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Our next guest coming up Rabbi Shapiro, are you related at all to Ben Shapiro?

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I am not in if I was, I would not admit it.

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So when your typical Jew sees such a huge gathering of 15,000 Jews and he so with Ben Shapiro fit under that category, if you ask them that the Jews and Muslims lived in peace for for over 1000 years. Okay, so you so you're a specialist in Jewish Sharia law. It's not Islam, and it's not most it's not Muslims against Jews. That's the main thing we have to tell people. smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen A Salaam Alaikum. greetings of peace. Welcome to the D Show. I'm your host. How you guys doing? Good to have you back with us every week here on a D show. Subscribe. If you haven't already, hit that notification bell so you can get all the latest episodes sent

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years ago. You guys can help us by subscribing right now and hitting that notification bell. Thank you very much. Enjoy the show Salaam like and don't forget to support us on our Patreon page. Our next guest coming up Rabbi Shapiro. his congregation is in Queens, New York. He is a specialist in Jewish history and Jewish * law Sharia law. And he's an author of several books. My next guest special guest rabbi, how are you Shapiro? I'm great. Thanks so much for having me on. Thank you for being with us. When I was interviewed introducing you I said in Jewish Sharia law, is that correct? That's absolutely true. In fact, one of our great sages Rabbi Sajid gono, who was Egyptian he lived

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in Faiyum, he us he used to write in Arabic, his Jewish works, philosophical works. And for the word that's translated Torah, or teachings, he uses the word Sharia plural. Okay, so yeah, so you're a specialist in Jewish Sharia law, and a historian, academic, and you're here with us on today's show. I am Thank you so much. Thank you. I want to get into this next clip. We're about to begin a historic event. Now this is your Is this correct? That is may

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be an educational lesson lectures given by experts in Judaism about Judaism in particular, the incompatibility between Judaism and Zionism. Many Jews believe wrongly, that Zionism is either part of Judaism or is compatible with Judaism, or is even the main part of Judaism. All of those are actually false. Zionism was created to negate Judaism. Zionism was created to replace Judaism. The differences between Zionism and Judaism are vast, they are vast and profound. The propaganda that design is turned out for the past 100 years, have confused and conflated Zionism and Judaism such that when the average person walks down the street, he thinks that the State of Israel is the Jewish

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state. He thinks that Zionism is Judaism. And he doesn't know the difference. This group of Jews here are students of the students of the late Sackler Rabbi Rabbi Boyle, Teitelbaum, who is the greatest disseminator of the clarity regarding the difference between Judaism and Zionism. So tell us about this gathering here. You get 15,000. These are like students of students. So have you mentioned the scholar there, the rabbi. There's students there scholars there. Tell us a little bit about this event that you were at? Sure. There were there were two such events. Actually, this one was in Nassau Coliseum, a parallel one taking that took place at a different time was in the

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Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Basically, they were protests against Israel's Well, the one Barclay was a protest against Israel's attempt to draft the Orthodox Jews, the Shiva students into their army. And the one in Nassau Coliseum was just a general educational event to teach the students there the congregation, the Jews, that they need to learn the difference between Judaism and Zionism in depth, and regularly. Let me ask you this question Rabbi Shapiro is anti Zionism and anti

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Semitism is synonymous. But no, that's may I say it's stupid. That's exactly what it is. It's absolute nonsense. It's very simple.

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First of all, Zionism is not Judaism. And even if Zionism was Judaism, if somebody doesn't like my religion doesn't make them any anti Semite there plenty of religions that I don't like they're probably certain religions that you don't like. If I don't like somebody's religion, that doesn't make me a hater. If I don't like somebodies, essential characteristic, something's born with if I judge somebody by his, the color of his skin with his nationality, or the way that he some something that he's born with, then that's hate. But if I judge somebody by his lifestyle choices, including his religion, there are all sorts of satanic religions and stuff that does that's not hate speech.

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That's an opinion, just any ideology is, is subject to opposition. And Zionism is just an ideology, even if it would be part of Judaism, which it's not. Now.

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Zionism Not only is not part of Judaism, but it's actually it contravenes Judaism, you see,

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Zionism was invented in the 19th century. And it was designed to change the definition of what a Jew is, the formula that the Zionists give, which actually capital capsulized Zionism very well. And it also was used by them to explain why anti Zionism is anti semitism. Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Prime Minister of Israel, thank God, he's former uses this in his book called among the family of nations. He says that

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saying, I'm anti Zionist, but I'm not anti Jew is saying, is the same as saying, I'm anti American, the existence of America, but I'm not against the American nationality.

