Yasir Qadhi – Pearls From The Quran 19 – Ramadan 2017

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The title " saense" in the Bible is used to describe actions taken by the Prophet Muhammad sallahu Alaysha, including Laila to Qatar, the announcement of the Roster, and the schedule. The title also describes the importance of obtaining wealth and achieving success. The Roads of pleasure and wealth were announcement during Laila to Qatar, where the operator explains that extra resources were given to the young men to make their projects successful. The discussion of "other" and the concept of the "Lion of death" and potential distraction from reality ended with a discussion of the concept of the "Lion of death" and the potential for distraction from reality.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah early he was off by a woman while I'm about we will be reciting sudo to do Han and soda to do Han the first verses of surah two Doohan are the only other location other than pseudo elkader in nanofillers. In other words, a lot of references later to other so later to other is referenced twice in the Quran explicitly. Laila to other is referenced twice in the Quran. first of them is of course pseudo Takada and intuitive other it is mentioned three times the other reference of later two other occurs in the first verses of surah Doohan hammy while kita will move in in and xana houfy lailah T Mobile rocketing in Coonamble

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didn't. We have sent the Koran down on a blessing night. We have sent the Quran down on La La mubaraka this is later to father now pause here some people mistakenly think that this ayah refers to the 15th of Shaban This is not correct because Allah did not reveal the Quran on the 15th of Shabbat. There is no verse in the Quran that talks about 15th of Shabbat Yeah, there are some a hadith but there's no verse in the Quran. The Quran mentions we have sent it down on a blessed night. We are the ones who are going to warn then Allah describes Laila to the other in a way that is not found anywhere else in the Quran. fee Have you for cuckoo Ambien Hakeem? On this night later,

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two other on this night. Every single matter is going to be decided kulu Ahmed and Hakeem Umbra min andina, this is a command from us. We are the ones who will do this command. So Laila to the other is the night fee how you frog cuckoo ammidon Hakeem every single command, every single matter shall be decided in a bus said on Laila to Qatar. Allah subhanho wa Taala announces to the angels the cutter of the next year and it is possible that a man is walking in the sidewalk and the angels know that he is going to be dead in a few weeks or a few months. So on lane that will cover the announcements are made. It is not mean that Allah subhana wa tada decides what's going to happen or

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later to other because Allah His knowledge is eternal. Allah azzawajal is not like us. He does not stop for Allah change his mind. Allah knows what's going to happen. And we learn in the ahaadeeth and from the Quran, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has announced his other or aspects of his other at many occasions of them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah wrote down the other of everyone and everything, 50,000 years before the creation, and of them the prophets of Allah who I sent him said that when Allah created the Ottawa, the ROI from the body of Adam, when Allah extracted the ruler from the all of the Ottawa from the body of Adam, he decided or he announced,

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these people are going to agenda and these people are going to Johanna, so an announcement was made and our Arwa were present, as well. We learn in the Hadith in Sahih, Muslim disciple hottie that when the roof is blown into the fetus, when the angel comes and brings my soul and your soul to our mother's womb, and the angel blows the roof into the womb, and makes that zygote into a living creature that features goes from cells to an actual human by the blowing of the door. At that point, the angel asks a lot, Oh Allah, what should I write down male or female and Allah azzawajal tells and then he says, Oh Allah, how much it is. And that number that is written is the exact number that

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you will earn. No matter how greedy or lazy or or difficult you trap you try to attain that wealth. No matter what you do, or don't do, you will get that exact amount that Allah subhana wa tada has decreed at the time of the roof being blown into your mother's room. And the angel says, Oh Allah, a Shaka Yun Oh, sorry, is this a soul going to genda are going to jahannam and it will be written down at that time. And one of the times that other is announced is the yearly announcement that is going to take place on lane that will occur on Laila to Qatar. Allah subhanho wa Taala announces the routine, the schedule, even the angels have a hierarchy even the angels have to be told what is to

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be done. There is a system in place and Allah subhanho wa Taala announces the roster, he tells each Angel what needs to be done. So the angel gets its task for the whole year on lay that will cover and the reason why we are supposed to be standing inside up in Dora on data to other

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Because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Nothing changes other, other than nothing changes other other than throughout. And this is one of the most powerful incentives makes us optimistic. That other is something that can be modified or altered with the power of Allah and the knowledge of Allah through drop. How does this happen? Allah says in the Quran, young Allahu Mallya shaohua youth with a law can erase what he wants to erase and allow will allow without erasing whatever Allah wants to allow, what does this mean? It is possible that on laylatul quarter, for example, it is announced that so and so will die this year. But that person, that person might be

