The Spiritual Ladder – The Advice of Ali RA to Ibne Abbas RA

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. We all are looking for inspiration and motivation. But unfortunately rarely do we reflect over the advisors of the companions or the alarm or anyone and you will find chapters in the books of Hadith Babu Muhammad this Sahaba the advisors of the companions of the ally where anyone brief comprehensive but voluminous, are inshallah Allah writes a note of advice to say the number out of the allowable annual ama bad after praising Allah for inner who may or may not be masasa Tila Yes, wilhemina hoomin and Nancy them and laahu any person who does obeys Allah subhanho wa Taala. The consequences

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of that will be that he is adverse his allies will become his adversaries. Yet again. There is an advice given to say dinner, I've done like napkins for the Allahumma by none other than the Allahu anhu and it is so profound that evening, a burst of the allowable annual man himself said meant to be Columbia had in banda rasulillah manga to be calm in Cabo Isla de partie. In my entire life, I never benefited from a single piece of advice after the advice of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam as I benefited from these words of area of the law No, so afforded me your undivided attention and let us draw from this rich lesson of the interaction and engagement between these two

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legendary companions are the alarm and oma he says that earlier vilano wrote to me and said in LMR is roho a document me occasionally a photo photo, Madam, you can only use drejka you will find that the average common regular human and mortal is such that when he secures something material is elated. He's ecstatic. He's overwhelmed. There's this euphoria and jubilation. And when he loses something or he suffers some material loss, he becomes sad and he becomes depressed and is unhappy and he's anxious. Now Oh even advanced This world is too trivial to warrant your sadness and your depression, failure. consumo Rocha. Bhima Neale. termin emri erotic. Let your spiritual

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accomplishments bring happiness to you. When we akun sF alhama de Caminha and let your sadness revolve around your spiritual setbacks that today I could not offer my nocturnal prayer. Today I did not give charity today unfortunately I abused my tongue or I I abused my sight. Let your sadness come as a result of setbacks in your religious gold one My name is Tammy Emery dunya falletta can be very hard and with regards to the material accomplishments, don't become haughty about it or don't become obsessed about it. Or My third tip kameena falletta Sally he just he and your material losses, Let it not allow you to slip into depression. This world is transitory it's mundane, it is a

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passing phase and it does not justify and warrant your tears and your pain when we couldn't have mocha my battle mode and let the primary focus of your life be preparation for after death. Remember the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it was solid gas and I was gonna say I do go for enter morning. You check in your temperature, you check in your fever, you monitoring everything in your body, while the province of Allah will send them says if you want to monitor your faith and you're a man, then this is the yardstick and this is the thermometer. If your spiritual accomplishments make you happy, and your sins make you sad and depressed, then you are a believer.

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May Allah make us true believers. I mean your anatomy