Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #26 – Jealousy is a disease – Get well soon

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of pride in driving cars and protection from harm, as well as the need for strong clothing and footing to secure one's car and prevent harm. They stress the importance of not sharing money and not working for anyone, as well as the use of FEMA and the message "naive" to emphasize respect and not begging for help. The segment also touches on negative impacts of jealousy on family members and the importance of letting people control behavior.
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order to be like him in a shape on your Ragini Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim orbita li FEMA Gulla wood

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axon Allahu La eco Allah double little facade the fill in Allah La you're a boom of CD Sadat Allahu La Vie him. So yes we concluded on the note that Allah despises the boastful and the arrogant, the hadith of Buhari Narrated by Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said by Mr. Raja polonium, Shiite in the previous nations a person was walking toward gebouw Neff suhu Yom Chabane Mr Rajan on Yom chiefy Hola. He was clad in two pieces of cloth, or gebouw. Enough suhu he felt conceited about himself proud about himself inflated about himself. Maura Gillian Jamaica who his hair was welcomed. Sometimes it's a brand sometimes it's a card sometimes it's a

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particular class where you just feel the sense and superior to others. Look at my brand look at my cronies look at my people around me.

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way that to Talalay him to Napa united and Karolina Cafaro Lynn letting me know are you will free cleaning Hiram mahkamah Well, afternoon idea that does believers when the verses were recited to them, they said, well look at look at our comrades and look at his comrades, look at our allies and look at his allies. Look at our gatherings and look at his gatherings. The members on our side, our upper end, our high class, our elite, and that's it. It's poor, simple, basic, average mediocre. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was the elegance of the disbelievers.

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So the prophets, Allah Islam says a person was walking and it was welcomed and it was well a tired and he felt proud about himself either herself Allah will be allowed when Allah caused the earth to split, and to swallow him in for who were yet to jettison. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says he continues to sink into the depths of the earth. May Allah protect us, may Allah protect us. And I often say this to remind myself and to the youth, you know, generally in your youth in your prime, you take pride of things, right. And that's your face of beauty. It's your face of beauty. So it's all about aesthetics. It's all about cosmetics. But in the process, my young boy

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in the process, my young sister don't hurt someone's feelings. So generally, either when a young man is going to the hair salon, or is going to the tailor, or he is going to wash his car, and he needs his car to look, you know, really spotless, and he wants it to look exceptionally clean. There's somebody that's running a service and it is labor intense, and he's doing his level best and it is a hot day. And because of your pride in your car, because your car is everything, or your clothing is everything. There's a man who's was a tailor, who's probably you know, breaking even living hand to mouth, and maybe he did not use the right thread or the right cotton, or probably there was a slight

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adjustment, you take off because you lose your sense. You don't realize that you know what this man is also doing something and he's trying to earn money, and I can be more dignified and I can be more respectful. So the Hadith says that this person became proud on his his attire. So let's let's let's clear the air let's clear the air when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about the harms of pride, a companion really Alana said only be of Allah if somebody likes to be need, his clothes, his shoes etc. And if it's Allah Islam said in Allah Hi Jamila and you have both Jamal Allah is beautiful and Allah loves beauty so principally to be well attire that's fine, but then to assume

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you superior because of how you are dressed and others are inferior. This is pride. And this it's a fine line. The dressing per se to dress well is great. But then to consider yourself a I'm better. I'm better

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than that is pride. You cleaned your car. Great. Now, your dad wants to hop into the car and you tell your dad wait dad, you know what? Dust your shoes and don't dirty my car? No, no, no back off my brother. Back off. You've lost the plot. You've lost the plot. Are you subjecting your father? Are you subjecting your father

