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In Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah you

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know when a stock photo and movie when a token or a

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Korean kusina woman say Dr. Medina, Maria de la dama

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de la la la ilaha illallah wa Allah sorry Karen. When I said when nessa Donna Mohammed Abu or sudo Amanda protocol along with the Baraka with Allah.

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Allah Hamid

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upon me Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, yeah you're never Ulema to hardly mama Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah

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Allah Allah goofy Byron Katie La La collina bu sal Allahu Allah Allah Allah USA Lucha eurocom eurocom li li

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li, o kumbhakarna Alinea Salatu was Salam ala Nabi Masada para su una you will carry What happen to Allah daddy kameena shahidi Karina welcome Doreen Lang Robin alameen honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders in the previous Juma we spoke about the hadith of navia Karim sallallahu wasallam wherein he exhorts us to display kindness to the general Muslim ummah. Today I want to become more specific and more focus and speak about this very element of kindness in the life of nebulae. Salatu was salam to his noble consorts and his honorable spouses. Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam in many ahaadeeth has Stress Stress upon kindness towards your spouses.

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In fact, in one rewired Nivea Kareem sallallahu Sallam said, that has been who will bear the Ill manage of his wife patiently. That husband who will endure patiently as the ill man is of his wife, Allah will grant him the same reward that he gave to Satan Are you burning his alarm when afflicted with sickness, and that wife who will patiently Bay and endure the ill manners of her husband, Allah tala will reward that woman with the same reward that he gave to Satan. rcra has salam, the righteous wife of the notorious bloodshed and evil men crown

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wasallam in many eurocom hydrocone Emily, oh my Sahaba the best among you is He Who is the best to his wife, this is a general statement that we have Allah has made and then he has coupled this statement with a claim by saying Wanaka eurocom legally and they can be no one that is more kind to his wife than I. So what is the general statement that delivery of Allah has made? And one is coupled it with a claim? Of course, he has been substantiated this claim in the many he has conducted himself. Like you know, on a light note, they say marriage. Marriage is an institution where a man loses his bachelor's degree and a woman gets a Master's.

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They say the child asked his father or my father How much does it cost to get married? So the father said my son I don't know I'm still paying.

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marriage certificate is another name for work permits. It's a this woman was making.

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She says Oh my Lord,

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God me wisdom that I understand my husband. Love that I can forgive him and patient for his moods. Because not if I ask you for strength, I will stone him to death.

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Anyway, brothers, we have to see the lack of Libya Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One person came to say Rama the Allahu taala who's complaining?

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That my wife is very harsh to me. Let's look at how kind what were they advises ordinary killing sallallahu wasallam how tolerant he was, we must understand no two humans can make a perfect match the attitude of zero defects. This is not possible. No practical. There will always be some glitches, total compatibility is not possible and it's not practical. There will always be situations where you will have to compromise but if we study the life of nemea Kareem sallallahu wasallam and that of Sahaba look at say that sodaro the house so behind a lot what what a brilliant woman for some reason or the other whenever you have a lead decides to divorce her. She comes to

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nerissa law he would sell them and she says you have a law before you finally divorce me may ask you a question. The VLT Salaam says by all means, go ahead. This is the only way you have a law or you're upset with me over any meta levy or a salon declines and he says no, I'm not upset with you, or any other law is that it becomes difficult for you to stay with me. You'll be a creme de la ism says no. Then she says oh whenever you have a law. I asked you and I implore you please do not divorce me because I want to remain in your nigga. However I have aged and I have passed the time way I have a physical need for a man. I forfeit my rights. And I see you have a great day.

