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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding Islam and how it is difficult to confirm whether or not Islam loves people. They also mention the false claims of Islam's love for believers, which is a lie against Islam. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing one's actions and emotions to avoid wasting time and effort.
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Some people ascribe to Islam and they say, Allah loves you. How do you know?

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That's a very serious claim.

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Allah loves the believers. Do I know that I'm a believer?

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You won't know. You really won't know.

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We are hoping that we all believe this Imam Hassan docilely, a man came to him and he said hello and the moment

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you are a moment you have faith in

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God and the man who a man

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a man a man who will die from Allah equity he will come to be what also the HE WILL Yeoman after a while, but that will work either if I do sherpani And

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Eman is to talk about to Emacs. Imagine that to believe in Allah and the angels and the Last Day and the books and the messengers and the color of Allah then I believe in all of this

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and amen. Amen.

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I forgot how he described the other level of Eman but if you mean Eman is like truly have faith and accepted by Allah further agree.

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But as to the that I am accepted by Allah I'm truly have absolute faith and no issues with my Eman. I don't know. I don't know.

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So this kind of confirmation some people say Allah loves you, Allah loves you don't be scared, especially when they see someone in emotional say, Don't worry, Allah loves you. Now the emotional state of that person became became more important than the truth. And you heal them with a lie. You don't know you don't have knowledge whether Allah loves them or not.

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So we need to be careful. Allah subhanaw taala loves the believers will can't make a confirmation that we believe they can't make a confirmation. And we have plenty of statements from the companions. And the Quran clearly indicates that you cannot confirm that 100% That you are a believer you can strike this is the point. And this is why you have an origin which is hope and Allah otherwise, you'd have certainty. I have faith and silver.

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That's not how it is. Why? Because the reality of the heart is even concealed from us. It's your heart, but you don't know it very well. And the prophets are seldom said in their political veins but even outside the end, you can live well how can you finish that the hearts are between two of the fingers of Allah, he turns them as he as he likes.

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And Allah the way Allah turns the hearts is based on justice, wisdom, and mercy. But the thing is, you can't guarantee anything.

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You can't guarantee anything, until you die and meet Allah then that's it. It's different now.

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As long as you're alive in this dunya you can't, there's no guarantee. There is no guarantee. So it says someone Allah loves you.

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You're talking about a matter of the unseen. It could be true, but it could be false. But you are speaking when you're speaking without knowledge, and that's deception. So to say Allah loves you a lot of his creatures that's not Islam, by the way.

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So there is a murderer,

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someone who commits all evil, his heart is full of filth. He's a human being right? Allah loves him.

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loves that person.

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Allah says Hola Hola, Bucha theory and Allah doesn't love the kuffaar doesn't love them. So how do you say Allah loves everyone? That's a lie against Allah violation against Allah.

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And some people think oh no, for Islam to be the truth and to be good. Allah has to love everyone. That's shapen you know, feeding that stuff in your heart shape and feeding that stuff, deceiving you.

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Allah's love is associated with the truth and with what's good.

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Allah loves which what's true and what's good you align your heart and your life with truth and good you get as much of the love of Allah period. Can you be 100% sure of it, you can't you can only hope and do your best

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and we mentioned many times previously how many of the companions said if I put one foot in Jana I would still not be be you know, be at rest until I put both my feet in Jana Abubakar all the alarms?

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I don't know.

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Why? Because the last one that Allah says

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in the Quran, what betta home mean Allah He met me according to see

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and you know, they saw from Allah some things became apparent to them from Allah things they never expected. And Allah says in the Quran will have you'll never be hokum will have Serena

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Lavina wanted us to do well.

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Shall we not tell you are the people whose last is the greatest

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Those living a volunteer their actions their deeds have been misguided they were lost they were not based on the truth so they had actions and works and they did things say is so much hard work boldness at home Phil Hyatt in Indonesia in this world we live well home yes everyone knows sooner and they thought that they were doing good

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so how do you turn around? Oh Allah knows you don't don't cry a lot of you

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so Pamela we play with Allah's Fanta and the deen of Allah just like that as a series, that's not the you're not, you're not being empathic.

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That's a criminal act.

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And I know this will come as a shock to some of your criminal acts. What are you talking about? Yes, because, again, we're not giving Allah's protect individual rights. Allah has just right last thing on our mind. The most important thing for us to be too politically correct, sensitive to people's emotions, and very considerate Allah forget about Allah, we can use them as we like.

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What's the difference between us and people who messed up their religion? wasted their religion wasted the truth? You were created for Allah? You will given this life for Allah