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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The Islam-leaning movement uses hate language and false accusations to harm people, and men and women are seen as examples of shaping society and protecting bodies. The use of "has" meaning in Islam is discussed, along with the importance of practicing Islam in a spirit of spirituality and avoiding false accusations. The segment ends with a call to action for further information.
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In Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah

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Allah de la

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fusina woman say, Dr. Medina, many of

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the other one wanna shadow Allah. Allahu Allahu la serie kala, Vanessa

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Maulana Mohammad Abu hora pseudo

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da da da well farrakhan in Hamid

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banyuwangi body with a smile on your Walkman You're the one

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leave me know

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let me

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know below

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McAllen Abu Salam O Allah alayhi wa sallam in Edina

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Messiah odo karma Baba, Baba, Baba

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de means unity

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Salatu was salam, honorable Ana microm respected brothers and elders, perhaps in two sentences to condense or summarize the challenges and the tragedies that stay at the Muslim Ummah, on the global level, in essence entails. One is the anti Islamic sentiment, which is being broadcasted, transmitted and highlighted via the Western media. That is the first angle. And let me say at the very beginning, it would be rather naive on our part to accept any pro statements coming across from them. Never mind something Pro, it would be rather naive to even expect them to present an unbiased opinion about Islam. If we will have that correct understanding, we will not become emotional when

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we are anti Islamic sentiments, and what is the object of the media via this particular pattern, harping on anti Islamic sentiments that Muslims harbor terrorists, they are aggressive, they are not sociable, they are oppressive towards the woman, if I may understand it correctly, Allah guide me then they have two agendas behind this. One is to demoralize the Muslim, the Muslim that has this a man in relation to this propaganda that is constantly taking place that a Muslim starts becoming apologetic about his faith. Because constantly the media is happy that you are so aggressive, you're so oppressive. If any tragedy happens anywhere in the world, the next day, every Muslim from the

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most small child to the most senior Muslim, the disbelievers will frown upon the Muslim scene, what's your brother do? Why When will you people stop doing this? When will you stop doing that? So the object behind this is to demoralize the Muslim, and to make the Muslims suffer an identity crisis. And if they have succeeded, then this is the agenda behind the whole team. Constantly, you will see this happens, the stereotype mentality that has been promoted. I give you a typical explanation of a personal incident that I had recently. I was flying back from Holland and I to perform fuselage on the plane. So I went at the back, put my Musonda down. And I asked one of the

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cabin crew, could you be kind enough to just ask the pilot the direction of maca is I need to pray? So she blatantly says no.

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I said what do you mean by saying no, I'm a frequent traveler and I will take up this with the relevant authorities.

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She says sorry, sir, can you repeat your question? I said I need to pray and just asking if it's possible for you to be kind enough to speak to the pilot. I need the direction of Makkah. My apologies. I thought you said I must tell the pilot to fly to Makkah.

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Now, do I do I consider this woman to be innocent in relation to the propaganda? Or do I say she is so gullible that she falls prey to this, but she isn't left with any other option other than seeing someone in this gap and feeling something negative and feeling a threat from him? I told him you know what if that was my intention, I wouldn't have been so polite. I mean, if I needed debt, I would have come across much more aggressive than what I'm telling you. Now let us ask ourselves, this is the identity crisis. Ask the child I was speaking to the other child molester the other day and they told me know in Ramadan I was wearing the scarf. So I said okay, so that means there isn't

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a problem with the school. This is not the school doesn't mind. So then I asked him why don't you continue wearing the scarf after Ramadan? This is the thing and ask yourself but yes, I come across crude forgive me if it is crude. Ask your daughter and your son that he studied in any institution. If he or she is feeling shy of being a Muslim, then I swear by Allah the harm is greater than the benefit regardless of what degree he comes out.

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But, and then ask yourself if it's not feeling shy then what is the other reason why I'm not dressing in an Islamic garb? What is the other reason other than the fear of being victimized or identified in relation to what the media is portraying Islam to be.

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So this is the first area but this is not the major area of concern. The second area on which the Muslims are not focusing, which is an area of greater concern, and that is the incorrect Islamic image, which has been reflected by the so called Muslim that is much more harmful than the first one. The first one existed from the beginning of time, the second one has surfaced in recent decades and centuries, you and I can take a public platform and say Muslims are not like that. But then there's no conformity in our actions in our statements. The first one, of course, today they have mass media, and at one given moment, that message can be transmitted to 1000s millions and billions

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across the globe. And the object of that is to demoralize you. So you sit there, you see what is happening in Iraq or any other part of the world. You see the atrocities, you realize your feebleness you realize your feebleness and despondency glimpse into the oma. When you look into the lives of Sahaba this was not the spirit of Sahaba one woman walks into a yahudi Bazaar from the tribe of Banu Tanaka, Muslim woman veil totally, she goes to sell milk. When she sits down a yahoodi youngster comes and he ties the robe with a string. She is unaware of this. When the sister stands up, he pulls the entire road and her body is unveiled and she becomes the victim of the most

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indecent laughter. a zombie had to just pass by it was enough for him. He didn't ask questions, he advanced he struck them and they're in detail he was dead.

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On the contrary, you and I set and see what happens. And then again, how can you believe what the kuffaar are saying regarding the Muslims? One Jamaat said it very beautifully. You want to know the statistics of the Muslims, you asked the Jamaat that is knocking the doors of the Muslims. So the condition of the American Muslims is what the Jamaat will tell us and not what the American press tells us. They will they are enemies, they will tell us what they want us to tell us, how can we believe their opinion regarding us? And up until today, we are not apologetic about the happenings of the 911 because till today, you haven't convinced us we have perpetrates the weapons of mass

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disappearance, as they say, till today. You haven't convinced us? Why must we apologize? Somebody comes in breaks the window, you say, well, and I want a statement from you. What statement must I give? I'm not part of it. I don't condone it, I have nothing to do with it. Why are you constantly harping on this?