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inclination towards your wife. I set the alarm on her. I sacrifice my night for the wife of yours. So the day is my chance you can go and visit your wife Ayesha, but I want to remain in this Nika so I can be resurrected on the day of the wife of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So hon Allah what was the foresight of this woman, free from jealousy, free from uneasiness free from rivalry, she forfeited her right and she secured the partnership of must have the both of them must have both the words Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam once Libya Creme De La Liga cinemas traveling via la isla de la herself mentioned very white comes in Buhari hatanaka Nabeel bayda, we came to a place called VEDA

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in Qatar, only my tent and fell off and got muscle. Now, every woman is passionate about her jewelry, look at how accommodating how tolerant, how kind of allow us maybe one day I shall be a long one ha took interest in seeing some play. Some children, some Ethiopian children were playing in the courtyard of last year and every day in mind, this was innocent play. This had no evil element towards it. And I shall get Lana says, you know, it intrigued me and it interested me. So I said, This is my chance. Let me sit and watch. And I put my head on the shoulder of navia Lee salatu salam, and I'm burdening him with my weight. And I'm looking natural, even the view of Allah has no

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inclination, but he patiently is waiting. I shall then see if you can well imagine a young girl when she's afflicted by a play, how long would she look at that play? That is how long I burdened with the enemy of Allah, but he did not move respecting me and honoring my sentiments. So there has to be time for from one spouse to another. Anyway, we came out and when we halted at this particular place, my opinion got missing.

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Realize that my wife especially that is me, for a comma Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Allah intimacy, I started looking and because of me, the nephew of Allah started looking so I delayed delivery of Allah in the lobby of Allah delay delay the entire caravan. Naturally, the Sahaba became uneasy, so much Chinese going in looking for one thing, then they couldn't tell anything. So they came to me

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and said, look at your doctor, I mean, what she's doing, she's looking for one pin and it's causing chaos here. Why don't you find it and we can move. But whenever you have a patient is understanding the sentiments of this woman. He's kind he's not getting upset. He's there in it patiently tolerance. Finally they maybe have a leg up. I should have a look at adequate, adequate and final three wide seas of ohare levier Salatu was Salam did put his Mubarak ahead in the lap of Isola and he fell off to sleep. Now he will have to sleep the time of nama sitting with a swadharma in Wadi sama ma what is not available in nobody has to do. So they came in they started telling us look at

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your thoughts on pins and how long can we gonna sit and wait so people can have the language and come to a Sharia law and it comes in a while he then presses that with a finger and he admonishes work Allah Masha Allah, Allah tala mouthful What's wrong with you? Why did you do this? And I said the Atlanta said, Well, I'm not only minute I couldn't move my leg because nearly slumped head was in my lap. So I'm patiently listening. My father is showering me and telling me a mouthful, and Saba becoming an easy catch up Saba what he did, there's no there's no water available, and lessons gibreel to rescue them and the entire oma in moments of desperation Allah reveals the verses of

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Satan I will say who they are when it comes to Obamacare, and he says money can be back in our pocket. Whenever you and your family got into some predicament and dilemma Allah tala on a disguise note made that very challenge, a source of benefit, your desperation opened up the conception of the human for the woman to do. So you will find when it came to these things, then the viola was very kind. As I was mentioning, the incident of Yolanda one person had a problem his wife used to they can't say very often.

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So he came to save a number of years ago. And he thought that he will complain to say, Now Murray, this is the problem myself and my wife, we tend to argue a lot. But as he came to the house of Satan,

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he overheard his wife back answering Homer. In other words, the wife of Homer Peck answer in honor of Yolanda. So this person heard this and he felt that this is the same problem that I have. It must not be that when I present in this man's house, and I tell him my problem, he may have things I'm referring to his own problem. So quietly, he went through and he went to a cinema to hurt some footsteps. And then he seen people, you know, nobody came. So he opened the door and he seen a man in a distance he shouted out, he said, Come on, brother, what's the problem? He says, I have a problem. But in all due respect, I think you know, you have a similar problem. So I tell that it's

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not advisable for me to approach because my wife is a bit short tempered, and she loses a tongue and she becomes a bit aggressive. So say, No, no, come home. I can discuss with you and we can I'll explain to you something in the attic john was talking earlier. My wife is ill tempered and short tempered, but I overlook the trivial rung of my wife for the many phases of her upon me, and perhaps it would be opportune to come

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This was the hadith of Muslims or if we're gonna be a vanilla save Leia minun minun militant, no believer should discard his wife totally. If he dislikes one wrong of hers, definitely there are many other good qualities that attract you. If she falters in something, she has a floor one thing, but there are many other things that are good in the final hottie. terminalia restaurant.

