Sulaiman Moola – 3 Golden Advices

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the negative impact of poverty and failure on people's lives, including the need for clear legal framework and strong systems. It also touches on the importance of consulting with one's divine knowledge and finding the right decision when making a choice, as well as the negative impact of proposals and proposal proposals. The speakers emphasize the need for clear legal framework and a strong legal system, as well as the importance of monitoring progress and seeking guidance from advisors to improve one's life.
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In Hungary law in Hungary la

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da da

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da da da Allah. Allahu Allah.

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Mohammed Abu.

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Ragini this will

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be 101

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah sallam.

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dakara Walla

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Walla Malika Takada

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para para la moda and Avi,

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Avi Yun creme,

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de la creme de la, mean

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reseted brothers and elders,

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tickets the desire of every human without any exception, to save God himself or herself against three unwanted situations, namely failure.

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Regret, and poverty

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is indeed the desire of every human and the human race in its entirety. And that has remained the constant effort of men through the periods and through the ages. However,

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men have differed from time to time in providing the solution to avoid this

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has been the desire of every person in every time. Yesterday I met one person I treated him nicely How am I trying to say no things are bad man.

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So you know, if you're a poor man is hard to love.

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So it's the desire of every man that I'd be protected, that guarded against poverty, infinity, how would you say guarded against failure and defeat, and I don't want to regret the move I make the choice I make in my life must be the best choice in the interest of myself, my family, my position in every aspect, this is the desire of every human every time. But as I mentioned, men had some amazing slogans that we will give you the answer, on the grounds that we have

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claimed that they have gone down the ground, we have the experience

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on the ground that we have the knowledge that I have quoted you before you on the strength of the words of linear,

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linear it highlights to us that whoever will intelligence three qualities in his life alone will protect him against these three situations. Not so people see tons of 7520 500% chance or 100% definitely Hello will protect him against failure. Allah will protect him against regret, and Allah will protect him against poverty. That is the prescription divine the injury that I posted before you that it is very short, very concise, but as I mentioned three percentage points.

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Guidance for humanity.

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Marhaba many staccato while our regiment minister Shara was

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the one that will consult Allah in his letters, will never see failure in his epistles.

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The one that will consult Allah in his letters. Today we are living in a world where daily we have been bombarded with various advertisement about the flu speak to the doctor for legal advice. If

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you want some money to go don't get a folio sales manager today. He will provide you with guidance with suggestions, what answers what options

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we are taking to the table, and we are consulting with different people.

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Sorry that I've spoken about.

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makes us understand how accessible online tells us.

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When the birth when the coupon some people came to

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d. Sena is our close. Friend. We have to whisper to him.

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That we have to scream for him.

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So the verse was revealed while you

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Do you need

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to tell them when my employer from you about me then tell them I'm closer to them than they just get away?

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What is it if you don't have to go through procedures, it's an open line 24 hours. With daily every metre of your life you can directly consult your law.

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Firm the authority of

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shala Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you

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the sortino Quran, literally, if you came to us, and taught us every aspect of our life, to make a choice, every day of our life, a person has to make a choice. We don't have students that are in here to make a choice in his career, tomorrow person has problems he wants to migrate, he wants to go overseas, a person wants to benching

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three day we have to make decisions, let me

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stress upon us that whatever we do, we must first consult the law in a prescribed way based upon our so much like how he said upon as the learning of Quran

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what is

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what is consulting a lot? What is the manner how accessible Allah is, as I mentioned, the line is open 24 hours, anytime you need to consult and you need to know what is the right ticket, for instance, a lot.

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I like the procedure.

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Whenever you have anything to defend

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it non obligatory letters, or letters that are provided. Because in those two issues Allah is already made known his opinion, when it's compulsory, we know it is compulsory, when it is forbidden. We know it's unlawful, but in block a person one person wants to undertake a journey. A person wants to get married, so many other aspects of life, but not essential in a business, whatever it is, that is your opportunity. Now you want to do it but you're fearing that I haven't done it in the wrong choice Am I can be done in my capital, destroy my position, and destroy my other benefits of the job that I have all these worries that are lingering on the mind? The answer

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is very clean, very simple, very basic istikhara is your choice? What is

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the over the words of the Sahara?

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if we know the dogs are very good, how do I just take a

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tip listen to the meaning of this block. And you will realize how incompetent and how will you manage design is that whatever you need to ask about the boy that has come to propose to the doctor or vice versa, anything and everything that you need to know is it right for me? Or is it not right for me has been asked when in the block, all you need to do is read

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I can tell you in this letter with your knowledge and with your power.