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And this is the message to echo the psychological, you know defeat to the oma. Allah speaks about one form of torment, which will come upon the carpet, just in relation to scoffing and laughing and mocking the Muslim besides Jana, besides its severity, besides just believe, besides violation, there is one exclusive punishment which will be given to every disbeliever on the day of Tiamat because of laughing at the Muslims. How does does the Quran say what is up Mr. Roby him me, calm as on what I want to Constantine's. The people today in my humble talk, is that constantly today the Muslims are saying the media is contrary the media is empty. All I need you to understand today is

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this anti Islamic sentiment started from the time of Libya, Somalia was seldom that is not the major area of concern. Undoubtedly, today technology is such that it can be transmitted to billions at the same time. But on a small scale. This happened in the time of NaVi sallallahu wasallam. And what was the approach of Nabi sallallahu wasallam to silence them.

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Allah says whenever the believers pass by, they used to make eyes to one another signal and what were their comments Allah in a balloon year goes the extreme people. Yeah, it goes the deviated people in the Quran says so beautifully. funnier mela Vina Armando minako. Faria ohakune. Allah draws the army so close in this ayah. Allah doesn't say tomorrow, Allah doesn't say afterwards. Allah doesn't say on the day of Yama. Allah says today in this verse Allah refers to pay homage is today that oh believe has been patiently and embrace that criticism today is like you know, you're telling a child now now is if they are my son now now, he says, but not how do you make him

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understand how little time is in relation to the time that has passed? What is left is little. But of course this is what those believers who resist the criticism and reflect Islam and don't blend in with the methods. Those that do not blend in and suffer for them is this reward Allah save for Leo woman Lavina monoaminergic afari ohakune. Today the believers in the Maliki macdaddy will sit on my throne next to me Allah says they will set it by my side and then go

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said the kuffar in love with them a permanent love, an unending love. This is what the Quran says. To move on cyprian Allah will tell the Kufa I don't want to listen to anything you mocked it the believers. How said brothers. On the contrary, you see in our hostile climate, when so called Muslims come on to public platforms to clear the air, then those that come on unfortunately, unlike immediately one in all, they are a greater disgrace to the Muslim than the kuffaar themselves. Hence, I always say the Muslim suffered more at the hands of the own Muslim than they suffered at the hands of the disbelievers. Let one youngster come up and say, You know what, I have a problem or

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let one father in the school so you're not my child cannot attend these classes. Immediately. It said, well, the other Muslims don't have a problem. The other Muslims don't have a provider you turn all Muslim in this moment, when those that are yours desert your way to your turn. So this is the first aspect and that is the anti Islamic sentiment. The verses I recited in the beginning, why Latina omada and zahner have become the kuffar who are convinced beyond doubt on the integrity to the impeccable character, the outstanding sublime character of nearly salam, who by their own choice, opted for giving the Navy of Allah the titles are such a mean, the most honest the most

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truthful, yet when they journeyed beyond the borders of Arabia, and people interacted with them and said, You know, this man, Mohammed and Islam, what's your take on his teachings? Carlos is a little worried what propaganda they said, No, no, this is the most evil man. Yet in their hearts. They said he is the most honest, what I'm seeing this happen in the time of living Salatu was Salam. ala goes on to say, Leah, Camilo Zara home Camila, Yama, on the day of Tiamat, they will suffer the sin of disbelief. And furthermore, they will suffer an added sin for becoming an obstacle to truth. And levena cafaro was subdue, and Sabine in La da, da da, da da, Putin is a double punishment. So

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melanin z and lemon Khaleesi. I think au measured dollar rukmani.

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So Allah says for them is the most severe punishment is those that avoided the throat and became obstacles to the throat. You look into the incident of navionics Salatu was Salam later, you know, and then when you see the current the current measures that the Western media Institute to demoralize the Muslims, and to make them apologetic about their faith. Again, this has its roots in the beginning of Islam. One of the measures is the derogatory remarks constantly they make, and you will find they not stable on their comments. At times, the vocabulary is around terrorism. Sometimes it switches to fundamentalism, sometimes it switches to extremism, and perhaps we will have to re

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define in present a climate we will have to redefine the terminology of a fundamentalist it refers to in my understanding in the political climate in which we live. It refers to resistance against American aggression, that is termed as terrorism. But nonetheless, again, you look into the time at that time, of course, the vocabulary was different. So they gave the new Viola the most nasty titles of that time. What did they say? belif tarago. He is a fabricator, but who was shy name he is a poet, but who didn't he is a liar. Then people said, well, you seem he's a liar. Why are people flocking towards his face? People don't flock towards a madman. So they said, No, no, he's a

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magician. He cast people you cast them on a spell. And that is the effect of it. Every nasty title. About to fail. Mr. Dozier? He says, before me coming to America, people poisoned me against Mohammed sama sallallahu sallam, the most evil men. They told me don't ever come near him. Don't listen to him. He is the most wicked man. So this today they have the media it happened at that time also, he says I was convinced so much that this man was evil. Hush, hush Oh to Fiona putana I had to come to Mecca for some work. I took cotton wool and I stuffed it in my ears. I said I don't want to get close to this man. People have warned me and cautioned me. He says but Allah was kind Allah made me

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walk in that place within a viola was reading Quran. What what cotton wool stuffed in my ears. I walked past and then these verses fell into my ears. I said, No, no man, this is something else. And we see this. You're in the midst of the hostility also, there are those voices of truth which indeed are marginally at this stage. But you will see gradually in our politics into strength.

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As a democracy Alon who says when I came to Makkah people said this man Muhammad is so evil, don't even come near to him. So he said people convinced me on how even the bionic Salaam was that I said, you know what I'm a doctor is to treat people suffering from sicknesses. Let me go perhaps I can cure them and so he says I came to NaVi Salaam and I said, You know, I believe you're insane and your mental and your *. Direct comments coming on Donna Viola in today's Muslim, today's sister You are so you look like ninja you look like this and you throw that scarf away. My sister. I don't know. I don't know if you suffer an identity crisis.

