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AI: Summary © The speaker reads a book called Islam, which describes the teachings of Islam and how individuals can show their parents' love. The book also describes individuals as being a clean slate, a source of joy, and a catalyst to attract young people to Islam. The speaker encourages individuals to use their names and reflect on the importance of their parents' needs and desires in order to achieve their goals.
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After what you're going to read, so you're the best amongst us. Show your parents a lot of love. Islam tells you show your parents love, respect them, honor them, kiss them, hug them, support them, serve them, let them see character not not with ulterior sincerely that is the teachings of Islam. You obey the Almighty, you serve your parents, and my brother. The journey is beautiful. The ocean is lovely. The swan is awesome. You will walk in the spark of Islam. It's people like us who have unfortunately tainted the faith. done things that have been wrong, but the religion is amazing is amazing. Okay, so you're gonna read after me? A shadow. Allah La ilaha ilaha illallah wa.

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ana Muhammadan. Abdullah, Whoa, what a pseudo I've been witness that there is no God.

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But Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is the servant and messenger of Allah.

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Masha Allah modulations brother, Jack, you are a clean slate, like the day my mother gave birth to you. I promise you the Almighty loves you, my brother and he loves each one of us, is guided you to the best religion My brother has given you imagine. That's the greatest thing you could ever, ever have. You now have the passport of eternal joy. You have the passport of eternal bliss, which is going to put the right stamps in the passport. But the passport is in your hands. Maybe Almighty make you an ambassador of goodness, may you stand tall in society, may you be the catalyst to attract 10s of 1000s of people to the beauty of the faith. And may you be that motivation and

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inspiration to rescue so many other youth who are confused and desperately looking for guidance and direction. Have you given thought to any name or you still want to keep the name Jack in Islam there's no problem you still want to keep that name. There's no issues as long as it has a good meaning.

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You want to keep the name Jack Great. Under the lateral Filomeno salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was happy he is my opener, JR has

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always a very pleasant moment in a very pleasant month at a very pleasant time in which our dear beloved brother Jack has come into this beautiful Deen of Islam and Allah you have given him a clean fresh new leaf of life Allah, Allah as you have forgiven him. We asked you in this moment of him being forgiven forgive us all. Allah is you've given him a clean slate Allah we asked you give us a clean slate surely we not deserving but you have the kindness to forgive Allah who surely we not deserving but you have the kindness, Allah as you have guided him to the truth Allah guide us all to the absolute truth Allahu Allah keep him and keep us firm on the deen of Allah. Allah grant him and

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as the Tofik Allah to reflect an exhibit and display the pristine teachings of Islam Allah, Allah make him a source and a beacon and inspiration of light to his family and the entire OMA, Allah grant us Muslim OMA the ability to Welcome brother Jack into the beauty of Islam Allah, Allah save us from giving him the wrong reflection of Islam save us from giving the incorrect display of Islam Allah give us the ability to reflect the deeds in the beauty in which it was revealed Allah Allah grant him and grant us a great Ramadan Allah this will be his first Ramadan let it be the best Ramadan give him strength give us strength in fasting in beyond in solid earth in totowa over light

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this time of mockery we asked you all those that have gathered yo Allah each one has the desires in the hearts fulfill the desires and the needs of each person Allah, Allah you blow the winds of hedaya Amin thumb suddenly loving or sending Marlin Vina Muhammad wa early he was he is money