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Why are you studying Japanese sir?

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Why are you why are you interested in what part of Japanese literature Japanese culture are you so interested in?

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Okay, and now it's become what?

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Mashallah, so at the beginning of his anime

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so even when I was when I was in university, he said the same thing to me. He said, he said to me, he said, listen, he said, I'm so tired of watching anime with subtitles. He's like, I want the full experience.

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So right but but that's coming from a place of love. It's coming from a place of of you know, and I'm sure right now with the the popularity of Korean soap operas or dramas like people are now going to start learning Korean.

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But when you have when you have people who are willing, able intelligent, capable of learning all of these different things, and then they show a complete this interest in learning the deen themselves. No, I went to Islamic school function once. And I remember they had brought some guy from the Ivy League. He was like a really smart guy. He's giving this powerful presentation talking about bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla incredibly eloquent. And then he started quoting verses of the Quran. And I was like, Man, I wish you did it. Because these third graders can read these verses better than you like it was it was bad. And I'm not talking about like he was in college. This was like

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post college but like 15 years or what have you. And it was just it was just bad and it wasn't like it wasn't like it was a challenge for him. It was just obvious that he hadn't put in put in the time. And so you want to be someone who has

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literacy of the deed and so taking this time, whatever it is, if you've got an hour two hours a week even for you to spend time learning the deep learning difficulty while learning difficult Salah

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prioritize it. We prioritize so much else we need to make sure also that we prioritize learning this deep