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level of man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill ambia you will move Selim Nabina Muhammad Salah levar Lee, who are the ad he was hubie a Jamaican woman stand to be Suma de la to Medina Mubarak Solomonic to LA he will watercare to so brothers and sisters, we are now at verse number 27 okay 27 of our journey through so to tell you what we know. So we're at the conversation of no highlight his Salam. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and says for Oh hyena la he that we inspired him. So here was the plan now moving forward, of what new highly he Salaam had to do, in order to save himself and all of his followers from the punishment of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala. So the great flood is about to happen. And it's not really fully that he would build a massive ship. Sonoran means to manufacture something from the ground up. So he's building this from scratch, be our uni now what what Hina under our under our watchful eye, but at the same time while we're here, and we are guiding and inspiring him how to build the ship. So this ship is not something that normally he said I was designing on his own, the instructional met and instructional manual instructions, the blueprint, the architectural structure of this vessel, is actually inspiration from Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, what this teaches us is a really interesting

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side point that, you know, one that we can reflect on, you know, when we talk about balance, so, you know, you're engrossed in Islamic Studies. At the same time, everybody should have a skill and no highlight, he said and clearly has a skill in construction. Here he is, he's like a carpenter, a construction, construction worker, whatever you want to call it, but he's got this skill that is able to put all of these pieces together and build an entire massive vessel a ship all by himself, you know, in another sort of sort of childhood. Aled describe some of the things he had to endure as he was doing this, that you can imagine he's in the middle of the desert, and people are walking by

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and be like, Dude, what are you doing? And he's like, I'm building a ship because a great flood is about to come. Remember in the desert, rain, water is scarce. So when he responds, and he tells them, Look, you know, there's a massive flood, it's going to destroy everything. So I want to be safe. You can imagine the reaction of the locals then they would have laughed at them. They'd be like, You're crazy. But the sootel who describes that every time they walk by new highway he sent them. Yes, Holloman home, they kept making fun of him. So he and they kept putting him down. They tried to ridicule and embarrass him, they would laugh at him, they would stand and be like, look at

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this guy, look what he's doing. So he is definitely jitna you know, he's definitely crazy. He's in the middle of desert. He's got tons of wood and he's just hammering or we're hammering away, building this vessel. You know, our, you know, reflection, in our connection to that is just what it's like being Muslim. Look at these Muslims, you know, praying five times a day, to a God that they can't even talk to. They can't listen to they can't touch. They can't feel they can't do anything. They came to see him, but they just trust that he's there as Muslims and crazy and they do this five times a day. Look at them how they have to wash their limbs before they pray.

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They've got to wash their arms in their face. It's crazy. Like that kind of scrutiny. That kind of embarrassment is nothing new when it comes to the history of Islam. As well as all of the prophets and messengers, they all had to endure the same kind of problems. We're just ensuring that we're in during the same kind of problems but in a just just in a different way in a different flavor. So new Haile Salaam is there. But the beautiful thing about this is that Allah is guiding him through Allah is telling him every single nail where to hit where to put every piece of wood, while why Hina phakisa Jamuna and when the command comes to up to to us without a 10 node, and the ovens now start

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to explode and overflowed. So the water starts gushing out from everyone's ovens. fest Luke fee hemming Colin's oj in his name, then place and put in there on top of the ship in their rightful places. First Look, silica means that there were special, you know, departments, containers, shelves, there were special rooms, parts of the ship. were no highlight his salon would put a pair of each animal and think that he could find and you know what that tells me. This was like a cruise liner that new Haile Selassie built, there will compartments, there were rooms, there were different containers, there were different levels. And you can imagine that if he was told to bring a pair of

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different animals so he like you know, male, elephant, female elephant, a male bird, female bird, etc. These animals could not cross paths, right because you'll one animal will see another as lunch and dinner. And there might be fights, they will try to eat each other there'll be they'll just be total chaos. So what he had to do is he not only had to get a pair of these animals, but he also had to separate them. So it makes perfect sense that Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the word fest Look, it gives us a real beautiful imagery that we could just kind of reflect and think about just how complex this ship was of no Holly who said them. First look fee him like a lemon settle Carly Hill

