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Honorable Ana microm respected brothers and elders with the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. And perhaps not only the Muslim focus, but global flow focus is at this time in Israel and Palestine and in Palestine, in particular, the jenine refugee camp, where many of our brothers and sisters have become the victims of the brutality of the enemies of Islam. Whenever this particular topic is debated or discussed, then it always boils down to a debate between Islam and Judaism. Therefore, I thought it necessary that we understand

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what stain does the Quran take, and what role does the Quran explain with regards to the People of the Book. In the recent decades, Islam has been widely criticized for speaking ill of the people of the book, I read an article recently, that after the September 11 attacks, because the you know, the the anxiety or the curiosity of people was around with regards to Islam, so many neurons were circulating in the United States, but for some reason or the other, many people have now withdrawn those grants, claiming that Islam is speaking ill of the People of the Book, we must understand that Islam with great justice,

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just as Islam has identified, and we will substantiate what we say. And it is important that we understand this, just as Islam has identified and highlighted the wrongs, the distortions, the corruption, amongst the nations that preceded us, Islam has not left, praising, boasting, bragging, and speaking positive of those amongst the people of the book, beat the Jews beat the Christians who seen the truth, acknowledge the truth, admitted the truth and accepted the truth, not one or two, but several verses in the Quran, both and braids about those people. And Allah say, for such people will be a double reward a meaningful reward those who brought a man on their Prophet, and then after

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it's seen as the coming of via Kareem sallallahu wasallam, and then accepted Islam at the hands of La salatu salam for them is double fold reward. Of course,

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the unfortunate part, which I want to focus on here is,

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is to understand the irony of the whole thing is that many times when those among the very good stood up with the truth, like there are some people in this time and age in the likes of URI Davis and others, who when they stood up with the truth and identify the wrongs of their own people, they were shunned from society. And this is what the Quran speaks about, not denying the good of those that are accepted. I give you a typical example in Muslim serif second volume under the monarchy over politeness around a politeness Salam was not any ordinary Muslim and he was a Jewish rabbi, he had been divine in Allah had inspired him with the knowledge of the books, the Torah, the Indian

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We know very well that every divine scripture that came prophesied is the coming of Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam. So every prophet was told, in fact, is you and I know we will assemble in the land of souls, and then allow us Am I not your Lord? And everyone in one breath said, Allah, Allah, definitely you are not. What was the pledge that was taken from the prophets? It could not be that Allah is going to ask them Am I not your Lord? They are going to come in the world to identify your law. So there is no there is no chance of them forgetting who they are. Allah is the pledge that Allah taken from all the prophets was why

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been Anima t to come in kita

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como su, De Palma acun. Let me know NaVi while attending surana con

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una de de de Prado, a Corona, Corona personhood over an American minister he did. Allah he taken this from the galaxy and beyond he was Salatu was salam, if you will go in your time and in your era with the Kitab, that I pray that you will, and you will guide your people in the respect of error. However, in the time in which you will be preaching with moosari son of Moses, be easily solemn Jesus, we doubt that any or every prophet, the time and the era in which you will be propagating your message. If in that era, my inner being Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam comes, then you will have to give up your Sharia and you will have to accept the Sharia and you will have to follow his teachings

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and naturally when you will have to follow what it will follow your nation. This was the pledge that Allah taken from Oldham, belimo salatu salam. Furthermore, it is our belief which is of vital importance that we understand that every Kitab that was revealed, spoke about the coming of Libya in Salatu, salam, every scripture every Kitab every divine book had said that you bring a man, every every nation scream, I was different. La La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, they read the kenema accepting that that nobody was the prophet of this

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Time, however, it was told to them you have accepted a man on me. My religion remains for a period of time my currency is to change from Moosa, it went on to Isa, after Isa the currency change on to the currency of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. We do not deny for a moment that those were currencies that existed in the world, but after the change of currency, you have to come with the current currency to buy or purchase any article or any item. Yes, in that time in the era of Moosa, the religion you had accepted Moosa is the greatest man as the Nabhi of Allah as the as the by emulating him salvation in success, you will be successful in both the worlds if you went with that life, that

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was the currency of the time, it would purchase you salvation. However, at the turning of the coming of Libya, Kareem sallallahu wasallam, the currency of the various prophets terminated and the final currency has been introduced, which remains and will not change by by the changing of time or seasons or error, and will remain till the time of Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam

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the award and the Jews were awaiting the promised person.

