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So, just to kick off today's program I thought I'll commence with a profound or do quotation, and then develop from there with some ayat and hopefully we can formally commence the book that we have intended to do so.

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The older poet says zindagi ka elmia ye Hey, k baja gelijk gusa raha bulky sl elmia a k hum bought their cijena seek their

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zindagi ka elmia ye heck a baja Tz Casa Casa raha the tragedy of life is not that is that it is passing by so swiftly Excuse me. bulky sl elmia Yay, hey, J hum Gina Baja. There's a sick day here. But the real tragedy is that unfortunately we learn into love very late, we learn to live very late. What are they now will help us obeah in the 19th chapter of the Quran in Surah Maryam Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the ohana his Salam that we had granted him and understanding why he was small. And in the Tafseer under this ayah it is mentioned Of course he was to become an OB hence he was Muslim, etc. that as a kid of four or six, some children told him Come let's go and play. And he

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said that Allah has not created us for playing and amusement. Imagine a child at that age undoubtedly he was a prophet he was protected etc. So it's just that sad that the reality of living correctly is dawning upon us too late. Yet again, someone said in the order language Zindagi tau halki polki here, Sarah Borge to hi Shaka hota hai zindagi tau halki polki. See her life is very easy and very manageable. The entire burden is the the life of luxury and comfort that we've become accustomed to. And this is what has made our life so complex, so difficult, so challenging.

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If we were on you know, living on basics on common just average things, without having, you know, made luxuries into necessities, then in situations like this, it wouldn't have been difficult for us. Anyway, today I want to start off with addressing again something pertinent and that is the aspect and the element of color and Turkey deal.

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So in situations like this, the topic of Qatar and Kava comes up very very often and more so in the current climax and you know, Allah put it in my mind and I said, let me just seize the moment and try and expound and elucidate and put some flesh on the theory of further and further. So in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala in different verses speaks about the concept of codder for cadorna for Nia melka the rune Allah says in Surah, Moro Salah that we have proportion we have calculated, we have estimated and surely our estimation is the best estimation in nakoula. In halaqa na who've been together, we've created everything with a measure with a proportion. So there's a time there's

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a period there's an error, there's a duration, there's a format for everything, and that is what Potter is all about. Allah has defined your life, your age, your period, your family, etc, etc. What you mentioned in Illinois, Indiana, Indiana, Hassan no mama Nunez de leeuw, en la boca de Malou. And we have the treasures of everything. And again, you're under this ayah in biannual Quran, it's a verse of surah, to Niger, in the 14 Jews in the CR 10 sabacc in the context of the ayah that are being discussed here.

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Allah says we have the treasures of everything, it would refer in the context of the ayah, to the treasures of food and drink, because that is what is preceded by in the discussion prior to that Allah speaks about food and then Allah speaks about drinks. Of course Allah has absolute power might there's no limit. And and and you know that the treasures of Allah never, never exhausted and never depleted in

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Puna mala who minified so Allah says what you mentioned in Ghana hasn't, you know, woman, Luna Zulu in the Qatari maloom that we send it down in a measure? That's a broad understanding of, of the word Qatar and Cava etc. Now, people ask the question that there are a hadith that say that if you obey your parents and if you are generous, then Allah will grant

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An extended life and Allah will grant you Baraka in your sustenance. And there are also a hadith and we know that Baba and cuddle is something that has been concluded it's finalized roofie it Olam or Jaffa to serve as we say as it appears in the narration, the pen that had captured the cutter and many people say that in Surah two column the reference is to the pen of Tiger, where Allah swears an oath noon one Ptolemy one is to rule that it is the pen that recorded fate and destiny, the pen that recorded fate and destiny, one is true, and that which they right. So the pen that wrote is has been lifted and the Scripture is dry, everything has been concluded it's finalized, right. But we also

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learn from the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if there's anything that can change and alter destiny, it is Dora and people are asked this question often. So that's one type of a question that I want to address. And then the second is where does planning strategy precaution fit into the equation? If it has been ordained and decreed and predestined? Then what is the role of me taking necessary precautions etc. So, to first answer the aspect of this, do I change the date and how do we lead conside between the fact that your life has been decreed and concluded, yet the Hadith says that if you are obedient to your parents, and you spend that Allah will give you Baraka

