One of the Best Types of Jihaad is Dawah – Conveying the Message of Islam

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And one of the best ways, the best type of jihad. The best type of struggling is to convey the message of truth to those who are not aware of it. One of the best type of jihad is tava conveying the message of truth of Islam convey the message of truth to those who are not aware of it.

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And Allah says in the Quran in surah imraan chap number three was 910 kuntum Hara Amato leanness, only Muslims, he had the best of people evolved for mankind.

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Allah has given me the honor and is calling the best of people. There is no honor. Without responsibility. Allah continues and gives us the responsibility that morona bill Murphy with an animal karma domina Bella because you enjoy what is good, and you forbid what is wrong. And you believe in Allah. The reason Allah, Almighty God is calling us the best of people because we are supposed to enjoin people towards the good and forbid them from doing the wrong. If you do not enjoy what is good, and if a person does not forbid from doing wrong, he is not fit to become a Muslim, he is not fit to be called as kerama at the best of people. So the reason they're given this honors

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because we are supposed to enjoin people to the HAC and forbid them from wrong. And I started my talk by quoting a verse from the Quran from Surah chapter number 17. was from a demon received what called Jarl Huck was

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in the Nevada lacunas huka. When truth is her login false, false to parishes, for false hood is by its nature bound to perish.

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It is the duty of every person who has the truth that he should convey that true to those people who are not aware of it.