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What was his last message? Oh, people fear Allah regarding the treatment of your wife. Verily you have taken them into your possession through the permission of Allah. It is through the procedure of Nika that you have taken this woman into your care, Sophia Allah with regards to how you deal with your wife. Nevertheless, even Omar says, I overlook my wife does the cancer because number one cetrom baby never been enough for your school to be able to handle her on my wife is the bail between me and Jana. It is because of this wife of minds by a woman I enjoy matrimonial relation that my heart in my mind remains clean and clear from filthy thoughts of Xena and immorality. When I

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am so duty bound to her that it is only her that keeps my heart and my mind clean, my need is satisfied. I think I am morally obligated that I overlooked this trivial wrong because my my entry into gender is pending on this otherwise me by my nature I'm so evil, perhaps any woman that will pass my gaze, I know how vulnerable I am I will perhaps stretch an evil hand towards her. So my wife satisfies my need hence because of that, I overlook it. Number two Tabatha when she cooks my food, she bakes my meal, my my you know bread and whatever else have you? And she says to my children, when this man heard this, he was melted into tears. And he said oh man, if that is your attitude,

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all the more I should also have the same attitude and respect towards my wife. So this is one aspect of kindness. But then is today I want to speak about another aspect that I got to deliver last a via Galina karimun. He has really been a karimun. It is the nature of woman that they dominate a soft natured man. This is an analysis that is making what you believe a woman and a man and a stern and a harsh and rigid man would dominate over them. So Hippo and akuna, Karima globa. I would prefer to be soft and passive, and dominated by my spouse, then to be Stern, harsh and rigid and dominate over them. This is the words of Maria Kareem sallallahu wasallam. But today we have to study what is what

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is the kindness of Allah said none has been more kind to his wife than I. What is the kindness that the world has offered to their wives that he will not kindness in the eyes of a lion is Russell's sallallahu sallam. Now, when I was traveling, I was in London. And I had about an eight hour stopover. So when having a meal that you know that at Heathrow Airport, they have those designated smoking areas, while sitting and eating, having a meal that, as I was watching, this is the liberation the Western world has offered to the woman. This is the freedom they've offered. Well, I sat down for about two hours 95% of the people that came to smoke they were woman, because he's now

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their freedom. This is the choice and deliberation. This is how they are progressive. They can travel themselves, they can smoke and that makes them on par with the with the advancement of the modern world. Generally, you would base kindness to your spouse, on the car you provide for her on the house in which she loves the food she eats and the clothes she dress that is taken to be a kind spouse to his wife, a kind husband. Let's analyze those factors in the life of nabire salaam. And then you will realize perhaps if you have two views and maybe overlap with the Western eye of kindness, you will perhaps come to the conclusion that no man is ill treated his wife more than

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Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam but it is the absence of this nature of kindness. It is the result of our marriages breaking up when the marriage is dissolved. And people wonder what will the short of what what is short of men she has her own she had so much money, they will move in for international vacation. But what was wrong in the slide? Well, ah they were lacking spirituality. Just as it is vital for every husband and wife to take up time. For some recreation. It is vital and it is our need that we take up time for last power pleasure. There has to be time where we create an atmosphere of spirit of spirituality with the house husband and wife to sit and read Quran and paint

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that picture of the Quran. In a Muslim in our Muslim I

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mean, it was an 18 hour look on it. It was sad. It was sad because they believe in me they believe in female, the men that frustrate the woman that frustrated the men that cry the woman that cry, the men that make draws a woman that make da de la