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The Kitab spoke about it and they acknowledge and they admit,

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in fact, many of the many, many years prior to the birth of Libyan a Salaam, when traveling with a king of Yemen by the name of took back when they came to Medina. And brothers as I will mention, these are things that can be discussed with them openly. Those that are honest among them will admit and I will substantiate this. When they came to Medina, in the light of the Divine scriptures that they read, and they seen the surroundings of Medina, they said this is the place where they promise men will migrate.

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They took permission from the king, that we will accompany you if you permit us. We want to base ourselves here and establish a place last year you resume your journey. But this is the place for 100 scholars yahudi Jewish scholars who are under the leadership of this king, he permitted them and every one of them stayed there and they built a house for themselves that we will stay here and in fact few couplets while also saying that if Allah shows us that day with the final prophet will come and then we will stand by him. We will defend his Deen and we will be the first to accept his religion. And as they passed away, they gave this advice that this house is built. If you happen to

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see the error with the final prophet comes then tell him that we came here and we based here in the anticipation of us coming. That is why some scholars say that the house in which nabire surat was something that was the house of when the reoccurring salado Sam came to Madina, munawwara any station, his house, every Sahabi station himself, every Sahabi was desirous let me become my guest and I become the host who wouldn't want the Libyan a salatu salam said no, wait, this camel has been ordered by your law. And then this only came into particular in the paper of one Sahabi. Some scholars say that although at that time the Sahaba was the owner of the house. But if you trace the

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history of this house, then this was that house, which was built by the Jewish scholars many, many years ago in anticipation of maybe a salon and was prepared exclusively for Libya Kareem sallallahu sallam. So they were so familiar that the Quran says you're a foreigner who come and Garifuna Abba, not only did the Jews knew Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just as they know and recognize and identify their own sons. Such also explicit and manifest and vivid was the description ordinary occur himself some in the Torah, when they say Mohammed sallallahu wasallam and the description of the Torah match the features in the personality of Debian a salon mean 100% however, you came the

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contentious issue and what does the Quran say many of them now shifted, for the simple reason has said the meaning of Indian cuisine mimbar de Mata Brianna la Mola, that suddenly Prophethood has been now transferred from the offspring and the descendants of Bani Israel in into Benny is married. The Quran says at this juncture, out of jealousy, they deviated and despite accepting and knowing that this is that final proper, but because, like brothers, we know when a person has jealousy for anyone, he can never admit the good of the person, he will only find flaws in criticism and false in that person. Why because he has a heart in hates that person and On what grounds did this prophet

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has come from the Arab lineage and he has not come from amongst many Israel. Now we find that the Quran has discussed this but let us highlight those who came with the truth.

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The likes of Abdullah bin Salaam. As I mentioned, he was a Jewish scholar.

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When the BA Karim Sinhala ism stood up when

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he came to me via criminal law, Islam and this was nothing even he was a rabbi. He was a leader. He had a significant role in society. But he had understood that the Quran said that when Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam comes now you must accept

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He's been, he came to Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam. And in the presence of an aviary Salaam, he acknowledged and he testified and he admitted in fact, the Hadith is very beautiful. Literally Saddam was sitting with the Sahaba. And he said, Tom, and feed feed the poor was psyllium or ham and join ties. One new bin Laden when NASA Leon and perform namaz in the dead of night when the creation is sleeping. He says when I walk into the gathering, and I heard these words, a Jewish scholar who was a rabbi, he says when I heard this, I was convinced this is demand. I came there, I put my hands there and I accept the

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Muslim serif second volume, but this is the point and this is what the Quran identifies. They were those good but that is let me let me start with some tweaking inside the house. And then another delegation of Jews came literally salatu salam asked him Okay, tell me, what's your opinion of a bill of Instagram? How do you view the man Abdullah in Salaam? They said Hi, Rona iryna, he is the best, the most noble, the most pious let me say some said and if I go on to say that he has accepted Islam, they said Sharona Mena, then he is the most evil man we've ever seen. The words of Muslim sorry.

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But this is what the Quran highlights.

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He comes out and he says, Oh fools. I am your leader in this Kitab is telling us this is the man.

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One minute ago, he's the best, the most noblest, the most pious, and if I tell you he is a Muslim Sharona what we know certainly not the most evil coming from the most evil evil progeny.

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The Quran praised Abdullah in a salon in such ways brothers,

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that will love you and I cannot understand the very people of the book. Now what happened to the point that I'm discussing when he stood up and he spoke about the truth, then immediately what they said he is not from amongst us. Now isn't that the situation which we are facing with them and us? That is why wherever Allah tala spoke about the proof of Nabi sallallahu sallam, Allah told him first victory in quantum law school. My inner beam is saying he is a prophet. You don't accept him I am telling you is that the People of the Book beat the Jews and decreases those among you who are the learner scholars and and are governing and guiding with justice go and ask them and see what

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they've got to tell you about the problem. And leave me mine Abby's evidence you don't want to accept go and take the evidence of your own people. But what has happened, whenever they stood up with the truth, then if he is not a Zionist God is not good.

