Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah An Naml #11 I cannot see the hoopoe

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of guidance and support for men in their roles, as well as the need for guidance and support for women in their roles. The speakers share examples of how men need guidance and guidance for their work, including a woman named Missus Kana who was a newbie and had a difficult time finding the joy of her success. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of the word "amala" in Arabic and the influence of shacks on farming. The importance of engagement in the complaint process and clear communication about information given to them are emphasized.
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other day in

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our solar Eema knowing what all Al Hamdulillah

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are we to be like him in a shape on your wall Jamie Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim WHAT THE FUCK caught up playing Rafa colada Molly

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can Amina lava you've been sort of Allah who loves him. So we move further into this amazing riveting intriguing mesmerizing tale story and narrative of Sulaiman Alayhis Salam. We discussed the aspect of the end the communication, the correspondence, the maturity, the you know all the related aspects to it. Now, verse 20, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about his interaction with a particular bird. People are familiar with this word in the Quran, Hood Hood, or Hoopoe, as many were translated.

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Scholars say that this bird had the ability to locate water. And this was the task assigned to this bird that whenever so a man and his sedan would be traveling with his army. And then they would hold obviously, it was a mobile, you know what hold force that was moving together. And then this bird would locate the location of water, the Jannat would dig up the place water would come forth, and they would use it for the ablution facilities, etc. So let's reflect over what Allah subhanho wa Taala conveys to us in this verse. And this is real, this is absolute. This is divine. This is not diluted. This is not exaggerated. This is from the Almighty. absolute truth, Absolute Truth, the

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lottery, Buffy there is no doubt in it. There is no doubt in it. So verse 20, of chapter 27 Waterford cada playing rock for Karla Melia

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hoodoo hood. So on a particular instance, so a man Alayhi Salatu was Salam inspected the birds.

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He checked around, he inspected his army with a factor that played and he observed that Hood Hood was absent. Now, just again, appreciate how much the scholars dissect what the fact that verse 20 opening verse opening portion of the verse He inspected from this, the scholars did use that as a guardian as a mentor, as a parent, as a teacher as a tutor. Your eyes needs to be open and you need to be watchful and vigilant. are you monitoring the class? Are you seeing your attendees? Are you aware of your congregants? Are you taking notice any mom well, so and so is absent today? As the head of the family I don't see this cousin that nephew, this nice. Are we taking note of people or

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is the presence and absence equal to us? So they man Alayhis Salam is consciously monitoring, consciously monitoring.

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We know the incident of Satan so he said nonmetal the Allahu Anhu where he inquired about so and so Wizzy and then they said he's unwell. And then Irma Radi Allahu Anhu paid him a visit and when to you know, offer him nursing and comfort etc. This was the practice of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would be conscious he would be monitoring. They were out in the book and he said, you know,

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asking about a buoy summer and then a person horseman comes galloping. And he says Can Abba Abba. This will be a bouquet Amma and lo and behold, it is a bouquet summer. So suddenly, today, we are so consumed in our own lives, that we don't have the time in the moment to share in the happiness of others or to express our condolences of commiseration or empathy and sympathy in the pain and the agony of others. First portion of diet WHAT THE FUCK but that tired. This is the Quran and this is what I'm trying to drive the message we get guidance in every aspect man needs human needs guidance all the time. Allahu Akbar Raja comienzo Tony aromaticum letter Allah Munna che and Allah took you

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out of the belly in the womb of your moms and brought you into this earth that are under Munna, che. You knew absolutely nothing. And in another verse of the same chapters, chapter 16, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Sama Yura de la, Ramallah then as you progress and you achieve and you accomplish and in the latter part of your life, you return to the worst point of weakness feebleness, you lose your your intellect, your memory, your concentration, your recognition, etc, Li Kala and Mr. Damon Shea and you end up knowing nothing after having acquired so much. So men needs to be told and guided constant

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I always say, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received revelation till his last breath. The last verse to be revealed was what Taku your mentor Gerona, fie Allah Allah and fear the day in which you would return to Allah the last chapter to be revealed was Surah two Nasser either nostril Allah he will fat, which is also known as dough deer. The chapter of bidding farewell. Okay, let's take the second portion of the same idea for Karla Sulaiman said Molly. What's the matter with me law Earl Hood Hood? I don't seem to spot Hood Hood.