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My humble understanding that is gradually dwindling away from you imagine the father ages, and now he's got a sickness. And perhaps at times he passes when he gives up an unpleasant smell. And because of that the child starts drifting away from the Father. And he says, No, no, I can come here and people are going to laugh at me. What plane will cross the heart of the father of the child? I watched your clothes with your hand. And now today because I'm looking old and age and I'm not prominent, proper, this is how you shun me. Allah says at this time in the world condemns you. So you get rid of your beard and you throw it Let it not be that I get rid of the man in your

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handles, Mr. kuhmo Ha, ha ha, carry on. Show me the slightest inclination. And I'll take my imagine this is the worst of a lot. It gives me a shiver till today when I read this, it makes me cry, the independence of a law. So what happens? He says, I came to Libya, Libya, interesting comment anything. It just said Alhamdulillah of metta who was telling Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Mayor de la Fela, Medina, woman, Fatah de la. I don't know Arabic. You don't understand Arabic? What can we appreciate? He said, When I heard these words, I said, look at the jamatkhana for moose, and you know what I ever heard. When people speak this man is speaking something else. In fact, I'm

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convinced you're not the sick man. I'm the sick man treat me. He puts His and he accepts Islam. He says, You know what, I'm convinced this is propaganda. I need my own nation to accept Islam. Islam says take my message to them and they will accept it. So what I'm saying is anti Islamic sentiment. This is from the beginning of time the area of concern is the incorrect Islamic image that today you and I are reflecting and we are becoming obstacles to the truth. The media is our enemies. When they are not there to present the truth they are giving an unbiased opinion they cannot thrive on our weaknesses and they doing it. Now again, we are giving them deliberate grounds to exploit you look

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at the current day media, listen to the newspaper, read the newspapers, who's featured in when it comes to fraud and theft. Who is featuring when it comes to even advice, who is giving them grounds when it comes to corn when it comes to theft. Are we not giving them platforms? They are enemies it's made for us to expect anything good from them, let them make a mountain out of an N tone. Let me give you a beautiful explanation. In Bukhari serif, the very second page when nearly ceram wrote a letter to hear Apple

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you know the beautiful letters of nobility Salaam, any interested it was the

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man who and the Sahaba took the letter to the emperor of Rome who enjoyed a very bus Kingdom at that time, whose Dominion stretched from the west to the east, including Egypt, Syria, Turkey, etc. He was returning from Persia when he was victorious and he had recaptured the cross at that moment in Syria. The envoy of Navy sallallahu wasallam met with him and said you know what, I have this letter from the visa lottery we seldom say he presents the letter to the king, the king, the Emperor says Okay, is there anybody from makhaya who knows this man? I need to ask few questions with regards to the integrity of the Muslims. So it was told that yes, Abu sufian in a caravan has come. And you can

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perhaps have a dialogue Buhari said if second page very beautiful dialogue outlining the beauty of Islam. He goes up with Sophia and he tells the translator let you tell this man he claims to be the closest to Muhammad and remember, Abu sufian at that time is not a Muslim and non Muslim giving a rundown on Islam and Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam it is the best Sophia you sit in front and he tells the fellow members of Abu sufian you said behind him. So makalah literature man he he tells the translator in Nisa in another another module, you must tell this Abu sufian he must you must tell all the people at the back that I'm going to ask your leader regarding Muhammad Sallallahu

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wasallam I will not understand because he's in a translated version. If he says the truth, they must affirm what he sees through the gesture of their face. And if he lies, they must be nice and they must immediately react emotionally that is speaking a lot about Savannah that stays one line a little higher. Well like lol hyah mean,

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even like a deep down Whoa. I swear by Allah if it wasn't for the fear of being tarnished as a liar. That was one moment in my life. I decided to blatantly lie against Muhammad, so that this man is not impressed with Islam. Nonetheless, he started the questions. Kay Vanessa woofie come, tell me this man who has laid claim to Prophet would What can you say about his lineage? He comes from a noble lineage. What is his background? What is his ancestry? He says who are phenol una serbin? Undoubtedly Mohammed enjoys the privilege of a very high lineage. The Viet Nam belongs to the era of the courage to Hashem the sacred etc. First question, second question. Hello, Paula harden code

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admin comm Did anyone lay claim to Prophet would prior to him? It says No, nobody has laid claim profit would be for him. Third question.

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How can I mean are by human mannequin? One day anything in his ancestry prior to this man

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Mohammed was the only king that was there in his ancestry. He says now to the best of my knowledge, he is born in a poor family. He's an orphan, there was no king in his ancestry. Next question. halyard Minh, whom certainly Dini, after anybody has accepted this faith, did anybody abandon it? Somebody became a Muslim today become Renegade. He says, No, nobody has become Renegade.

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As often as he

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can be when you look into his followers, is it more than materially high profile people? Or is it humble, simple people? Who are who formed the greater part of his followers? Now you find that particular question is always the basis of falsehood. When you look at the invitation of falsehood, it's always materialism. And if you look at the current day, so called Muslim leaders, we, you know, it would be allowed to call them Muslim leaders, the so called Muslim leaders, again, they have fallen prey to the temptation of this materialism. How many Muslims altered a viewpoint when they came to what one of those options, then maybe Obama was given everything to the highest level? And

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what are these Muslim leaders told after they enjoyed that comfort zone? Now, you know, you agree to our tune, you condone our invasions, you suppress the extremist elements within your community. And if you do not toe the line, we withdraw all your advantages. So immediately when a person is sitting in that hot comfortable spot, naturally, that is priority to him. They came to the end of a line What do they offer to him in content number three to be much terminhandel Amal and Gemma kameena Malina, Hakuna Qureshi Mala. Let me put this open to you, some of us are those that are falling prey and hamdulillah a lot of youngsters have been coming to me now. And I use this platform to once

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again advocate this yesterday a youngster came to me when I go to talk also one of our youngsters Yeah, like even today, I got an offer in a bank where my salary will be multiplied, if not more, what is your opinion given the fact it is interest based institution? Two months ago, another youngster came, he said I was offered a very wonderful salary, but I decided I will consult with you. I told him it's a no go place. It's a no go. It's not for you as a Muslim. You know, some way or the other you involved in interest. May Allah reward both of them. They respected my humble advice. I made so much while for them and you will see what happiness comes in that life. So

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gradually, we will see we will see the burqa.

