Forgotten Etiquettes #16 Complain To Allah And Do Not Complain About Allah

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The speaker discusses the negative perception of Islam and the limitations of complaining about it. They also mention the struggles of older generations in older countries with extreme emotional struggles. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not feeling guilty and not complaining about something.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I just marvel at the beauty and the practical nature of Islam. There is no ruling or advocate in Islam that is against the human makeup simply because the very Allah Who created us has legislated our deen and you will find perfect synchronisation between the teachings of Islam and the human composition. Now again another very sensitive aspect in Islam we are taught not to moan and groan and not to complain and whine. But does that mean we are not allowed to at times even express our feelings or were hurt no not at all say that uh you valet his salon was a profit he was in pain is that Rob be uneasy misogyny of door. Oh my Allah, I'm in pain. I'm in pain.

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Sometimes you visit an old person he or she makes an exclamation. They tear in it. So no just makes about just make somebody Wait, hang on, hang on. It's perfectly fine to complain to Allah. Don't complain about Allah. complained to Allah. If you're not going to complain to Allah then who would you complain to? Yes, don't complain about Allah. Again, we look at the incident of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he has lost his son Ibrahim Radi Allahu Anhu and he started tearing and Abdurrahman Abner Ofra the Allahu Anhu said prophet of Allah, what are these tears? And he said how the Ramadan Jarrah, Allah Hala who fecal luminary bud, these this is a mercy that Allah

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has instilled in us as a father as a parent if I will not cry who will cry, but look at the limitations of the tearing for cook and who dude writes and limits in the line at TED MA The eye is tear in the heart is full of sorrow and grief. But we will not utter anything other than that word which our Allah is pleased and that is in early law he were in LA Raja rune were in beef erotica, yeah, Ibrahim and Obi him surely your separation has left us in agony. When Satan are Musa alayhis salam and you shall be known traveled, and they went beyond the point where they were supposed to meet her there. Then what did say the NA Musa alayhis salam say? Lacan Artina vida en la casa de

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Latina mean Safaree Na Na Saba bring our lunch I'm really tired. I'm exhausted. The Allah Allah Allah is the hara Hara min El Mirage, when aqui LA Unified will come out. The IoT teaches us to express I'm exhausted and feeling hungry and feeling thirsty is natural. It's human. It's permissible. In essence, as I said, complain to Allah, but don't complain about Allah.