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AI: Summary © The history of the European Empire during the golden age was crumbled and political parties were not strong enough to win. The legal war between the Roman Empire and the Persians was a regular conflict for years, leading to negative consequences for the world and the Middle East. The importance of Islam and its teachings is emphasized, and actions need to be taken to avoid harm. The speaker discusses prophecy of Islam, including the belief that peace only will happen when people are respected and the importance of understanding rules of law. peace is a goal, but it is impossible to achieve without finding a way to make life easier.
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Welcome to reliable alameen wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen. wa ala he was happy he woman who among the axon Illa Yomi did wahba cerca de Paul along with the Baraka tada Khurana, Majid one Parnell, Hamid Billa Humana shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem and if la meme What about your room for the welcome in the lobby him Sayaka de boon Phoebe every scene in lilla Hill and Roman

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middle Nabina Srila young Romania Sha, Rahim we're calling the BU sallallahu taala. And he was seldom in Allah has awali an ARB for a Toma. sharika hamari Baja. We're in America mateesah yopu mazovia de minha Oh kumbhakarna la Salatu was salam, honorable scholars respected brothers and elders. as Muslims, we believe and understand that the lifespan of every human has been determined by your law, the birth and the death of every person has been determined by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Hence, no person will be born prior to his time, and no human will live beyond his time. In the very same way. The Rise and the decline of every Kingdom has been ordained by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Legally makin agile, Allah says there is a period for every kingdom, there is a period for every rulership. And just as the life of one differs from another, so does the lifespan of every Kingdom differ from the other, it would be rather foolish, if not the height of foolishness, the height of you know, it would be naive. If a person passes a certain age. For example, He lives up to 60. And he says, Well, I think I will never die because my dad died at 50 my brother died at 52 my sister died at 55. So I don't think I passed the critical mark, I've passed the crucial mark. The maximum we can say is you have outlived them you have a longer lifespan, but that will grip you my brother.

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So if some particular kingdom is lasting for a longer period, then foolish for them to say the sun will never set on our empire. History compels us to believe and so does the the the message of the Quran advocate to us that many kingdoms came in when many superpowers came in when the it Karima that I recited before you the opening verses of surah to Rome during the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. The two superpowers at that time was namely the Roman and the Persian Empire. And the Roman Empire then was divided the Western and the Eastern, and it was then known as the Byzantine Empire. These two empires and superpowers had hostility and hence many battles were fought between

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them. The polytheists of Makkah showed their allegiance to the Persians because they were fire worshippers. And the Muslims showed their allegiance to the Romans because they were the people of the book. And they also believed in monotheism the doctrine of one Allah. So from time to time, the news would filter into Makkah, that the Persians have defeated the Romans. And hence the policies of Makkah would rejoice and say, see what we've done to you people. And whenever the Romans were victorious, the Muslims would rejoice. Allah speaks about an incident with the Persian Empire came to mind such power such grandia that they gave a humiliating defeat. They gave an absolute defeat to

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the Romans. It came as a blow to the Romans. If you study this battle, as the Quran describes it in its opening verses of surah to roll, the emperor of Rome had to flee for safety and take shelter in Constantinople, the present day Istanbul, the entire Roman army was this integrated. When this news came into Mecca, the mushrikeen started rejoicing and they went to the extent that they came to Abu Bakar said they called the Allahu anhu. And they said, You seen what our brothers did to your brothers. That's what we will do to you. So you Muslims will get it on all funds. This is mentioned in obliquity Rahim Allah, that when the Persians present a Iranians, when they were victorious over

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their their rivals when they were victorious over the Romans, they rejoice. The Pali thing is of Mecca rejoice because they had the allegiance, the common sentiments that they believed in few gods, and obviously this was very, very painful words that came to the Sahaba. After this year, it prompted the revelation of surah. To room. What did Allah says in Surah? Two wrong. And if Alif Lam Meem, learning about the Rome, Alinea but the Rome undoubtedly the Roman Empire has been crumbled. The Roman Empire has been over

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forward. But again the truth of the Quran in the midst of their defeat at the time from a political perspective, when they had no future, they had no hope. The Quran at that critical moment prophesized a victory for the Roman Empire.