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sick, whatever, he is making dua to Allah, He is giving sadaqa he is being good to his relatives and the process of said being good to relatives increases one's lifespan, he is doing this and that and through the miracle of Dora, the day of his death, Allah subhana wa tada will cancel your Allahumma Sha, Allah will erase that color. And the angel of death thinks that Oh, tomorrow is his death, today is his death. But on that day, Allah will say this task is canceled, and he is given an extra amount and nobody knew other than a lot. Now again, Allah knows because Allah azza wa jal knows that because of his due out, the other will change but the angels did not know then happen to sever the

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heavens did not know. And so brothers and sisters, the purpose of little cuddle is for us to ask Allah subhana wa tada our best other and much can be said about the concept of other there's no time to go into detail, maybe a future maybe tomorrow's hospital will do this. But one point here, brothers and sisters, yes, we all believe in other one of the fundamentals of Eman is to believe in other you are not a Muslim, if you don't believe in other one of the six pillars of a man is to believe in other. However, belief in other is also a mystery. And that is, the more you try to contemplate about other, the more you try to think about color, the more you will end up confused.

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And at some basic level we all understand. Because after all, if a law is all knowledgeable, if a law is all powerful, then surely Allah knows what's going to happen. He wouldn't be allowed even a hobbit if he didn't know. So we understand that Allah knows. But then shaytan comes in says but what if Allah knows, then why are you doing something if Allah knows, then this default, then you go to level two and level three, and then your mind starts going in circles. And that's why even Abbas said that other is the secret of Allah, whoever attempts to unravel the secret will end up rejecting Allah, whoever attempts to unravel, it's something that is beyond our comprehension. So at a basic

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level, we believe in other but we do not go too deep, because the more deep you try to go, our finite human minds will never be able to understand the complex infinity that is the knowledge of a law. Our finite minds are not capable of understanding how God exists. We understand broadly what is other, but we will never understand how it exists. And neither have we been asked to understand one final Hadees and then maybe tomorrow Sharla will continue the topic of other because these are later to cover we should understand this one final Hadith, the only time that companions had a debate about something of theology, the only time from what we understand is the issue of Qatar. It is

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reported in Sudan or Timothy, that once the Sahaba began talking about conduct, and they started quoting verses about Qatar, because some verses seem to affirm we have free will. Some verses seem to affirm everything happens from Alaska. And so they began friendly debating one another Oh, but the Quran says this, but the Quran says this, and their voices became higher and higher than the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was in his house. And he heard this conversation because now the voices are high. And the Hadith that always says, The Prophet system came out and his face was red with anger. And he said, and you are having this debate or this fight and I am still in your midst, is

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this what I have commanded you to do? To take verses of the Quran and try to cancel or try to refute other verses stop doing this, this is not going to so this Hadees our scholars have derived from it that this is a prophetic command to not Delve too deeply in the reality of other we believe in other we accept other we know everything happens with other and there are many, many benefits and blessings to this belief. I'll talk about that tomorrow. But at this hotter we'll just leave it at this point that we will never truly comprehend the reality of other and that is because other deals with the knowledge and the power of a law and who amongst us can understand the knowledge and the

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power of a law. So later to other is the

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Night that unless otherwise announced, and we should try our best to be standing inside out and then do our on that night and we'll continue this topic tomorrow was set on Polycom. Rahmatullahi wa barakato.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elaborates on the concept of Qadr as discussed in Surah Ad-Dukhan verses 1-3.

Laylatul Qadr is referenced twice in the Qur’an – Surah Al Qadr and in Surah Ad Dukhan. Allah describes this blessed night as the night on which every matter and command will be decided. 

One of the fundamentals of Iman is to believe in Qadr. We do not try to unravel the mystery of Qadr because that amounts to rejecting our faith. 

Allah announces to the angels about the aspects regarding Qadr:

  • Allah wrote the Qadr 50000 years.
  • When Allah extracted the awrah of Adam AS, it was decided by Him who is going to Heaven and Hell.
  • When Allah blows the Ruh into a zygote, his fate is decided – his gender and his Rizq.

Nothing changes Qadr other than Dua and hence, it is absolutely essential that we stand in prayers and make Dua for the best Qadr on Laylatul Qadr.

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