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Polo Minho, and everyone who was destroyed everyone who is left behind will be destroyed except those who the truth came to them. So basically, you get on this ship and everyone that's left behind. Allah says they will be destroyed. While too hard to be filthy in our volume. Oh, nobody talked to me and yelling me or argue with me about what they've done in Morocco. Allah subhanho wa Taala says they are Morocco. A hot aka means to drown Maura Poon is when you make someone drown, you take their head and you push it. You force it under the water, that's Mohawk. So what does Allah subhanaw taala say? These people didn't just drown, but he caused them to be forced underwater and

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dry like it was the last straw. So again, those of you that study Arabic You can certainly appreciate the structure and the usage of some of these terms. It gives us an imagery to really reflect on and think so either Stairway to into America Island 44 Polian hamdulillah. And if you continue to be upright meaning now you're on the ship, the flood has come mountains are being submerged into one America island for you. So you know, highlight his element. Anyone else that is with you, you know, according to some stories, no highlight is Sam, we all know, gave Darwin and called these people to the oneness of Allah for 950 years. Okay. And out of 950 years, the scholars

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them unanimously agree that somewhere between between 12 to 14 actual persons got on the vessel.

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Think about that. 950 years, you're saying the same thing. But just barely a dozen or just over a dozen people actually had confidence in you? What does that teach us? What does that teach us about our own struggle, when we're trying to be the best example and representation of our beliefs, when we're trying to at least exemplify and illustrate to the world that Islam is a very beautiful religion, and it connects you back to our fit of who we truly are. It's embedded within our hearts within our soul, that there is a God. It's there. You know, if you're sitting on a ship, and it's about to sink, then what's the first thing that people start chanting Oh my god. Oh my god.

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Please, God save us. It just comes out. You know, when we say my goodness, we naturally look up towards the sky, there's something there. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that, look,

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it's not about the quantity here. It's at the end of the day, those who are willing to take the journey, and to really truly and genuinely search for who Allah subhanho wa Taala is and how we connect with him. And that's really the essence of our religion. So Allah says that if you're able to keep yourself upright, meaning you're able to stay patient, you're able to stay committed. And that's the secret to staying on this path is you've got to be committed. That's the secret to connecting with the poor end and with the sooner is that you commit yourself to it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will take the rest Allah will guide you through the rest. Well, no one knows what

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tomorrow will be. No one knows what our Islam will look like 10 and 15 years from now. So what do we do? At this point, we do our very best to ensure that we have a genuine and sincere intention to commit to learning our Deen and let Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us through the rest. So Allah reminds us that when know how Allah His solemn is on the ship, and everyone else who joined him, Falcone Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah. Even if you're just a small group, a tiny fragment of generations of people say Alhamdulillah that you are amongst them. If you're the only Muslim living on your street, you're the only Muslim family in your community. There's only one Masjid on the

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entire island. What does Alessi say and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah if you happen to and you're fortunate enough to live close to a Masjid, say Alhamdulillah let alone you live close to like two or three messages. So now you can pick and choose where to go men Alhamdulillah because we just have to reflect on the vast majority who probably don't have access to the massages as much as you and I do a lot and so Joe always count us from amongst those who are grateful and serve in gratitude towards him Aloma I mean,

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a Latina gentleman amino pomi volume in an in context sale hamdulillah because he gave you the strength to persevere amongst those away from the wrongdoers while quarter rugby and zeleni Moon xlm mobile Raka and all Allah allow or send to us a descent that is infill of bottlecap. So what's going to happen now, the ship now, now the waters are starting to carve calm, and the ship is about to descend. Now remember, this ship this Safina or full, this massive vessel is kind of swerving around among, you know, around mountains, and it's swerving and it's a massive vessel under so many people or there's people and many animals and other things, creatures and so on. It's all on the ship.