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Be him say of the label. Allah says yesterday, the Romans have been been overpowered, but soon a time is to come with the Roman Empire will once again gain its strength, its might get its act together, and they will defeat the opponent and there is the Persians. Now understand this, it had come not when they strength was together and the political act was in place. It was said at a time when they were literally on their knees. When this versus when he will say the Nava cannot be alone, he went back to the polytheist. And he says, Don't rejoice and don't be arrogant over the prosperity of the polytheist. This is the system of the world. battles will be fought lives will be lost, some

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will be dominating today some will be dominated, but this will continue our karate Alon Who said I am ready to take a bet with you. Now, let me make it clear at that time, not today, at that time that it was permissible, and obviously subsequent to that it was made forbidden and unlawful. The Quran said in a matter of few years, the Roman Empire will destroy the counterpart the Persians. So I went to one polytheist and he said I'm ready to make a bet with you in a matter of three years. In a matter of three years, the Persians will be defeated. And if they are defeated, you give me 10 camels, and if they are not defeated, I give you 10 camels. He then went and he mentioned this to

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said let's look at the text of the Quran. Allah said Fie biller Is he in a matter of few years, and the word builds on in Arabic If you do a critical analogy of the grammar of this word, it refers to anything between three and nine. So the purpose of a lot of wisdom said make the condition in nine years because the Quran said few and then it is the property of Allah using 10 chemistry 100 camels, we know it's the words of the Quran. There's nothing faster as long as you're given the correct timeframe. The Quran has said few years. So I'm going back to this again. Let me remind myself in you that Bethel is haram betting is

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forbidden. backin is impermissible for Allah sake, don't latch on to that some people only remember the jokes in that dielectric. whole lecture you're given the end of the day he walks out with the joke. Obviously you know this was previously permissible and then it was made forbidden.

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As the Quran prophesized nine years now see when Allah does nine years later, which coincided with a year later after the migration of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So they migrated from Mecca to Medina. That was one year after he did and the Muslims had just completed the Battle of butter, and they were victorious in this better and the news filtered into Medina that the Roman army has defeated the Persians. Allah, Allah revealed.

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For me, no NaVi Nasri, LA, en su Romania saw

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him. And that day the believers rejoice when two folds, they rejoice of their victory over the polytheists in the Battle of butter because the Battle of butter came as a blow to the disbelievers and at the same time of their brothers in the sense that they also believed in one Allah and this is what the Quran tells us. This is what the Quran tells us that today, unfortunately, religion has been made a very contentious issue. For many people, it has flamed the argument more than resolved it because we have not we have not adhere to divine guidance. Allah said kita tala illa kalimat in Sabah in bhaineann. Our pain accom are the people of the book Come let's look at our humaneness and

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not our differences. Our script is and your scriptures collectively advocate monotheism the belief in one Allah. So in essence, the Muslims were victorious in the Battle of weather, and at the same time they got the news of the victory of the Romans

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as a hobby by the name of Zubair

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who says, My father used to say, if you had him the way it is mentioned that the nature of world you know, they say that the nature of politics, this is the nature of this world in which we are living. He said, A to learn about the forest and our room, summarize the room and our forest tomorrow.

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muslimeen Allah for his room, colada licchavi Hamza Sana, he said in a short span of 15 years, I seen the Persian Empire destroy the Roman Empire. Then I seen the Roman powers destroy the Persian Empire. Then I seen the Muslims destroyed both the Roman

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In the Persians in 15 years old, these scenarios were painted before me. So these things will happen and continue. That's the nature of life. But what I am afraid of and what I want to speak of, Allah alone knows how many more battles we will see, I don't know my lifespan and neither you know yours. But there's one thing definite, this world is becoming hostile. This word is unfortunately becoming unpleasant, whether it's terrorism or counterterrorism, whether it's provocation or reaction, but the world is becoming unpleasant and lives have been lost. And this has happened in this world continue. What I am afraid of is that leaves we become immune and insensitive to the carnage and the

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loss of lives, that such things happen, but because it has become a norm, we've heard it before we heard it now and will go on. So it doesn't affect my life. And that's what I want to target today. And that's just the point I want to speak about peace, the need of peace between the Middle East so in the entire world, as Muslims, what does Quran advocate towards peace and stability towards safety and security?

