Daood Butt – Friday Night Etiquettes Class – December 25, 2020

Daood Butt
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Maliki afaan Salatu at Temple tasleem I'll be shocked he saw that he were seated the Emory looked at me lissoni of guacamole, my brothers and my sisters Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. So today is

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an emotional day. The Masjid Of course, after a slight delay shall right now.

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You know, we announced to the people that that's it, we are, you know closing due to the pandemic, and we will reopen when the province allows us to reopen. In the meantime, we will be closed,

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close to the public services and programs will still be ongoing, and so on and so forth. And we'll talk about that at the end inshallah Tada. But for today, we're going to continue through with our class on the etiquettes of giving senem. And we want to make sure that we maximize our time, we're not going to take too too long and shot a lot. I didn't prepare a lot of stuff today intentionally. I kept it light and simple. Because I wanted to give some time for some questions. And I also wanted to allow

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you know, people the opportunity to

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you know, get to know the different programs that will be ongoing throughout this province wide pandemic.

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All right, so

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we were talking about getting set up and the importance of conveying Salutations, or seeing a celebrity commandment, Allahu Akbar cattle you know how to

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give some time and how the the importance of giving it out loud and saying it so that the other people or other person can hear us. We also

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looked at giving Sam with an E shot off using our hand or gesturing we should say and today we look at Joe was a senem Ireland was Sunday. What a dude who will shower so the permissibility of giving xlm to someone who is in Salah, someone who is praying their prayer and the ability to reply or respond to that person send them with a gesture.

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So we see in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that it is permissible if someone is praying their prayer to respond or reply to another person send them by gesturing okay and how the gesturing takes place that's what we're going to discuss inshallah okay? But first let's look at ahead Ethan jab, it'll be a lot more and where he says

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the profits on a longer I send them sent me out to go and get something or to do something. Then when I came badgered upon the profits on the Walker, and he was selling, he was praying for selling too early. So he was the prophets all along. It was something he was praying but a bit of the lower end, gave Sam to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his prayer for Ashanti lay. So he actually responded to or replied to the centum of Jabir about the blogger and with

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a gesture so he didn't say he didn't reply and say why ecommerce center, he, you know, moved his hand and gestured, you know, to him. And like I said, we'll look at the the types of gesturing, okay.

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We also see in the hadith of sohaib, or the logline that he says model to be Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I pass by the prophets on Long Island, he was someone who was only for so long to Allah, he forgot that he shot. So he says, I walked by or passed by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was praying. And I said, Send them to him. And he responded with an E Chava. With a gesture. Now, here's the question, I'm just going to lower this a little bit so that you can see my hands. Okay.

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So here's a question.

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A, A massala that we're gonna look at inshallah. Tyler. What is the ruling? Oh, sorry, what is what is the

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gesture look like? What kind of gesture Can someone give to another person when responding to their senem when, you know saying while he was set up to them, so there's no specific gesture that we can give or that we find in the deen as in there's not one specific way or method of gesturing to someone to reply to their setup.

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However, we see different examples in the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So

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in one example, and then the via someone who it was

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from about 10 candidates, a shower bill was born. Okay, so the shower was

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Basically with the finger, right with one of the fingers, okay, indicating, yes, I've acknowledged your setup. So someone comes in a set more elegant, easy.

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Right? It's like just gesturing with their hand. You look at my hand, you see what I'm doing right? Just gesturing with your finger that you've acknowledged, they're sat down, and that gesture is the response to the center. So someone is asking, what is the topic for today? Today we're talking about getting sat down with to someone who's praying, Okay, can we give them to someone who's praying? And how can we give sentiment to them? And how are they supposed to reply? So if someone comes upon or passes by, and someone is praying a prayer, so in one instance of prophets all along, I needed someone just moved his finger, you know, to indicate to the people who gave him send them or the

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person who gave him sent them that he's responding to their SAP. Okay.

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Now, before we go any further, I want to remind us all that when sauna started, right when this habit of the alarm when used to pray sought out before it was made,

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before it was made impermissible to speak in sauna. What this habit of the enemies do is that they actually used to say why they come set up with their mouth. So some of them come into meeting where it was set out.

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And then they'd continue in their prayer, right but then eventually as as time went on, and things evolved, and you know, rules started to get more polished we could say or principles became polished and and aspects of the deen became more polished. As time went on, you know, we see those changes there.

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So the first is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would reply to someone said, By moving his finger simply indicating with his finger that he acknowledges and responds to that person sent him just with a gesture.

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Also billiard right, just with the hand, right? Just

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someone gives an EMS Am I running from center? Okay, so now Michael.

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And another time with the hand, right? By by lifting the hand off completely, okay, and saying why liquid center. Okay, so someone comes in Santa Monica.