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in your life. So there is an apparent inconsistency. And how do we reconcile between the two? There is the verse of the Quran in the 13th, Jos in the 13th chapter, verse 39. Under this ayah in module Quran, there's a great discussion that features and I want to try and expound on it. So let me first give you a translation of it, you know, academic and simplified, Allah says Yamaha Allahumma Yasha youth bit wiring the whole model kita so mahaya mahoma one basic Arabic means to wipe out to clean out to erase to delete to obliterate young Hola, hola, Sha. Allah deletes Allah wipes out Allah clears out whatever he wishes were youth bit as better used to be to is bad. And Allah affirms and

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confirms whatever he wishes were in the who are Makita and the mother of all books, meaning the original book, meaning the lower Mahfouz the preserved tablet remains unchanged by Allah. That's a verbatim translation of the ayah the likes of Surrey dibny jubair, who was a great rbv Rahim Allah and a great professor. He has taken this idea into the context of the discussion of NASA and minzu. And that is an academic discussion in the field of tafsir pertaining to the verses of abrogation. So it's the science of the Quran where Allah speaks about in the second chapter of the Quran in the first dose to the Baqarah man and sacrament 18 Oh Nanci, ha that Allah subhanho wa Taala first and

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certain rules, then Allah abrogated that and Allah replaced it by new rules. So he takes this ayah in the context that Allah deletes whatever injunction he wants to by virtue of it. I just have a flesh now, in Surah Al Azhar in the 21st Jews, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What will be your Allah, meaning I mean and forsake him? What do I do? Who am I to whom? What will our hammy ba boom Ba ba ba da Vinci k tabula e mini mini no mo hygena illa Anta falou Isla de como Rosa, gallica Phil kita Bhima surah. So in this verse of surah till Azov in the 21st chapter in the 21st Jews Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the inheritance that initially in the initial stages of Islam

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inheritance was between the Mahajan and the answer. But then after Allah said, What are homi Bhabha, whom Allah be back then your relatives are closer and more deserving, and they enjoy more entitlement to have a share in your inheritance then the muhajir in the migrants that have migrated, Canada like Africa, Tabby mistura in October, this is the written and recorded and captured in the preserved tablet, meaning it's written in the preserve tablet that initially inheritance would be based on the strength of migration and subsequently it would be based on religion and blood ties. So originally, this would be the command subsequently that would be the command. So the likes of Surrey

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dibny jubair and others rahima Humala, they take this idea in the context of the laws pertaining to abrogation, while the father of the theater Abdullah burns, rhodiola and Houma and others, they say this is connected to a pattern of our entity and under

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This is they speak about two types of decayed. And I know probably there are many elderly folk listening there, I hope I can simplify it and it's going to help us in our current crisis of the COVID-19 and the corona as well. What's the balance between the two? Where do we draw the line? How much precaution is necessary? How much reliance is necessary? What what what is the limitations of both? So they refer to affiliate numbers for the Allahumma under this ayah refers to two types of the deal. You know, it's mentioned in in, in module four on one is that the data more I luck and when you start the demo brand. So one is the contingent destiny, the conditional destiny and one is

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the ultimate and the final destiny. So Allah subhanho wa Taala would give them Allah aka a record pertaining to a servant to say that if this servant is obedient to his parents, he will live for 70 years by way of example, if he is generous, he will have so much wealth and if he is not dutiful and he is not obedient to his parents, he would live for 60 years or 50 years. So, this is what is referred to as DRAM or allok, Yamaha Allahumma Yasha oh where you submit this can be changed by the actions of a person by the drop of a person and that is the limited knowledge that has been given to the angel pertaining to an individual, if the servant will obey his parents and his kind and is

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dutiful, and he does you know, a wise he does these actions, then this will bring so much goodness in his life. And if he fails to do it, then this will be the consequences, however, by Allah is the ultimate one in the home Al Kitab, the mother of all books, the original book, that is in the knowledge of Allah Allah knows that this servant will be obedient to his parents, hence his life will be 70 and that cannot be changed because in essence, Father is the knowledge of Allah pertaining to a person. So Allah knows with certainty, he will be obedient, hence his life will be 70. So can be changed yes and no, what can be changed Moloch that which is contingent and

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conditional, can not be changed, yes, it cannot be changed which one that is that is more than that which is captured in the lower for that which is in the knowledge of the Almighty, that can never happen otherwise, because the knowledge of Allah is absolutely accurate is absolutely accurate.

