Mufti Menk – Why you might be struggling?

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was happy to jump in. We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to bless them to bless every one of us and to grant us goodness, my beloved brothers and sisters, when Allah created us, He created us from a single male and female, he gave us honor and dignity. He gave us a posture that is the best of postures, the best position, the organs and limbs we have, are in the best possible positions that they could be, to such an extent that nobody has ever thought of

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and nobody shall ever think of any place or position to reposition any organ or limb, that we as human beings have been granted, as per the positioning of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So we should be thankful to Allah, we believe he has sent us onto this earth to test us. That's it. It's a huge examination. At the end of that examination, we will go back to Allah for this reason, your life will never ever be

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filled with roses. No, it's impossible. Why? People say why am I struggling? Why am I going through a hardship? Why am I going through one problem after the other, because that's the whole purpose of a test and an examination, you will go through health issues, financial issues, other issues, family matters, social matters, whatever it may be, Allah is only watching, he's giving you an opportunity to show him that you are going to do the right thing.

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So it's something that we need to always think about. We are not on earth in order to forget Allah, in order to lose focus from the reality of the Hereafter, which will be longer than this life. In this life, you will live for 70 to 80 years a little bit more, a little bit less.

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But as soon as your eyes closed, there is eternity that is awaiting you. People have died for longer than they ever lived. And we know about it. There are people who died 1000 years back who only lived 400 years, which means they have died for 10 times longer than they were alive, according to us and what we know, which means this life is very, very short. Now, there is a serious matter that we need to address. It's a matter that concerns myself and yourselves. My brothers and sisters, Allah created us on different levels. Every human being has been given a gift By Allah, whether he or she recognizes the gift or not, is a secondary issue.

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Allah has blessed you uniquely with something that you will excel in. If you identify it, and you know it and you work on it, you're going to go far.

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But Allah does not leave people with nothing at all. You have something. Some people have been blessed with wealth, one law.

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Allah has favored some of you above others, when it comes to sustenance and risk. Allah says we gave some more. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, some of you were blessed with better bodies than others stronger, you have more power, more strength. Some of you have something else more intelligence. So sometimes there's a person who doesn't have money, but he has intellect. Someone doesn't have wealth, but he has power of the body. So perhaps you can help each other while

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enough. Don't forget to be virtuous and kind and good to one another. Because when Allah fulfills your needs, he will do it through another human beings service. The means is another human, you need bread. You're not a baker, what are you going to do you make dua to Allah. Allah will give you the means the wealth, but you depend on someone else whom Allah gave the expertise and the urge and the liking to bake so they baked and they have the bread ready, you will take the money and go there. If you are bad to people, you would not survive in business, you wouldn't survive on Earth. Even the person who cleans your road, the person who cleans at your house, the person with the lowest job,

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the one who clears the toilet and the drain, you need to respect that person without them. Your sewage would be clogged Subhanallah so

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Panama. So Allah says, each person has a different inclination, different brain different thinking. They want to do different things. You walk into a primary school, and you ask the children, what do you want to become? Everyone says something else. A lot of them say a pilot, because when they see a plane, they get excited. Sometimes they change their mind after a little while. Someone says, I want to be this. I want to be that many times they want to be like their fathers. Recently I was in Nigeria, I asked the boy, what would you like to be? He told me exactly what his father was. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant them all protection and every one of us Amin. So the point I want to

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raise when Allah has given you a favor, don't think that that favor gives you reason to be arrogant. Many, many people the minute they see the first 1000, the first 100,000 the first million in their lives will lie, he would have been bait, their attitude changes, they begin to become arrogant without them noticing the minute Allah gave you authority, power, popularity, some gift that Allah gave you, even the looks that you have temporarily when people say so beautiful, so pretty so handsome, many, many people fall into the trap of shavonne by becoming arrogant, and they don't even realize the wealthy sometimes are the worst when it comes to payment. They don't pay, they simply