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In other words, as Avigdor Lieberman puts it, on Israel's website, and MFA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan is to the Japanese what France is to the French what Israel is to the Jews. Now, mind you, the real formulation is that Japan is to the Japanese, by Francis to the French, what is real is to the Israelis. There is only one country in the world, and that's Israel, one country in the world, that claims to be the nation state of people that are not its citizens that never word citizens don't plan on being good citizens. It means two things. If Israel would be the country of the Israelis, that means whether you're Jewish or not, Israel's your country. But because Israel

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claims that it's the state of the Jews, not the Israelis, you can be an Israeli citizen. But there's a nation state law that says that national self determination rights only apply to the Jews. That means a if you are an Israeli citizen, but you're not Jewish Israel is not your nation state to it means that if you are a Jew, such as myself, who does not live in Israel, I'm not an Israeli citizen, my father's family's from Poland, on my mother's side, they're from England and Russia. This means that Israel claims because I'm born Jewish, that Israel is my state. And that's absolutely not true. I have nothing to do with some country in the Middle East. What Zionism did is

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change the definition of Jew orden their mind, from a religion, to what nationality? It's very simple. The definition of Jew according to Judaism, according to the way Jews have identified all throughout history is quite simple. There's a story of the Jewish people in the Bible.

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God gave the Torah to the Jews on Mount Sinai. Very simple. God gave Moses the law, and he gave it to the Jews. That's it. Now, if you change God, we're a monotheistic religion.

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If you change God like the old pagans did, you're changing the religion of Judaism to another religion, if you don't believe in a God, if you don't believe in our law, you add a new testament, for example, like the Christians did, you changed our religion? design has changed the third part of that equation, the Jewish people, God gave the law to the Jews. The pagans changed what God is the Christians changed with the lawyers. And the zinus changed what the Jews are. The Jews, they said are not somebody that was created on mounsey at Mount Sinai that was enjoined by God deputized into the religion to follow the Torah. That's what a Jew is. If the law says you are obligated to follow

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the Torah that makes you Jewish, if not, not, your father's Jewish and your mother's not Jewish, you're not Jewish. That's that's religious doctrine. Design is said no, no, we don't like that. We don't want that. That makes trouble people don't like Jews because of the religion. We're going to become Jews. But not religious wise, we're going to become a nationality. See, in the 19th century, nationalism helped a lot of people, the Balkan states and so on. And they said, we're going to transform our Jewish identity

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From a religion to a nationality, so here's what they did.

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They said, First, we have to give the Jewish people national characteristics. The Jews had no national characteristics, we did not have a common land, Israel as a holy land. Very important to know Israel is to the Jews a holy land, not a national homeland. A homeland means the place where the nation was born, and indeed, in Israel's language in modern Hebrew homeland is called molenet, which means the place you're born in Israel's Declaration of Independence, it says the Jewish people were born here. That's false. According to Judaism, the Jewish people were born at Mount Sinai, according to Zionism, the Jewish people were born when Joshua led the Jews into Israel, if they

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actually believe that which they don't, but at least in them, what they claim is mythology. That's when Judaism started, they claimed the Jews were born in that land, they changed the concept of a holy land with to a national homeland differences that if it's a homeland, it doesn't matter who has sovereignty over it. Jerusalem, and the Holy Land is just as holy when the Turks owned it. So the Ottomans when the British owned it, when the Romans owned it. In fact, today, part of Lebanon, southern Lebanon is the Holy Land, it's considered the the land of our forefathers, and a lot, which is part of Israel is not part of the Holy Land. So if you're living in a lot, you're not going to

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consider it as as if you're not living in the Holy Land. It's the same as you'd be living in Paris. But in southern Lebanon, somewhere

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south of Beirut, I'm not exactly sure what what town would be there. But somewhere in southern Lebanon, that's considered the Holy Land, they changed it to a national homeland, suns for some reason, that the Jews therefore needs to have sovereignty over it, which is false. Not only do the Jews not don't care about sovereignty over it, it's wholly no matter what.

