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Rights of a Daughter in Islam

Zakir Naik


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Let's discuss social rights of Dominion Islam.

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I have broadly divided

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the social rights of women in Islam into four sub categories

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the rights of the daughter in Islam, the rights of the wife in Islam, the rights of the mother in Islam, and the rights of the sister in Islam. First we'll discuss

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the rights of the daughter in Islam.

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The Quran

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prohibits the killing of any female child, or female infant. The Quran says in Surah duckweed chapter number 81 was the eight or nine that when the female child is buried alive

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and when she's asked for what crime was she killed

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Quran prohibits the killing of female children and female infants. The Quran does not only prohibit the killing of female infants, it prohibits the killing of all infants, all children, whether male or female.

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Quran says in Surah anom chapter number six was the 151 that kill not your children, for want of sustenance for ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala who will give sustenance to your children.

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Allah repeat the message in extra chapter number 17 Verse number 31.

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Kill not children for want of sustainance for Allah subhanho wa taala, who will give sustenance to children in you for killing of children is a major sin.

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There's a program

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that came on BBC,

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the name of the program assignment.

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And the title was that her die. There was a British reporter by the name of Emily Bakunin, who comes

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from UK and does a survey of India. And she says that every day more than 3000 fetuses are being aborted in India after they identified that they are females. If you multiply this figure by 365, the number of days in a year you get a total of more than a million fetuses are being aborted in India alone after they identified that they're females.

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And according to the Tamil Nadu government hospital report, it says out of 10 female children born alive in the Tamil Nadu government hospital for up to that

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and there are big billboards and holdings in states such as Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu saying spend 500 rupees and save 500,000 rupees indicating spend 500 rupees and do the ultrasonography identify that the child you're carrying is a female and a matar and save the couple of flags and I'm bringing her and the balance two lakhs in dowry

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spent finded rupees and say 500,000 rupees very good bargain

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because of this evil practice of female infanticide and female feticide, you find the sex ratio in India is imbalanced

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according to the census of 19 101

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for every 1000 males in India, there were 972 females in 19 101 census, I find some technology that one thing you can identify easily whether the child is a male or a female. So, as science and technology is advancing,

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the women are being subjugated

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according to the census of 1981.

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In India, for every 1000 males, there were 934 females,

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according to the census of 1991. For every 1000 males, there were 927 females, you know, science technology advancing, women are being subjugated,

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either told you the Western talk of human civilization is nothing but a disguised form of exploitation of body the provision of honor and degradation of a soul.

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If this evil practice of female infanticide, and female fetuses stops, even in India, in the next few decades, the male and the female ratio insha Allah would become equal.

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Allah subhana wa Taala our great Almighty God does not only prohibit the killing of female children

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It even rebukes the thought of a person becoming sad at the news of a female child, or unsafe or unhealthy. Chap number 16, verse number 50 and 59, that when news is brought to one of them, of the birth of female child,

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his face darkens

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and he filled with inward grief.

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And he starts thinking that should he let her live in contempt? Or should he bury her alive? Ah, what an evil thought. The Quran rebuked the thought of a person becoming fat at the news of a birth of a female child levers like killing, even becoming fat at the news of a birth of a female child. Allah subhanaw taala does not like it. He rebukes it. Our Beloved Prophet no masala, salami said

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its mission say hello had it. Why, number four, the Beloved Prophet said that anyone who brings two daughters with love and affection, till they grow up, they'll be as close to me as these two fingers on the day of judgment. And he kept both his two fingers together.

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With another thing I didn't read the prophet said that anyone who brings two daughters with love and affection till they grow Vishal enter Jannah

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a beloved prophet masala salaam, he did not only talk about equality, he actually practiced it.

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Once there was a man

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who kissed his son, and placed him on one of his labs, but did not do the same for his daughter. The Prophet objected and said that the man was unjust. He should have even kissed his daughter and placed her on the other lap.