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Allah says so beautifully in the 27 Jews of the Quran masaba me mostly, but in fill all the while RP and forsaken in Luffy kitabi Min, cobbly and Navara and this is the beauty of our faith.

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I was once in UK in Manchester, and after I had completed immigration, the immigration officer had taken me aside and he had asked me some questions and some interrogation, the purpose of my travel the event I'm speaking at, what's the topic, the lineup of speakers blah, blah, blah, the hotel will be staying etc. And then it was a lovely gentleman, he was a very, you know, warm individual. He captured the the the info that I had communicated with him. And I often say to people in a hostile climate, this is an ideal opportunity for us to present ourselves with respect on decorous and dignity. And then he said, gentlemen, I'm really enjoying the interview with you and I said, Thank

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you for the compliment appreciated. He said, we kind of done with the interview. Now I would like to ask you for some counsel and guidance in my personal life. And that is I've lost a daughter of mines. And I just cannot find closure to this. I've been to the bishop I've been to the priests I've been to the pontiff. And I asked you as a religious individual can you advise me? And I said Subhana Allah, you know, if you were to ask for a slot with the immigration officer at o R. Tambo, leave alone any other European airport, people are gonna like back off, you know who you are, and why why would we want to entertain it? And what's your motive? But Subhana Allah, Allah facilitates this

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situation and he presents and I seize the moment with great respect. I communicated with him the entire concept and the article of faith and deed. And he was very impressed. He said, You know what, it brings a new perspective to life. So I often say my brother and my sister, that as much as because taqdeer is an integral article of faith.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam had warned prior to tiama there will be people you can the Buddha, who will deny right say no matter the Alanna had said this a number of Yolanda had said this, who will belie father who will deny father and they'll say there's nothing like Cather and puppeteer and destiny. Where does Allah categorically emphatically explicitly says in the Quran, in Nakula, in Hakuna Matata that everything is been created with a measure and has been decreed by the almighty

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as much as it's an integral component of our faith, it helps us to move on in life. We can close chapters, we can move on, you go for a session right after the loss or the demands or the tragedy of someone, and then you go for 10 sessions. And then after the 15th, or the 10th session, they tell you what we will communicate in day one. Right, which was at an elementary level, one of my teachers often would impress upon us that when a child is enrolled at an LL elementary Islamic institution, we teach him the Imani module and Imani will cut the high, he was sure he that good and bad comes from the Almighty. So use the ayah reflect over this and it will give you great solace it will give

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you great solace my aim my motive is to give the unmatched comfort and solace through Quran nothing can comfort you more than the words of Allah I promise you there's just nothing in the world that can give you more solace because it's the divine speech of the Almighty Masada me mostly but in fill out de la ilaha illAllah La ilaha illa Allah just just look at the universal application just look at the removal of the ayah masaba me mostly but infill rd Walla Fie and forsaken. No calamity has struck the earth or has gripped you individually. In Luffy in MA MA sodomy, mercy bettinardi wala Fie and forsaken. In Luffy kita Binh Minh Capelli and Navara Aha, but that it was captured. It was

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documented it was recorded in the preserve tablet before it occurred.

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So the Coronavirus, the COVID-19 the plague, the pandemic, the epidemic, the crisis, the the goal, the the economic crash, and whatever else, whatever the nature of the tragedy is, it was recorded pre recorded. Then Allah says so beautiful La ilaha illa Allah you know, you got to understand how Allah speaks. In Nevada Carla law he has seen this was absolutely easy and simple for Allah. Why? Because he knows everything before it occurs. He knows everything before it occurs now. Oh my Lord. Oh my Allah, what's the wisdom of informing us that everything was pre recorded? And why did you convey this message to us? So behind Allah, Li k Allah, so Allah my fat comb mineral Molly well our

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fee well Oh, Lady doesn't have a ceiling right? Like a lotta so my father gone wanna Franco Bhima talkin? Allahu La, la Mata Lin for hood, the oma is only in a crisis because we've abandoned the Quran. By Allah. If we come back to the book of Allah, you will be just amazed how Allah answers everything in one year in one ayah Allah summarizes everything. There's 1000 theories floating around and we'll try and touch quickly on the aspect of precaution because the beauty of this oma is it's it's this Deen is very practical and pragmatic.

