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Bismillah neuro

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you Bismillah AR Rahman Rahim we're about to inshallah begin on the journey of pseudo use of reflection on to the use of insha. Allah. We had finished before the Christmas break and entire series called legends untold. So we did stories of our historical figures in the past that most of the time people have not heard of. All of those are available on a Ludas YouTube so you can watch with your family. There's very inspirational stories in their story. Sometimes people have not heard, we've made sure that the stories cover various cultures. So we brought people from the Arab world, we brought people from the Indian subcontinent, we brought people from Turkey, so all variety

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of people, those are really legends, if you were to say bye bye all meaning of that word, but true legends from our past, so you can look up the entire series, legends untold insha Allah before the break, we had the ability to serve food. So we will have food over here we're trying to figure out maybe inshallah away from next week that we do serve food but it will be like on the way out. So you come 730 You attend you know, we start at 747 45 you attend the lecture and 830 You don't have to cook like on the way back you grab some meals for your family and you're off to go in sha Allah will try to arrange that be with me later Allah. Great. So before we begin the entire discussion on Quran

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Tafseer I would like to elaborate a little bit on few introductions, or I'd like to give a few introductions so that the kids can benefit and everybody else can benefit inshallah together. So introduction number one, and this is in reference to the Quran. This is in reference to us learning Quran that there are various different interactions you and I can have with Quran. So my connection with Quran can be in the form of tilava in the form of recitation, my connection with Quran can be in the form of Tafseer. My connection with the Quran can be in form of the bore, in form of pondering upon the Quran.

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My connection with the Quran can be in forms of dalim of the Quran, so I'm actually becoming a student of the Quran, right? So those are varying different levels that you and I can have interactions with the Quran. Just to clarify for everybody, we are going to be embarking on a level which is in between a level of a Taleem. And

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in between the level of Taleem enter the bar, so it's a little bit beyond the bar, and it is little bit less than tafsir. So between the element of skill, so it's like, it's not really enough. See, it's not really like it's in the middle. Right? So we're just just, we're just going to be touching on few things to give you the flavor of what it would be like if it was a detailed Tafseer of the program. Okay.

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Those of you that are here today, you could attend this, those of you that cannot stay. This is also going live on clubhouse so if you go to the sacred subs clubhouse, it's going live on the YouTube at alHuda. So if you ever have to miss it, you can be you should be able to catch, catch it in Sharla. How many of you know me?

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Okay, so let me just introduce myself. So because I see a whole bunch of new faces. My name is Ahmed city. You know, I conduct family programs over here. You know, bi weekly hot buzz. I'm also the resident Imam at medieval Islamic center starting this January. So I do a lot of programs over there. As well all across, I run programs for youth across Toronto and London. We have a program called teenagers specifically targeting teenagers. He looked up right away. He's like teenagers. Well, what's there for me? So it's a program for teenagers focusing on creating social safe environments for them to be able to discuss different matters of their faith without any stigma

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attached to it and Sharla.

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Right. Now, let's get into the introductions of Surah Yusuf. So I will give you multiple introductions of Surah Yusuf, first introduction that we're going to have a will mocha Dima is introduction of Surah Yusuf from the purpose from the point of where and how the whole ASVAB of nosal why Surah Yusuf was revealed in the first place. So what has been mentioned about it is that

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for the longest period of time, at the end, the early you know, makin era Quran was being revealed and all that was being revealed was what

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do this don't do this and very heavy stuff. So the Sahaba they went to rasool Allah and they said, Oh, rasool Allah isn't like you don't Can you just lighten up the mood for us a little bit? Like, just tell us some stories? Like why are you? Why is this all like, like, do do this, do this? Don't do this believe in Allah.

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I just want we just want to lighten up. Right. So one of the narrations, you know, one of the ASVAB it has mentioned is they wanted to hear some stories, because they were like it was dry for them.