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The Jews are not allowed to have sovereignty over it before the Messiah comes. But that's really beside the point. They gave the Jews a national language. Hebrew Jews haven't spoken Hebrew for 1000s of years, literally, really, even in the days when the temple 2000 years ago, when we lived in the holy lands with a temple. We spoke Aramaic, I don't mean to interrupt you when I was watching your lecture has Zionism hijack Judaism. That was one of my questions. I was gonna ask you, you you use talk about this, in that lecture, that language of the Jews was Aramaic times the Jews spoke Hebrew, in biblical time, Abraham, Moses, the Hebrew, however, that's not what made us into a people

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that wasn't our national language, the way English makes Englishman into English, there was a professor that had a very interesting

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observation. Every language reflects the name of the people that speak it's China, Chinese, England, English, America, also English, Mexico, Spain, Spanish, etc. But in Hebrew and Judaism, Hebrew is not called Jewish. It's called lushan. Ha kodesh, which means the holy language, because it wasn't wasn't a national language could be we spoke at once we did in biblical times, but that's not when made us into a people during the times of the Second

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Temple, we spoke Aramaic, okay. And, but the designer said, we need to give the Jews a language. So we're going to create a modern Hebrew language, and they actually created a language. biblical Hebrew, which is the only Hebrew that we spoke has a few hundreds, it's in the hundreds, the amount of root words that has modern Hebrew has like 1000s and 1000s. It's mostly invented taken from other languages. But they said Jews have to speak Hebrew. And this was way before they created a state. Jews needed a heat language they created a flag for the Jews and Jews never had a flag, because we're not a nationality. The Kurds have a flag even though they don't have a country. We didn't care

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what language we spoke Jews in Spain spoke Spanish or Latino Jews, some Jews spoke Yiddish, the Jews in Syria.

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Arabic I have Syrian Jewish orthodox friends, they refer to God as Allah, and they still use Arabic phrases I learned from them. In China, he spoke Chinese. That's all it's done with the language of the Jews is, is the holy Torah. It's our studies the contents not the style in which you say it. If you speak positive about God about the religion about the Torah, if you study the Torah, you ask a question about it, you give a new insight to it. That's the language of the Jews designed hated that.

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So they made us they made the Jews into they claim the Jews are a nationality and that Israel is a country that and design is based on two claims claim number one, the Jews are in

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nationality of political people, which the first person which was invented mostly by Andrew gretz, to that Israel is the country of the of that people. Both of those are false. Okay, I want to get a bunch of questions in here. Since we have you Rabbi Shapiro. Are you related at all to Ben Shapiro?

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I am not enough. I was I would not admit it.

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So you know who I'm talking about? I know exactly what you're talking about. Yes. Okay.

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Well, Jews who are orthodox such as him who are also Zionists, we consider Zionism the idea that user nationality, a form of idol worship, we say that again. Consider Zionism, which is the ideology that says Jews are a nation. Yeah, idol worship, wow. Things if you change God, you change the Jewish people. It's idol worship. Somebody who's a Zionist, who's also an Orthodox Jew, is no different than the Orthodox Jews in biblical times who worship the Bible, who were religious Jews that also worshipped idols. Yeah, they are religious idol worshipers. So with Ben Shapiro fit under that category. Oh, yes. If he's a Zionist, you know, I mean, I'd have to ask him, because we have a

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rule that we judge people favorably unless we prove them guilty. But if he admits that he believes the Jews are nationality, he believes in Zionism, then yes, he certainly would absolutely be an idol worshiper if he believes that the State of Israel is the state of the Jews, the nation of the Jews. Yes. That's idol worship, no question about it. What are some of his main views that you've seen publicly that he talks about that he expresses? And have you ever watched him? And then how would a conversation between you and him go?

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I have not watched him. I watched I have a clip of him once, which I play often, you know, that. That item that I just quoted from Benjamin Netanyahu in his book, that the reason why anti Zionism is anti semitism is because

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you can say that you don't want Israel to exist. And still you want the Jews to exist, like saying America. So Ben Shapiro said the exact same thing. I'm not saying he plagiarized it from the Tanya. But I'm not saying he didn't. And I use that as an example.

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about him in a Tanya, who both said the same thing. I guess, by the way, it means the Benjamins are a problem those two and they, it's both Zionism. And it's both absolutely against Judaism. What do we have here? I have a little clip from from Ben, see what let's see what he has to say live in a country that still values dissent and protest. That's much more than we can say right now. But the apartheid state of Israel? Well, not sure where that came from. And that's a lie. But I think we'll save that live for another time since we actually have other topics to get to suffice to say that Muslims in Israel have more rights than Muslims any place in the middle east by a longshot. We often

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hear this you often hear this, what do you say to something like that? Okay, so first, I have to tell you my policy on

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the Jews relationship to the Israel Palestinian conflict, okay.

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And Far be it from me to tell the Palestinians how to fight their fight, not my job. However, if they would ask me advice, this is what I would tell them.

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The the issue between Israel and the Palestinians is not merely an issue of behavior, Ben Shapiro, and that was a real gold, I believe,

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are talking about Israel's behavior.