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There's a lot of chaos, there's probably a lot of noise and panic at the same time. What does he know highly? He said What does Allah Tell him to say? What could rugby say oh my master, allow us to descend upon a descent that is filled with your Baraka

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This is the part of the story of no Holly Houston and we almost never talked about. And that's where I got the title of this video from the title of this video is there's more to the Prophet new highlight his slant than just the flood. We talked about the flood, we talked about his interaction with his son, we talked about all of those things we almost never talked about when the flood was over. That no holla Islam makes Dora to Allah to allow us to park and descent in a manner that is filled with your protection and bottlecap subpanel allows this ship to take port a lot allow the ship to finally calm like the waters are starting to calm you can imagine the ship is moving back

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and forth in all different directions. Allow it to just relax. And you know, to really get a good picture of this a good sense of this, just go on YouTube and type in cruise liners stuck in a store and see what happens and look at those massive cargo vessels that are crossing the Pacific Ocean and other parts of the world and they get into some rough seas and just see so Pamela it's one of the most frightening images you'll ever see. And so that's kind of a full flexion of what's happening here but instead, normally his seller is asking a lot to allow the ship to settle in and

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manner that is filled with your bottlecap well into higher luminosity and you are the best of those who allow these vessels to settle. So verse number 29 for all of you that get on cruise liners or ships and boats, this A is for everyone out there that gets on a boat no matter how big or small it is, when you're out there in the middle of the ocean, take this area with you you know how we have an A A for travel we have excuse me a door out for travel, we have doors for when we get in our cars we do ours when we're flying, etc, etc. Here's one when you're actually out on sea.

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In the field then you can get in what inconel ammo battalion all of that there are so many as points of reflection, we're in cornella battalion and even if we were trialed and tested severely from Vietnam in battle D him pohlmann are hottie and then after no Holly has Allah sent again a nother messenger to this nation that came after no Holly who sent him. We don't know who this messenger is a lead doesn't mention it followed a sudden Effie him What are pseudo so we sent to them another messenger, which we're learning here and seeing that history is going to repeat itself all over again. You know, there's one of the tragedies of history is that instead of learning from past

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mistakes, past tragedies, we look back and look at how people were punished, how much they've struggled, etc, etc. This year, the poor n is teaching us that still there is a large portion of mankind that will have that tendency to not learn from their past and to fall into the same problems and the same mistakes or lessons another messenger again, but all of a sudden they're feeding Rasulullah Minho, and they are Budo la Myrna Coleman Ilana in Ohio, a follow up on the exact same message What's wrong with you worship Allah, what's wrong with you that you take another day to worthy of worship other than Allah find out therapy of Allah Taku? Don't you have any consciousness

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of him? while calling in Malibu metal call me He lives in a castle with them again, there's another political power in charge. There are there's another set of tribal kings and leaders. They come together and they hear about this prophet or this messenger that comes around. So they say the same thing. They say the same thing they say, they'll call me Hilda Xena careful, what can I double Billy Paul in theater, and they lied about some meeting in a hereafter. So they said the same thing. They're like, What do you say? We're going to be resurrected. We're going to come back. And then there's some sort of afterlife. Let me see this afterlife, give us a glimpse of what this afterlife

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is and what it looks like. Tell us something about it. What I thought of now when Phil higher to dunia I thought of now we gave them all of the wealth, all of the treasures and the amenities of this worldly life. Think about governments literally all over the world. You know there people might be suffering. The you know the percentage of the people you know just skyrockets in terms of those who are suffering and poverty, their homelessness and these things. But those who are in charge and those who are in power, Allah says we gave them so much. We gave them so much strength. We gave them so much treasures so much wealth, what a ton of now when you feel higher to dunya they live in the

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most fanciest homes and palaces drive the best cars, eat the best foods.

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And look what they said. My mother in law by Sharon mythical. They would say to everybody, look at these people. They're just like you best showed literally linguistically means skin. So they're saying this prophet, the so called messenger has the same skin that you and I do. Remember earlier on in the surah Allah says, if you wanted Lanza mela Ecotec. Allah says I could have sent down an angel for you. That wouldn't have been a problem but he didn't he sent down a human being la caja. Kumara solo min and forsaken. Allah tells us in Surah Toba what the prophet Allah Soto, so we sent down a messenger from amongst he's just like, he's a human being. Yeah, he has the same skin, just

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like you. So this was actually a point of criticism for these leaders, when they looked at this so called Prophet, at least according to their eyes. And they said, Look, he's just like us. He's a bunch of just like you and us. There's nothing special about him. And then they continue. So that was first. That didn't work yet. colo minmatar Kuru he's eating the exact same foods that you and I eat. Why assura boomin Natasha Boone, and he's also drinking the same things that you and I drink. In other words, what's so special about this guy?