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And they were hearing all these other old they have stories, and they have little all this stuff happening in the books of Christians, and they're hearing about this. And they're like, but why is this also very monotonous for them? Right? Yes, it was bringing about drastic changes in their lives, but it was heavy stuff. So they needed something to lighten their heart. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed

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the Surah The second reason why this is the second introduction to this notes, the second purpose or a suburb of nozel, the reason why this surah was revealed the suburb of revelation of the surah is that the Jews came to the Jews, the Christ went to the Jews, and they said, Well, we've got this guy who calls himself a prophet. You guys are People of the Book, like Is he really a prophet? Like should we be believing in Him? So they said, Okay, if you go and ask him about certain stories, right? If you go and ask him about Jacobian, all of this and if he's able to tell you that, then, you know, he's the Prophet. The third reason was the surah was revealed during the time when

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lost two of his greatest supporters. Who were they

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had these are the Allahu Allah Allah and

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and I will Taalib uncle his uncle Abu Talib, right. And at that point, as he mentioned to Aisha, Radi Allahu Anna, that that was the lowest point for me, like last night in terms of achievement, in terms of who doesn't, that I was not accepted by my own people. And I wanted five and the people of five even rejected my message.

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So to that,

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and to console Prophet sallallahu Sallam the story was revealed. That's introduction number one.

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The second introduction of the surah

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is that

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anything that Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran is going to be it is going to fall

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under two forms of communication that Allah does with us.

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To all every Ira you pick up, it's going to be two forms of communication that Allah subhanaw taala does with you and me in the Quran.

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In my Hakuna Hebron, either it is going to be a narration of something, some event that happened in the past or will happen in the future. You won't be

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right, or it has already happened. Or it is going to be a command and inference do this don't do this. If it is don't do this, don't do this. That is a hokum, three fourths according to some recent studies, almost three fourths of the Quran is attached to some form of a narrative,

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some form of a narrative. I think it's a bit exaggeration in this like when I was reading the book about it, I think it's a little bit exaggerated but low item. And out of those 142 different chronic calls or different stories have been mentioned to us in the Quran. The stories of all the other MVR are scattered all throughout the Quran, except the story of use of Ali salaam How many times is the word use of Ali Salam comes in the Quran?

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How many times use of Ali salaam his name comes in the Quran?

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27 times out of those 27 times 25 times is in Surah Yusuf.

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And then one time it is in I believe, in the early surah. As I'm just missing the surah

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I believe it's an arm, an arm, yes, it's an app, and the second one is in lawfare. Okay.

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So the name of Prophet Allah use of it Salaam is mentioned 27 times the surah came down in this entirety.

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And this is the uniqueness of the surah that you don't have any other Surah that covers cover to cover a story of a particular prophet. That third introduction of this surah is the surah is 110 verses. It has 706 776 words.

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And 7166

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alphabets are heard of Alif data, which means that if somebody reads a surah you know, we all want 100,000 Plus job, this is a pretty easy way to get

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$100,000 Right 100,000 has an 880 1000 Okay, you know, you do it, well your life will diminish if Allah wills and he can increase for us inshallah.

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Now, every Surah of the Quran

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is connected every Surah of the Quran. This surah is connected to the surah before what is the surah? Before?

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Come on, guys, Tony Khan. How are you?

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Yeah, Baba Tavi.

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He's the Imam of the medieval.

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MashAllah surah? What? Yes. Excellent. So the hood. So every Surah has this, this surah has some connection with the surah before and some connection with the surah and ahead, like the coming through, and it's really interesting when we come across these varying Surahs and try to find these connections. So, three primary connections that I can tell you, how does this surah begin?

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How does it sort of begin any flow?

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Right, how does it begin?

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And he has his

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he has an open your Crohn's. I live Lanre. Yes. Right. So both sutras are beginning with

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you know, a similar beginning. Then, in that Allah subhanaw taala. Over here it says, Seneca says in that Allah says what

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has no al Hadith, good jog his memory, right? The best, Hadith, the best story, the next part, how many MBAs are mentioned in that story? In that Surah, seven stories of seven MBR mentioned in the story before, right.

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The other name that you know in English, if you want to call it like the surah of seven prophets, this surah

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this particular Surah it also has a story of one prophet only, but they're all come you know, the thing was, here is the summarized version of different stories. Here comes a detailed version of one prophet. The next connection is in that Allah subhanaw taala talks about Ibrahim and then after Ibrahim,

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who is that? What's the lineage of use of varicella?

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Use of immuno Jacobian

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is my you know,

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in his house, even Ibrahim, Ibrahim right, so in that you have dimension of Ibrahim, it was mentioned of his help. And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the ICO but nothing is mentioned to us about his story there. And then you have a detailed version of what took place at Yucca Valley salams life in this particular Surah Okay, those are very introductions that you can have related to the Quran what are what is the primary mirror what is the primary focus of the surah two one the surah revolves around a shirt

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so you're going to find that shirt is you know like you know in certain movies that you see you'll have like a you'll have one particular object sometimes the entire thing will revolve around the let's all let's all we all know Avengers right Avengers you have the was what was that what that thing guy had like what was the guys that Santos he had the the stones? Infinity Stones who said that? You said it cool? I like that Infinity Stones right? In the other verse. What's other verse? Not not Marvel DC verse?