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don't pay SubhanAllah. And if they were to pay, they would require a discount more than the poorest of the poor. When a poor man goes somewhere, he will pay the amount when the rich man goes in, say I need the discount my brother, do you not fear Allah? give them more to say Allah has favored me. You've asked me for $10 I'm going to give you another five because you know what you need to do? Well, we are those people who worry about others. If we were concerned Muslims, we would have such a lovely community and society. But Greed has overtaken us because we think we're going to live forever. And this is why when we amass wealth, it becomes such that it magnetizes the heart towards

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something dirty, you earned your million now what are you going to do? I'm earning another million you find the man with a huge business will lose sleep over attack shop across the road that is selling the same thing. He's losing sleep. Why? Because Subhanallah he doesn't believe in Allah. He wants it for himself that is a trait of our own. Do you know that? That is a trait of those who really went against the command of Allah. This is something I am talking about passionately. We are going through tremendous struggle in this country. May Allah make it easy for all of us. You want to reach out to those in need and Allah will grant you ease. Allah will give you at least reach out

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with a kind word. You know what? This morning I was going through some of the a hadith regarding those who work for us I thought I'll speak about treatment of maids you know who is a made helping hand I want to tell you something. We are so fortunate in some countries you can have someone help you do your work in some countries, even first world countries, you cannot really have someone help you do your work because it is absolutely expensive. But in some countries Mashallah we have people who can help us they can do our cleaning and washing and whatever else will law he I tell you something the prophet SAW Selim tells us and before I tell you what he tells us, do you have a

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problem in your life? Are you going through struggles? Are you really you know, troubled? Is this something that you are losing sleep about? Firstly, check how you treat your workers. Look at how you treat them, mate. Look at how you treat those whom you are supposed to be paying him so he hand Buhari the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, three types of people. Allah himself says, and a hustler whom Yeoman qiyamah I am going to deal with three types of people personally, on the day of judgment, I will deal with them, which means the anger of Allah, the anger of Allah, it is a serious matter. He says three types of people, I will show them what's going to happen to them on

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the Day of Judgment, who is saying, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is telling us that Allah said this. One of them is a person who employs someone to do a job. They did it and didn't pay them on time. Remember this? The Hadith says there's no chance that you can get away with this absolutely impossible. You know, if you look at our pious predecessors, they used to pay the worker before they took their own money. So Angela, remember this? Remember this? Today? People are struggling, everyone is struggling. It doesn't mean that because you are struggling, you must make someone else struggle. When you owe them something. It has to be given to them. There's no way that you're going

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to achieve happiness by making someone else sad. May Allah strengthen me to begin with, and then all of us, I mean, how do you want to

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Happiness when someone else is struggling, pay them correctly and pay them on time or before time. The Hadith says three people, Allah will deal with them personally on the Day of Judgment. One of them is the person who delays payment of one who has done the work for them. They've worked, you have a salary payment on 29th of for example, the month 29th of every month, and you are simply not interested. The person did his work, they did everything. I promise you this hadith is a blessing, it warns us and he actually warns us to a degree that you would cry if you thought of what Allah is saying to you. But at the same time, it is in order to increase productivity amongst us because when

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you pay your workers a decent wage, a decent wage, not peanuts, a decent wage, and on time, they are happy, they are excited, they work hard, they look forward, they respect you, they greet you, they want you they they actually look after you they the productivity will increase such that the little bit you are paying them you'll get back 100 times or more from the same person may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness we are we imagined this hadith is telling us and it's a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari there are more narrations, the Prophet sallallaahu salam says to us, the people working for you are your brothers and sisters. It could have been the other way around. It may be some time down

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your children, grandchildren might end up working for their grandchildren. And you won't even realize I know in my life of people who used to work for others, their children started Subhanallah becoming the bosses of the children of those they worked for it has happened Subhana Allah, Allah can change the table. So Allah says, it's only a test to watch. How are you treating these people? Are you going to treat them with respect? Do you scream at them? If you shout at your workers, Allah will create a day when you will be disgraced in front of the creatures of Allah. You don't shout, you don't scream. You treat how you want to be treated.