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Again Yeah, in cultivated return, ignore Aerobus call has been mentioned that say international a man Alayhis Salam, when he realized that

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he cannot see, recognize, identify and spot a bird that was part of his army. His first point of introspection was is it something wrong with me? Has Allah curtailed this bounty from me momentarily as a disciplinary measure? Because I enjoyed the privilege of the presence of this bird. And suddenly this bird is not here. As a parent, my son is not here anymore. My daughter is not here. Is it that he has defaulted? And he's not serving me? Or is this divinely in version because of a setback from me? For the well being I have Rahim Allah used to say

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that whenever I would notice that my children rebel or my conveyance rebels, I would realize that this is due to a slip up on my part, right these were the pious either fucka do Amala whom and this is mentioned in poor to be in Africa do Ahmad Ahmad is the plural of the word ml for those that are into Arabic. ML means hope Nia you know, aspiration

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to do ml as we say person who's very ambitious in this world May Allah save us from the believers. gazes on Astra.

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So is Africa do ama Allah whom the fuck do Amala whom the pious were those when they could not accomplish the goals? They used to examine and interrogate their actions? Where have I gone wrong? Is our Atia cassava 10 feet tall, big one and fee botanic wireman and fee Ristic farlam Anika Bonita collimated beam Allah Yanique right in time we will fill in forgettable late summer Kandi has mentioned it as kala bamboo Sahaba that some of the Sahaba had mentioned in our eight a one and V botanic it or eight or cassava 10 fickle big when you find that your heart has become hard. It's just not receptive. You know, as the Hadith says that some lands are soft, the water seeps through

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it, and the land becomes fertile. And then there's so much produce that comes out of it. And other land is hard rocky, and it just doesn't soften up. So there is no fear, the land is not fertile, and not conducive for for for for farming and likewise other hearts of humankind. Some are soft. So when the rain of revelation comes, it just responds. And then there is the growth and the production of nobility and spirituality, which Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned in the Quran to the Akula good Luffy NIMBY is the NIRA, Bihar where your babalao fell in us that the believers tree is producing fruit at all times. He's in goodness, he's in character he's in generosity is in

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selflessness. He is in worship, in essence, what is he doing? You have the owner Fabula min Allah He wanted to honor whatever he is doing from the morning till the evening. In one line, he is searching for the pleasure of Allah in nursery accomplishing. Indeed your endeavors are diverse. Some are getting up to secure this world procure this world to indulge to enjoy too many make and others are with the goal of earning the pleasure of Allah. So that's the second reflection of Satanists on a man and he set up the third portion of the same IO Bailey one line, verse 20. M Kana Minella Ebn. He looked around he introspected. And of course, he was a newbie who would get revelation. And he

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realized that no, it wasn't anything on his spot. And it's not like it was present and he did not see because that's also possible. Sometimes I cannot see Oh, easier. Okay. Oh, you nice to see you. Sorry, you were hiding your camouflage and I didn't recognize you. So sometimes a person is present, but you don't recognize him. It was it was neither that case also. So then it was the last option. I'm gonna mean Allah Ebn or is it perhaps that he is from amongst those that are absent? And in the Arabic grammar, we will say Belkin I mean, even I think that Hood Hood is absent. Now look at the authority that Allah had given King Solomon Alayhi Salatu was Salam. So the man Allah instead of

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verse 20.

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One look at the banner who either been shady the hola as by Hannah, who? Hola at any Viswanathan imobie verse of the Quran, verse 21, Chapter 27 Surah to normal. Look why the bene who either been shady either way is this hood hood, it hasn't reported it hasn't informed me, it hasn't taken consent from me this was the authority that Allah had given him, I will subject it to a severe form of penalty, I will subject it to a form a severe form of penalty law where I've been no one other than Shalida Hola, Hannah, and if need be, I will slaughter it, if need be, I will slotted I will subject it to a severe form of punishment or slaughter it olaiya at the end be Soltani Mubin, or

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then it produces a tangible, valid, authentic explanation and justification. Wow. Look at the authority and the muscle and the clout that Allah had given to say, the Nacirema and Alayhis Salam. And from the latter portion, again, look at the deduction, I will lay at the end be Soltani movie, or hood comes up, presents, and then gives an explanation. The scholars deduce from that, that it is not correct for any person to take any disciplinary measures against any individual until and unless that person doesn't come up. And he or she is not given a chance to explain and put context. So you cannot take any measure. You can sound a warning to say Listen, I need an explanation. I need

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context. I need clarification. I need perspective. Right? Or else there'll be consequences. But you cannot you cannot Institute the consequences. You cannot put no No, he hasn't come to work finished. That's it. Just send him a notice retrenchment. Notice retrenchment, notice done, it's over. He's been laid off. We're done. That's the company policy. No, no, no. We don't know what are the circumstances behind. I can appreciate that there is a situation and he needed to show up to work or whatever it is, you know, it's important, but we don't know what are the backdrop of his absenteeism? So again, we'll learn

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until then, unless we don't have full details, we cannot take action. So that's verse number 21. So appreciate we spoke about the end without speaking about or limited amount of time. Understanding the language conversing with the birds conversing with the birds, and your particular bird say nursery mandolins Salaam is angry is upset. He's looked around his introspected is realized the bird is absent. He sounded a warning.