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If he stands up and he speaks anti Zionism, then he is out of the circle. It doesn't belong to us. If we let the kanima is the worst from the worst, is the best from amongst the best. If he told Zionism, he is amongst us, he doesn't talk Zionism he's not from amongst us.

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The Quran praise them so much, Amina Nikita women in tamanho, between party de la, they are some of the jewels. Allah says if you have to give them an entire treasure of gold. And you ask them, please keep this for me, you TV lay the time you want it, they will come and give it to you in the correct way.

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Woman one man in a man would be the winner. But the majority are those that if you give them one way, and also you live to beg for it. And then also we'll be lucky if you get

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lucky. I

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mean, you know, and I don't mean all these verses were revealed in the light of

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day The law says these are those that accepted the truth. I give you another example. It is it is imperative that we understand.

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Islam is not come to criticize. But this was the truth that only could be revealed by a revelation.

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So in the nature they were not ready to accept truth. Study the Quran What did they say? Nothing, no.

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The Bible, we are the people of God is the words of the Quran. And Allah We are the sons of Allah. We are the benefits of Allah. Allah said people can be the new become if you are lessons then why is it luck punishing you so much? Why are you going through such disgrace and humiliation? But unknown person only mancala musala Salatu was Salam. What Bani Israel were told to enter into a locality? Enter India. What do you tell me Sorry, Sarah, is the hub and tower of Boca katella in

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almost you and your go fight. We sit here when you victorious you come back we join you.

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The Quran spoke about this. Let's speak about the Christians, the People of the Book. What did the Quran say about them? First the people that use Islam,

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a delegation from a place called john came to Vietnam to debate the the concept of Trinity.

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So they came to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And they said what's your opinion about Isa

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was set up, said we accept him as the Navy over law. And he was born like the Quran testifies with a mother with no further from the Virgin Mary.

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They debated and they said no, he's a, he's the son of Allah dykema excited in the beginning,

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there was no law, la la la,

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They said that Jose is the son of Allah. Of course, there are many denominations amongst them. So I don't know if this group still remains among them over this concept. The scholars have to say that it doesn't look like this. This particular sector group exists. We'll call it in nosara almasi hoping a lot and the People of the Book Club among the Christians What did they say? They said, Lisa is the son of a lot. Let me according to the law, Islam explained to them they look your Allah is no son.

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Let me talk about when Allah is no wife, Allah is no child. This is our belief. After much debate, the Christians were not ready to accept the verdict of reality. Salatu was Salam. And it was finally decided that tomorrow abana abana accom when he saw when he saw one persona and forsaken so many details, I learned a lung yarmulke debate. We are speaking those among them and we are seeing them coming out. But you've seen but others, many people feel that the right time now is to expose them. When their own people expose them, they don't listen when you will expose them out and listen.

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When those amongst them exposed, that they were not ready to accept.

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The focus should be what is our duty?

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Whether Allah destroys or not, that remains the task of Allah, what is our obligation

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to them and this concept is referred to as the concept of mubadala that tomorrow you come with your wife, your children, your family, I come with my wife, my children, my family, you stand that side, I stand the side jointly because we can come to a compromise I'm telling you easily. In fact, the Quran quotes the statement of a certain in the very Christians. Yeah, Bani Israel, or Buddha, or rugby. All the children of Israel worship one a lot. He is my Lord and your Lord, he himself says this, but they say no, you've been humble you Allah.

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So what happened the next day they come this delegation, and the Quran then praises them afterwards, the king of ever senior niggas when the Muslims came into shelter, then the kuffaar came, and they said, you know, these people have taken shelter in your land, and they are so evil and this is the condition. The Sahaba was someone in the court of negus and then Jennifer Villani, stood up and he said, Hey, you have a good narco manager, Leah nabooda. snom Nakuru Mater naptown you see with Jabbar coonara, Daddy hacia, la la la Sula, who now the fullness of who was a monitor who we were in mock up. We were the most evil people don't throw it in people we used to fight and kill and

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massacre for petty things. Allah said Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam amongst us, we accepted his creed, we followed him, our nation is opposed us, we have come to take shelter in your land. He says go you can reside in peace. The next day, they said no, the Cooper was disappointed that the king did not get rid of them. So instead, what we'll do, we'll go and discuss the sensitive issue of the birth of Islam. And this is how we will upset the king against the Muslims. So the next day another delegation came and he said King, Your Majesty, Your Honor, do you know these Muslims that have taken shelter in your land? Do you know what nasty remarks they make about Isa and the birth of Isa