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Nonetheless, you find how many people falling prey to the temptation of well, oh Mohamed, if your desire is well, we give you all the money, first temptation. Second, one honor position. How many people change the viewpoint when they are given a platform, they become flexible. This somehow they now find concession in country number three to be he sharpens up with an alcoholic. You're looking for power. We make you our leader you decide your decision is final. The third one every one of us are weak and feeble. And let's say you wanted all income in America. If the cleavages of woman factor, equals theta khasra you select the most beautiful woman, we read every one of them through

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you, then we have our lessons are you over? Now listen to my message. I mean 10 zero minute, Rahmani Raheem. So what was the question? My question is, is he doing that the people that follow him? Are they weak people or strong? He says no, generally it is the weaker people. Next question is he do not amihan pisode tell me as the numbers of the Muslim increasing or decreasing? Suppose so fiance, I must admit, regardless of all the hostility, the numbers are only at an increase. The numbers are only and we can relate to these sentiments today. Also, in the midst of all the hostility, we find that Alhamdulillah the numbers are increasing, and this will happen. This is the question of Allah.

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We haven't understood Quran and Hadees. So we become emotional. We listen to one statement and we say but doesn't this just justify his immediate destruction? You know, when you will see Quran, you will find the grace that Allah gave to the tyrant rulers in the previous time. The statements of the current people today is very minimal in relation to what the previous have claimed. The next question? How does this man speak alive? Now imagine if somebody comes in ask you tell me the Muslim good a lie.

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They weren't supposed to lie. But you know what, I can't really speak on that one. Tony, does this men lie? He says you know what, I must be honest with you. He doesn't ever speak alike. So that what does the kinka turn around and say, Well, now that you've told me he never lies now, this is what I'm saying. We will silence the world with the truth and not taking public platforms. That is not our platform. That is not our way we will never succeed. We can stand up and say we not a prejudice society. We're not bias in our religion. But how many reverse can stand up in Pillai as I say I attend the most they only associate with people of their own color. What answer Do we have to the

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world? What character do we have? When my domestic service under my employment for 20 years seen me first in Sydney getting up seen me sleeping? But never one day asked me boss what

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What is this that you are doing 20 years and it never intrigued her and a calf he says I entered mustard and never will. I was trying to the polar today I entered I hated Mohammed the most the third morning I loved Muhammad the most three days and there was a total reformation. It's time we reflect the correct Islamic image. We stop suffering and identity crisis. We embrace the faith. Why must we say, you know, I'm sorry, my woman evade Why am I sorry? I'm sorry. I need to pray. Why? Why am I sorry? I need to pray.

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What's wrong about that when you're apologizing about your faith you show in Allah you suffer complex.

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Nevertheless, you know, we can explore this topic much more. He says, Now look at the far reaching effects of the honesty. He says, You told me this man doesn't speak a lie. That is enough. That is enough for me. It doesn't make sense that he doesn't lie amongst you and he must lie against the law. It doesn't make sense to me. You say he never lies. If he's honest. In his words, he won't take the trouble to invent a lie against the Creator. I am convinced this man has spoken the truth. He says let the judge Chatroulette. Oh, if I get an opportunity I will make all means to reach this man. And if I'm sitting by him the emperor of Rome said listen to me I will wash his feet. Abu

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sufian said locka Amira Morocco new Avi kabocha hut taco Malik Kobani as far as you know we in Makkah we oppose in his message but this Mohammed message is traveling very far even the Emperor's feel a shiver in the back when they hear the message of Muhammad. Then he asked the next question you know propaganda what is propaganda? What what will happen? is not yours. What do you expect from him to say good about you? And let me tell you, whenever they utter something throw also it is blended with a political agenda. Don't jump in latch on to that statement like polls. You heard what the king said what what the bread can be blended with a political agenda. I remember the late Mufti

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Mahmud sobre como como la la, he's great. But no, I don't wish to make mention of the name of the coffee, who we all know. What did he say? Islam is the best religion. And the Muslims are the worse. He said, I swear by Allah, he is a liar. When he said Islam is the best religion. Everybody put focus on him. That was the only reason for that statement. Otherwise, if he was convinced, why didn't he embrace Islam? So whenever they say a good statement is blended with a political agenda. He says, I asked apostrophe and tell me Does this mean DC does this man DC Abu Sufyan said this was the one opportunity I said, let me strike, strike while the iron is odd. Let me now infiltrate. The

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truth was to say Mohammed never deceive because I knew him for the last 20 years of my life from the day he was born. But I said this is someplace where I can infiltrate. So I said, You know what? He hasn't yet deceived. I don't know what the future holds. He hasn't yet deceived. Now what I'm saying just happened from the beginning of time. That's not an area of concern. He hasn't yet DCF I mean, if you if somebody asked you, you know what you this brother, you know, he was proposed. If you know him for 20 years, you said, you know, up until now I know he might not know the future. 20 years, this is life. You know, the man for six months, maybe you can say, You know what? My intention with

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him is good. But I don't know anything more than that. I said, Let me try. I said, You know what, he hasn't deceived. But I don't know what the future holds. And there is another whole aspect that is he was making reference to the peace treaty of Arabia, we will continue with this topic, we must go to the Almighty Allah, He gives us the ability like I always say, we don't have to polish Islam, it has its natural beauty, just remove the contamination that he has put. On the contrary, today, my brother, his son is greeting a strange woman. So you asked him why not I don't want the sister to field we are not sociable, demonic get a wrong picture of Islam. You know, we very sociable people,

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any act of violation will only cause harm, and the effects of that will be a customer is that is how you show her the beauty of Islam can ease your social conduct, drop your gaze, and she'll honor you for your principle. One a modest man my head off with this man. I told you of the Jamaat. That man was lying in the clinic, he was on his deathbed. The nurse came to treat him when he was trying to be discharged. He said, You know what, please, I want to accept your fate. So the patient asked why she says I've been working in this clinic for the last 10 years. Every time a patient was hospitalized because 30 glances on me, but your modesty has captured me. I don't know have you been

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cured or have I been cured Take me to the state. So this is the throat. In conclusion for this let me end by saying if we cannot become ambassadors of truth, let us not become obstacles to throat Let it not be at any moment. My character gives off a wrong image of Islam. How many people will say no no, these are copied you must knock them in business. Now No, that is not the way you deal see how can it be dealt with the coupon co owners etc. The ripple effects of your of your action? May Allah save us from soiled in the name of the Muslim from blemishing the character of Islam from tarnishing the reputations of the Muslim world

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in Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah

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Want to start?

