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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam as a national security strategy and the use of the symbol "tousth Showman" to symbolize the success of Islam as a movement. The conflict between Islam and Islam, including a deal to destroy Islam and a plan to build a new country, is also discussed. The importance of unity and collaboration among religion groups is emphasized, as well as the need for cooperation and coordination among religion groups to prevent political chaos. The conflict between Islam and Islam, including the need for the United States to join them at the critical moment, is also discussed, with the speaker emphasizing the need for unity and collaboration among religion groups and avoiding giving up on promises.
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Hi I'm Dr. Avila alameen wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen wa aalihi. Wa sahbihi. Woman Voila. Turning in a yummy Deen Baba.

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Allah Jalla wa ala fee Kitab al Majid al Hamid

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ministry Ponyo rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, Lapa Cannella coochie rasulillah neostrata Santa Lena yo la

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cara la tierra caliente. Salatu was Salam Alaikum Allah I shall I shall fulfill.

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Oh come on Ma, salam, honorable scholars respected brothers and elders, it is imperative for us and in particular as Muslims of the 21st century, that we adequately familiarize ourselves with Islamic history. So that amongst other reasons, we analogies between the present and the past, we can relate to the past, we can understand the current happenings in the light of the bigger picture. Otherwise, as is the sad reality if we will remain ignorant. We will consider happenes of today to be isolated cases, we will consider the operation of the titles to be a one stop thing only to know history is repeating its pattern. So until and unless we will not study our history and understand the system

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and the pattern of a law, the current happenings will signal despondency in the soma.

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A simple example to cite in this regard, days prior to the birth of the noblest human, Mohammed Abdullah Ali in order to be an ally with this Lima, when the governor of Yemen by the name of Abra, came to destroy the Kaaba. At that time. Our Prophet sallallahu wasallam grandpa muttalib was nominated as the custodian of the Kaaba on behalf of the place. So as you came into Mecca, he met Abdul muttalib received him seen him with a massive army of elephants. And

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he has been feel, Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the people of the elephants? So up till now this is again, as I mentioned, days before the birth of the portal, it will send them in fact history records this year is the year of the elephants after muttalib asked abre what's your intentions and what you come? He said I have come with this massive army to destroy the Kaaba. Supreme attorney said okay, I'll see you I gotta go I've lost my camel, I'm looking for my camera. Sabra has said you are the custodian of the Kaaba, you are in charge of the Kaaba, my intention and joy. And you worried about your camera. He said history has taught me in nearly hazal Bay to have

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been this Lord, this house belongs to one Allah and history has stopped me whoever ended evil with it. Allah has dealt with him personally. So I'm on my channel, you can see, I know I have the satisfaction through the overall as the happenings of the years, I know what certainty Allah will deal with you personally. And obviously Allah said,

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Allah then destroyed the plots and the plans that carry mother I have recited before you. Allah says indeed things look like exam for you in the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who believe in Allah and the final day. Now it is a basic rule of the field. To understand any verse correctly, one has to see the background of that verse which prompted its revelation, to contextualize that verse correctly, so that the sentiments of that verse is understood adequately, for the record. This is a verse of the 21st truth of the Quran. And it is a verse of surah tool afzaal literally means groups, parties, sect, movements, etc, is known as abzorb. It is at that stage Allah speaks of the

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Battle of the political parties and movements and groups, United their effort and their challenge, making the goal and they implement. The goal was to destroy Islam, the enemy was the believer. Now I don't have time to draw the analogies. But as I run you through this year, you can apply in your mind and understand the current happenings of the world. What I'm saying there is a desperate need that we understand our history, so that we don't view the current happenings as isolated cases, the bigger picture of Allah unfolds before us when the Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina, and obviously migration brought a degree of calmness within in Medina. However, however, the hostility

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of the infidels was far from over there was on good machete, and it took one incident to provoke an invasion or to legitimize an attack. When they made hegira to Madina, munawwara the year they after the Battle of better to place so migration now you can understand where we see, you know, on one front, something is unfolding, it's in shambles and then we see a new chapter opening his will of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam makes

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to Medina, they barely get to Medina Bailey establish themselves there the year they after the Battle of battle takes place when they come with 1000 books, the day after the Battle of of what comes with a country 1000 in number, the day after the Battle of azopt takes place with a an army of nothing less than 15,000. So, it's intense in the club is becoming greater the challenge is becoming more you know more challenging as the day goes on. Allah describes getting the Quran by saying

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kodomo hana Jr.