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Yeah, what's that the other thing that they haven't that there was another stone some type of things my kids were talking about

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Justice League, they also have something like a box. So the entire movie revolves around what them trying to find these cubes across the entire and them trying to find these stones likewise in the entire story of use of iclm It's a shirt. Number two is It is the story of knowledge.

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So the entire story revolves around the helm. So you start from the beginning till the end, it's knowledge, repetition of knowledge, you will again have repetition Allah will talk about Allah will talk about it. Again, Allah will talk about him again and then that is constantly repeated in the entirety of the surah. So it is about the importance of knowledge. Let's begin.

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Allah subhanaw taala starts off the surah and he says le flamme RA

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and inflamm ra are called rWf l Moka. Pot. Okay, I forgot one introduction of the surah sorry, it is a Mk II Surah it was really in Makkah very important introduction of the Surah it is MKi surah. It was revealed in Makkah, and that is the only name that you are going to find in the entire Tafseer books. There is no extra love on the varying names of the surah it's only one name that isn't this isn't

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Don't buy by the name of Surah Yusuf. Okay. Now, the previous prophets, Allah subhanaw taala. When he sent them down, he sent them down and they had two things every Prophet brought. They brought a man hedge and they brought a Marchesa. They brought a man hedge a way of life, how you and I are gonna live. But they also brought what a miracle something out of the norm, something that your brain cannot comprehend as like, how's that even happening? So the man Hajin Margiela were there because Allah wanted the prophet to come and propagate the new message, but then he would support the Nabhi with this new power that Allah gives him kind of like a superpower more jeiza And what is

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that purpose of that point is so that people believe in him that he is from Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down prophets and Alodia Salam, and in the case of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Allah turned his manhood the Marchesa.

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His way of life, his message became the miracle.

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That's why the Quran is the message that Rasul Allah brought, and it is his miracle. It is the miracle of Nabi SallAllahu Sallam to either Marchesa that was given to him, the ultimate miracle is the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala starts off Surah

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Surah Yusuf, by the words if Lanre a lot of things have been said about what Islam raw means I'm not going to get into that. I just want for us to understand one thing.

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Rasool Allah Allah, Allah, Allah says, allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could he read and write,

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he could not read and write.

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So if somebody can't read and write, if we ask her what a cat is, she'll be able to tell you what a cat is. But if you put the letters or alphabets of cat in front for that little girl see a T, she's not going to be able to tell. This says C 18. Why? Because she doesn't have the ability to recognize alphabets, you need to have the ability to recognize alphabets before you can make before you can

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make sentences, but you don't necessarily need to recognize alphabets to speak. But for you to be able to break down your speech into alphabets, you must have that recollection of Alif. But sa so this is a first mortgages off Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that everybody believed that he was an unlettered person. And here he comes and says, I believe Lanre IG.

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How does what taught Prophet sallallahu Sallam what Elif is what lamb is what raw has no idea. The second thing, which I think is so powerful, every single faculty of acquisition that you and I have Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a cap on it, you've got hearing,

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but those of you went to high school over here, you know that in physics class, we do this example this this experiment where the, the, you know, the teacher cranks up the pitch and you start hearing and then eventually you don't hear anything.

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Because your ears cap out.

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Your ears do not have the ability to resonate to that frequency. Because you're faculty of acquisition of knowledge, your ears are capped out at a particular frequency. Likewise, your site is kept out with certain environments and situations and certain length beyond that you cannot recognize

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likewise, your faculty have so every single eyelet of Iraq, the faculty of acquisition of knowledge that Allah has given us, Allah has placed a cap on it.

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What's the greatest faculty of acquisition of knowledge we have?