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Treat others how you want to be treated respect. The Hadith speaks about how when they make a mistake, you can excuse them, you can forgive them. You can correct them in a beautiful way. Someone broke a glass. What do you do? Do you raise your hand abou Miss Roden? Badri are the Allahu anhu. Again, another Sahih narration. He says one day I was hitting my worker, I was hitting my worker, and he says, I heard the voice behind me say, oh, boo Masood. But I was so angry. And I was yelling, and I couldn't really make out what was being said until I turned around and I was silenced. Because it was the profits of our salon. How embarrassing. It was. He says, oh, Abu Massoud, I want to tell

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you something. Allah has greater authority over you than you have over this person whom you are beating the worker who's working for you.

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Which means you trying to harm this man. Watch what Allah does to you. He says, oh, messenger, I seek forgiveness. He says, I will never ever beat another person who works for me. According to one narration that was a slave boy. And he says I'm freeing him for the sake of Allah.

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Because he was so worried. How can you beat someone who works for you? How can you shout at them? Just because Allah gave you today the authority you are standing high, you look at someone you are paying them a wage that is not even worth a peanut, and you want to scream at them, yell at them, tell them this and that until your children do the same. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Children, watch what you do, how you talk, what law he in your absence, they swear them in the same way they use insulting words. Trust me, Allah has recorded this and it will come back to you.

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May Allah forgive us, you can see the passion with which I'm talking. You want to resolve the matters in your homes, in your families, in your communities in your country, sought your character out, sought your relationship with Allah out. We are not changing. We are becoming arrogant. We are becoming the west of people such that when I travel to other countries, I'm embarrassed such that when we see the greatness of character, I start thinking I wish and I pray people of my own community can behave like this with those people whom they interact with Allahu Akbar. We pass each other there's no greeting there's no smiling everyone is worried about what before it used to be

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dolla dolla dolla dolla, that's it. Now, it's got to do with bond bond rtgs What's happening? What's the rate? People used to greet? You say Assalamu alaikum to them today? They say what's the rate?

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Yes, you might want to know it. But start off with the goodness Subhana Allah the goodness as salaam alaikum. How are you my brother? How are you is a question you should be asking those who work for you as well. It doesn't mean I'm the boss. How can I greet? How can I talk? What law What about

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bait in the eyes of Allah that person might be hundreds of light years ahead of you, Allahu Akbar. Come on the day of gamma and you witness at that person was working for me. Look at them in the company of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, where am I? Where am I? I don't even know if I'm going to I didn't pay them I disrespected them I beat them. On top of that we hand work to them to do as though they are machines. The Hadith says Newcombe Hanako Jalla whom Allahu Tata ad come from an Karna who Tata de for you to me for me my cool Well, you will be swimming my elbows one or two can live for whom are you really boom for income left to move home for a new home? Subhan Allah,

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these people are your brothers. The Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem says

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whomsoever Allah has placed someone under their authority, then you should give them food from their food, and they should close them with the similar clothing. And they should never ever give them work that is too difficult for them to execute.

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And if you had to give them work, that is hard, you personally get up and help them Subhanallah you tell the men, I want you to carry those rocks from here today. Rocks rock, you think Do I look like I'm a bobcat from Hannah law? Do I look like I'm one of those little you know, Allah forgive us.

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Get up and say, Look, I'm going to do you a favor. Today we're going to get three people and I will come in and we'll we'll see how best we can get this. They speak with respect. be concerned, be conscious, be considerate, be compassionate. You see the doors of sustenance, opening, when you those who work for you are smiling, your business will flourish because when the customer walks in, they are smiling, they're happy, they are interested in selling the product because you know why they all happy and excited I'm going to get the money anyway. You know, but Subhanallah when they're not paid when nothing happens when you're screaming and yelling when you got working hours that are

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ridiculous. Even you wouldn't work those hours. You know what people come in? They are waiting for these people to walk out Why? Because I'm not even interested. I'm getting paid nothing anyway. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us.