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Learn you know that the hearts, the meat, the throats, and the devil exploited the desperation and the severity of the condition. So he infiltrated your eggs, and he started injecting nasty thoughts in heart about Islam in Allah. What does own noon appeal? Is Lulu excited to have in question marks in your heart? Regarding certain the devil obviously this was the infiltration of the devil. He accepted the situation honan a capital A young man on indeed the believers with tested was those elusive xilin shedinja Allah says they were shaken literally physically jolted.

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What provoked this entire better 20 people from Madina munawwara from the tribe of Banu NaVi, while they came to Makkah to stir the message of Makkah against Islam, like I said, I don't have the time to throw the analogies, but it is documented again. Do I know my history? How well do I know how much have I studied, passionately reading the paper cover to cover bulletin to bulletin, but I'm not familiar with even the campaign the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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20 people come to America to stir the leaders of Mecca against Islam. They met with the high profile influential leaders of Mecca of the kuffaar of the polytheists. And they said this is our aim. This is our our goal. We want you to join us on board. The policy is that we only have one question with you, you people have close association with the People of the Book. Now we need a dino now Hi Ron am Dino Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, how do you view do you view our faith better or the faith of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam so they said obviously for politicians to lie this alarm, for whatever reason, they said obviously your faith better said okay if you give us the confirmation

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that our faith is better, you can sign us on also we part of your party and we join your numbers to destroy Islam. Now again, look at the clemency of Allah. They then come to the Kaaba and in the sanctity of the Kaaba, in the surroundings of the Kaaba. They hold and latch on to the cloth of the Kaaba and they swear their allegiance that they will fight tooth and nail to destroy Islam. This happens in the sanctity of the Kaaba and unless clemency gives leeway and allowance for this after the deal is on they then approach avenues of fun but what fun was the superpower of the muscle Was this the finance Was this the power was this they approach a person who is the ringleader they come

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our intention we want to invade and destroy we need a space from you. We need some some cooperation and coordination from your

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magnificence said no no you know what I don't have any problems with the Muslims come to me out International. So they said listen, we are ready to give you we can make a deal. We can sell your debts, we can sell you run your analogies. We will give you the annual dates produce of our land, we will give it to you for free. You just come on board. We will our annual dates produce whatever our produce of dates are, we will supply it to you you come on board. So if that is on then take me about any way this deal is secured. Oh, you know what his entire tribe of bunnies but when they come on board, under the auspices of about sofian 4000 youths are prepared with 1000 camels and 300

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horses, and they leave they come to a bar on the day haltia. Again, they are trying to recruit more tribes, the tribe of Islam, Astra urban, urban Okinawa,

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they all unite together with a common enemy and a common goal in anti Islamic sentiment making the numbers 15,000. Again, let me just interject and remind you why I am saying what I'm saying is understanding history adequately. So you will have bigger children for you. But if you don't know your Islamic history, what you put on small caption and one small clip of the bigger picture of Allah subhanho wa Taala when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was informed to see these are the intentions for no reason, there was no provocation. The first words the Prophet sallallahu uttered was boon Allah when you have a malware kill, Allah is sufficient and he is the best Guardian so on a

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spiritual note

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Words. On a practical note, he gets the Sahaba. He says what's the way forward? It's important that we marry the two. While we have our reliance on Allah, we have our act in place, he gathers the Sahaba and he has mutual consultation for two reason to establish the importance of Mashallah, and unite a recent rebirth recently, but by the name of Selma for Sylvia lavon, who said, Oh prophet of Allah back home in Persia from where, whenever we faced an outside threat, then we would dig trenches around us, and this would fortify us and by the enemy from infiltrating the Prophet sallallahu Sallam through the idea around there was general consensus, and it was agreed that they