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early? When?

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Julian fusina. When say, Medina May the love of Allah

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the other one so Allah, Allah Allah Allahu la sharika Don Juan nessa Donna Maulana Muhammad Ali Abu or sudo Amanda De Palma

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de developer con el Hamid altavilla immunoassay Ponyo Jami Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim,

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Allah Dina Tacoma De Anza La

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la la la San Juan Sanofi Hadid dunya has Santa Villa de la tierra

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de P. Wang Zi, dibner camino de Allahu taala and who call upon the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Masak to mean hiring a la vaca to convey a matter of two men serving in a hurry to commando, aka marcolini Salatu was salam, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. In the previous Juma we spoke about the anti Islamic sentiment, which has been echoed and broadcasted by the Western media. And we spoke about the importance as Muslims for us to practically reflect Islam in its true and pristine form. Like someone said it very beautifully, until and unless our Islam will not become transformative and not remain merely informative. We will not convince anyone on the

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beauty of Islam. So that is the duty that we owe to reflect Islam in its original form. With regards to the agenda of the cover, the Quran very explicitly says we're calling levena copper odaka Smart Holy Quran evil Kofi La La Quinta de Beaune, the kuffar among them, they used to tell one another and they used to also mention it was is don't ever listen to the Quran, openly taking and diverting people. And when Muhammad and his followers recite the Quran, when he can try and raise your voice in the presence of those reading Quran, so that you dominate over them so that nobody becomes impressed with the Quran. Fernando de la Vina karuma da Vinci de da was a Nigerian as well as he can

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we Ahmed own Allah say for them is a severe punishment in this world and in Darfur. But after speaking about the reaction over coffee, and how he always abuses the situation and gives an incorrect image of Islam, in the subsequent verses, Allah highlights and identifies and outlines the characteristic of the believer and the duty of the believer in the midst of the hostility. What can you learn in levena tecoma De Anza. Allah says and when the believer is asked, when we know such blatant lies have been circulated against the Muslims and Islam, which is absolutely fabricated and has no truth. You know, people are uttering these statements in your presence in your firm in your

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company, wherever it is, what is your moral obligation? Or do you have a responsibility as a Muslim or not? Hence, the Quran very eloquently says, What can you learn in levena? tecoma De Anza Lara bukom. Can whenever the believer is asked, Is this true about the Muslims? Are you people oppressive? Are you aggressive, are you bloodthirsty, they seize the opportunity and they use every possible platform to present this present Islam in its pristine form. So there is our duty that whenever the opportunity presents, of course, this particular characteristic will demand will demand that you and I have sown in adequate knowledge regarding the matters of Deen that we can engage

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intellectually and explain to people the truth that Allah has revealed.

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As a matter of fact, we ought to have in our hearts, the passion and the aspiration for the guidance of humanity in its entirety. Say now Maria Llano, passes by a monk, who had exerted himself as was practice among them, a lot of money in Islam, there is no monetarism in my teachings of man even in Monrovia lon who came to me on Instagram to ask permission via a son said no, this is not part of my teachings, I get married also, I have a family life I have a social life. And if you wish to isolate yourself, and then if there is anything similar to that, then then it refers to setting in the masjid for lengthy periods that is about the maximum that Islam gives concession, say nominal vilano

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passes by this particular monk who had exerted himself and he had done it himself. He looked at him and he started crying profusely. So someone said, Oh, Homer in nahoon nasrani he either a Muslim what why are you sympathizing with him so much?

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This verse flashes through my mind amela tuna, Viva la la Mia. Allah sees a body that went through so much difficulties yet it's just time for Johanna. I looked at this man and I said he has done so much. But he's deprived of him on his outcome. He's done them right to know

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who I am and how much he has exerted himself, yet not in truth so his consequences will be grave

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with him

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For example, the incident of season, jumper, Vitaly Callahan, who, when the Muslims were compelled to journey beyond Arabia and leave and forsake their native country in relation to the atrocities that were meted out against them, and the first dedication that was this pledge binary sallallahu, wasallam, heading towards Africa towards a senior, and among them will live in Sahaba, in poor woman, and among those living one was nearly struck with some son, son in law with mother Viola and Mr. Larson's getting chopped up, particularly a loved one who, when they arrived in Kenya, to take shelter there to take refuge because of the persecution that was taking place against them. Again,

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look at the pattern of the media, look at the pattern and find it tied up with history. The kafar did not rest over this. And they deputed a delegation, to go to speak to the king, Natasha, who is in charge of impersonating niggas, and to poison his mind against the Muslims. Now, let us see what was the role played by Sahaba in the midst of this anti Islamic sentiment. So amongst the kuffaar that came at that time was already been announced, we have not yet accepted Islam, and they came in the presence of the king, and they brought a lot of handsome gifts to impress the king. They presented it and as was customary in the norm, they bowed and they prostrated before the king. And

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then they said, King, we have come to tell you, because there are some youngsters from Makkah, who have forsaken our faith. That was the bow, a mill Latina milotic. They have abandoned the face of their forefathers, and they are very evil people. They are very aggressive. It's a very evil nation, and they have come to take refuge in your land. I think you should dip your you should deport them back to Makkah, the ministers and other priests that was sitting in the court of the king. They also nodded in approval and agreed and they said yes, I think it makes sense. But King knickers in a lot gave him a diet in relation to this year. He said no common ledger in our Villa de Wataru Giovanni

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Allah Jeeva re a nation that has come and take refuge in my lane and have preferred my neighborhood over others. I think I have a moral obligation to them I will not deport them until I don't have a one on one discussion with them. So he said Do me a favor go call one of them I want to now investigate these allegations. Now there has asked ourselves in our environment the child by going to school as the media How funny that Muslims are like this A child is called out or particular person in his business really single outcome you're a Muslim I see your name is mom but Mr. Mama Can I have a discussion with you? These are indications could you perhaps clear the air? What knowledge