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to a certain norm because your car is in a particular condition on Mojave Bharati Allahu anha, the loyal spouse and the faithful consort of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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alum when he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his bedding was on the floor, and her father came to visit and at that time, he was not a believer. Subsequently, of course, he became a believer in a hobby. So as he was about to sit down, she rolled up the bedding, she rolled up the bedding and she moved it. So the father asked, have you rolled up the bedding to save me from the bedding? Or to save the bedding from me? Like, who are you protecting? Are you saving me like that? Don't sit here, or are you moving the bedding away that I should not, you know, be in any way disrespecting that bedding? And she said, Oh my dad, I respect you. But this is the cloth and the shawl and the bedding of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so protecting and preserving the bedding of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I moved it away Subhanallah that was loyalty to the cause of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, May Allah save us from Pride in all regards. I mean, you're blind I mean, so in verse 77, for demands, or for expectations are given to karoun and this applies to anyone and everyone who finds himself that Allah has blessed him or her with wealth with comfort with ease. What are the duties? What are the duties to this wealth? Okay? If God Allah won't call moolah fra in Allah Hala your head Bulford Hain Warburtons the FEMA attack Allahu Dar Al Arthur, and

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search through the wealth and affluence that Allah has given you the letter about firstly, Allah has given you wealth, what do you need to do to secure your after? We have locally investments, offshore investments, we have policies for unborn children, but we have not even beautified and secured our own grave leave it on anything else. Our own grave have we decorated it with armor because that's what's going to protect us. So secure for yourself?

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When Amara the Allahu Anhu had received a gift from armour, and then he gave it in charity. So Amara, the Allahu Anhu said, What have you done to the money I've given you? So remember the Alana said but that's the secret between me and Allah. I don't have to share it with you. And Amara, the alarm said but please let me know. He said it the heart to heart enough see your Mala yen for Oman and voila, balloon. I have banked it for myself to rescue me at a time when wealth and children will not avail for dharma artha Aina Rama Radi Allahu Anhu Amara, the Alana who then started crying and he said Truly, Amir was a great soul and Ahmed is a great great soul. And Amara, the Alana then

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lavishly praised them. So the first thing you need to do what better the FEMA attack Allahu Dar Al agora? What better the search FEMA attack Allah by virtue of what Allah Allah has given you a datalocker The letter about through your wealth, the habit due to the habit $100 Bill, do you salona karma no suddenly we assume Munna karma and assume wait also Dakota before doli I'm worrying him. The poor came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and said but the wealthy, they have just secured the Astra. There was a time when wealth meant more generosity, like someone said it. If Allah has increased your wealth, then don't up your standard of living but increase your donations and your

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contributions and your generosity. That's what you ought to do. So only we have Allah the wealthy they observe fast like us, they offer prayer light, but they give charity we don't have wealth. And then the Prophet sallallahu sallam said okay then recite Subhanallah Al hamdu, LilLah Allahu Akbar after every prayer, and then the wealthy came to know about this as well. And they also started reciting, so the poor went back to the messengers of Allah lism OB of Allah, we were reciting this. Now they are also reciting. So in terms of actions, they do the same like us. But coupled with that they give charity and we don't have that charity and the prophets Allah is some said that is the

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grace of Allah. That is the grace of Allah subhanho wa taala. But of course we don't learn from the hadith of tyranny, the that

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if a person did not own anything, I'm doing a person lamb Yarrow Zopa hula Humala, a person whom Allah has not given wealth but Rosa who are Elma, but Allah has given him the Knowledge of Deen for who was Saudi Coniah and is genuine in his claim, he says no anelli Marlin, if ever Allah gives me money, if ever Allah gives me money, like I mean to fee but I'm only for learn that I will also use my money to help the poor to help the widows to help the orphans to empower people. And I can assure you, my brother, you know, in my humble capacity as a chaplain as as a religious scholar in my humble capacity, the amount of people that reach out that are either looking for employment looking

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for job looking for

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funs looking for help looking for assistance? Or just you know what incredible incredible what an opportunity that Allah has given to the wealthy to reach out to assist for the well being is Rahim Allah Allah said that