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will now take the trenches. The area that needed to be done was looked at carefully, and it estimated three and a half miles understanding no equipment, no technology, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam then put the banner of the Mahajan was in a hurry, he put the banner of the answer WhatsApp Bada, He then made them in groups of 10 people. And they were located a portion of arm's length big daily, five meters deep and five meters wide, about unanimously agreed and again something noteworthy something noteworthy while they physically toiled, and they literally labeled extreme hunger extreme cold. What was the what was the songs they chanted? What were the phrases they

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uttered? It is mentioned in all the books of Hadith, you know, you'll find your domestic servant washing dishes and she's singing her song in judo. And Oman is bullying is catching a brick and throw in a brick and he's singing his song. What was the what were the words on the laptop Sahaba

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Yamaha da da, da da da, da da da, da da in hunger and security. We are those that have pledged our allegiance to Muhammad and we will live and die on his face. On the other hand, the prophets are physically laborers. What does he say? Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah is no life but the life of Allah is no comfort but the comfort of Allah the ease, no pleasure, but the pleasure of

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sorrow was Mahavira. Allah when I look to my right I see my mohabbatein Allah when I look to my left, I see my answer. My supplication to you is, Oh my Lord, forgive them with general pattern.

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These are the words on the tongue of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, every Sahabi passionate that salmaan joins us simply because of his skills, he comes back from the land where he is acquainted. So everybody says oh prophet of Allah, can we have salmaan on our side, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam elevated his position and said Salma, hoomin

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salmaan belongs to the house of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam put Selma what a Brahma and he puts Selma in a man and he said, dig in the name of Allah, he physically labored he physically toiled, again, look at the planning over law, everybody has a fairly smooth run. If anybody has a hiccup, it's Solomon speciated. The whole idea why the message from Allah is don't rely on your plants. While he came with the idea, everybody digging daily and having a fee relatively, I mean, it was challenging, but relatively salmaan comes to a net boulder just cannot penetrate this Boulder, up to rock man even offset I have an idea. If we if we strike from the rear of the Boulder, then I'm

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pretty certain we can break through and in this way, we will make our way forward. But then again, the Profit System has demarcated this area. And he has made these parameters. How did we trespass over what he's advocated?

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Now I asked you to study your history for LaSalle and understand where your strength lies, understand where the help of a lie is hidden. I asked you if he overstepped it mark, does it constitute trespassing? Does it constitute trespass transgressing on the reverse is you and I with the Prophet of Allah has put out clear cut parameters for business. And he said don't overstep this mark, blatantly, openly arrogantly repeatedly do it. And yeah, he doesn't want to take from that side because the Prophet of Allah said this year. So what's the way forward sermon Go and call the Prophet of Allah Sandman goes and calls my interview. As my interviewee comes tears coming to my

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eyes. But right now as it says, I glanced at my nappy I only seen dust on his body to be written. Abdullah says I looked at my interview I seen severe pangs of hunger and other services. I looked at his belly with the remains of Buddha. I read it myself but

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there was a stone attached to his belly minor became the network, he said. He said salmaan Give me the X. He then took the X and minor B dropped himself into the ditch. And then he read the verse of the Quran with a mascot Mathura Baker says acaba de la Watson McCurry Matura Baker see the law and he struck the rock and a third of it fragmented, and he struck for the second time and he read what some might call a matter of

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law, and it fragmented for us.