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Our intellect, aka being able to get all of this information and you know, put it up in there and figure something out out of it and create something new. And here Allah subhanaw taala is letting us know that this Quran that you have in front of you, this Quran is verily made up of at least Baltasar gem ha ha. We all know this. But Allah is teaching us that your faculty of comprehension is kept your intellectual Rachael is kept because that same Quran where you understand Tilka HYAH Tolki tabula rubine You will not understand Elif Lanre

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because your this is the cap of your intellect. Try as hard as you can, you will not be able to understand what means what is the meaning of Alif Lam Meem because Allah is teaching us this Adam, that even your intellect is capped at my will at the will of Allah. He can reveal down something that you are aware of yet you can make any sense of it. We all know what Elif means we all know we all know words that are informed by LM LM Tara Keifa and others Surah starts off LM Taraki

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Did you not see? But over here this is Ali flamming you cannot comprehend. Okay. Bill chi Atul Kitabi morphine, these are verses Ayat Kitab al morphine of the book of a Kitab. That is moving that is absolutely clear.

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There is no doubt in it.

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It's so clear the word morphine comes from the root word of Bayana.

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The Arabs used to say Binus Saba, you know, it is now very clear that Sobha or you know the morning has begun the dawn has broken by a severe. So it is so clear as is the clarity of you and I being in a dark night looking at

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the dawn break. It is absolutely clear for anybody looking at that gun break the dawn has broken there's no doubt in that. Likewise as this Kitab which is so clear in all the darknesses it provides you that clear, absolute crisp light for you to be guided with Kitab al Kitab, removing in an Zelina who Quran Allah says this is indeed We have revealed until now we have revealed that this Quran, Quran and this was Quran, and it was revealed to us in what Arabi and it was revealed to us in the language of what Arabic not any other language but the language of Arabic. The language of the Quran is allowed to be here

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Lala conduct alone What is the purpose of the revelation of the Quran? So you and me we are able to use our intellect and understand we are able to understand the matters of our deen we're able to understand the commands of Allah subhanaw taala that comes down the one force of the Quran we're able to understand the stories we're able to understand. So you and I can learn from these stories. No, no, of course so Allah sent us we narrate on to you the best of stories. The word Casa Cousteau actually means to follow someone meticulously without any exaggeration. The best example of that many of us will be able to understand this when there is a massive snowfall and nobody has walked on

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that snowfall. You walk on that snowfall you make the first dents and your footsteps make the first footsteps on it and then somebody then somebody else comes back or comes behind you and follows and places their foot in the exact same location where you have placed your foot that is called Casa casa. So Allah is saying that this narration the story that is being revealed to us it is the ESA it follows the events in the life of Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam without any exaggerations without any depletion or additions. It is as it took place the way it has been revealed to you exactly the same way.

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And who is the Narrator Now Hannah ko Swati, Allah is the narrator Subhanallah it's not a narration of you and me, Allah is the narrator of the story,

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what an amazing story Nano nakasu Alec and the word nakasu and nano, if you remove the word Nano, right we the royal we if you remove the word Nano, the sentence structure still stands those of you that know a little bit of Arabic nakasu Aligarh. Us We also the Nano is in the non the non there it's there, those of you that known there and also is Nano, then why is that known, emphasized separately?

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Why is that known taken out of nakasu and placed at nano and then Allah is you know that pronoun that, that is in Nano nakasu actually means we narrate we relate, but the word we has been taken out of that we relate to give this emphasis and also it is to you know, they say you feed the sauce. There is no other Narrator other than Allah who's narrating the story.

00:24:12--> 00:24:27

To verify in your brains that it's only Allah alone that is narrating the story to you. Nobody else. Then Allah says nanoco Seleka sanel cosas Hadji, this is the best of the classes.

00:24:28--> 00:24:34

The best story that you're going to hear is going to be the story that we're going to embark on. Are you guys excited?

00:24:36--> 00:24:49

Are you excited? He doesn't look very excited. Or you're excited having dinner. She's excited definitely. Clearly those two kids are super excited there. They have their excitement to the next level. Mashallah.

00:24:51--> 00:24:52

Are you excited?

00:24:53--> 00:24:56

She's not even looking. Alright, Allah subhanaw taala says

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

no naka su Alagar Arsenal Casa

00:25:00--> 00:25:24

As we relate on to you or narrate on to you best, Asana best, versus the narrations Bhima I will hyena elago her the Quran. This is the best story that Allah has revealed because of what we have revealed in the Quran that's one meaning that this story is from one of the best things that has been revealed in the Quran.

00:25:26--> 00:25:43

We're in contam in public he let me know of aphelion or prophet of Allah. You were not aware of this story before this particular narration revelation came to you. Is God useful for the story begins right away. When Yusuf Ali Salam, by the way, what makes it what makes a story?

00:25:45--> 00:25:54

Like if you were to look at today's day and age, like, what makes a cassava a good kisser saw like a good story, right? It needs to have two elements.