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behavior is a result of and is driven by an ideology. The ideology that justifies Israel's actions is that Israel is the state of the Jews.

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That's Zionism. And just as you you, you can't find an enemy without fighting the ideology that drives them. You can't fight Stalin, you need to fight communism also. And you know how, whenever there's a war, you drop these flyers over enemy, enemy territory to tell them that their ideology is wrong. Zionist ideology is what needs to be broken. And that ideology says that Jews all over Israel is the country of the Jews, not the country, the Israelis, that's the formula. Israel needs to be changed to the become the country of its citizens, not the country of the Jews, and it's not. And therefore, to me, Israel is like China. It is no different than China. The Jews in Israel are like

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Jews living in China. And therefore, when people ask me all the time when I spoke at that protest in Nassau County that you played, whenever the press speaks to me, and they only really care about one thing. They don't care about Jewish ideology. Anything I just told you, they care about one thing, what do you think about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and I asked them, Why don't you ask me about the conflict between China and the US

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Muslims are between India and Kashmir. you asking me because I'm a Jew. And because I'm a Jew, you think I have a connection with Israel? Well, I have news for you. I have nothing to do with Israel. Israel's politics has as much to do with me as China's politics. And is Korea's politics and is all of this. See, it's a trap. I believe it's a trap. Is my view, Jews that jump into the Israeli Palestinian conflict, even on the side of the Palestinians, but do so because they're Jews, and they're not involved in other human rights questions all over the world. But because they're Jews, they feel they have to wane in Israel. If you accept that, if anybody accepts that you're accepting

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Zionism, because what you're saying is, you're a Jew, Israel's your country, what do you as a Jew, have to say about what your country is doing? My answer to that is Israel is not my country, asked me about China. Listen, human rights issues concerned me all over the world. But as a Jew, I am no more connected to Israel's behavior than I am connected to China's behavior. And I'm no more connected to that. I'm not Israeli. I'm not Palestinian, I'm not Chinese. And I'm not a younger Muslim. I'm a Jew, and an American, of Polish descent. I have nothing to do with Israel. And if everybody would get that attitude, then guess what? Israel would not be the state of the Jewish

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people would not Israel has to stop claiming it's the Jewish state. It has to be a normal state like all other countries, Japan has to the Japanese. What is real is to the Israelis. That is the quickest way towards towards peace. So my answer to your question about ben shapiro and Arielle gold is they are talking about a conflict of behavior that has nothing to do with me. If I would be a Christian Buddhist that lived in France, you wouldn't play Ben Shapiro's clip for him. And I understand why you're playing it for me. But my answer is that I have as much connection with the issue that they're talking about, as I do with China. And I really feel in my heart, that this

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attitude is the key to starting peace in the Middle East. If Israel is the state of the Jewish people, it's a very big problem for everybody.

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If Israel, the state of the Israelis, it starts the peace process by Shapiro, can you tell us is Zionism antithetical to Orthodox Judaism? Absolutely, absolutely. Judaism, even reformed Judaism, Judaism is a religion. And the definition of a Jew is somebody who the religion claims who the religion says is obligated to fulfill the midst of this the Torah, the commandments, Zionism says, No, that's nonsense. Judaism is nonsense. Rather, the Jews are and always were a political people wanting to return to their lands, like all people want to return to their land with a national identity. And Israel is the state of those people. They are there they're diametrically opposed.

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They are poles they are enemies of each other, those two Judaism and Zionism? Absolutely. And that's what everybody needs to know.

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Tell me we hear a lot, you know, modern Jews, reformed Jews, so modern Jews who say we don't believe in God, Moses, etc. Are they still considered Jews because you'll hear a lot of people who will consider themselves Jews by national nationality? But when it comes to God, when it comes to Torah, when it comes to one of these fundamental principles, they you know, kind of take it like a buffet like Burger King, have it your way, what do you say to that? So if you ask those people, what makes them Jews? They'll say it's an ethnicity, maybe and I'll ask them as Ivanka Trump and the Ethiopian Jews have the same ethnicity, the Yemenite Jews and the Russian Jews, there is nothing that there is

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no logical definition of Jew except the one that Judaism gives.