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Second time and for a third time till this rod just integrated into pieces. Sandman. First he said

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every time starting the glitter I seen a spot I seen a glow. He said our he

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said man have you literally seen it? He said on a beautiful pitch fully diligently observed the smart spots. He said Okay, listen tomorrow when I struck the first time when I seen the palaces of young men coming at the feet of my oma when I struck the second time I seen him Slim's conquering over over Damascus in an over Syria. And when I struck for the third time I seen the East coming into the rule of the Muslims. Now again, understand, there's extreme hunger. There's extreme poverty, there is extreme severity. The bottom line is prophesized in an era of super affluence. Sahaba were those that did not question the integrity of what he said. It's been told to a child

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when a father a son comes and says dad give me a 50 cents. He says, You know what, my son I don't have him, but it will be a time you drive your own Volvo what will the child say? Hence it became inconceivable for the hypocrisy. What did they say? They said no, no, this is now blatant lies. Just not now this man has gone out of control. And this is the words of the Quran.

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One Latina fee todo bien hemara miroir de la hora. Sulu in la hora hora. When the hypocrisy and those that were we can imagine when they seen this challenge intensifying and the Prophet of Allah prophesizing they said a lion is maybe only live once

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again, my brother You search your heart and you tell me what crosses your heart and decide what's the condition of your Eman? I told you 1000 times you're monitoring your sugar and your blood monitor your Eman What did they say? yada yada blombo Comella calm. Listen, man, this is this meant talking. He's talking of concrete when we don't have to do fall. Okay, let's move from your well yesterday no sorry. caminho nebia una in Abu Jana hora. So some of them came in said oh prophet of Allah. Now these monopotassium had come on the pretext that if the Muslims will be victorious, get some material gain. They said you know what we need to go back home I'm a woman and attended our

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homes have been neglected. Let me serve some said go whoever will constant go. Allah said in Uri do Illa Ferrara there was no problem of their homes, they just wanted to flee from the battle. But then Allah painted another set of Allah said these very people who deserted the Navy in the 11th because of the lack of genuine faith, and they return to their homes on the pretext that it might be invaded or it's neglected. Allah said, if somebody has to come and ask them to join us collectively to destroy the Muslims, cannabis will be hot in your car, and then they will run out openly and then they will respond promptly. Again for others, how many people aren't there that when you ask them to

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come for further, then you sick and he's and he's age and he's got this problem and and he's got that sickness, but that very man is five o'clock in the jail and six o'clock at work? Who is the problem coming to the house of Allah understand I know if I can draw analogies I will run into hours.

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Anyway they desert the desert the Prophet Allah wa salam and they return as the prophets of Allah is in comes out. Who the hell Honestly, I couldn't hold myself my hunger. I didn't care. But I couldn't see my inner being angry. So I came to him look at look at his intention is to arrange food, but he won't dare leave without consent. Is that a profitable law event? Do you want to consent? I just want to go home. I got some work. The professor Larson says came home quickly. I called my wife. I said, What have you got at home? She said, Daddy, no, you know, I've got the little sheep, the little lamp. I've got that. And we have some flour. So I thought I'd do me a favor, started the

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lamp, prepare some bread. Everybody's hungry. But obviously we have the food. I'm going to go on the visa lottery system and you prepare the meals. I came back. I came back and approach the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And I said, Oh prophet of Allah. Can I have a word with you? He said, speak. I said, No, I need to Can I just give me a word please, personally privately, for Serato I whispered in his ear. I said unto him as a prophet of Allah tears came in my eyes when I seen your hunger. I wish I could invite everybody that's digging in working, but I don't have that. So I thought yourself and you can choose few others around you. You can come home some big meals have been

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provided. The professor Allison said he

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doesn't drop your accent leave what you're doing. jabiru made footfall of us. jabiru said fella Tito Minal hyah Malala Malala the embarrassment that gripped me at that time only Allah knows. You know, in order to say manyana man Metra madman. Like it or not, I'm your visitor.

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If I bring one visitor home, formerly getting consent, right? Not that there isn't food, they eat food, understand these food, but just that I didn't warn her, or SMS or inform her champion said I painted mine up. He said, Don't panic. Don't panic. Just tell them not to

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Open the postal I come and tell them together the woman of the neighborhoods. Now you can in your woman whenever you know what tomorrow is the washing meet tonight and then they come in and this one is passing in debt one is moaning that one is a separate occasion in a separate uniform in a separate output. Let me say some said call the woman of the neighborhood might be entered might have been if he said don't contest the entrance don't contest entrance. He then put his saliva in that box. That saliva he said right? Tell the woman now to dish out and tell them to make the bread jabil said 1000 people came ate and when there was more food when they left and when they gave.