00:25:55--> 00:25:57

It needs to have

00:25:59--> 00:26:44

people or characters or personalities, whatever within that story. And it needs to have events. And if the story has the focus off the individual and events around them, and then events and then individuals around them, then that combined forms a very nice, you know, narration or a story. This story has both. It has Yusuf Ali salaam as the primary motive, it has events and incidents as the primary peg and you get to know about people of the surgeon, the two people in the prison you get to know about the Medic Unit get to know about Emirati disease you get to know about other characters through an event and you get to know rasool Allah Salah you get to know Yusuf Ali salaam through you

00:26:44--> 00:26:54

get to know us of Ali salaam through the story. So the story pivots around use of Elisa ROM and it pivots around events that took place in his life through which we get to know other characters, okay?

00:26:56--> 00:26:58

Allah says in Fatah, Yusuf Ali Abby.

00:26:59--> 00:27:40

So this word is called a useful, it's something really interesting that when use of Ali salaam went to his father, and here's a pause for all of us over here, if you're a child, if you're, you know, hamdullah most of you, you know, there are a few teenagers here and people you know, that would want some connection, but younger age, it's easier for the kids to come and talk to you. But over here use of Ali salaam as a young child, and he finds comfort enough to go to his father, and tell him something that he was puzzled by tell him something that he was not at ease with it uneasy, it was an uneasy moment for him to see that strange dream. And he goes, and he finds absolutely no issue

00:27:40--> 00:27:44

talking to his father about a particular dream.

00:27:46--> 00:27:55

And I always ask yourself, myself, this is, this is a reflection point for me, you know, as a father of three teenagers now almost write that?

00:27:56--> 00:28:09

Would they be comfortable enough to come and share something that they were uneasy with? Or they were they were at unease? They were something that unsettled them? Are my kids going to be comfortable enough to come and talk to me?

00:28:10--> 00:28:49

And that's an answer that only you and I can give to ourselves? We cannot force this answer and nobody can tell you what the correct answer is, you know, where you stand with your children and your relationships with them. And if they are of that level that they can be like this, you know, use of it said I'm going to run into the father trying to tell him that Oh, I you know, something has happened. I'm really concerned about that. Then you know, that is really good sign. You've got to use hopefully heavy use of Elisa Lam said to his father, yeah, but to my father in Neeraj A to I had Ashura coca, I saw 11 stars was shumsa. And I saw

00:28:50--> 00:28:59

the sun welcome. And I saw the moon, or at home, I saw them Lisa G. Dean. They were doing such that to me.

00:29:01--> 00:29:25

The actual sentence structure should have been in Nero was shumsa Welcome Aurora at home, Sergey, Deena Lee. There, we're doing says that to me, but the lease as you know that Li came earlier, and you will always see that the sometimes the sentence structure in the Arabic will shift to create emphasis. So over here, the emphasis was the speech that was for nobody else other than

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use of it, Sam, it was not something that he hallucinated, it was not something that was a you know, not a really vivid vision, it was very clear that the stars and the sun and the moon were absolutely doing such that to use of Ali Salaam and that says that was for nobody else other than us have it set up over here, a small tangent, so such that in our religion case is only permissible to Allah subhanaw taala previous generations or previous nations before there is some permissibility of sister of Taleem you know, see

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just out of respect, you know that was had some leeway in that although I find it far fetched to believe that you know that was the case. That's just my personal opinion. But again it is mentioned that you know, it was sometimes permitted in Shetty as before, but the sij the offer yada only belongs it was never permitted to anybody other than Allah subhanaw taala in our religion both forms of search that only belong to Allah subhanaw taala we are not allowed to prostrate to anything other than Allah subhanaw taala the word karma over here

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you know, and again I want to not going into too much details because the younger kids but I think there's enough older people who will appreciate certain details. So the word Amar actually comes from the root word Amara, which actually means BMR another word from a model comes the word the model What does PMR mean? to gamble

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to gamble

00:30:57--> 00:30:59

what is the moon gambling with

00:31:04--> 00:31:08

I don't want to give you the answer like I want you guys to think about it social

00:31:09--> 00:31:10

What is it gambling with

00:31:11--> 00:31:16

the light it is gambling with the light of the the sun

00:31:18--> 00:31:20

it doesn't have a light of its own

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it Gamble's with the light of the sun and becomes victorious in the night. Whereas other stars that have their own intrinsic light they get overshadowed by the gamble that it takes and from there comes the word among