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These people who want to be considered Jews without religion, don't, aren't thinking it through are they considered Jews? The answer is according to the religion, if they are obligated to fulfill the mitzvah, the Torah, the commandments, then they're considered Jews. Judaism, according to the Jewish religion, is a job description. Whoever was given the job by God to fulfill the Torah and that the religion tells us who was given the job. They're considered Jews. So if somebody is considered Jews, a Jew, according to the religion, they had a Jewish mother, or went through a Jewish conversion in the proper Jewish way. It's a ritual. It's not nationalization. It's not naturalization, it's can

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religious conversion, then they're considered Jews and obligated to fulfill the Torah there. That's true, even if they disagree with that, even if they don't believe it. But if the Torah says you're a Jew, that means you're obligated and that

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gation is what gives you your Jewish identity. So in other words, when I say Jew and they say Jew, it's just a homonym. They may or may not be Jewish, depending upon if the Torah says so. But when I say to you when they say Jew, it's absolute harmonium. You know, it's kind of like by the Christians, you know, they have the evangelical Christians and the Catholics, and they have two completely different ideologies. Zionism is further from Judaism than the evangelicals off from the Catholics. Because, you know, at least reformed Judaism says that Judaism is a religion. It's just a different religion than mine, is Zionism says Judaism isn't even a religion. It's a nationality that

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had a national religion, the way the Greeks worshipped, Zeus, the Jews worshiped Hashem.

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It's a it's a completely different definition of what it is to be a Jew. It's the furthest thing you can get. Aren't there a lot of Zionist urges atheist? Absolutely. If Ben Gurion was an atheist, and

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even if they're not atheist, they certainly don't believe in our God and a ton Yahoo is a completely non observance to Avigdor Lieberman's anti observant guys like hartsel hartsel hated Jewish religion. Ben Gurion said that Orthodox Judaism meaning Judaism that he said Judaism that's that's claims that the religion is unchanging is Nazi ideology. That's what Ben Gurion said about my religion. Yes, these Zionist and in fact, that was one of the goals of Zionism.

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The founding fathers of Zionism, there were those who said that once we established the Jews as a nationality, religion won't matter. You could be a Greek without worshipping Zeus. You could be a

00:26:41--> 00:26:47

a, what do you call it, they say, from Switzerland or from Norway without worshiping worshiping Odin.

00:26:48--> 00:27:13

You could be you could be an Indian without being a Hindu. And you could be a Jew, according to them without be any religion because being a Jew has nothing to do with religion. By the way, there's a contradiction in Israeli law about this. According to Israeli law, an atheist is entitled to the law of return if at least he's born Jewish, okay. But if you convert to Christianity or to another religion, you lose your right to return.

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That's the Jewish that's Israeli

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Supreme Court ruled that way, there was a Jew who was born Jewish brother, Daniel, he became a Carmelite monk. And he was no anti Semite. He saved Jews in the Holocaust by hiding them, helping to hide them. And the Israeli Supreme Court said he's not entitled to the law of return, because he doesn't he practices another religion. And yet, if you don't practice any religion, and you're an atheist, then you are entitled to the law of return, which is nuts. It doesn't make any sense. But they have no choice because the Zionists were atheists, and to make Christians into Jews, that, that doesn't fit into the picture of their what they want Israel to be. Zionism is is a contradictory

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ideology. They took a cow, and they said, This cow is a is a car. It has feet did not wheels, but it's a car. They took Jewish identity and said, it's national, not religious. But it doesn't make any sense. Because, I mean, how do they decide who's born Jewish? Well, if your mother's Jewish, then you're Jewish, right? But that's religious law. If you don't believe in the religion, why would you believe in that law?

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So when your typical Jew sees such a huge gathering of 15,000 Jews, and these are scholars, you know, these are students coming together?

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You know, what is your typical Jews say, like somebody who has kind of been led down this other path of Zionism, but he's still he's a Jew, kind of practicing kind of nod, but then he sees like, you know, what seems to be a contradiction here. What's going on here to 15,000 you know, what are coming speaking against Zionism like what what are they are they kind of, you know, just, you know, shocked what happens? Yes, many of them are shocked and some Jews are started asking questions. I thank God for the anti Zionist Jews, because it's because of us that people sometimes wake up however, that's if they are left to their own devices. Zionism is an incredible propaganda

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operation, incredible propaganda. I could tell you Zionist propaganda, you wouldn't even notice to conflate that conflates Zionism with Judaism. And they'll say, Oh, those people, they're just a fringe group that's just less than 2%. And besides, they're misogynistic. They're homophobic, they're primitive. They their brains are like you know that they don't know how to speak English. Well, they'll try to marginalize and demonize us.