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Verse number 22. From Matt Katha era Barry didn't find MacArthur era Barry then Fatah had to be Malam to hate today. What Jay took min Saba in be number E RT my word. I hope everybody is appreciating and I hope I can adequately transmit. You know that richness of the Quran. For my Katha Yoda buried in verse 22. It was barely a while it was barely long. It was hardly long. It was just a matter of few moments for MacArthur VIERA buried and suddenly Hoopoe Hood Hood makes a presence for call the bird speaks.

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For mica era, Barry didn't Fatah HOW TO BE MY LM to help today?

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Your Excellency, Your Majesty, also a man Alayhis Salam, I have to be man I'm here today, I have secured and captured and intercepted some information, some data which you don't have.

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Now, before I progress here, this brings into spin the question of etiquettes. Is it correct for a junior to address a senior by saying, I didn't know something you don't know? Because it is possible for the junior to know something the senior doesn't know. And this also indicates the refutation that the prophets do not have the knowledge of the Unseen

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and that is our it that Allah has the knowledge of the Unseen. Allah has the knowledge of the Unseen. Yes, there are certain chapters of the unseen that Allah has unveiled to the prophets, that's different. So what do we say? Allah is an animal that Allah knows it. And then Allah informs the prophets. You know, according to the wisdom of Allah and the knowledge of Allah, whatever he feels accordingly he informs the fact that Hood Hood is reporting on an incident unknown to say the masala man Alayhis Salam is the proof that he doesn't have the knowledge of the Unseen

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Coming back to the question hear the tone of the bird. And the scholars have said that although this bird had come across in an assertive way, and in the context of what the bird was saying, it is correct, the merits are in place because the bird knew something. But here the donor was more asking an explanation and giving a valid reason so that he cannot be implicated and there's no penalty unleashed upon him. Hence, even if you know something which is unknown to your senior, the etiquette and mannerism requires that you come across in a dignified way. So the youth of today are techno savvy, the older folks are not techno savvy. So it's not appropriate for you to tell your dad or

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your granddad, listen, I have mastered this before you've opened your unit before you've even opened your phone dead or before you've you know, open your your iPad granddad, many old people are trying to get user friendly and embracing technology, maybe a bit gradually, whatever it is. But the approach should be respectful, polite, courteous and cordial. Nonetheless, the engagement does stimulate the discussion. Can you appreciate what I'm saying? Because we get into reflection from everything. So the exact verbatim translation or heart or you hate to have the means to encompass to surround I have surrounded it, I've encompassed it, I have captured it, I've recorded it, I've

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preserved it, remind them to hate to be here. Now another question. Because the Hood Hood knows something. So a man doesn't know. Does this equate the superiority of the bird over Zulema? No, not at all. Why? Because this is juicy and Hasee. This is one small isolated fraction of a particular thing. And it's possible that a student knows something the teacher doesn't know, that doesn't make that students superior to the teacher. And this is important because today's youth and younger generation, if they know one thing, then like, okay, who's your teacher? Well, actually, we both are teachers to each other. Because as much as he's taught me, I've also taught my teacher No, no, no,

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no, no, no, that's not the approach. You've probably informed him or updated him, or given him some input on a particular matter. It's a doozy for Lila as we would say, you know, something in a subsidiary matter or something of not such great importance.

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Okay. So I have to remind them to head to be what J to come in Saba in B never II attain, what took her and I'm coming to you, from the nation of Sabah, be never in your team with a definite establish a piece of information. So Saba, we know is in Yemen.

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They were also known as this tribe was also known as Marie and it was known as saba. It's like about a three day journey from the Daro Sultana from the capital from Sarah.

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I am coming to you from there and coming to you from them. And I have absolute authentic, reliable information to you. So everybody in the court are just overwhelmed by Hood Hood. Arrival, come in the moment, quelling the tension, reporting to Solomon Alayhis Salam, not from a drone, not from a drone given live coverage, this is divine arrangements, and the bird has arrived. So the man Allah is Salam is having this dialogue. Let's wait and see. What is the information that Hood Hood is going to present and divulge to Sulaiman Alayhis Salam, which is unknown to him.

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