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Now my brother if this is the saliva of minor b 10 Can you imagine

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what it will do to your life before it started? You openly trivialize it, you abandon it if he saliva can maximize burkard that the food of three can supplies for 301 lives the absence of his son that today the food of setting is not sufficient for three and the food of 300 is not sufficient for 30.

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They ate they return when they return not return in fact to relax and chill. Now back to dig. In six days they dug this three and a half miles. In the interim they face another setback, the leader of the new NaVi tried who instigated this anti Islamic sentiment, by the name of creative approaches a new strategy on a new front and he approaches the tribe a new coryza blucora will live in in Medina, they had diplomatic ties with the Muslims. The leader was come in a certain approach has come in a certain he says you know what he makes contact with him. He says we are about to break into war. We have so many countries with us. We need you to join us at the critical moment. company necessitous

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and count me out. I have no grievances with the Muslims. We have diplomatic ties, and we are in good agreement. Again, international pressure, international pressure. So reluctantly, he consents and he says take me on board. When you've got the final signature of cubbon acid now he's got the troops and he's got everybody on board. When

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the leader of the tribe of blue coryza, he gets the nice people and he says you know what, I have taken a different stance. I've cancelled our agreement with the Muslims. And I've entered into this, you know, broader picture and these groups that are going to invite the Muslims. So all of them collectively told them you've done a wrong move, and your action and your betrayal is going to cause havoc in our lives.

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retract but it was too late. It was too late. cutting a long story short, the battle ensues after, after they had dug the area. The disbelievers came, this is what Allah said, you know, when let me just mention one thing again of the planning of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when the Prophet of Allah was informed that the tribe of Banu karasawa tune they had diplomatic ties had betrayed, he felt very, very disturbed, because these people could understand in and the trenches that were dug was to protect and outside English and they dwelt within Medina. So what strategy do we have in place to resist the infiltration? So the profits are a lot is in fact very, very much that at the

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critical moment they did. Anyway, he called to Sahaba Sabino Baba and Sabine was the leader of the house. And now we think we have psychology met most of the better look at the composure of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he tells them, do me a favor, go to the leader, and go in and find out. We've been informed that you have violated your agreement. Let's not take it as it's been told. Let's go Let's confirm it. Let's Not Fall for a rumor. Let's not prejudge the situation. Let's not make, you know, drastic conclusions. Let's go there find out if it is a rumor that when you return then openly announced it that it's a blatant rumor. But if you find that depth right, then when you

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return, either informed me discreetly or then vaguely, we don't want to signal panic in our eyes to get these maturity. If you find that they have betrayed us, that when you come back, we don't want the general Sahaba to get to a panic state. So keep it low, but keep me informed. When they go there. They find the seas open betrayal and they return the petal commences for one day's continuous shower of arrows to such an extent that our mother says I was with the Prophet of Allah in many battles, but this battle I seen he had no sleep no eating. One particular day they had intensified attacks so much that phone numbers of all the Sahaba were made up for follow up.

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in Madrid, all these phones are not performed at the time of Russia. They couldn't move from the battlefront for one second, and the prophets of Allah uses them and said man, Allah pora homeowner, may Allah fill their graves what the hell did he allow us to perform Salah that particular day, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam after severe realizing that they just not breaking through. So given you know, taking into cognizance, the sentiments of Sahaba he then decided to make a proposal to the leader of bamboo had fun, who was sent and received a hammer. But he said before I make the proposal, let me bounce it off my two Sahaba

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Who gets revelation but he consults continuous consultation. So he calls start from the petalinux had been Obama he said I need to have a quick word with you people listen is no breakthrough in this better yet. I was thinking if we make an option to them that we will give them a third of the fruits of Medina and we asked these massive tribes to withdraw the troops to withdraw the troops. Maybe we can make wrote you know, in words and we can break through. So sad when Mahatma Gandhi said Oprah with Ebola. So we don't have a problem. But I just need to understand where you come in from. Why are you making the proposal?