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You speak you speak English quite well. Yeah, I know. They hate that by the reason why designers hate me not because I'm against Zionism, but because I speak English. Well, if I wouldn't speak English, well, it would be much better for them. You know if I wouldn't dress

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Like I do if I wouldn't, you know, live like if I wouldn't be a normal American. But if I would look and talk and walk like the the Hasidim, they would be very, very happy. But it bothers them that I'm more modern, I guess you could say and I'm not bragging about it. It's the way I was brought up. It's the way I am, you know. But that's what is I'll give you an example, by the way of the Zionist propaganda. You walk into a room you're in Chicago, right? I yes. into. I don't know if they have big department stores in Chicago, like Macy's, right. You walk into a big department store in December. So let's say they'll have the Christmas display, right? The Hanukkah display. The

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Christmas display is always green and red. Those are the color patterns and gold correct. The Hanukkah display? Well, Hanukkah, decorations are always blue and white. Can anybody tell me what Blue and White has to do with Hanukkah?

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The Christmas display? That's the holly the berries in the leaves, right? But what is blue might have to do with fact the answer is nothing. Hanukkah was the oil domek it has to do with it's the Israeli flag. There's no color pattern for Hanukkah. But the Zionists made this that you should psychologically in your mind, connect Zionism with Judaism. So that's a psychological subliminal kind of thing. I'll give you another example. Do you know that the streets in Jerusalem, most of them are named after Jewish historical characters starting from biblical characters, right? However, you won't find in all of Jerusalem. I checked this out on Google Maps, a street named if the Moses

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or Abraham or Isaac or Jacob, the streets or Nate's begin the names the naming process with Joshua. Because

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in Zionist history, Jewish history begins when the Jews enter the Holy Land. You see, there is one neighborhood that has the Jewish women, the matriarchs, sobre, rifka, Rosalind layer, but other than that, Jewish characters, personalities, Moses, there's no street named after Moses.

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Would you have streets named after hertzel in Java 10 ski, and of course, Joshua and the prophets and the tribes who who you have the trust names of the tribes moving Shimon lavey Yehuda, now those are the sons of Jacob. But if you look on the blue plaques on the street corner that explains who then st was named after doesn't say, it was named after the children of Jacob, rather, it is the, the tribes of the Jews that settled in the holy lands. each tribe was from one of the children of Jacob, it's named after the tribes. Zionism is is an incredible propaganda machine. Incredible. You know, to the Jews, they say, well, you have to support Israel, otherwise, all the Jews are going to

00:32:47--> 00:33:32

die. They're either going to be brought into concentration camps. Everybody's a Hitler, Hitler lurks around every corner. And if not for Israel, Hitler would be back tomorrow, in every country everywhere. And of course, in Israel, all the terrorists would just come and destroy all the Jews and kill all the Jews, if you ask them that the Jews and Muslims lived in peace for for over 1000 years. And why is it suddenly now suddenly, now that the Muslims, suddenly these guys allegedly hate Jews? Clearly and and suddenly want to kill them? Clearly, it's Zionism. That's the problem. It's not Islam. And it's not most it's not Muslims against Jews. That's the main thing. We have to tell

00:33:32--> 00:34:03

people. It's a political thing. It's Israel. It's not the Jews. They like to conflate it because this way, number one, they get the support of evangelicals. Number two, they have a it's very easy to say if you're a Palestinian, you're an anti Semite. The only reason why you don't want a Jewish state they're the only reason why you allow Israel to because you're an anti Semites. It's a political conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. It has nothing to do with the Jews being Jews. It has nothing to do with Muslims.

00:34:04--> 00:34:10

I mean, how many Palestinians are non observance Muslims? Yes, there are * was secular.

00:34:13--> 00:34:13

You know?

00:34:15--> 00:34:55

That's the propaganda that we need to negate Israel and the Jews decouple them one has nothing to do with the other. I like what you said there at this point, you know, really needs to be stressed that before all of this Jews and Muslims were living together in peace I had a rabbi Weiss. I don't know if you know him. Very well. You do? Yeah, I had him. He was here in the studio. And he was talking about I was giving some history, how actually the Jews and the Muslims how they were getting along and, and they would watch each other's kids. It was like, you know, neighbors watching out for neighbors. It was very different than what you see today. And in fact, is I'll tell you an amazing

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

story. The the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

The Orthodox Jewish people in Palestine before Israel was created, his name was Rabbi sonnenfeld.

00:35:07--> 00:35:34

They he sent a messenger to the British to tell them that we do not want a Jewish we do not want to live under the Zionist rule we'd rather live under Ottoman or Arab rule here. We are British, whatever it is, but we do not want Zionist state. The messengers name was Jacob de Haan, you can google him. He was a Dutch guy, d h a n Jacob de Haan.

00:35:35--> 00:35:36

You know what happened to him?