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and the mother of Isa Mary in the Virgin Mary, do you know what you go and call them immediately he was very upset, because this was now interfering with his belief. Once again, the Jamaat was was called in the presence of this king, Southern disarm, he stood up first question asked, What is your belief define your belief with regards to Isa salatu salam. So he stood up and he said we believe that he was created by the will of Allah and unlike normal by the meeting of husband and wife, but miraculously, through the Virgin Mary, Allah sent angels zebrina Nystrom and blue on her chest, she instantly conceived, and he sorry salatu salam was born. We accept him as an enemy of Allah. We

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accept him as the Prophet of Allah, we accept him as a chosen and selected servant of Allah. However, he remains the key in the creation of a lot and at no stage does he become the Creator. When the king heard this, he said, but he said nothing more than this. This is the very message that he said. Those people were embarrassed, ashamed and dare to live. He said, Now I will not entertain any man's word against you. I am convinced that you have the truth and I have accepted your Islam and I am with you. The Quran revealed reverse phrase in this Christian when he died when he died in Russia when he died in a senior hundreds and 1000s of kilometers away from Mecca and Medina nebulae

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Salam was informed in the holy lands of Mecca that this man has died Dola say standing in Makkah, let me erase from itself and he said we are performing the janazah of debt

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King who accepted Islam. So this is the message of the Quran for the people of the book, accept it in your own practice to carry my recycling in the beginning. Hola lol kita only the people of Toronto come Kamiya Kamiya we stand together Karina can imagine so as we come to one word, one compromise. What is it? Salaam Dania Nabina Kumar Lana Buddha Illallah that we worship none other than Allah when

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we do not ascribe partners with Allah, but brothers, are they ready to accept the diction those that stood up amongst the way Are they going to embrace us? Were they going to embrace us of the loving Salaam saloon our police arena immediately Allah reveal Allah has opened the seven jewels of the Quran praising this very same man while he does me Omar on Xena universal Torah you know whom

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you will find amongst the people of the book the Jews and the Christians when the verses of the Quran are recited because of the jumper stood up and he read surah verses of surah Merriam, and then the king started crying when you heard the verses of the Quran, Allah says you will find people from among the Jews and the Christians, when the light of Islam comes before them.

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The field will mean that you will find them initially crime and then theory and an uncontrollably they start sobbing, who not the condition of Sava allies begin the condition of Christians who accepted Islam when the truth came before them. And what did they say

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it in our law we have accepted it now record as amongst the believers.

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I conclude with this incident nabire salam in Makkah perform the Journal of dead men. So it is very easy to take those verses where the Quran condemns the people of the book because of their own a nation that could not accept the truth when those amongst them stood up. So naturally anybody else raising those slogans is going to fall on deaf ears.

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They'll delegation came the next day to debate the concept of Trinity.

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haven't got time brothers? You know how much Allah has discussed this in the Quran? But unfortunately, we are ignorant with regards to to the basic intentions of Quran and Hadith. How much do we know what does the Quran say about it? Allah says if you argue with a Jew or a Christian, and he says, but this is from Torah, this is from Injeel. How do you view this entire situation? Why not?

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Tell him come take out the original scripture, that which has not been distorted. You take that original original scripture, and I put the Quran together and then you will find how it's so common amongst itself. And I will show you places where your scripture has spoken about

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these people the next day when they came from a city and he had thrown this picture. Let me I said I'm walking in his one hand is his one grandson has it husbandry alone,

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to walk in Libya. linstrom helped him with his Mubarak finger behind his Fatima de la Mancha. Can you imagine how are striking this personalities must have been when if you have to take any one of them. They will see one is going to be over law then as some soon we'll be some soon. So you can I settle the Alanna says one is my son that is my baby and one is the son that brightens the world. But some say how you don't mean some summer but my son that is in my house. It is mine it is better than the sun in the skies. Why for in Assam setup now.

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That sun brightens up the world other half in darkness. My interview radiates like three four hours

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walking, listen to this, the dedication of Christians coming to fight and argue the concept of Trinity. Salah walking in his in his hustle and in the other hand is for same sex Shabaab.

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The leaders of the youth of gentlemen the mayor is Toronto Hassan.

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Hassan, you resemble my appearance also in my characters. Jose in in one hand has an in one hand Fatimah at the back Kappa Viki said often,

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often and sakuni saggy, that Anissa Oh, my daughter Fatima, it is enough for me. It is enough honor for you. My Allah has confirmed you will be the queen of the woman of gender. As this Christian delegation was coming, one of the Christians priests, this site fell on nabire Sam and his daughter and his children and they looked at this and he paused. He said oh my people, Allah, I don't know much of Christianity. But I see some light in this man. If he's going to do mavala that he is we both combinely curse the wrong party.