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In the barrel of a book, a very challenging battle, where the odds were against the Muslims. The heat was intense. it coincided with a time which was conducive to pluck the fruits and to harvest the crops, and hence the manavi thing could not come because the demand was too great. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam embarked on the journey and the Manasa tea instead behind it. What did they say? Buddy? Halima una de Makati? him Scylla rasulillah. What can you

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do? BM Wadi him fusina feasability, la, la la la la San Fierro Phil her. They said this is insanity. To go and find such a superpower in such extreme heat. Don't waste yourself and don't destroy your abilities. Allah responded by saying koneru Johanna I said to her when you believe in mind that the heat of Hell is much more intense. Now at this time, you are so happy by the name of the man who went and initially joined the campaign. And after a few days he returned. When he returns he returns to his he was lucky he had two wives. He comes home and his two wives received him and I quote the words of the Hadith cutter was shot at him in Houma, ie shaha

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Fie him

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they were sitting in the orchard, they had sprinkled water, they had adorn themselves and they had prepared food. Now as he enters home the words of the Divine say for another 11 at a one ma Sonata logo. He looked at his respective spouses, they had adorn themselves, the meal was prepared. Now this is when I say when you're sensitive to the loss of lives. And you understand the contribution others make. He walked in, and he looked at this, and these were his words are Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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what he was

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feeling by reading what I mean mahaya was a Moroccan hasna mahadasha bill in South LA hada bill in salt. He walked in, he said, Allison Libby is in heat and pain in difficulty and adversity. and above. Hi, Tamara looks at one wife and smiles at another in beautiful food and wonderful palatial homes. I doubt this is the definition of justice. He turns himself, he admonishes himself. He tells his wife, listen, I cannot come inside. When my enemy is on that side. My brother, you return to a good Duma. And so do I, when our fellow Muslim brother puts on his arm and goes to the third home, he puts on his Kevin, he puts on his girlfriend, and he goes, my son comes home safely. And I look

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at him and I sigh with relief when my brother's son in that part of the world knows not even he returns. I'm not saying you see what I said. He said This is not fair. He tells his wife Give me the food. Now I'm a young man. I don't know if I am anyway. We all come home. We come home food is prepared and you're away from your partner. You can delay the meal but your inclination to your partner. Every man understands his need. He sacrifice everything. He says give me that food and off I go. Immediately he leaves the SMC no horsemen come in. He said could say sama sama that looks like about Hi Sam. I think he has left his wife and he's come back to join us. As soon as he sees any

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advances the prophets Allah Islam embraces him hugs him and next door for him. You might tell me my brother, they are political constraints. You might tell me they have financial constraints, and rightfully so. But I want to tell you, I want to tell you what

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does Allah expect from us you wish you could perhaps nurse the wounded or support the engine? in this battle of Kabuki they will those hypocrites that did not participate. Why? Because the it was too challenging. But at the same time, there were certain genuine Muslims who felt very hurt about the crisis of the oma. But there were certain constraints because of which they could not handle this, they could not avail their support. Now the Quran describes a picture of their regret, because of their lack of contribution. I want to ask you, if you fit this description, perhaps you have justification in relation to the climate. But I want to ask you, you listen to these, when the

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Prophet said a lot is in return. Again. Let me say, I have said this previously, as Muslims, we believe that whenever a battle was fought, it was fought for one of two reasons. We are not out to fight. You study the victory of Satan our honor, during his rulership, when baitul maka Deus was conquered. And at that time, they said that we want your leader to come in negotiate. People can communicate the sentiments of the local people keep the number in Madina, munawwara mascaras were held what should be done satana Omar said, I will engage any step that can save lives. As long as lives can be saved. If it means me traveling from here, I will travel. Some people said no, no, that

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is a sign of, you know, surrendering, that's weakness. He said, No, no, no, we want peace. We want understanding. We want mutual cooperation. And say that our honor came the peace treaty was signed and 1000s of lives were lost. This should be the least amount of life that we're ever lost in a revolution was in the period of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in a short span of 23 years. With the minimum loss of lives, the most barbaric of nations became role models for humanity. You study every other person who came as a reformer and made a revolution. Look at the lives that will last in over and above just more than 2000 if I stand on the correction on both fronts, the lives of the Muslims

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and the non Muslims in the entire 23 years of Nabi sallallahu Sallam only so many lives were lost. Anyway,

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tomorrow the Allahu comes and the prophets Allah isn't makes law. When he returns back from the book didn't come in, they say no, no, we couldn't come you know our deepest apologies. Allah says they are liars. They did not want to participate in my anger is upon them. But there is a segment who could not participate, but they excuse is justified.

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Lita, Camilla avant

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la I am not angry with those who come to you prior to the battle and asked you for convenience and wealth because they let both you tell them you don't have a horse nor a camel no money. So well. No, they leave your gathering.