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de la time is to be taken out for spirituality between partners, if we can give them everything of this world, but they are devoid of spirituality, which is being defined as kindness in this hadith of nebia salaam getting married will never prosper. Look at the house the delivery of Allah provided by Sharia law

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suggests that when I saw the Atlanta saved

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When the interviewer will allow you to make such that run has any needs to press me what is Nevada can cover today July I used to withdraw my legs. When he used to stand up. I used to then stretch my legs. Someone asked What was the need for this? She said the room was so small. It could not accommodate me sleeping and delivery over law prostrating this was the house he gave me his wife. Yet he said there had been no one more kind to his wife, can I? In fact, if you look at the bedding, the bedding was so simple. One day one and sorry woman came home and she looked at the bedding of Nabeel Salaam and she was moved to tears. She said I said is this on with the bedding on with my

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baby's sleep. She went home, she brought her own bedding. And then she gave it and she said when the viola comes on, tell him one female follower of his has made this humble contribution if you can kindly accept it and sleep on it. When did he ever return and he found that the bedding is new, and it's soft, and it's comfortable? Is it away? Is this from Isaiah favela in La Jolla, la dee da da da da, da, I should take this out of my life. You know, tahoma, which is a mountainous region. You know, Arabia was divided into four large areas into Hama. Hama was a mountainous region. If I saw one did all the mountains of Hama Yellowknife converted into gold and silver, but I myself declined.

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I said, Take this out. I saw a lot of impolitely returns it. So this was the house provided. Again, let's look at the clothing. He tells me. I saw the Atlanta in our logo to be funny. He came in at dunya Casa de la Kim. Oh, I saw Isaiah. If you want to join me in the Abode that my lord has prepared for me. He lives in this world like a traveler, while stuck in a coven. And don't consider any government or until you don't take it several times. Oh, Isaiah, don't consider any government. Oh, one day I saw the olana put on a beautiful garment. Ababa cannot be alone who came and he seen his daughter admiring himself. He said Martin Doreen Aisha in the La La Sabina COVID in LA. I saw I

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don't know what you admire in because Allah is not admiring you. Why? Oh my father. Don't you know when any woman any person dawns a beautiful garment and becomes obsessed with the garment becomes proud with that garment. macatawa Rocco Baraka, tilaka Dena, Allah attendant that person, be it male or female until he or she doesn't give up their pride. I serve Ilana took out the government and gave it in charity there.

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I say if you wish to join me is in love in this world as a traveler and don't consider a government as old until you don't touch it. As far as the food that you might have by hockey, a closing Yoni Murthy in a minute. Well lovely I must repeat what the interviewer is telephone I saw the Alanna having two meals in one day. Now via Instagram says oh I saw Have you made the object of your life eating Don't you know eating twice a day is extremely content Allah doesn't like those extravagance yet enemy of Allah say there's no one more kind to his wife can I will live our lives will be devoid of the element of the kindness which has been defined by a lion is maybe you can give your wife

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anything and everything she will point to you with the rings you bought with the Bengals you bought and say you have done nothing for me. That is what whenever you have a lesson in Bukhari, on the occasion of he addressed his wife, the woman and he said give charity he said Why are Sona Viola? Let me set some set you very ungrateful what makes us ungrateful. I want to be over LA, no accent La, la, Tamara, Tamara Pika, if your husband is coming to you for a decade, and then he does one thing unintentionally against your desire, you negate all his kindness and you say I have never seen good in this marriage. My

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brother's take another incident.

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I certainly alone are the Most Beloved I showed you how tolerant she was with Libya.