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And just continue to pray without actually saying something. Okay. So those are the different ways. And also, you know, while while researching it and looking through it, we see that the the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would put his hand is that when he was using his hand, he would raise it completely. And there are times that he said that his palm was exposed. But for the most part, if he did, he would just lift his hand so that the bottom of his head his palm is facing down and the top of his hand was facing up, so it wasn't like a Hey, Sam article. Why don't come Cena How are you? I saw it. No, no, no, it was like you're praying Salah. And it's just

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right, very simple, and depends on the position that you're in, in the prayer as well. So if you're going to show just, you know, that's it.

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I'm Joe was assylum arella. Talia, and so the permissibility of giving senem to someone who is reciting the Quran.

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So if someone is reciting the Quran, should we give them send them should we say SNM article Mar a Lago Barakatuh to them because they're busy reciting the Quran, so why should we disturb them? That's usually what we think. Right? So it is permissible to give them to someone who's reciting the Quran and the person who's reciting the plan should actually reply to the person sent out. Okay, reply to the person said, I'm why because it's the right of the believer upon another that if you give sent m, then you will get that response to the spam. So I know a lot of people say but it's the Quran, yes. But the act of reciting the call, and at that instance, is not something that is wajib.

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It's not something that's compulsory. It's not something that's a necessity at the time, right, but replying to that person send them is and so that takes a higher precedence over the recitation of the Quran. So you can pause, respond to a person, send them and go back to your recitation of the Quran.

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And what if the person who is reciting the Quran and sees another Muslim passing by or see someone who's Muslim near them,

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stops their recitation gives them to them, that person replies to their system and he carries on continuing to read. So the first example was the person who's reciting the quote and someone comes in and get them set up. Right? So I'm reciting Quran, someone passes by and gives me some I should respond to their setup. What if I'm reading Quran and I see someone passing by I give them set up. So I stopped reciting the Quran. They said Mr. Na come to see where it comes to them and I come back to the recitation of the Quran, that's permissible as well. Okay, that's permissible as well.

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Why is that permissible? Because there's no evidence to show that it is not permissible. Okay, and remember, there's a great reward for someone who is going to start the setup. Okay, the person who starts to sit down, he's going to get a far greater reward than the person who's replying to the Senate. Okay? Why are they gonna send him or her to lock your cattle to everyone who's giving me set out why they come set down? What I put a lot of our cattle to Chavez and Ian and jessem and everyone that's out there.

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Okay, cut all he had to set up Island motor, Holly. So what if you are relieving yourself? You're in the bathroom, for example, and someone comes into your home and they're like, ah, I want to come home. Right? Is it permissible to reply to that person send them while using the bathroom? Now? I know for us, we'd be like, Well, why would anyone like give us to them while we're using the bathroom? That doesn't make any sense? Like why would someone come up and knock on the door while you're in development? SES said, I'm wanting to be like, yeah, we want you're already in my home. But think of this at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where they used to go out

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in the desert to relieve themselves. Okay? So they used to walk out and sometimes people would see them so we actually have heads showing us that the prophets all along it was one of them was you know, urinating or relieving himself and companions walked by him and gave him setup. Okay. Is that something that's wrong? Or we'll look at it

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is Murphy Danica matter? Well, we've been on the lower end of the llama and Homer so the narration from even our mode of the lava and hula

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and our drill and Mama, so a men passed by, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was urinating for selam. So that person gave xlm to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fellow Mira de la and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not respond to his center. Okay, he did not respond to the center. So if someone is in the bathroom, and someone comes by and you know, knocks on the door and says said Mr. Lee, come to you, and while you are relieving yourself, you should not respond to a person's setup. Okay.

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In another narration, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam similar thing happened he was you know, relieving himself urinating and a companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walked past him, and he gave him sat down and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not reply to this to them. He finished relieving himself. He then proceeded to make woo and once he concluded making Lulu he then gave Salaam to the person that you know, that he replied to the sentiment of the person who gave him Sam while he was yearning. And he said something along there and he was seldom in the carry to an advocate Aloha, azzawajal illa Allah Turin, call Allah.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after relieving himself, he then goes and makes withdrawals. And then he goes to the person who gave him Sam, and he says to him, I disliked that I should mention a loss of Allah azza wa jal when I am is in a state of impurity, right when I'm when I'm not in a pure clean state. And so he did not respond to the centum in that instance, until after he had the will and then went and responded to the person set up, okay

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is to have a senem and the decoded bite. So the last topic that we'll take for today and shot a lot of data is

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that it is encouraged for us to give senem when we are entering

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a home or even our home. So when we're entering our home, or entering a home in general, for in Canada to obey in Canada, Bates, Kalia. So if the house is empty, there's no one there. Right and no one maybe even living there,