00:24:41--> 00:24:46

We both get together I am saying Isa is the servant of Allah. Allah you are saying he

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is the son of Allah. We jointly say for Nikita, Nikita, he'll manage Allah tala Ll dB. Can we combine forces you from your side me from my side? Nothing will happen. Nah, nah, nah.

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Come when he saw when he saw you, your daughter, your children, me, my daughter, my children, we stand in because Oh Allah, whoever is answering the phones, then you curse them destroy them. When this please look at this on a striking personality. We want these people to stand up in the world where

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they said, Really this looks like divine people. I promise you, if he is going to tell us the words that come in the river, they won't remain a Christian on this earth and the day of payments.

00:25:29--> 00:25:30

I think

00:25:31--> 00:25:49

what he's saying, we view it in the light of your scriptures. Consider it again. They looked at the Scripture, that the prophesies man used to come examine him. Look at these qualities. Look at these attributes, the very ones that came to oppose came meaning and accepted the Kadima.

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More than 17th is dedication.

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a substantial amount of juice, then the king of ever senior Abdullah bin Salaam, with those people that the Quran has praised them. Allah has spoken about them. They had the Torah in the jail. But when truth came before them, they accepted the truth and they understood the truth and they implemented the truth. The concluding Hadith which I terminate much time has been taken. For others I have spoken about this in detail during the week. I don't want to take much time and digress. Many things have been said there's a lot of emotions, emotions are running high sentiments are affected. People are emotional about the situation. everything in its place. People are speaking of boycotting

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Israeli products. I conclude with one honey from Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam in this regard, it the atrocities and the brutality of the hood has opened our eyes to the concept and to the fact that they are enemies of truth. And they hate us dating from the very beginning of time. And it has made us conscious, which has resulted in us abandoning them and just associating economically, financially in any way in every way. Then Alhamdulillah what is happening in the middle is the omit in other parts of the world has understood the message the message is progressing. So much has gone the message. But if so many lives are going 1000s our children orphans, our mothers widows, and the

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message has not been understood. boycotting Israeli products is but one fraction of what Allah has told us via a Serato Saran is prophesied in the revival of theorem eventually let everyone know soon Hannah Montana kubla Khan super ambitious in their on their own, you will follow the nations that preceded you

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to such a detail that even if they entered a lizard hole, you will follow them.

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Sava should only be overlord Do you mean we will follow the Jews and the Christians that we saw said if not them then who else? If not then then who else? So all the wrongs that took place among them will happen among you? One after can Oh lol Divina bonobo Don Kelly Ahmad Hassan sobre

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la Allah Sado Mohammed sesam, your enmity, those that accepted the truth. Abdullah bin Salaam study the books of Hadith he is great at so much Alhaji he came in he accepted the truth. After studying the truth was discussing the Torah Amina Viola amino, Allah says those that received the books previously when they seen the truth except Allah says there's one way that the Yahoo and the NASA and the entire world will become happy with you. What is it? Well in total ban kill Yahoo, when an Asana had the army letter whom Allah says you abandon your deen and start accepting the concept of wrong and evil and false would infinity and they will accept you. But of course I will message to

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the Jews and the Christians and to the entire world and we serve and we and we we address our brothers in Palestine that May Allah help them and guide them and protect them that in Mammoth, we will all die and we will give our lines as you are giving it we stand by your side in the form of law in the form of contribution in the form of supplication in the form of whatever possible ways that we can speak against it. We will prefer dying than abandoning our Deen as our brothers and sisters have resisted in various parts of the world and preserve the dean and they have sold the remaining part of the Muslim world that understand the price of preserve Indian in this time is

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expensive. The doors of excuses are set for you on the day of Tiamat if you will say that our life could not get up because of fear. Allah will tell you your brother in the other side of the world was going to read novels in the third harem when it meant very nice coming and going. What are you fussing about it you worried about one theme there is going to come and attack you when you come from? The doors of excuses have been set the price and the other brothers and sisters are playing in other parts of the world. Brothers understand what is the message what is the brutality and we look at that sympathy that is emotions. But isn't there some other some other spiritual note that it is

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plus into

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Enter your world and then is omit we die for the deen of Allah it's time you stand up in the entire oma May Allah unite don't return puts in the lens of the woman May Allah keep victory to the woman may align our slavers show us the guidance and that he died that he has promised with the proper with those that obey the deen of Allah Akbar Katana

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