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In located happened, this was material harm done to be over law was flexible. But when it came to Dean, this is not the time that we're going to be over losses. I prefer to be dominated by my wife in what, in methods that are trivial at all, no American eyes of Allah. But in methods of Dean, you haven't seen a more stern husband, you haven't seen a more rigid husband and whenever you have a law

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when it came to Dean,

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make mention of one incident about you when the alarm is at home. The slander against Sharia law is being circulated. Many times we at home the wife comes you're just in your head that we entertain it, we promote it. And we start gaming from our own home away even sorry, the wife comes home. And she says that people are making these accusations against Ayesha, what is your opinion about sorry declines? And he says it's alive

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since he says but what's your proof? He tells his wife You are my wife will you commit an act of of immorality. She says never. You've been my wife. You will never do it. I have been the wife of Mohamed Salah son will she doing? Never immediately totally like I don't ever want to hear such things like that. So when it came to Dean, and that is my focus. Yeah, we have to become inflexible and unfortunately, yeah, we succumb to pressure. Yeah. We give you

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Pressure carries why there is no happiness in that married. I saw the Amana is beloved he was one day she made a comment about Sophia the olana. Sophia, she said has become in Sofia de Vaca. Your wife Sophia says she is so short. What's so good about Libya Islam said look at the political Lima or ISI, you have added such a statement. It has the potential of contaminating the oceans of the entire worlds. Let's just settle back row. One day I made a comment about Khadija it was subtle rivalry. She said you talk of your wife Khadija even she gone and all she was old and she passed away. Allah gave you me. I'm virgin. I was unmarried and I'm young. Am I not better than that one?

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Never said no, no, I shall. What's your word? Sorry. That was my first wife. She gave birth to my children. She told me that Allah has confirmed her voting delegates. One day in Toronto. How discipline are we when it comes to maintaining spirituality? It is our says with a guardian to our children. We are responsible of disseminating Deen to our spouses.

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Don't zenobia long wanna give one of your chemists to Sofia a camel was sick or whatever. So let me sell some said give it to Sophia. Now Sophia Villani is the daughter of an actor who was a Yoda. Hence soap era the Alanna had a flavor of you know yahudi Judaism in her Her father was a Yahoo so zenobia Nana you know made a comment he says Alright, I'll give it to this Jew if you say

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let me read some cut so angry comes into the wire for more than two months and we will let him speak to you and I will return home after Salah when our wife did not get up and did not bow before law we'll jump in that very big hug good woman love her cherish her when she is at war with a Macias and stood up here and perform Namaste. Then we are showing her love. What kind of love is this gonna be over long one statement did not speak to give life. So you might have bought it.

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The wives, game and brothers at the same time. At the same time, just not Guzman to the wife. I had a complaint that came recently made a lack of desire to that woman, a sister that came here from our locality. And she came home and she came to my house. She says Maulana Allah has given us everything of wealth, Allah, I hope she's listening to me. And she asked me convey my message time has passed a few months ago that she came she cried. She says Allah has given us an abundance of health and well, we the United family, but my husband just doesn't want to perform Salah. What measure Can I Institute? Am I not as his wife responsible to see I'm asking you make dua teach me something that I

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can inspire. As a youngster in this gathering as you and I talk who came to me this very way, man and I have just got married my wife is insisting I must take care of my beard. But I told her I cannot compromise on the deen of Allah in this very gathering as we speak. I advised him I told him whatever it is resisted. We cannot compromise to make Mohamed tu tu tu tu disobey Allah and Alhamdulillah for the pleasure of Allah He has kept his gear. May Allah give him strength. May Allah give him courage, you will see that many will prosper. Why? Because he has taken allow on his side. Oh, my wife, I love you, I honor you, I respect you, but the commandments of Allah I cannot

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compromise on it. Nevertheless, these people came. They surrounded me of Allah, his wife, the wife of Bukhari, and inshallah it is written, one wife said I want to miss Alma Ilana said, I want better curtains. Makeba said I think now there's so much prosperity your only objective outfit. Another wife said You owe me a better house than ever. Yoga was hurt by the so much. He loved them and he went away for one month. He was so angry with his wives. Allah didn't reveal the verses when he only had logica, incontinent. atonia with a lotta putana

