February 25, 2023

Sulaiman Moola


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There's a friend in Sri Lanka, once I was there on a lecture tour, so then it was quite intense. And then he insisted I must go for a massage. So he took me to a very nice massage parlor, male therapist, and I could probably find this every time I speak. Because the mind runs, you know what I mean? The male male male, male male therapist. Yeah. You know, in a modern setting, and the respectful ambience male. Yeah. Okay.

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So it's always good to qualify for the market for which Africa.

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So anyway, it was creating an exorbitant amount and everything. And then when we complete it from there, I acknowledge the women I said, Jazak Allah, and I said, the scene is going to set you back properly. And he taught me something so deep. He says, I never ordered money I spent on others. I audit money I spend on myself.

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I never audit money. Imagine.

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Imagine you're going to buy your mom's medication and you're looking at the stuff. Woe to you.