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What's so special about him? These kinds of criticisms are very similar to what you and I cope with day after day. Why you Muslims? Why? Why you guys think you're so different. We don't want to eat

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pork. You don't want to enjoy this and that like, so what your human being. So I'm going to kill you. If you just taste it and eat it, what's the big deal? missing the point. This was all about submission, we don't get to decide what the rules are. Our job is to follow them. And even the outcome, we don't get to decide that this all Alice territory

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well in apart from Bashar Al mithila, come in either lithos Iran. And if we were to feed you, the people exactly the same way that we are fed. So the leaders are saying if we were to give you the same level of treasures and amenities and cuisines and foods that we have in either Lucha zero, then you guys are just gonna lose like it's not gonna work.

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Or it'll come and knock on either midterm or quantum to Robin Warren, and Nakamura, Joe module, you all were promised that if you die, and you, you know, dissolve into dust, you disintegrate war environment, your bones as well turned into dust a knuckle module, you actually think you're going to be pieced back together and come back to life.

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These eight are so relevant to the debates and the criticisms, the conversations that revolve around Islam and the theology of Islam. You know, you have like, so called experts across the globe, that have like these intellectual, high academic conversations on religion and God and the purpose of religion. And one of the things that they do is they critique areas of religion, particularly with Islam, with regards to the Hereafter, and resurrection and the concept of the Day of Judgment, and so on. And this is not new, might be new to a lot of us. But it's not new, historically. It's always been there, it's the same kind of criticism, you actually think you're gonna come back from dust

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that makes no sense. When you're done, you're done. And as you and I know, in all of our previous episodes, we've always said, If Allah subhanho wa Taala could do it the first time, we, you and I, we were nothing worthy of being mentioned or talked about. And here we are, we were born, we were brought into this world, if Allah subhanaw taala did it the first time, what makes you think he can do it again. And usually after the first time is more difficult for any one of us, the first time we embark on a journey, we start a project, we build something, all of the complexities involved in it the first time around, it's always complicated and difficult. But if you build it again, if you

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design it again, if you take the journey a second and a third time, what happens it becomes easier and easier. So if anything, the resurrection itself would actually be it would make logically speaking more sense that that will be more truthful than anything else.

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So that's what we're taught and we're we're we're geared towards thinking about and reflecting and this beautiful sort of maleness kind of metallic preserve and protect the message of the poor and and soon in our hearts in our lives. Love them. I mean, here's where we're going to pause and shut lunch tomorrow. Again, we're going to take another large chunk of this sorta and continue our journey through solidity. multinode. Now why do we have such a large or a portion of this sort of dedicated to prophets and messengers, what they had to cope with, and this sutra is very selective, Allah subhanho wa Taala was very selective of what he told us, and who which prophet or messenger

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he's speaking about. So of course, the prophet Mohammed Ali, is going to be mentioned about later on at the end of the surah. But here we have the Prophet nor then after that, we have another prophet. So who else what other characters are involved in the surah? And what's the connection between those prophets and messengers, to the name of the sorta and what we know? And our journey and in our efforts to becoming the chosen believers and the highest and truest believers of Allah? subhanaw taala? What's the connection? is Allah trying to tell us something here? By choosing certain figures and highlighting their stories? How do we connect that as part of you and I in effort to becoming

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the best believers we can and shout low target will start tomorrow's session with that and some thought and reflection on it? insha Allah, Allah, may Allah subhana wa tada bless you all, such as Acoma Lovell. Hi, Ron, and please, please don't forget those of you who wish to join me for Suda. Look, man, it's starting this Saturday at 1pm. Eastern Standard Time. The link is it's posted on on my page. So you just got to go back I think two or three posts and you'll see it there. It's the journey and the discussion of sorta Look man, it's going to be a fantastic program. Fantastic program. I promise.

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You regardless of what age you are, what your background how much Islam you know or don't know, you're going to love this journey. This sorter is absolutely one of the most beautiful sources of the Quran. So I hope you join me on that insha Allah hotelera such as ECMO level Hydra metal learning, so God bless you all, said Mr. Aleikum warahmatullah warahmatullahi wabarakatuh