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do we have on limiters have been? How close are we how adequate is our knowledge and methods of gain? Nevermind knowing the detailed explanation of what is in the Quran we don't even know the index of the Quran. You don't even know what is discussed. Nevermind the detailed discussion of what what comes in the Quran. So jaffery alone was called

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the Sahaba Anna hockeyville Coolio. Today you will leave it to me today I want to speak to the King and I want to use this opportunity to present Islam, jabra vilanova income and they did not bring any gifts. As I mentioned, the the bait of the enemies of Islam is materialism. When they presented in the court. They greeted him in a courteous way without bombino prostrating so these coupons in look at them, they have just respected you, they have dishonored you. So the king asked him you know it's the norm that whoever enters in my God out of courtesy and respect your bow and you you know you're Humble yourself. So jafra Villani said this is against our teachings, we only bow and we only

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prostrate to a law. Whatever norms of society as Muslims, we live as dignified citizens. we uphold ethics and values. As long as it does not infringe on the practices of Quran and Hadith. Whatever else they are, we will be polite, we will smile we will be courteous. I'm sorry, I do not shake hands with strange woman. It is against my teachings. Very polite, very diplomatic. But we stand on our principle jafra delana said I do not bow not prostrate, or give a humble gesture to any human that is only to Allah. The kuffaar came to NaVi salatu salam. And they said Rukia this debate is continuing for a very long time. We are telling you to worship our god you're attending us to

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worship your law. let's engage into some negotiation. One year you worship our words and one year we worship your Allah. Let's have now you know, those people the so called intelligent thinkers. They find this to be very appeasing very viable, very workable. The Quran says What do allow for una cama carro festa una Saba. It is the aim that you also deny Allah as at night, so you become common in the act of disbelief. Allah revealed the verses of calculon kuliah you copy Ron la boo tomato

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tomahto nama I would say unto them, I cannot compromise in this what compromise are you talking? How can I make a compromise in the matters of truth? I have not and I will not worship your God. And the truth is you will also not worship my Allah

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Welcome Dino Kumbaya Do you have your feet and I have my face you go your way and I go my way. Here is what am I say prior to sleeping it is preferable comes in to recite surah Kahf Iran because in this one is very affirming his faith, and he's denying schicken polytheism. So it is a strengthening Andry affirming your faith, don't lie me as a Muslim, and I sleep as a Muslim and hence if I die, I die as a believer. Dr. Ravi olana seizes the opportunity and he come. Now scholars have written among the many introductions of Islam that have been presented, the most comprehensive and eloquent presentation of Islam has been dead of Jaffa villano in the presence of King negus in ever senior.

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And as Muslims, we need to know that Islam, Africa is littered with Islam, prior to the onset of Medina, the first who entertain and were hospitable to the Muslims and the Sahaba. Were none other than the Indians, if we want to trace Islamic history going to Africa and you will see what a rich contribution Islam has made in the African continent.

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Saving a job for a man who stands up in front of the king and he says listen, okay, this is what I want to ask you in the midst of the hostility that is being propagated against Islam, when the opportunity presents, how sound is our knowledge for us to take a platform and explain Islam? The he stood up and he said, Listen, okay, are you gonna come and Leah nabooda snom knocked on our ham? No, see. Let me tell you, okay, we were a downtrodden nation. We committed every bison in transgression you can think of in front of the king, that we are a certain set of jihad, the noblest form of jihad is the proclamation of the truth in the presence of a tyrant ruler. That is the greatest form of

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jihad. You see our people, you know how suddenly he blends in. When you realize his position is at stake. his wealth is at stake. His claim is at stake can suddenly there's a sense of ambiguity filtering through his speech. What did he say? Okay, we were gonna call him and Elijah, we were living in ignorance. nabooda snom. We used to worship idols. In fact, in Bukhari, there is a quotation so he says, We were so ignorant, that could Nana Buddha we used to worship a stone for either.

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Minho, if we found a stone that had a better stalker, we sparkle, we will abandon the first God and embrace the second God. That was the level of deviation, lockdown or harm we used to severe ties, you see all Jeeva we were most cruel and harsh to our neighbors. And this remain for decades. Allahu la narrow sola until Allah to put it on the Arab nation and Allah to put it on humanity in its entirety, no loss and a profit amongst us. Law criminal law. Voila, me Nina is back up Masuda. La Casa de la la la mina is up Masuda. Indeed, Allah is pleased with the Muslims by sending a prophet among them, who purified them and teaches them nobility and wisdom.

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We accepted this man's message not only for NASA, who was a monitor who we identified his piety, his integrity, his loyalty, his faithfulness, when we accepted his message upon did our nation opposed us. And we were compelled to leave our country and we have come and we have taken shelter in your land. When the king heard this, he was very, very impressed. And he said that I gave you freedom to live in my land, and nobody will harass you. Subsequently the Muslims move out. But like I said, the agenda of the kuffaar continues. The next day they had a meeting and they decided let's approach it on a contentious issue. And the next day the delegation of the kafir comes back to the king. And

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they tell the king that you know what, these Muslims have weird ideas regarding Jesus. And you know what Jesus means to us. It's ultimate, and they have good ideas regarding Jesus. Now, if we have to engage in a discussion with a non Muslim, and I perhaps may make mention of this year, this booklet was brought to me by one of the brothers in our jamatkhana to three weeks ago, this was circulated here at the Killarney mall, located the pretext align has no son. And this is a debate between, you know, a picture of a debate between a Christian and a Muslim. And the Muslim is told, but you are worshipping the moon God, you're not worshiping Allah. And the proof of that is you base your

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fasting and you terminate your fasting on the moon, the entire discussion you're in. And in the end, I mean, discussion, of course is very shallow. It's shallow for a man who is firm in faith. For a man who's not firm in faith. It is very, very deceptive. It's been circulated yet it is from the United States. Let me ask you a question. If your child comes home with this booklet, and he poses these questions to you, how do you engage with him and how do you answer these questions?