00:35:38--> 00:36:22

the Zionist assassinated him was a political assistant. This is not a secret. They bragged about it. They met the assassin they dug him off. He was in Japan after the war. And he said, yeah, of course, he puts Zionism in danger. So we did what we had to do Zionism in order to survive needs to portray Israel as a state of the Jews, the more Jews and the more non Jews. tel design is no, Israel is the state of the Israelis. Jews may there may be many Jews who support Israel, and there are many Jews who are Democrats. But there are Jews who are republicans too. And being a Jew, and being a Zionist, is not the same thing at all. Being a Jew and being Israeli is not the same thing. And the conflict

00:36:22--> 00:37:06

is between the Israelis and the Palestinians, not between the Jews and the Palestinians. It has nothing to do with being Jewish. It's a political conflict that needs a political solution. Just a couple more questions. We're almost out of time actually gone over, but I'm really enjoying talking with you. Tell me how and what was the whole thing that was sold now, that brought the Christians that were talking about this rapture? You know much about this, and now that they formed an alliance here, and this is why you have Christians who are also Zionist now, like when, what's his name? The current president said, every Jew, I be a Zionist. I am a Zionist. You don't have to be a Jew to be

00:37:06--> 00:37:49

a scientist. So let me tell you a secret Christian Zionism existed before Jewish Zionism, from the late 1500s. Early 1600s is a group of Protestants that believe that the Jews, because of their ideology, are going to return to the holy lands before they're the second coming of their Messiah. There's a disagreement amongst them. Some say the Jews when the mister there Messiah comes will convert. Others say they'll just be killed, and others have other opinions. But design the Jewish Zionists got much of their ideology from the Christians, not vice versa. These Christian Zionists existed way before the Jewish ones hertzel Theodore hartsel got his international connections. He

00:37:49--> 00:38:32

was introduced by a Christian Zionist named the Reverend William heckler. He ch l er. And he introduced him to the Grand Duke of Biden, and many heads of state, because he believed that hertzel was fulfillments of the Christian Messianic prophecies. In fact, I got to tell you something. There are many things that people attribute to Jewish Zionist, that are really originated with Christian Zionist, for example, the idea that the Jews should take over Israel, the Christian Zionists had way before the Jews, the idea that the Jews should speak Hebrew their way before the Jews, the Christians said it hertzel didn't believe that the Jews should speak Hebrew in a state once he they

00:38:32--> 00:38:45

create the state because he didn't believe it was possible. And you know, the, the Zionist slogan that is attributed by the way Abu Mazen attributed to hurt so that was a mistake. It was said by Israel zangwill that

00:38:47--> 00:38:50

a land without a people for people without a land.

00:38:51--> 00:39:34

Israel's angle got that from the Christian Zionists way before any Jew ever said it. And the reason why one of the reasons why Britain Britain Lord Balfour, he was a Christian Zionist. The Protestants. Look, look how it developed. The Catholics weren't involved in this. This was a certain Protestant movement. The British, the British and the Americans, UK and US. They were more of a Protestant Christian country rather than a Catholic Christian country. Right? The Pilgrims came from Britain. That's why Britain and the US have always been Israel's greatest allies. You know, because of the 25% of us voters are evangelicals. And these are those Christians. But the Christian Zionists

00:39:34--> 00:39:42

have been here way before the Jews. The Jewish Zionist stole a lot of their ideology from the evangelicals in order to garner support from them.

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

Tell me, we see a lot of collaboration happening between Muslims and Jews. on this subject. One of them was Rabbi Cohen working with Dr. Lawrence brown on the Zion deception, are you do you know, Rabbi Cohen, and you've met him very well. I'm a good

00:40:00--> 00:40:04

A friend of his, and I actually purchased the zinus deception, but I,

00:40:05--> 00:40:15

I has read my cones, introduction and that is meaningful to me you're out by Cohn is a reliable person, very reliable. However, I don't read fiction.

00:40:17--> 00:40:53

I don't have time. I just don't haven't read fiction in like, maybe 40 years. Yeah, that was that was Dr. Lawrence brown way of trying to convey some of what's going on in this type of manner. And boy do you feel about this collaboration that's happening? You know, you have this Rabbi with a Muslim and they're, you know, collaborating. He's writing the foreword here. You see, a lot of this is happening for the truth to get out for people, you know, of goodwill coming together to, you know, expose the truth. I think that Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, everybody should collaborate.