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jeffy domina dungaree and they are literally sobbing has an Alaia Duma report, why out of this severe regret that we could not contribute at the most needed hour. So yes, they did not participate and they were exempted from participation. They could not have they could not fund they could not sponsor. But the Quran said the condition of this was for the entire duration they cried.

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I asked you My brother is that your condition is that my condition has an allergy to my own disease the In fact, in fact when we look at the spirit of Sahaba there is an incident where the prophets Allah is an exalted the Sahaba to spend in the part of Allah. One man stood up by the night by the name of a mushroom middle and saw a very prominent and sorry, he said Allahumma in the Camerata bill Jihad toughy. So Milan hallerin de ma Taka Wa La.

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Allah you have commanded us to strive in your path. I was speaking of the quotation of Ali,

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who said, the Muslims only engaged in battle for one of two reasons. They are home in

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a new home in a year when the land was invaded or the faith was trampled. That was the only time the Muslims engaged and mobilize their forces. Anyway, he stood up by night he said Allah, you have encouraged us to spend and then by your Divine Will you have not given me any finance, so I cannot give but I feel I have to do something like I cannot expect or allow people to come, you know, bring huge amounts. And I said, so I don't have anything monetary, not anything tangible. But I want to make a change to my life. I want to do something. And that's what I want to target is that suddenly

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coup de muslimin bacon Lima Lima teen Assad been a female in our, in our religion a lot. I don't have money I don't have finance. But given what is happening what is the need, I want to draw, I want to do something. And the something I want to do is I overlook every Muslim who has insulted me or offended me or oppressed me. It's nothing physical but I want to do something and this intangible action this is what I gave it to you. He said it and he went away the next morning as the people came and they made the contributions. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said manual Mutasa dippel Baraka lesson someone gave charity last night in the brother kindly come forward for them yeah, I

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had nobody stands up, I asked you my brother, you will return to a good meal and so will I. I am not asking you not to engage in what Allah has given you. But looking at this crisis, see the spirit of the Sahabi if even at least we can say this year that after that mean let me do something wrong. Okay. From today I give up cigarettes for inshallah, this Saturday night I will never go to a club. inshallah I will not watch this I will not do this. Ah man look into his life. What I'm saying is let us not become insensitive to the carnage that is happening. It must affect our lives. He said Oprah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said manual matassa depot be less than someone gave charity and

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compromised his honor and his self esteem. So he stood up the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said well let the nuptse be a de la cookie but fizika till Matata Bella, really congratulations. If anybody's contribution has been accepted, today it is yours. So there is nobody in this Omid that cannot contribute and you will know not you might give up I always said you give up one cent of yours. I like give me I give up abusing my sight. You give up listening to music, you stop interest now then you make to offer the math and see what Allah does. But just to make to our without the change in my life, then I'm afraid we are where we are. And we are not progressing as a nation. When say the knot

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woman was standing in mustard and Navy and the Muslims were in battle in in Iraq. And the concern was there. And the commander of the army was Saudi Arabia.

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And suddenly the enemy advanced from the rear and say even our Omar while sitting in Masuda neverwet, Allah opened it up for him. Allah open it up, what did you do today video conferencing and wireless Bluetooth safe now Omar from the members area sorry, I'm sorry, a Be careful they are taken from the rear. People turn around and they said what is Omar talking?

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Immediately Sorry, I got the message 1000s this is mentioned in all books of Hadith. So when we will have an initiative and we will change our life, it will definitely have a difference. Now what I wanted to mention is as Muslims we believe in peace and security and peace. Security is a very big asset to life. Allah spoke about the security that he had given to the co founder of maca, and Lady Adama whom in June, a man or woman who they used to embark on two journeys. In winter, they used to go to Yemen because it was hot. And in summer they used to go to Syria, and people respected the co founder of Makkah because of the sanctity of the Kaaba, so Allah highlighted this number that Allah

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said, I have been kind to you I have given you safety and security and really speak in any person enjoying any comfort. But if there's no peace, if it is a threat to your life, if it is a threat to your travel, then there is no pleasure. The Kufa the Sahaba came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they said we live in in so much fear will a time ever come. In fact, there is one rewired way I didn't hurt him says I was sitting with a prophet sallallahu wasallam and then one person came for Shaka la Hill Fokker, he said I am very hungry. And then another person came in said, Oh, we have a live been mugged. Let me sell some to them both to sit down. Then we saw some holiday. He said yeah,

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de la ATL Hira rd. Have you seen the place higher? Now Pharaoh was close to Kufa, which was the former name and it was the capital in Iraq. He said, I haven't seen it, but I've heard about it. Let me sell some Satellite Internet speaker to listen to my prophecy. If Allah space you and gives you a long life, such peace will reign. Such peace will come in life will become so pleasant letter, Ayanna Zarina.