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So Allah says Lee Kayla, so that like a lot so Allah ma Fattah con so that you do not over regret your afflictions. I use the word over regret because of what the scholars have written. Because we do not exclude the natural regret which is human. Right and these are the words the Hawaii they pollute in the tafazzin that's written. So under this imbeciles pseudo kitty is written koldo who are I know, your shadow Li E. Ma reefer beaten key real cut DRI. lira friend

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who are IE No. euro shadow, LA, Luna reefer beta key real lira first name. This is precisely what the scholars the pious the learned would do and impress upon their disciple their students that at a time of pain and affliction, revive the concept and the article and the belief of Qatar and Baba and destiny so that it makes it lighter upon you. So why did we record it and why did we inform you so that in your life whenever you contend with any challenge, difficulty setback, or any adversity like a lotta has Allah Allah, Allah, so Allah Fattah con wanna tough whole Bheema at Arkham and we also recorded your accomplishment, your goals, your achievements, so that you do not boast

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Your feet, you do not boast your accomplishments. Human joy is within a limit. You know in order they say

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to fund make astea or government the mayor hestia dono do Jaya karate

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tufan Mecca stia, or government the man has Thea dono do Jaya karate him. When the when the tides are high and the waters are stormy, then vessel sink. And when pride and arrogance and gulfs a person then humans drown, they drown they fall empires collapse, right? So we recorded everything so that you don't over regret your difficulties. You make peace you make peace. Well, listen, Allah wrote this for me. Allah wrote this for me when I did for Obama.

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And you don't become arrogant you don't become a boastful you don't become you know, you don't start showing off on your accomplishments. What Allahu Allah. Allah Matalan for her. Laila heilala loca make a fine distinction matar and forhold loosely translated as the boastful and the arrogant, but the lover the linguist tell us that mortal refers to people who generally boast about the internal beauties, wYlfa who refer to people who boast about the external. So it's an intelligence is your wisdom, how calculated how methodical you are, or how beautiful you are smart you are. Allah despises and Allah dislikes anyone and everyone who boasts about it, then furthermore, the scholars

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of the sea line that boasting is something that you can do if you've achieved it on your independence strength, but if it was written for you, and Allah conferred it upon you, and it came your way because I like it what they say in Arabic in the McCarthy era is that the Sahaba

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era when when fate and destiny is favorable, then the helpless become helpful. You know, sometimes you play a game and then what you say no, that's a fluke. Right? In simple casual slang language, you say that's a fluke. That's not a display of skill. That wasn't a skill, the ball crawled over the net in table tennis, I'm using something because I kind of play it and most of our kids so that's, that's, that's, that's not a skill. Right? That was just luck on your side. That was luck on your side. When fate and and other is is in your favor? You're standing in a queue and you just got to the counter and that's okay, that's the last person Subhana Allah that was Allah is doing for

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you. You were just lucky enough it's not like you planned it to arrive at 730 to be on time you didn't know they just decided to close the shutter and that was the last person and everybody else has to come to the embassy the next day. Okay, time running out now.

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Allah says to us in we learn from a Hadith of the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam where does where does planning fit into place? So Islam tells us that take the precautions so when the flood was coming and remember the flood when I'm thinking a lot of the flood now although our current crisis not a flood, but it was a global pandemic, right and that's what many of the scholars say that the floods was not limited to the location of numerous around but it was across the world. And and you know, everyone would be unnameable urban fantasy said no, no, I made the dua and then Allah subhanho wa Taala responded and it was water right across. So Allah told Satan are new to build the ark to build

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the ark under this is in the 12 Jews. Again, in biannual Koran, the direction is written that del Allah and the MOBA Shara tell us BB l mazoon, Laguna tawakkol.

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That those means which are in conformity with the tenets of the religion and are in conformity with the teachings, they do not violate the principle of reliance on Allah. So floods are coming and Allah is telling the Nebo Doc,

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Allah is sending the floods and Allah is going to rescue them. And Allah Allah could rescue them to be just as he was standing just as he was standing on his place there without him to have to sail on anything. Allah told him both out, but then in that same narrative, and in that same thing we have that when the floods came the sunset, I will take shelter on the zenith of the mountain and della Allah and the mobile shuttle Ababa, Dune and that idea then indicates to us if a person adopts measures contrary to the will of Allah, then in the case of the son of new cannon, it was not only against the workmen, it was against faith. So when the floods came, the precaution that Allah told

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you was hopping to the ark. Now to take any other precaution was tantamount to disbelief and incorrect and violating the principle of the alien reliance. So the son of Noah said I will go on this planet of the mountain I'll take amnesty there are lesser we Elijah Bellini and Simoni minalima. But that was not accepted because Allah did not

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endorse it. So it's not a blanket ruling that we should take every precaution we need to analyze and we need to microscopically look at the merits of the precautions in all regards in cases, if it is in teachings with our Dean, that in principle, our faith is not averse to the concept of precaution. But then the case of each one needs to be analyzed individually and independently, yet again, we take the case when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was on the journey of he draw.

