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Common Mistakes During Ramadan #24 – Forgiveness

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim

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common mistakes that Muslims make during the month of Ramadan and their fasting.

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of the common mistakes that Muslims make during the month of Ramadan is that they maintain their disputes and arguments with family members, friends, relatives and others, even in the month of Ramadan that they don't take the month of Ramadan is an opportunity to heal rifts, to bring people together to fix some of the problems that have been underlying in their relationships with others. to not take it as a month of blessing and Baraka that can bring about a closure to something that is festering and an open wound in their life and in their troubles and times. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to allow us to enter the month of Ramadan, having been forgiven and being of those

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who are willing and capable to forgive others. See, there's always this thing about who's right who's wrong in the month of Ramadan, it doesn't matter. In the month of Ramadan, you and all of us are going to stand in front of Allah seeking His forgiveness. How dare you and I as a Muslim, as a man or woman, as somebody who is seeking Allah's forgiveness, seeking laws for a lot to accept our repentance. How dare I stand in front of Allah and say, Allah who must fiddly Oh ALLAH forgive me, Oh Allah send me your mercy. Oh Allah accept my repentance. And then I see that one brother or that sister who has wronged me or I feel has wronged me they may have another perspective. And I say I

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will never forgive them. I will never forget what they've done. I will never forgive how they spoke to me or dealt with me or took from me. And in the same breath, Oh ALLAH forgive me.

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It is an essential for you and I to remember the Hadith of the prophets lie Selim. Men, lie your hand lie You're the one who is incapable, unwilling to show mercy is not one who will be granted Mercy by Allah. The prophets I seldom said Your humble men fill out and show compassion and mercy and forgiveness to those who are living with you on this earth. Your humble Memphis sama, the one above the heavens beyond his creation, will send His mercy upon you see, the word Rama in the Arabic language is very significant and unique. Rama means that you have the power to exact revenge but you choose to show compassion. When you are able to take what you want from the one who has wronged you.

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Allah is that of man, not because he's given everybody His mercy. But because those who have worshiped other than Him tarnish their relationship with Him disbelieved in him, he still provides for them, even though they are unworthy of it. And it doesn't matter whether that person is worthy of your forgiveness or not. whether that person would forgive you if you were in their place or not. What matters is is what is between you in your heart and Allah. May Allah allow you to accept and to provide forgiveness and to seek it from others in the month of Ramadan and to end your disputes. This is a month of healing, not just between yourself and Allah between yourself and others for

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