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So there really is no acknowledge power you have I don't have knowledge you have I don't have our mind only looking at the external condition of this person, I cannot see the heart of this man or this girl, nevermind the future.

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And I need something that is ultimately good in my choice and in my family. Something that is apparently good and is something that is relevant to love.

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So I consult you by your knowledge and your power for

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the word hello

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3d mahashivaratri the geometry, our law in your divine knowledge, you know, this is the right woman for me hitting your divine knowledge, you know, this choice is the right choice for me in your divine knowledge, you know, for me to migrate and go overseas is the right choice for me. Number one primarily for the benefit of my gene. One proposal accepting of this proposal d a benefit to my team would be going into this budget in partnership when it benefits number one measure for input

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add more modules and at the same time I would not if this

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would be the right right partner for me, for my sake in this world. Why?

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And ultimately I will see good out of this companionship. Ultimately I will see good out of this relation. Firstly on the treating the thing that I intend to change it must be good for my deal. It must be good for my team. This was an ultimately it must bring a benefit in Africa. But

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now I asked you all my

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law if you feel it is correct, when you deem it appropriate, then my humble suggestion and I please do not make it materialize for me.

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That's not all

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in the procedures in the formalities that are to follow for Intel, but it's not overnight. Yeah, procedures also materialized, then make the subsequent stages easy. That's not all because every once in a

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while I have been asked already when consulting

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I will not let it materialize founder with a selection of what I can do justice to that if you can just try to translate changes in attitude. Do you know what your heart won't comprehend in a concise manner

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I will not let it materialize for me. The subsequent changes follow with great ease. And then

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while you're

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in your divine knowledge, you know,

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this is business, this woman

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spotlight whatever you do in every method

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lot that we understand leave consulting the creation brothers at this era enough, they gave a false information they say by an accountant without offending or insulting an accountant is a person who is employed to tell us we haven't made the money we thought we made

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by the employee to tell us we haven't made out how much you think you've made you haven't made it. Let us consult the law. And we will see directly the benefits.

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However, if you feel this is not the right choice for your law

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number one is going to be harmful to my game is going to be harmful to my Julia and ultimately this relation is not going to be good to me now.

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What's really funny and

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then diverges from me and divert my thoughts from her

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hola diverts is dealing from the business from me and divert my attorney, give me the inner satisfaction that there wasn't good for me. It must not happen that it did not materialize. But my husband went with a deal with the woman when I took another woman in my life threatening with another girl. Our law diverges that woman from me and divert my mind from it. But that's not all over law.

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You told me to consult you highest consulted you or your divine knowledge. You told me the right girl. So I loved your job but I'm still left I'm ready to love this

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At home, it was

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great for me What?

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I wanted to start this business I need money. I consulted you in the green television Tony it's not the right coach I left it for the money.

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So now I will not direct me to that place between your divine knowledge is the best place for me. Since the words of Daddy, what more can you ask for money

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other than what has been put into

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me and direct me to that place wherever my

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journey towards that place has been made the subsequent stages easy and deliberate.

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So in essence, whatever is important, highlighted or indirectly met all of our life. Let us learn to consult a lot what will be the benefits of it?

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After performing it

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and then taking the answer coming from Allah, whatever step forward you will take you will never see failure in that step that we have taken. May Allah give us the trophy. The second epic protection against regrets no person says I wasted my money. I spent my fingers I got involved. Daily I regretted what is the way out of regret what

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genre he was concerned and will make much for those around him with the learner.

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Salaam says Allah was divinely protecting against regret, said Romani, it is written on the authority of God, he said one thing.

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Now that you are amongst us, whenever we have anything we come directly to you, we put our problem our circumstances before you, you advise us accordingly we practice what will happen after your absence when similar situations of this nature will arise and you will not be present. What is the what is the substitute to the woman? Who do we turn to for guidance for some input in our method?

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was no ordinary man. For us to claim that I'm sufficiently intellectual had some fertile hands

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SQL is

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the City of Knowledge at the door that leads to the city's Howdy.

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Howdy, howdy don't ever make a decision yourself in anything, just as a word of mouth My guess is the journal scholars have put your problem before the bullet and allow it to sit on the tongue of the scholars in guiding you in the middle of your life.

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Every day we need to make decisions.

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Let us sit down with the pious and ask them it is our duty Saudi Arabia restaurant days has been one of the hot ones.

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Islam in a nutshell, what is Islam?

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and Islam means desiring good. What does it mean? Is it good? The next question was

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what do we need

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to design good for Allah to design good

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design good for the book of Allah to design a good for the leaders of the Muslim Ummah and to design a good for the general message of the oma. Now each part in each sector has been detail explain what is meant by dividing Good call law. The point relevant to our discussion is a large portion of the audience desiring good for the general nurses of the oma.