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then it is encouraged to still give senem according to some of the scholars,

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it is still encouraged to give them despite the fact that no one is even there, or no one is even living there. And I want to say something first, I always encourage our youth, you know, to give senem when they enter their homes, even if no one is there. Now our teachers taught us look you give senem because not only is the human inhabitants of the house there, but you know, there are angels, but also, you know, the jinn and hopefully the believers that could possibly be there. And so you're giving some and when you give them the evil that is within the home leaves the home because you know give center, right? And we see this as a practice when you know from the civilian side

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When purchasing a new home, they come into their home or they're entering their home for the first time they enter the home, they say said Mr. Eddie come up with a lot of our capital, you know, they recite, or they call the then recite sort of through the back color. These are things that are encouraged. But here we're looking at, you know, in addition to that,

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entering into a home where no one is living, right, no one is there, or it is completely empty. So some of the scholars encouraged that we give senem when entering into that home.

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And then some of the scholars say that the person who's entering should give senem to themselves, right gives them to themselves. And we see a narration from Abdullah bin Rama de la Houma where he said

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he the duck Island Bay bait rail my spoon, so if someone enters a house that is not being inhabited,

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valuable then say a seller or Elena well arriba de la sala

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a seller Marlena where either a bird in LA Asana

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okay so give some empty yourself a set em where La Nina y la arriba de la Hassan EP and to all of the worshipers of Allah subhana wa Jana the righteous worshipers of a less accountable

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Also we see in Surah Noor verse number 61 a lot some kind of Medina says but either does want to move you

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first anymore and

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foreseeable Sequim, Allah Subhana Allah says that you know if you enter into a home then give senem upon and force it upon yourselves right. So giving some M to the people who are inhabiting the house or living there who are there or even getting set up to one self The point is you are sayings have giving setup right salutations has been mentioned

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when cannibal bait Lazar Fie Illa

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so if there's no one in the house except for your own family, then it is encouraged to give selam to them as well. Right.

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Fine a visa Bay and that was something I jotted on. So I was delayed said that he heard about the alarm on say, the hunter Allah Allah if you enter your home and your family is there so you enter into a home where your family is

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suddenly Malian.

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Give them sell them to here 10 min or in dilla mobarak attempt by either give them a Sanam a beautiful greeting that is that is mobile you know beautiful nice blessing.

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Pure good greetings right what is the best greeting SLM or any con? Metal law you have our cat? Right? What's that over into the holy bait laser why'd you ban so it is not Wajid it is not compulsory for someone to give senem when entering into their home but like I said and like I always tried to say and encourage you know, especially our youth, give senem when you enter your home because it it repels the evil, it repels the evil spirits or the evil that is there and leave they leave right whether it's gin, you know, they leave or someone is upset or angry, you know when they hear centum having less than m is a drought and peace and tranquility comes in the house or in that

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area. That's all that we're going to take for today and Shalom janela I kept it short and sweet like I said because I wanted to you know just cover the topic. And I also wanted to

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reiterate the fact that our must did from Now technically after selected Asia will be closing to the general public until further notice due to the pandemic and the province wide lockdown that is beginning just after midnight tonight. And it's no doubt a difficult time we saw the mustard fall for a shower tonight. So had a lot of people came early. It was amazing. The whole masala area the whole prayer area where the carpet is was full before the salon began. Like I walked in a few minutes early to go make my way towards the friends to the dishonor and it was completely full and people were sitting there making drought It was such a beautiful sight. I honestly wish that it was

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like this every single day. I wish that it was like that every single day you come into a Masjid. Everyone is sitting down. No one

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is talking people are praying or some people are making drown some people were reciting for an but it was so full and so peaceful and it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. SubhanAllah so my brothers and sisters look

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this is the plan of Allah soprano voice that we go into another lockdown. And it is the plan of Allah subhana wa tada that we go through these hardships in our life.

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And I was reciting, you know, sort of the Baja in the second leg of Asia and I thought to myself

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in the last verse, the near and dear to Robbie Kapha had this you know,

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For verily we should be speaking about and you know, mentioning the blessings of Allah subhana wa tada that he's placed upon us the near him right the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada. So, when you think of it, some kind of love we have been blessed by along with so many things that we take for granted. We really really truly take things for granted. And as much as you know, we are sad that the mustard is oh, you know is closing.

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That doesn't mean that we stopped our a didac right, like we say after a move on. The Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of all the other months. The Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of show what the Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of mahalo. The Lord of Ramadan is the Lord of the eye, oh, well as in Los Angeles, Allah is there to be worshipped still, just because I'm avant ended doesn't mean that worship stops. So just because the mustard is closing doesn't mean that that a badger stops. In fact, they rebelled that should increase even more, because we want more from Allah subhana wa data in terms of blessings. So we shouldn't stop the EBITDA, we should increase it, we should add to it,

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we should, you know, try to submit to a loss of handling data in ways that maybe we never have before. I'll open it up for some questions. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. Forgive me, I know the fan on my laptop is like working in hyperdrive.

