the paragon of the Prophet sallama's creation. The text appears to be a paragon of the Prophet's creation, and the speaker is asked for their opinion on the paragon. The speaker is confused by the text's language and questions the credibility of the Prophet's creation.
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Now you lowered into that grave, and I'm lowered into the grave, and then it would be asked to you matakohe new fee schedule

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matakohe fee schedule. What is your opinion about this person? I was blown away about the academic write up in Korea allama bedroo deny me. For Inquisitor if you had to say, have he a bar or tune Hasina tune, les Sufi heart to T Ron voila v moon that a person will be asked in the grave. What is your opinion of this man? This is a very abrupt text supposedly I'm quoting the words of Allah bedruthan ayeni What is your opinion of this man? methacholine he has orajel for in Poulter if you had to counter argue and say having a baritone Hasina. This is crude. This is dry. This is abrupt. laserfiche Lee Manuel Otto Kieran, there is no reverence on respect venerable honorable August human

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cool to I would say Allah bedruthan any rights

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OC that be held in the hand Oh qasida be held in the hand. Oh lil Miss Wu li li Ella Utila con v mucho sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he Bharati Luca el la ilaha illa La La Ilaha Illa. Allah, the reason why this tax is so brief, so abrupt, straight to the point because the aim is to examine the occupant of the grave, so that he does not get the hint or the text does not suggest the honor of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam by the adoption of respectable terminology, if it if it was told to him, what's your opinion on the paragon of Allah's creation on the greatest human upon whom the Quran was revealed? Then obviously you would have known it, but it would be straight to the

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point What's your opinion of this person?

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