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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the legacy of Mohammed bin Laden, a great artist and military genius. They also discuss the influence of the previous president's political leaders, including his political policies. The speaker then discusses the success of a woman named Jenna Kattana, a woman of farm and tiller, and the importance of the fruit of the garden and the fruit of the car in shaping one's life and acceptance of actions.
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This will learn he was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Chabad. Mohammed bin idrissa Shafi Rahim Allah apart from being a great Judas and a thing of this oma he was a great sharp player and a great poet as well. In fact, he himself had once mentioned Lola Shiro usury bill Rama lacunae lagoon to leiomyoma sharmeen libido. If it wasn't for the fact that poetry is not very palatable for Judas and scholars, then I would have excelled in the field of poetry that I would have even surpassed the likes of libido, who was a well known poet of the past. Amongst the many couplets of Imam Shafi Rahim Allah Mohammed bin Idris, there's one particular stanza that I

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just want to share with you today and build on. He said the Padma toman one man Manta to Mecca remove them, while some people have died a physical death. But then legacy keeps them alive, even after their death, had met a bomb on my monitor to remove them, one shadow man for whom fitness and were to and some people are physically alive, but the masses are praying for their death. So physically they inhabit the earth, the people are dreading the presence, so in, in reflection, and in real meaning, it is those people whose legacy have kept them alive, that are really living a true life, and those that are physically alive and people are praying and wishing and hoping and cursing

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them to die. There is no meaning to that life, there is no meaning to that life. And when we really look at the lives of our pious predecessors, and we take it beyond to the noble companions, may Allah be pleased with them all. And we elevated even beyond to the galaxy of MBR aleikum wa Salatu was salam, then by their discussions and their legacy, they live amongst us, they are amongst us, we we speak about the Sahaba So, so passionately, so lovingly, as if they are amongst us, and this is the legacy and this is how Allah has kept the the names active and alive. And this is one of the advisors when Abdullah Abbas or the Allahumma was asked, What is the greatest legacies it wealth or

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knowledge? And he said, Of course, it's the sacred knowledge of Deen. And then he was asked what's the proof? He said, Leon Asahi, Bellman young, 30 Rudy crew mode when he and Asahi Bella. Yeah, because the crew battle mode. Wow, a wealthy man, an affluent man, a person who had all the wealth and the clout and the financial muscle, more than often his name disappears after his death. It's over. In fact, we've seen this world when a person is a head of state, then obviously he makes news, the bulletins run with him. He has a state visit. There's so much coverage on every aspect of his life. And then after that, when he's done is over, and somebody else is sworn in, and he's the

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former president, and you just see instantly how things just dwindle. And they diminish. And now really occasionally, you know, once in a while, you get a little reflection of him otherwise it's over while he's still living. But now he's no longer in office when NASA Hubble but the person who possesses knowledge yet because they grew Battle Mode, his legacy continues after his demise. And amongst those people, one was a man by the name of Mohammed bin was a para Hema hula.

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He was such a great scholar that one of his contemporaries ones pay tribute and homage to him by saying that either one to fill hybrida wakasa to fill Hiva Nevada Illa, Mohammed fatahna shed to fill the SRB that whenever I would have a spiritual dip, and I would feel lame or lethargic or sluggish in my religious performances, then I would attend one of the gatherings of the discourses of Mohammed bin awasi. And instantly I would feel energized I would feel spiritually motivated. So this was the caliber of Mohammed bin awasum Rahim Allah Malik bin Dena Rahim Allah said Lin Omar acaba, vanilla Nia eco la Mohammed amin por la Ilaha that you have national reciters and

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international recitals of the Quran. And then you have the legendary recite is like Muhammad ibn awasi, who read exclusively for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today I want to share with you something very amazing from his many pearls of wisdom and advices that he would disseminate in his discourses. On a particular instance, he meets up with the Villa de bourree de Bella is a man of fame, of wealth of pomp of glory.

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He's he's living a soft life. He's living a comfortable life and he's got this beautiful home and the latest deco, etc of that time. So Mohammed Nawaz Rahim Allah comes home and may not even be Breda CMK Fatah beta now what's your take on my house? What's your opinion on my dwelling? What's your opinion about my palace? So these were great people he was a sage of the age he was saintly, he's I was not gripped or limited to the transitory things of this world. Is that in the beta color for him? Well, Jenna to appear Minho. Wow, your house is beautiful. But Jenna is way more awesome than this house of yours with a granary unit here and who and if you start thinking of death more

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often you'll have less time to boast and brag about your material things. You know, there's a verse in the 27 Jews of the Quran in surah Hadid where Allah likens our entire state on Earth, to rain and to farming and produce. And Allah uses a very amazing expression and this is the beauty of the Quran. It never fails to impress me. And after all, it's the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala Camus le life in a bell curve, Roberto samaya Hey, Joe, Fatah homos farva. So Allah says the similitude and the parable of human existence on this earth is like rain that comes down beneficial rain can mess any light in Africa well, kuffar, in a battle, it then makes contact with the ground, and then