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In America lobby? Is this a divine command? Or is this a personal choice? The professor says no, it's a personal choice because I'm afraid if you people will able to continue. There's no food, there's nothing anything cold and the challenges are great. So Sandra, let me just reaffirm our stance on the whole thing. Let me just put on record Cancun na na na na na

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na na

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you talking to a man after one month of hunger one month of fighting one month in his family after dead diseases but not at the beginning at the beginning everybody's desire Ramadan is full the first the you know what happens afterwards?

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disobeyed Allah and when we were disbelievers

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Tina Tina some rotten electron obey. These people did not enjoy one day from our produce unless we entertained them as visitors of Athena criminal law who will Islam was done Africa will be naughty Hema wala na now when Islam is always dignity is always respect is always good. Do we just go through our wealth? While it might be harder even harder? I doubt we so cheap that we can be bought over so easily. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said okay if that is it, Allah is with you. Suddenly a lot of it goes into the tent where the woman forgot. He goes to greet his mother. Elena says this is a loss of a job with a beard. I spotted SAR I seen his hands were exposed. I told his mom you don't

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want to tell your son to put on a very beautiful armor is going to go out perhaps it becomes fatal and it can become clear in his life.

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His mother said oh my son, it's too late. I can change Dharma now go out the battle is in full swing. sotherly alone who comes out through to the fears of Sharia law and arrow comes in strikes, which proves to be fatal. He's taken aside attendees then pitch to him. Then again he makes a drop Allahumma encanta la Allahumma

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Allah, Allah I've been hurt and I've been injured. But if the battle doesn't India, Allah improved my life. I went to see his last one in Kentucky That was horrible, because he's the last of the battle for Allah subhanaw taala Shahada that led the wound that I have sustained today claim my love, I can also be amongst the martyrs, Allahu Allah to mutiny.

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And I have a lot of requests. Oh, my Lord, let not my eyes closed. Until I see justice is meted out against the tribe of Banu Pereda, who in the last moment betrayed his navy and violated the diplomatic ties, ally when justice must be meted out against them, he makes us do our the prophets of Allah, Islam and tend to our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the entire day, even next Wednesday, between her and after he comes out running, he says victory Allah has confirmed it. Allah has given me the glad tidings that the battle is ours. On the spiritual, he gives an affirmation. Now to get the plan in our line, I will conclude on this. Again, I'm saying study your history, so that you

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understand the pattern and the system of Allah subhanho wa Taala. at that critical moment, one person from the tribe by the name of the venomous food, it comes to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he leaves these people and he says, oh, Prophet of Allah, I am telling you, I'm confessing to you. I have accepted the kalama now, he was amongst the, you know, the big commanders of the army of the optimists. I have accepted Kadima. My people don't know about it, what can I offer you at this stage? So Professor Lawson said, Listen, this thing is into its second month, I don't know what I can tell you go back and see what you can do into it. Let's just hope something happens. You study

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and I leave you with this with a question mark, and asked you to go back and open your books and study. One man on a practical note, he deployed one strategy. And because of that strategy, he successfully brought about a drop in the rains, divided the numbers which then ultimately led to the victory of the Muslims. And it is the very strategy of knowing even a Muslim today has been used against the Muslims, and very systematically and very adequately, they have fragmented our numbers in a nutshell, what do he went through them and divided them, he divided the ranks. In the end, they were no more 15,000 they were 500 800 300 and no one individually independently could challenge the

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Muslims and Allah brought victory today that very same strategy that has been used against the Muslim and very successfully and very systematically, the entire Muslim Empire has been crumble. And oh could be billion in number has fragmented into billion segments. I asked of your study. You're here.

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Straight so you understand the bigger picture. May Allah subhanho wa Taala. grant us the understanding, save us from despondency and make us understand the manner in which he deals with the entire situation. Walk with the one on you come to the local army.