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I think I just need to close the computer down. I use it quite often. So you know, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask I'll keep it open for another minute or so. And then we ask them awesome Hannah Montana to

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reunite us once again sometime soon. Before I forget.

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Um, I

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wanted to mention the different programs that will be continuing online, despite the fact that the mustard is closed in person. So

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the first thing is that we will continue this class every Friday night at about at eight o'clock, right. That's the time that we usually scheduled it for. So at eight o'clock every Friday night, we will continue this class going through the you know, the etiquettes and morals that we've that we've already been covering. And continuing with that of sentiments on

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the Sunday night fit class, the essential fit class that we've been doing for over a year now. We will continue that on Sunday nights at 8pm as well.

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Our y ma classes so the youth program, right the Y Mei classes

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that will be ongoing. Also.

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Of course, that's with registration. So please do register your children, your teenagers so if they're in grade seven to 12 registered them inshallah Tada. So that they can attend. And remember it is one fee per family. So if you have, you know, multiple children, then that's fine. The reason why we're doing that is because it makes it easier for everyone to continue to attend the classes from home as well. And we know that people are struggling financially also during this time. So you know, there's just one fee for the entire family and you know, what, we encourage it to be just the youth that listen in and take part in it. And we do encourage that you register each of your

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children with their names and ages and grades and stuff like that. But you know, it's something beneficial that the whole family can sort of take part in in learning. And

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so that's the weight classes which will resume in two weeks. So not this weekend, not next weekend, but the following week, I think is January 9,

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the Quran classes with Chef with Ava and the other co teachers the hidden classes as well and the core classes for the adults. The all of those will continue as they were online. Okay, so those are continuing online as well.

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And I will also inshallah, increase the

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The amount of sessions that we livestream so what I'm going to do is probably start up the poll and class once again. Right? So for those of you who may remember, we were doing a live poll on reading, just reading the plan and sharing screen. So you know, people come on, they can read one page or half a page, I'll share screen with them on Instagram, you know, they'll recite a few verses, if they make a mistake or something, I'll correct them, and then we'll move on. And then I'll recite some and someone else will come on and recite a little bit and we'll continue to do this inshallah we'll try to get that started up soon, inshallah. Tada.

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And yeah, so all of our programs are continuing online. And, you know, the only thing really that's changing is the in person congregational prayers, and that will not take place.

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I do see some questions here. So, you know, scroll back and look at those in charge.

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Okay, so someone says, What about giving senem when someone is eating, so again, if we can give them or someone is reciting your own and they should respond to it, then we should also be able to respond to a person said, while they're eating while we are eating, right, um,

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another question about senem. So I guess we can exchange senem while eating? Okay. Yeah. Yes, we can. So we're gonna just read that before. And I read it again.

00:26:34 --> 00:26:37

If we say said to ourselves, what is the response?

00:26:38 --> 00:26:51

There is no response. You don't need to give a response because you're giving send them to yourself, so you don't need to reply to yourself. You're basically making that asking a lot to bless you because there's no one else in there to be blessed. Okay.

00:26:52 --> 00:26:56

How was your day hamdulillah The day was awesome.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:02

And it was cold. We had about 15 centimeters of snow Shas it, okay.

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When it comes down to YouTube, so we had snow today it was cold is about minus five, which wasn't too bad was actually a mild day. It was very nice. And you know, for someone in Malaysia minus five is like the coldest of cold. But Pamela was actually very good for us today here.

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So I was checking to see if there's any questions here. No questions there. And let me go to Facebook and YouTube. I see a couple of things here.

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Saying Salam is one of the rights of another Muslim. Okay. Yes, so Chavez we took that Hadith already, you need to go back and watch the previous videos, we already mentioned that. Okay. So is the right of a Muslim upon another, to reply to their setup, should send them be offered to somebody who is in namaz. So we spoke about that today. So someone is praying, right? What do we do so if someone is praying salah and someone comes in, we can reply to their system by pointing with a finger right by just raising our finger for example, indicating with our finger or by indicating with our hand or by going like this, and somebody can say like this right? Just and

00:28:14 --> 00:28:44

sorry, continue on with your prayer. So it is permissible to give sent out to people when they're eating were to purchase on a larger data or article said Mr. llahi podcast. All right. So I think that it does look a little cleaner. I will see all of you online again soon. On Sunday nights. We have our Sunday night essential fit class. So please do tune in for that at 8pm. On Sunday evening to Xochimilco Hayden was sent home or at ECAM or metal bar you

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