00:40:54--> 00:41:36

First to educate themselves on the differences between and the incompatibilities between Judaism and Zionism. And the main point is that Israel is the state of the Israelis, not the state of the Jews. It doesn't represent the Jewish people. And then yes, collaboration, for dissemination of truth, to create peace in the world. And I must tell you, in my humble opinion, the best thing for the Jews in Israel would be if Israel would become the state of the Israelis. Israel needs to become a normal country like US, Canada, Mexico, whatever. The all these all this conflict, all these problems, begin with Israel claiming and desiring and falsely

00:41:37--> 00:41:46

arrogating to themselves, the title of the nation state of the Jewish people, it makes trouble for me to listen, when nataniel says that,

00:41:47--> 00:42:17

well, Avigdor Lieberman, that Israel is to the Jews, what Francis to the French, he's not talking about Jews only in Israel. He's talking about to the Jews, even, let's say in France. So what he's saying, This is the official Zionist policy, that the Frances to the French non Jews, what Israel is to the French Jews. This is anti semitic. This is a saying that the country of the French non Jews is France, and the country of the French Jews as Israel.

00:42:18--> 00:43:00

That's a dual loyalty trope. Israel is the new anti Zionism is the new anti semitism and honestly, what we should be doing, instead of framing the question the way the Zionists do, and this part of the propaganda because no matter how you answer, the question itself presupposes something that's not true. At what point does criticism of Israel cross into anti semitism? Well, criticism of Israel never crosses into anti semitism. anti semitism is it's like saying, at what point is criticism of a an individual Jew cross? In what, at what point does criticism of an individual Jew cross into anti semitism? The answer is when it stops being criticism of an individual Jew, and starts being

00:43:00--> 00:43:39

criticism of all the Jews as Jews, which is what anti semitism is criticizing Israel, because it's Israel as opposed to criticizing all the Jews as Jews. That's not anti semitic. What we should be asking instead is at what point design is and cross into anti semitism. We should be discussing how Zionism is anti semitic, has Zionism claims My country is Israel, against my will. If I don't like my country, I can move to Mexico, right? I have a right by international law to choose my nationality. But no matter where I move and where I go, because I'm born Jewish, Israel says they are my country, and they'll tell you Israel's my country. And if you're an American in Chicago, you

00:43:39--> 00:44:21

look at me and you say, well, Israel, the Jewish state says America is not Jakub Shapiro's country. No, I don't want that. That's bad. Zionism is the new anti semitism. And we should be asking, we should be writing essays and articles. At what point does Zionism cross into anti semitism? Zionism, the new anti semitism, because that's really that's really the truth. And yes, we all should collaborate on this. Again, this is this is true, regardless of no matter who side or how much somebody believes in one state, two, state three state, none of that matters. The Palestinians just are get involved in God got caught in the crossfire. The problem is, even if there wouldn't be no

00:44:21--> 00:44:49

Palestinians, I would still be against Zionism. If the Palestinians would be happy. If there wouldn't be any conflict, I'm still against Zionism. Because Zionism says that I am not a regular American. Israel represents me. I don't want to be represented by Israel in its attack on my religion because my religion defines what a Jew is, they say my religious definition is wrong. And instead, being a Jew as a political thing.

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

I I am an anti Zionist because of that, and frankly, I think that that that that is the roots of the conflict. That's the root cause rather, it's the root cause of the conflict.

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

Is the ideology of Zionism. And yes, the behavior.

00:45:05--> 00:45:39

If somebody does something wrong, they should be held accountable, no question about it. But the root conflict, the reason for all this behavior is Israel's claim to be the Jewish state. Because with a Jewish state, therefore we have to ensure majority of Jews and because we have to ensure a majority of Jews, we have to do whatever I say no Israel as a state of the Israelis, let it become hertzel Stan, that's what I would say they should call themselves, call yourself hartsel. Stay and give up the name Israel, find a new flag, don't use a Jewish symbol that mug and have it as a Jewish symbol, don't use a Jewish symbol, have a picture of hertz or something, you know, whatever you

00:45:39--> 00:46:19

want, just leave them leave the Jews alone, you have nothing to do with the Jews. That is step one in the peace process of us. And thank you so much, Rabbi, as really nice having you on the program really recommend people to watch your presentation, by the way called committing high reason. Please, if you've got a lot of these topics, committing high and people can also check out on YouTube you have this has Zionism hijacked Judaism. So really good talk there. And God willing, we can have you back on the show sometime in the future. Thank you for your time and for shirt for ship for sharing these many truths with with us exposing, you know, one that you mentioned

00:46:19--> 00:46:22

that Muslims and Jews live for over 1000

00:46:23--> 00:46:38

years in peace. This is very important that Zionism does not represent Judaism as another truth. Very important. And hopefully, those people with an open mind open heart, you know, can go ahead and benefit from much of what we've discussed today. pleasure being here. Thank you very much.