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Sara honey jameelah Olivia Bella summon your wives, and then put the story before them. Tell them they have one of two choices. If they want the material world we will give them double of what they want. But today they married what my levy is severe. It's

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one of two choices you want the word we will double what you want. But today this relation with minor detail relates we're in control and if you want accurate you can enjoy it and to be really Salam called HRP. Allahu Allah says oh, I revealed the purpose of option and unlike Tony ambassadress, you you have asked me for things of this world. Allah says if you want he will give you more than what you want. But if, if as soon as you want more of this world, my relation with you terminates today. Don't hastening limited consult with your parents and come back. I started to learn as a PhD.

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Student Allah, Allah, am I gonna stoop so low to go and ask my parents do I want to have the world I slave I want to and I don't want this world and never again, will you ever hear me asking you any material thing? Again? No. Look at the nature of a woman. She says whenever you have a lot, but don't mention my answer to you. Otherwise, they'll be over. I was very conscious. In fact, brothers I don't have time. Naturally the wife was sensitive. One day generally after a certain a viola used to go and visit his wives.

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Every wife was passionate they've been given less days by me longer. So one day he went to St. Raphael Donna's house and it was about time to leave Zener said can I make some honey? Let me over last two decimal to decline. So you had the honey zenobia Lana took this as an advantage every day when it was time to leave he said can I make honey prolonging the stay of the Navy at my house shorten in history in the respective spouses? The other wives had settled rivalry they said no, no, no, we've got to work this thing out. So I signed up sir plane. They said tomorrow when the Navy vanilla comes to you, you must make this statement whether it's true or not. And I'll say the same

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thing. You say thermography. Whenever you have a liking Xena is giving you a McAfee. McAfee was the type of food that gave up a foul smell. And then we have a lot of very particular about smell. So anyway, he went to zenobia Danny came twice. I said, Oh, viola, you had McAfee and came research and said Oh, what do you mean? She said, No, no, I get the smell of McAfee

00:25:53--> 00:26:06

refuse. But after all, you know the wife to say, it doesn't matter how many times a married man changes his dog. He still ends up with the same boss. Anyway, I said, I said occulta, McAfee, McAfee. Then he went to

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McAfee said no, but I had honey. But don't you people are insisting, Okay, I won't have honey again by Xena. Are you happy? But don't tell this to say no. Now I won't eat honey and I'll come away. He just made this to maintain joy and happiness between his wife, Allah revealed reverse.

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Mama Allahu la de da de my robot as logic will

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only have a law What gives you the authority to make honey puppet and when I have made it lawful, just to maintain joy between your wife, take your person and tell them that honey has been made lawful for you just to bring joy to your wife, who are the daughters of Abu Bakr and Omar immediately Quran came down and then I'll address the white of nabire ceram into to buy in a lot. repent to Allah socket saga, kulu Kuma otherwise your hearts are inclined into a different direction. And remember if that remains your attitude, I will have my interview to divorce you. So brothers catina Long story short, voila, we have put the description of kindness of the world. We

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haven't put the description of kindness of Islam led us to give Dean to our wives for life, we will give gene to them. That is the best thing we can leave behind Kanepi of Allah didn't get isn't his wife. Every wife says I want Dean and I want accurate and I want nothing else. As he's leaving this world. What were his last words

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to convey?

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Or my wife I'm on my way, the one that wants to join me first in our credit, in other words, wishes to pass away immediately so that he can be united with me is that wife of mine that will spend the most in the path of Allah? That's my last word to all of you. Oh my wife, the one that will make charity a common practice. Allah will unite her with me first in gender. May Allah tala save our marriages from being broken while our divorces have become so common. So right. It's the most despicable thing to witness and observe. May Allah give us the trophy that we display, the noble o'clock of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that both spouses husband and wife respectively

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display that blog which is desired in Sharia. Welcome, Donna.