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the poor are actually doing us a favor yummy Luna as the word Anna il Astra yummy Luna as word Anna il Ankara they are carrying our actions for us to after Hatha Yoga rule have been yet they learn so they take in the charity and they are going to you know what take it for us have to ask that or carry it for us and present it before Allah. So it is their favor upon us. Okay, so that's the first thing what but deadly FEMA attack Allahu Akbar Allahu Allah we explore in verse 77. When I attend send asleep I come in at dunya and do not forget your share in this world. This has been translated in two ways, meaning with moderation to a basic level, you're allowed to indulge in this world as

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well because we need to live here we need to exist here. And we obviously need to use the amenities of this world. The Scholars say the biggest proof that Allah wants us to earn is that Allah exhorts us to spend and prohibits us from begging. So what does Allah want us to do? Obviously we need to earn Allah tells us spend spend the Quran is replete with exhortations. And the Quran tells us that the Hadith tells us not to beg right legis Aluna Nasr el HAFA the buyers, they do not ask and beg incessantly.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to earn so that we can spend it is our needs, etc. Gaffar Bill Murray if men the hadith of a Buddha would it is sufficient to render a person a senator if he neglects the duties of those that he is responsible and liable for liable of? What would that be mental rule? What would that be mental rules spend on those that are under your care and your guardianship. So well let them sit nicely by come in at dunya This is Islam it's practical, it's user friendly, do not omit your show meaning within reason and moderation. You could you know use the things of this world. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rode on a mule as well he rode on

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a horse as well. He rode on a camel as well. And obviously these were different in terms of stages and phases of transport. And Allah speaks of all these animals, while heikkila will be loyal Well, Hamid later Kabu was in well hello coma Allah Allah moon.

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The other interpretation of this is and as mentioned in Dortmund thought, but ignore Abbas, what attempts and asleep are coming at dunya. And do not forget your share of this world is like an nth emphasis of the previous verse. In other words, your share of this world is what you bank in other because whatever you leave behind is not your share. It's not your share. Whatever you've sent forth, that is your actual share. So don't forget your share of this world, meaning take a share of this and invest it in Africa. So it's a turkey than an emphasis of the first portion of the verse where we tell the female attack Allahu darnel after one attends and so you become in a dunya. And

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both these two verses search for Astra through what Allah gave you, and do not forget your share in this world, meaning take it into Accra invested there, because that's the place you really want to invest.

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Both these verses conveyed to us what meaning they convey to us the following, and that is a sin karma arson Allahu La lake. And as mentioned in Quran, the correlation the tie between the verses, or the different portions of the same verse, well as in karma acts and Allahu La and be kind like how Allah has been kind to you. I often mentioned this in my talks, you ask a person How's Oh, Allah has been very kind to me. How's life Allah has been exceptionally kind, great, lovely, wonderful, brilliant, amazing. Now, what is the obligation of that kindness that you are a recipient of you are a beneficiary of these bounties? What what are you ought to do with this? Well, Allah subhanho wa

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Taala says,

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in Verse 77, what sin karma acts and Allah Who Eleague and just as Allah has been kind to you display that kindness to his creation. So Allah has favored you be kind favorite people be you know, gentle with people, Rahim Allah hora, Jhulan, Subhan we're in Canada or US or in Canada or certain for Napoli, right on LMA. Sarah, we're in carnival or Stratton. And if the data is a person in difficulty, you borrowed money but you know, the man is really breaking even. He is committed to pay you monthly, but he won't have that money and you know that for a fact.

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When ganadora and if the debtor is a person gripped in poverty for another year or two Illa main Sara, then give him grace and respite till he has ease well under Sudoku. And if you make charity and you waive that entire debt crayolacom That's easy for you. That's good for you. That's beneficial for you in quantum Darla moon. This is the beauty of Islam that Allah has opened up the opportunities of virtue through so many different ways. In each sphere of your life. You can earn yourself you know what Jana and earn the happiness of Allah subhanho wa Taala what Asim Kumar Asad Allahu La Walla wa will facade the fill out and do not