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So jumping over Yolanda stood up, and he said we say the Guardian Lisa says lanius can keep Alma see Hawaii akuna de la la la la la

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rabban that Allah says Jesus will never deny, he will never deny being the servant of Allah, He will acknowledge himself. And he was born to the Virgin Mary in a miraculous way to reflect the greatness and the grandeur of Allah and he recited the verses. When he heard this, the king started crying and he said, Jesus himself has said nothing more than this. I am convinced he has spoken the truth, you will now live freely in my land. And I am also convinced that these people have come to poison my mind. The fact that you stood up and gave me a clear picture has convinced me I make you my witness, I accept him on on a line on Muhammad Allah Islam in this gallery. And then after many years when

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the Allahu comes back, he sends one of his ministers with Jaffa vilano and it coincided with the fall of Craver with the conquest of favor when the Vla Sam was reunited with his cousin Jennifer. And Larry Ellison said I don't know the full history. But Tommy Jaffer, I don't know here's the reunion with Jennifer brought great joy to me at the Congress of labor. And then this minister came and he told me, let me tell you something, this is your companion ask him what my king has to say regarding you. And he didn't request it from the VA Salaam that nerissa Larissa must make draw for you. Let me set some lifted exams in three times may draw Alabama fill in New Jersey, Alabama filled

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in New Jersey, and the Sahaba said I mean to this draw. All this happened because Jonathan will be alone who stood up and presented Islam in its original form.

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When I was in the States Post 911 there was a gentleman who insisted that I must address a non Muslim audience. I was a bit skeptical. It was a fairly large audience, Yogi Berra, in relation to the propaganda against Islam, but he insisted that I must come in address the audience. Now this is also of paramount importance, that we understand the approach when inviting towards Allah. The Quran says otoro, a Lhasa bilayer of bakeable hikmah

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ability he acts and that when you engage, do not become impulsive, do not become emotional, that there is not the way we engage in inviting towards Islam. Undoubtedly it is a needed platform today, and from time to time we are faced with this challenge. We have to intellectually engage with them. How does the Quran say invite them through wisdom? Look at the tone of Satan it brought him into his salat wa sallam he presents in the course of num road number road knows that this is a Muslim. So he says that what is Islam? What are you talking about? The prime minister and start introducing Allah if God Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah levy ha je Brahim appear up. Have you not seen the person who

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argued with Abraham regarding his law? And he said that I am the laws the primary Some said no my Allah is the the ultimate beam. So he said okay, describe your law primary Salam said if Carla Ibrahim obey Allah de yada you meet my Allah is the one who gives life and causes death. This was the first invitation that primary Sam gave regarding a law. Now look at the absurdity, the foolishness of the scheme. But now from here we deduce the ethics the principles of engaging in a debate. What is the king say? It says okay, you're unlike in life and causes death. There's nothing different I can also do that. He called an innocent man that was walking and he said behind him cold

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bloodedly The man was beheaded. And he says they I gave that and then he called the person who was to be persecuted and was to be executed. And he said call him and tell him I have released him I have not given him life. Now one was now to re engage and say I mean look, you're not making sense. You don't make any sense. What are you talking? I mean, you comparing apples with bananas. There's no compatibility in the parable. But scholars right? realize the foolishness of this man. He diverted the tone of the of the discussion. We need to learn how to argue we need the Quran save invite towards the deen of Allah through was the number one will not leave until Hasina with

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beautiful advice. What are the loom Bill latini accent and it comes to a point where you have to argue then argue but argue in a good way. They also the Quran attaches a condition. Allah speaks about the Seven Sleepers that slept for centuries for 300 years. Now there was great debate about the numbers. And there was also great debate amongst the period for which they slept. And among the award in the nesara. They always used to argue with him about this. Allah revealed the explicit figure, the number and the duration of the sweet day after latona de la Salatu was Salam ala tomar EP mi la Mira Mira, do not engage in this trivial argument. If they happen to raise it. Tell them

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what is the Islamic viewpoint but do not persist on going further in this debate.

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You finally saw to some change the focus and what did he say okay, you're talking of life in depth, but nonetheless, for in a long way. It was some seminal image replica TBR minalima grip

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Might Allah causes the sun to rise from the east and set in the West? How about you reverse in the procedure?

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How would you reverse in the procedure?

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For Bonita legnica speechless. He had no answer. He had absolutely nothing. as Muslims we need to understand when we speak about the beauty of Islam, the speciality of Islam, I was mentioning about when I had to address this non Muslim audience. How much do we know there was quite a bit of Yahood and nesara. So I first started speaking and that is the tone that the Quran introduces How much is the Quran spoken about Mussolini's salatu salam Do we know we can tell them more about Moses than they can tell us about Moses? But then do we know what the Quran says about Moses? We don't know ourselves. The Quran speaks about Moosa in 557 yards. In 37 chapters of the Quran Allah speaks about

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moosari salam, undoubtedly scholars unanimously agree after the Quran. The next divine scripture is the Quran. Allah says bring them to common grounds.

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Recently, I had to give a talk here at a there was a multifaith interfaith program, and they had various religious leaders to come in represent the different faiths. So again, we have to use this in a diplomatic way and present Islam. So I stood up and I spoke about Islam, one yahoodi woman stood up, and she says that I find you people are very biased against a woman, and you are very gender bias. Give me why. Why do you just allow your woman to lead the congregational prayers in the mosque? Why are you so prejudiced against your woman? So I told her Listen, you believe in profits, I believe in profits. And yeah, again, is the beauty of Islam. The only encompassing fate is Islam.

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You have Moses, you have Jesus, we have both.