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You will see a woman leaving iraq traveling by herself to fulfill he will come to the Kaaba, make the love of the Kaaba, no man will harass her nor interfere with that. And if you live to see like in Tallaght, Pika Hayato, you will see the treasures of Persia come in at the hands of the Muslims. So that was the prophecy of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam.

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But we believe also, that peace will only reign in the Middle East and in the world, when they eat when it is governed by divine law, which includes respect to all segments of human society. We tend to hear the whispers of superiority of one race

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over other, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said which is the stance of a Muslim law further Lily Allah Benin Allah Jamie and when I mean Allah, when Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Taka, that the Arabic has no virtue over the non Arab and the non Arab has no virtue over the Arab, the white skinned is not privileged over the dark skinned and the dark skinned is not privileged over the white skin only taqwa will decide the virtue. Now when this will become commentary why it was the light in Abu Dhabi, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was asked what is the race? He said unto arena ko Mecca Allah. When you support the oppression of your nation, when you

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condone the crimes, then you are being racist. It is said in this climate when we see the double standards of Western democracy, what an ideal time for the Muslim rulers to present to the world. Because we haven't seen an Islamic rulership. Many of us don't know how it operates. Study the life of the Buddha first pay me five minutes and I will end study the life of qualifier Rashid in how they ruled and govern and that is what will bring peace. When Satan Abubakar vilano became the halifa the first thing in becoming a Muslim leader is the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said we will never give anybody opposed to this is it. So in Islamic law, there is no canvassing there is no

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campaigning if you can pay it's against the system. The practice of law isn't said anybody who desires it nevermind here is emphatic vote for me. Anyone who desires it will never be aided and we will never appointed.

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So what what when Satan aboubaker was appointed, he said, Listen, people obey me if I have a law and if I don't have a law, you have no obligations upon me. When Satan became in charge, he ascended the purpose. The first things he said Allahumma in naval even Fellini was even *a Winnie Basilan. VersaFine Allah I'm hard hearted, soften me to deal with the subjects correctly. Ally miser make me generous and overlying week you empower me? What did say that not to say whenever used to appoint anyone. He said what is azova Lima Lusaka de la jolla to hope when the governor and the leader will deviate then the subjects will deviate. And they cannot be anyone more worse than he who subjects

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deviate because of the governor. You know, I read this on a lighter note a bumper sticker. Don't steal the government doesn't like competition.

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If it will happen on the top, it will fizzle right down it will happen to the lowest of earnings. I just want to let you know tip you on the life of one great person. These were the rulers of Islam. And this is the only thing that can bring peace to this planet. This is the only thing that when we will look beyond our personal needs and our differences. And we will bring the common values of Islam into us. That is the time we will see some peace on this earth. When Omar even Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah one of the great qualifiers of Islam,

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when he was appointed as the halifa and the previous Khalifa was buried, they were just you know, completing the burial By the way, the difference between a king and a Khalifa is a halifa is one who sees that the order of Allah be be honored and be implemented, whether it compromises my position or not to start off I don't have patience, I'll be happy if it goes and the king is one is that my kingdom remains whatever happens to Allah has been my power remains today a man is my job remains whatever has to happen to the orders of Allah. So anyway, after they completed with the burial after they completed with the barrier, immediately there was a bit of a shuffle and there was noise. So

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you ask the people what's happening they said no, no, now there is a state conveyance to receive you. You know, these are state conveyance, you know, he said Molly when a ha ha ha, Baraka la Monaco, Walker rebo Lee Bugatti for in leafy hop alloga Listen, I don't need all these fancy conveniences. Today you see a person now when becoming a minister, it is becomes the mayor and immediately becomes inaccessible. Now you go to you know, you cannot speak to the public. So now this is spokesman. This is Pokemon. This is the answer we got from the minister's office. So you cannot speak to him. Omar Abdul Aziz becomes the ruler. He's got 12 sons three daughters read his