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commit corruption on the earth. Corruption your meanings sin, abuse and exploitation in the Allaha la your hip balm of CD. Surely Allah despises evildoers surely ALLAH despises evildoers. So if Allah Who como his nation had said to him for things by unknown Quran says the likelihood is that Satan or Musa had initially said it, and subsequently the nation said it, but obviously he was a proud, haughty, arrogant man, and he did not like the advice that was given to him. So one of the reasons of his arrogance and we can probably just label this slightly was jealousy. So he was the cousin to Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. And

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he had memorized the Taurat Musa and Harun Allah him I mean Allah He a Salah to with the Salim were blessed and crowned with Naboo with he was not blessed with Naboo it. So he became very, very, you know,

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offended by this. And he said to Musa alayhis salam but I'm a cousin to you, we part of the same family. You know the Torah, I know the Torah you've been blessed with Prophet would your brother's been blessed? Why have I been deprived? So Sedna? Musa alayhis salam said to him, this is the grace of Allah and this is mentioned in in Merrifield, Quran and I read it in other books as well.

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Sedna Musa is salat wa salam said this is the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah selects. But unfortunately, jealousy is a very, very evil trait. Mostly button la Jara LA.

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Jealousy is the only pain for which there's no reward because it's self inflicted. It's self inflicted, and Ramon Lyon Patek, it is unending grief. What is jealousy, in essence, that the next person must be deprived of what Allah has given him. So you don't have the capacity to bear to tolerate to embrace or to witness the growth of others. And unfortunately, this is a malady more prevalent amongst scholars than non scholars May Allah guide and protect one in all one of the great scholars said shahada to Kurama Taboola shahada to Cobra MK Bula Illa shahada to bow to him Allah Bauval Galib and it was Malik being dinar Rahim of Allah, that I would accept the testimony of one

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scholar, you know, in any matter, but I would not accept the testimony of a scholar regarding another scholar, because I'm afraid it might be tainted with jealousy, it might be tainted with jealousy. So, a jealous person like Imam Ghazali said is actually worse than a miser because a miser is withholding what he has. While a jealous person almost wants to supposedly control the treasures of Allah. He's almost like Allah don't give him that wealth. Allah don't give him that fame. Allah don't give him that prominence. And you know, jealousy doesn't end we know the story of our two brothers and sisters Pibil and hobble it ended in the death of one because the other ones simply

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could not see the prosperity of the other. And what happened to power rule, his jealousy for Satan or Musa alayhis salam and may Allah protect us from being a family member of Musa alayhis salam, having memorized the Torah being from the bunny is ill, but because of jealousy against Satan or Musa and Harun Ali him I mean Allah He has Salah to with Islam and of course other related crimes, he incited and provoked a woman and he said to her, when Musa stands up and delivers a dork, then you must accuse him. And you must tell him that he has committed the act of immorality with you. Can you imagine how low A person can stoop and you take it in family feuds when there's jealousy in

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family members on a general note between mother in law and daughter in law between sister in laws, or there's rivalry between co wives or there is jealousy between family members? It's insane humans become non humans you become non humans.

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It just overpowers you. And of course, you're not excused because you need to control yourself. I mean surely has it in either hassad Oh Allah save us from the evil of the jealous person when he or she starts venting their jealousy. So save that I'm Musa alayhis salam stood up, and he's delivering the talk. And this is mentioned by abundant buzzworthy, Allah, Allah, and this woman stands up in public. And she says to the people that Musa will react will bill I shudder, I shudder. Musa has committed an act of immorality with me. And that's an indictment on the honor and integrity of a newbie and Musa pointed to her. And he said, Speak the truth and fear Allah, why are you saying such

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a thing which is untrue? And of course, she trembled and she buckled and she apologized, and she said, Forgive me, oh Musa, forgive me, oh Musa, it is our own who provoked me to do this here and say that our Musa then begged Allah and fell in frustration, and he said, Oh, Allah karoun has now trespassed and transgressed all limits. And Allah said, oh Musa, the Earth is at your command, curse, and I will destroy him. Wait and see what happens as Satan or Musa hurled a curse towards Qarun May Allah save us from jealousy?