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We have all the prophets, none of it, we don't differentiate, you shun one you saying he was illegitimate. And on the other end, you say Jesus was divinity. Islam has a moderate view, lanova ricotta in the mirror, sorry. I was once flying from Perth to Sydney. And there was a gentleman sitting next to me looking at my appearance against the topic of faith prompted and we started speaking about prophets. He referred to prophets in such derogatory language, I swear by Allah, you will not refer to an adulterous in such language. I told him, You know what, my man never mind the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, we will never dare refer to the mistake of Adam as a

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transgression. And the Quran speaks about it, you must see what the scholars have written, that when a person speaks about the mistake of Adam, he has to restrict himself to the text of Quran, he has to tread very fine lines, he must not read any vocabulary, it is not correct for any Muslim to refer to them in any derogatory way. Hence, we enjoy the privilege of having the most comprehensive plate, we include all the profits. So I told this woman I said, You know what, before you accuse us of being prejudiced against a woman, tell me why did the Lord Almighty not saying any woman as a prophet? That's my question to you, you, you believe in profits, you look at the chain of profits

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that have come? Are you going to then say that Islam? Well, Yahoo Billa, Almighty himself is prejudice against a woman itself. And again, another beauty of Islam. And this is a political, this is a principle for the enemies of Islam, and that is Islam, is there not to accommodate your one venue offenses, Islam is in fact, Islam goes against that. Because you see when like the Quran says, what are we have one law, one law per se, that is somehow evil or that you have to surrender yourself to truth, and you cannot accept or expect truth to submit itself to your evil? Imagine? Imagine if the definition of kindness is what a child say regarding his father. Imagine if a school

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is to function as the children say, Well, what can you say will be in the world? This the same thing the Quran says, Those that have become slaves of the carnal passions and desires, they will have a major problem with Islam, because Islam is not based on the fulfillment of your lust and your desire. So we have to understand the beauty that Allah has given us and present Islam is Allah has given us

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Satan, I blame it. So that was done again, look at the approach when he finds his nation was engaged in idol worship. And he observed that they are worshipping the moon in the sky and that is the debate that is listed in this book. There is the debate that the Muslims are worshipping the moon God and that was the practice in the pagan Arabs and that is why everything is based around the lunar the lunar system in the moon. The Quran says it's so beautifully what is the merits of the moon in Islam? The moon is not the ultimate thing. Yes, aluna kanila Hila pulling yamawaki tonina Mohammed says and they asked you regarding the moon, tell them it is an ideal way of calculating the

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days and the months. That is that that is the viewpoint but we don't even know those basic things of the Quran. Ibrahim A Salatu was salam, the diplomatic approach that he uses in presenting the truth. The Quran says what are the so Paula Deen is

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When I mean don't you lie You

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do not abuse the the gods that are worshipped by other people, because then they will also use vulgar language against Allah which you won't like. So we need to understand within the framework of Quran and Hadith, what is the manner in which we engage? How do we speak

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if I'm a syrup who was around Pisces nation nation worshipping various things, and scholars right the reason why there is things were worshipped over the decades was two things wherever they seem benefit they worship to secure benefit wherever they seen a threat they worship it to save themselves against the pure. So primary serve us a very diplomatic approach. But imagine Napoleon Hill laid or arco Kaaba one day, it was a bright night, and the stars were glittering and he was walking with his non Muslim friends. So he looked at that star it says this looks bright, just looks radiant, perhaps who knows this could be my God. I mean, okay, it's so bright. This is the approach

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he used. He did not oppose him look at the manner in which he presented. Philomena generally he later on Coca Cola has Arabi. He said I think he Where can you buy me some ever have this thought? If we ever thought he was thinking again, we don't have done understanding of Quran. Wherever the Quran speaks about this year, it does not mean that he blind believed in this. This was the approach He instituted to make them understand the feebleness of what they worship. So he said, Maybe this is my God. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah feeling. But as the night disappeared in the stars disappeared, he said, I don't like God that make the presence and then they disappear from our eyes.

00:56:39 --> 00:57:16

Even tala Ha, ha, then the next day, when you look at the bright moon, I mean, this article says, trying to convince this Muslim that it's a moon God, where the Quran explicitly says Lata stole his shamcey voila, in power, don't vote to the sun, nor to the moon, but bow to the one that created both. And there is our message scientists will take you to the moon, and astronomers will take you to this planet and that planet, Islam has come to take you to the creator of the moon and not the moon. So what happened? He looks at the moon. He said, perhaps this is my God. Again, when he disappears, he says no, then comes the sun, but a mirage. And

00:57:19 --> 00:57:58

when he looks at the sun, he says, No, no, this is the brightest This must be my God. But when that disappears, he says no, in a one to one nearly level, I focus my being to that Allah who is ever loving and never dies. That was the approach he used in inviting them towards the truth. So in a nutshell, brothers, we have to see that whenever we engage, we need to develop within ourselves, that knowledge and sometimes in a diplomatic way. One person came to Selma and Farsi. Is it your Prophet, I mean, he teaches you how to go to toilet. Now credits if you get exposed to the coffee light, then you will appreciate the social conduct that has been taught to us by nearly solemn if

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you only sit with Muslims, you won't appreciate how nice it looks to eat with your right hand. But sit with a coffee one day travel with him one day traveling the world and see how he eats. See how he goes to a toilet. And then you say your law you have been so kind you have taught me these basic ethics a lot. I know how to relieve myself. So say the nostril man with a sense of humor said yes, you're right. Actually, my Prophet taught me everything and he has also taught me the ethics of relieving myself. I mean, look at the draw that nobody else has taught us all I ask for your forgiveness. And then I am grateful to you for removing that from my body which caused discomfort to

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me. Now Vla ceram said matara to mean hiring in lava amor to come be here. There is nothing that was good or beneficial for you, oh my god, but that I have commanded you to do it. You don't have to ask the world what to do and how to do I've given it to you, matara to mean serene whatever could harm you spiritually or physically I have prohibited you from it. You don't have to ask anyone for advice you have it, present it and convey it to the world we make go to Almighty Allah He make us ambassadors of truth that we can reflect Islam in its pristine form to be of Allah said even if one concrete becomes impressed of the truth at your hands, whether it'll be over loving to the young

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lady yahudi young youngster was in the throes of get your Jewish boy and said you're about to die. believe in Allah. He looked at his father, his father said Okay, listen to what Muhammad tells you. Plus in his sights the kalama aviary Sam comes out of the happy and radiant, Saba asked him What's the matter really surrounds lessly the soul of this little child through me. So May Allah give us the opportunity we use this platform that Allah gives us to present Islam. Even if one man gets guidance through our humble contribution. It is sufficient for our salvation. Allah inspire us with reality walk with the one and hamdulillah

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