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there is fresh, fresh produce that comes out. There's greenery there's, there's vegetables

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that grows from the earth. Now, understand this carefully, when this greenery comes out, and this produce comes out, and the crops are ready to be harvested, Allah says, aren't reachable too far on about this produce looks pleasing to the eye of the disbeliever. Allah uses the word kuffaar. kuffaar is the plural of the word caffeine, which commonly averagely in the Quran is used in comparison, in contrast to a believer, So believe it or not mean a disbeliever is the cafe. And that then creates the question which the scholars pose. And this is one interpretation given that why did Allah say that the produce or the vegetation or the harvest or the greenery of this earth looks

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appealing to the eye of the disbeliever because it looks appealing something that's beautiful, and it's green, and it's attractive believer or disbelieve a farmer or otherwise young or old? It just looks nice, it's appealing to the eye. But the Quran said a bell curve number two. So according to one translation, your coffee means literally coffee this believer and how do we reconcile because something that's green and beautiful looks appealing to everyone? And this is the answer given which ties up with the sentiments of Mohammed debonair Was that something beautiful of this world does look attractive to the believer. And the disbeliever, however, does believe that becomes overwhelmed

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and consumed by the beauty of this world. While a believer does not does not become obsessed by anything beautiful, it's nice, it's great, but the real beauty is the real joy is after all. So I believe as AI is not gripped or limited to anything mundane or transitory or worldly. He focuses on the author, and that precisely once the sentiments echoed by Muhammad Nawaz Rahim Allah Of course, the other translation of caffeine is in its literal form, and that is a disbeliever that is a farmer. So the word for linguistically if you analyze it, it means to conceal and to cover and that is why a disbeliever is also known as a coffee because he concedes the truth. So if you look at the

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dictionary meaning a farmer and a tiller is also known as a coffee Why? Because he takes the seed and he plants it, he covers it he conceals it. Paid as it may. This this dialogue is so amazing. So Mohammed bin awasi Rahim Allah tells him that your house is beautiful, but the message is the real beauty is Jenna. So he poses the second question matter guru, Phil, what's your take on destiny? What's your opinion on the article of faith? Now we know that there is an integral article of our faith, and we cannot refute it and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has warned us before the Yama people will deny the article of fate and destiny further Allah speaks about the other in the Quran.

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In collaging in holopainen, will be together with created everything with a measure meaning a divine measure. And Allah says fucka Donna melted the rune we estimate we proportion we calculate, and obviously the measure of Allah is perfect for Katana for America. However, we've been cautioned not to

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indulge in understanding the intricacies of this delicate aspect of fate, because it's beyond our grasp and it's beyond our scope and that is in the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So beloved by the ants, Mohammed Nawaz and metacoda Phil Carter, what's your opinion on Qatar? And what did Muhammad Nawaz Rahim Allah say? He said JIRA nukem. In fact, you see him for in a fee him lishala lesson, my brother, people in your neighborhood are dying daily, probably you need to be reflecting on how short our life is in this world and preparing for us. Because that's what you will be questioned about how you spend your time, how you spend your youth, how you spend your wealth, etc.

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And you will not be asked to simply find the article of faith on the day of the AMA. And that makes us understand that often often, we concern ourselves with things that are that are outside our scope number one and number two outside our domain. And number three, we're not answerable for it. We're not Ansible alized. I'm going to take me to task for that. What are the things that can be hearing in the summer when the buzzer went for the cooloola ecocar nanhu Masuda, but yes, Allah is going to ask me how I spent my time, my health and my wealth, and I need to focus on that. And the last, you know, engagement in this rich dialogue. So Bill, I didn't realize that Mohammed navassa was now

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releasing arrows towards him. And it was going direct to the point and now he needed to change focus to rescue his own image. So he said, Okay, okay, okay, leave all of this. You know, these questions. I have a request to you pray for me make a draft for me. So generally averagely commonly if a person holds the discussion, any request for the law, then Okay, the person in the gathering will make a draw. And that's the end of it. But no bill, I didn't say that when he threw this request. Then Mohammed Nawaz Rahim Allah said, what matters now will be to IE Alibaba, Casa waka Colonia coup in the kovalam, to whom you have

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a brother, I don't have a problem. I will pray for you now. But there are 10 people at the door. Meaning there are many people in your life who are victims of your oppression. They curse will be heard against you before my prayer will be answered in your favor. So my advice to you is undo the curses that you have held towards other others by your abuse and your exploitation. And that itself will be a prayer in your favor. And that's my message that really you want your prayers to be answered. Surely supplicate Allah make dua to Allah, but undo the hurt of people, because there are many people either in our employment either working in our homes, or in some religion who we have

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abused or exploited and their hurt and their pain, and they curse will cause us more misery and will block the acceptance of our class. So May Allah make us amongst those people that we can benefit others and if we're unable to benefit, at least let us not harm any person.

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