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life. Really we need to understand who our true leaders he says bring my mule mountain to my mule and I'll go he gets one to his moon and he comes home. He said after he relaxes is taken to the mercy He makes an announcement of Salatu Jamia Salat is going to take place and this is how they used to complicate the people. Everybody comes to the masjid. It says listen, people I have been made in charge not because I want it. I'll be more than happy if you nominate someone else. Yeah, they all say bye

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Karnataka ameerul momineen amirul momineen We are happy that you are our leader and we accept you with consensus that you are a leader. He says, Okay, now that you've accepted me as the leader, I have three messages. The first is me and you both have to become conscious of Allah. We have to become conscious of our state in this world. And number three, he started telling them about death. And he started telling them about death in such a way. It's mentioned in the indicators, the study, rodo, Alaska, the biggest thugs of that nation started crying in the hearts were melted. After that, he says, Take me home, I need to sleep. He goes home. He sits down and he's about to fall off to

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sleep. someone knocks on the door, who knocks on the door. It is his son. How old is he? 17 years old. What was his name? Abdul Malik. So he comes to me is that he says my dad, congratulations on the position that Allah has afforded you. You are going to sleep when they are oppressed people in the Muslim kingdom. How will you answered before law flew popular?

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Do you choose to sigh and relax and net when others are suffering? He said my son I have only been appointed now. The entire night and day went in the burial of the previous Khalifa. I am tired, I am exhausted. Let me sleep the bursa when I get up immediately I will start with those that are oppressed. So hon Allah May Allah bless us with such children. He taps his father he says one main woman alakea Abby, Ella and Teresa in a hurry. You see at the time of her you will resolve all the arguments. What's your guarantee that you will love God

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when once upon a time the ruler was just in those advising him were equally just today I'm afraid those that are ruling are pressing and those that sit in those cabinet meetings only conduct the operation. You are justified you have our support. You have our following look at your he is just himself. This is what is it comes in Nikita

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Javi Hill Cali Moto Z moto Omar wa Tara No ma'am. In this game in such a shiver. He forgot about his tiredness. He got up he said Odin Omen Nia buena come close to me my son Capella who beignet he then kissed his son on his forehead. And he teared and he said Alhamdulillah

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Raja means will be mejor ne Allah Dini, All praise belongs to Allah Who created from my back from my own descendants and from my own progeny, such offspring that even if I did deviate, they will straighten me. All praise belongs to Allah who gave me such youngsters who didn't allow me to step off the mark. There is so much more than one more incident when he was going through the files of the previous oppression of the nations. He was very concerned about certain family members that had caused oppression in the previous rulership. So he gathered all the Judas of Medina, he said, Listen, I need to know. am I responsible for the injustice that was committed before I came into

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power? Before I came into office in today's terminology, before I assumed the position, so they all said no, no, it happened before you so you don't have to bear the brunt of this year. But he wasn't convinced. So someone told him Why didn't you call your son he's a very talented man. Abdullah medico call him. So Abdul Malik was called he said my father, I my my respect to your seniority, but my opinion is

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as hobbyhorse ha, what

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can tertiary can Latina women. I believe that because you are informed and you have the authority, you have to see that justice prevails. And if you will not see I'm afraid, you know less a criminal, you know less he said, My son, you have uttered the truth and I am responsible. We may God Almighty Allah that He let us see peace in this world. May Allah make it that peace reigns, you know, respect and understanding. The Quran told the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he engaged into peace, and there was ceasefire with the with the other nations. But then the Quran spoke about something very, very sensitive. Allah said former stock amo la festa Teemu la boum Obama salatu salam as long as

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they honor the pact and they agreement you also Ani and there was a non Muslim tribe by the name of benaki Nana benaki Nana, what non Muslims but they lived in peace and the Muslims lived with them with peace. But then the Quran went on to say it will be rather difficult for you to maintain peace with a nation came for the huddle La La Yakubu feeco in la vida de ma euro Donna combi fly him What about boo boo. It will be rather difficult to maintain peace between the nation who perhaps have presently dropped their arms but let them get the slightest opportunity and they won't differentiate your Alona can be a fly him they choose to impress you and soothe you with words. What about kulu

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boom but the hearts deny peace. So we hope from Allah subhanahu wa taala that peace comes about as the Quran does.

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Many other incidents and that is our viewpoint as Muslims, we believe in peace. We believe in the coexistence of different faiths and different cultures that can live so that life on planet Earth can become more easy and conducive for for for human beings. And at the same time as my opening comments were brothers, it has to effect my personal life. It has to do something with my life. I like understanding what's going on.