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And then the enemy came to the mouth of the cave, and said, Now Abubakar of Yolanda naturally had a few and that's human. So when say, mousseline Salam came into the field, and came into the open, Maidan, and then the magician's dropped their staffs. And it was a kind of spell that they cast on the eyes of people, which the Quran says Sahara union us for Oh Josephine FC he theva he was the nibio of Allah He was aided by Allah He was a yet but yet there was there was like a like a hotter abhi behati removes a there was a thought that just crossed Moosa there was a slight moment of uneasiness that's natural that's human and in the B is not exempted from human emotions. So abubaker

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the alarm was set only before have a lot the year and nobody saw some said mamanuca Ababa, Korean beef naini Allahu la Suma Abubakar, what's the Panic of those two, the third of whom is Allah. So you know, be at ease, having comforted Abubakar that Allah is with us. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam kept the strategy active.

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He didn't exit the cave, he said, Listen, Allah is with us. So let's go out No, no, he told him relax. He didn't say relax, we in the inner part of the cave, relax, they didn't see real he said no, no, Allah is what has nothing to panic, but he did not abandon the plan. He did not abandon the plan. Hence is a precaution is necessary the arena ma se da da da da da da da say

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not to take precaution is Maxi it is an act of sin. And to rely on precaution is Cofer.

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Look, look at the beauty of our demon, not to take precaution is disobedience. And to rely on precaution is tantamount to disbelief.

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So our faith is complete. So the Prophet of Allah made said Nah, Baba can rely on Allah. But he kept the precaution in place. And I think it's vital, it's integral, it's important that we marry the two imbalance we marry the two imbalance. And as much as the other Am I advocating the message of the doctors to to adhere to precaution, if I could appeal to the Muslim doctors to equally concur with the sentiments of Allah ma to promote the concept of reliance on Allah, that will be a great harmony. So we are saying that you know what, follow what the doctors are saying in taking the necessary precautions to curtail to curb to flatten the curve to contain and the rest of it. And we

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ask and we implore upon our of our medical Muslim doctors to equally impressed the importance of reliance. So remember that key word, that to abandon precaution is an act of sin is an act of violation. And to rely on precaution is an act of disbelief because we rely on Allah. I'll leave you with this last Hadith of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, we didn't get to start the Kitab and I still wanted to say more on Qatar. But anyway, time has lapsed and this is what was meant for today. The hadith of Sahih Muslim,

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the messenger salah and I've used this in many of my counseling sessions where people were gripped by some challenge difficulty or deal and they've asked me to come home and give some solace and comfort to the family I always share this hadith as an absolute must in situations of that nature. So he said a lot of Sam said Lotta Love in a lot of the harmonic shape on that before something take all the precautions take all the precautions if we go on this route this will happen if we do this that will happen. If we go by night it's hazardous if we go by morning, this is the pros and the cons the ups and the downs whatever it is, but when things occur contrary to what you hope wish and

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anticipate then do not say if if I didn't marry this person if I didn't go work with this person here when Habib is having a chat earlier, you know, often people say different type of things if only if only latter could no do not say if y for in a low def the harmala shavonne because the inclusion of the word if boasts an unpleasant occurrence opens up the doors of the devil. And now you've given him not a nice you've given him a wide opening. Now he systematically indoctrinates and injects negativity. So prior to something happening take all the precautions but after it has happened contrary to what you were hoping, wishing and planning, then omit the word Oh, because then

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you open it up for the devil to you know what

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confuse your mind and create turbulence on your Eman. overthinking is the biggest cause of depression today in the world overthinking so we conclude on that note of Qatar, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us the correct balance of adopting measures in the current situation and in all regards, and at every moment in all instances to have our absolute reliance on Allah subhanho wa Taala I mean, yo Bella, demean or sallallahu wasallam at any beginner Muhammad while early he was hoping he will come to me