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This is something dangerous. My brothers and sisters, there are so many integrations, it's just that we have a limited time. But there are so many integrations that I could mention that would send shivers down your spines If only you knew the one narration although its authenticity is addressed by those the scholars of Hadith. It says you pay the worker before even his sweat dries. You know what the broader meaning of that is. Once you've agreed payment, you pay them palace, it's over. Let them be happy. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. May Allah not punish us because of the way we've been treating those who work for us. They need such respect that when they go back to their

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homes, when they go to the villages and I have witnessed this with my own eyes, and they sit around the fire, they will say good things. You know, I work in the city, very good people, they are Muslims Subhan Allah, it is your duty as a Muslim, to invite your workers and those who are under your authority towards Islam, primarily by your greatness of character, how many of us you have someone working for you. After a few months, they say I want to be Muslim. Why there's no drinking in this house. There's no screaming in this house. It's so beautiful. The children are old. I'd like my family to be like this. Many of us we treat them such forget about being Muslim, they don't even

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want to look at our faces. They go around the fire say those people they are haughty. They spend 1000s they do this they do that. And with us, they pay us peanuts, they scream at us, they yell at us, they tell us to do this and to do that. Where is the respect gone, my brothers and sisters you want respect respect others, your driver, your whoever it may be, respect them. And part of that respect will be such automatically they're going to love the deen of Allah. They will love the deen of Allah change your lives. The message is for me to begin with. Let's change our lives. We can do it. And I promise you the condition of the nation will change. Learn to respect people everyone's

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going through a problem. The same applies and I'm going to end on this note. Those of us who are working for others, there is a message for us to work hard. Work hard, be dedicated, don't steal your time. A lot of the time is not stolen because you arrived late, but because you sat on the phone. That's what it is. today. We still from the times of those whom we work for. We said I work from eight to five but four hours we were on WhatsApp, I promise you it's called stealing stealing what from the time so if we're working for someone, let's also be respectful inshallah you have an issue, address it with respect, you need to understand Yes, there are issues that are going on.

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There is a little bit of difficulty everyone's going through hardship. Let's let's adjust our lives a little bit here and they may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all forgiveness, my brothers and sisters. We are

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Going through such times that Allah promises or something

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in Allah, Allah yovani Rama be comin.

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forcing him, Allah will not change the condition of a nation until and unless each individual changes himself or herself

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to things only that you need, how many only to your relationship with Allah and your relationship with the rest of the creatures of the same Allah. That's all. Nothing else. The koala he was not who Luke you don't need anything else. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked, he was asked, What are the characteristics of those who will intergender he said two things, the Kabbalah he was looking consciousness of Allah, which is a relationship with Allah, your Salah and everything else in order halal Haram, you are a little bit concerned about it meaning when I say a little bit meaning it occupies your mind

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and secondly your character, how you treat people how you make them feel. When they look at you for a few minutes, one minute how did you make them feel? Did they look at you and feel good? I always say you know we are in the house of Allah. I give you an example of this question. We are in the house of Allah. Each one of us it is our duty to make the person sitting next to us welcome and comfortable, so much so that even if you have a bad smell, you must be worried I hope my brother doesn't feel uncomfortable because of my sweat. So make sure you clean and you come it's a hadith the prophet SAW Selim tells us if you have eaten garlic or onion wash your mouth thoroughly before

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you come because even the angels are disturbed by that is that is garlic and onion. What about another smell that sometimes we develop due to different things before we used to say cigarettes nowadays the kids have gone one step beyond the cigarettes. May Allah forgive us and strengthen them to quit these habits. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease. So remember this make people feel comfortable when they think of the machine. They are so happy I'm good to meet my brothers. In the case of the sisters, we will meet the sisters they will smile at us, greet us make us feel important and then go away. That is the machine that is how the environment should be look at people smile, be

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happy. Everyone is depressed across the world. Why? It's in the mind. It's in the heart. Change it and Allah will change your condition and all of ours for the better aku kolyada masala Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad

Jumu’ah Lecture 5 July 2019, Treatment of Workers.

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