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It is the duty of every emotion that when your brother comes in from finding you, and he asked you for Matura and that is the notion that Who can I consult with my cousin? How much do they know about what I want to ask him my wife doesn't even seem like he is gonna give me input.

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to contract it could be nobody superior.

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So whoever he consulted was

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whoever he

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explains it, the owner of a lot

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met him in a lightning

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round was

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a bouncer make mistakes, but and then overlook their own forgive them and consultant in your letter. So those that would be making machine the purchase of mature items in the Quran that many times calamities are diverted. When you say mature I don't have time to elaborate. We are not talking of holding meetings and conferences. But there is an etiquette about a getting his children in the house is something to be decided in the House said someone is terminally ill. Now should we hope to delight this person or not. The symptoms of get a parent, the chance of a person will be hospitalized, he or she would be dying in the neck of a cottage in a place of Cooper is evident with

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the trumpet in positions with Jacob suggested that there's no much chance of life. What should we do in this letter should we take the team forward hospitalized him or her occupying the comfort of our house recite the rosary precisely on a daily basis confronted with situations to revise this aspect of massage, you will see that you will see understanding the clarity of emotion, the conflict of interest that is taking place in our home

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through the practice of massage, so whoever you didn't let us sit down in consult

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is the demand and the moral obligation of every believer to his brother when he comes to ask you for some input some advice in his letter on the strength of the knowledge that Allah has given you advice in depth according to what Allah has given us understanding.

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So those that will make Matura they will be safeguarded against regard in the record, the first one that consulted a lot he was

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the one who sent down what you send me in in that just in a correct way. The steps taken forward inshallah you will never regret the last thing and we end with this one.

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He will adopt moderation in his life will never see poverty. He will adopt more concise words of

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that as we are in homeless who have been taught intuited and guided that even if we make Moodle at the ocean, where they can find provisions of what was given there, we will not waste water. If Allah has given us rent which is correct in its place, that it means we must be lavish is that the way we express our gratitude towards Allah Allah.

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Allah we have seen people who own kingdoms and empires and who will never use an extravagant in the wealth. Children as a defendant became recipients of data.

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That was our outcome of interest to leverage and intelligence in the wealth.

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model, a sufficient proof of the intelligence of a man in the eyes of a law even if he adopted motivation in his extended expenditure. Second, a lower saving from poverty. One is one is to say let's let's control it. Let's monitor our expenses.

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But perhaps today, I terminate with one request. And I'm not saying or put an end to the expenses. I'm starting by saying, let's put an end to that wealth, which is in general obedience.

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When we are trying to one side, our children in Palestine are washing their hands with their blood, you and I cannot stop every Monday night and wasting 1000s of rains in decorating our hands with some other type of Navy.

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For decades, this urge is drinking the blood of our Muslim children. And as our weddings continue in the same way, if we have to only analyze and get that amount of wealth that has been leveraged by our youth, on one Saturday night, one night is to think of the 1400s, if not 1000s of medallions, who can earn the pleasure of Allah.

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So, let us see how we can suppose it will take to

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bring simplicity into our life, we are not saying avoid the luxuries. As I said, my request is let us stop using let us accommodate the desires of our children within the parameters of Syria, oh my son Allah has given us but now your request is asking me to just obey my Allah, you are asking me to bring something in the house, which you want, on the grounds of which you claim then only I will be sincere in my love, I have a choice, either in your beloved or the beloved, oh my Allah.

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Who told them that up to that extent I can compromise with you? Do you want to do that I will agree I will agree. But now you are coming to check your delicate nerve. If you want me to compromise on the deen of Allah to maintain relations with you, or my son, it's better that I express just like the name of Allah, then bowing down to such requests, because the outcome of that is so nasty, that apart from the ill consequences, that is to prevent an accident, the very tide will drop to rebel against the Father.

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So in conclusion,

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protection against three unwanted situations that have learned to control

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everything that's been provided, we are actually under estimating what Allah has given that we have substituted the input of the Quran by the citizens of Kufa, they are asking for advice to solve our problems with the plan is given to us we are indirectly undermining input in our life. And we are turning to such people who absolutely no guidance in their own life, nevermind to impart that on to others. It is time we assess ourselves with advisors. It is time we consult you know, let's bring moderation is every person in every African practice or desire to bring moderation into his life that extra and much more benefit for the Buddha he then was thriving in other parts of the world.

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May Allah Allah grant us the topic and the ability to integrate these three personal advisors obligating them into our lives. And

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among those fortunate people who see bliss and happiness and prosperity and when you divinely protect us against strangers regrets and poverty, what will go on?

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