00:31:36--> 00:31:58

right and that's why they used to say they would call it karma they are no your Camaro belaying wire Fuzu filiale without shims that he it becomes victorious in the middle of the night by taking a gamble from the light of the thing so how every word in Arabic If you go into it it has some wide became like that. So anyhow that's

00:31:59--> 00:32:04

like we can go on and on I have like so many here okay this that we know a will

00:32:06--> 00:32:06


00:32:08--> 00:32:35

He said use of IDs to use of Elisa Lam. Oh my son, so usable SLM tells the story about the dream. What did you simulate Sam's father say to him Yagoona Yeah, oh my son, Ladakh. So sorrow IARC do not tell this dream of yours. Isla hortica Do not tell this to your brother's failure key do laka Qaeda they will plot against you a plot the word GAID

00:32:36--> 00:32:58

in Arabic language refers to a person who is not capable of hurting who's weak firstly, they're weak there's some form of weakness they possess and because of that weakness within them, they cannot come and attack you directly. So they have to make a plot or a plan behind your back to get you hurt.

00:32:59--> 00:33:14

And that's where the word cake comes from. That there they don't have the ability to hurt you via cable will occur. They will create a gate they will create a plot consequently they will create a plot a plot against you Your key do lacquer the word lacquer

00:33:17--> 00:33:28

tells you something very different because it should have been if the if the plot was supposed to hurt us of Ali Salam the sentence should have been fire ki Dukkha

00:33:29--> 00:33:38

they will plot you but over here Allah saying fire ki do they will be a plot laka and this plot will be in your favor

00:33:39--> 00:33:48

so that laka is that this is a blocked but it's actually for your favor. And with that lamb Allah subhanaw taala is indicating that

00:33:51--> 00:34:25

in the shavasana indeed Sheikh Bong little incentive for insert Can I do one more Bina? Why would they apply? Why would they do this? Because shaytaan is after every single one of us. Nobody can ever say mashallah metal but mashallah I've reached now shaytaan can't reach me. Right. That is the person shape on his in his pocket, you know, what Gallica? And likewise now Allah subhanaw taala many times in the Quran is going to say what Gallica was radica Okay, Danica, it's always referring to something unique that took place earlier. What do you think this Karateka is indicating to?

00:34:27--> 00:34:49

Allah says waka Valley CA and like you likewise. Right? Is it that ha your or Esther? Ha yeah, Geeta Vika Allah will choose you Allah to meet your nigga. What is Christina? Where do you see the selection? What was what was in the AMA that was given to him just right now we read about it. What?

00:34:51--> 00:34:52


00:34:53--> 00:34:55

the why, before the plot,

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

the dream, the dream well

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

And he chose you for that dream. Likewise, ie that radica like your dream and he chose you for that dream, Allah will choose you. Yeah, just

00:35:12--> 00:35:21

the way he chose you for the dream. Likewise, Allah is going to choose you. Yeah, just Ivica Rob Booker where you are Lee mukha. And Allah is going to teach you that's the first area

00:35:23--> 00:35:34

where you are limo come into wheeling a hadith, Allah subhanaw taala is going to teach you that we will Hadees the word that will actually come from the root word of a will. Okay?

00:35:35--> 00:35:36

What is a well,

00:35:37--> 00:35:54

the first that will actually means the original meaning, ie the meaning of something that was actually intended. Being able to understand that the original intention of what was being meant said, you're looking for someone. Okay?

00:35:55--> 00:36:07

All right, looking for you're finding the actual meaning intended. So Allah to will teach use of Ali Salam ability to understand events, and the actual meaning behind those events.

00:36:08--> 00:36:29

And that is actually what we all want to seek in our lives. Right? An event takes place, something happens in your life. You know, if Allah has given you that insight and vasila to be able to narrow it, this is going to have great consequences in my life in the future. Oftentimes, we get so stuck with that one momentary defeat or victory.

00:36:31--> 00:37:12

And we will feel like you know, it says burrata didn't quit hiding like there was no better worse day than this for my life. Or my god this was the best day in my life. But if only we have that understanding of that each event has a greater consequence that we'll it has a greater purpose being able to understand that worker that Erica and likewise yesterday Cara Booker, Allah is going to choose your Rob is going to choose you while you are Lee mukha and Allah is going to teach you in that way Lila Hadees from the understandings or interpretations of the actual meanings of a hadith events are things where you Timony amata, who I like, and Allah will complete his favorite What is

00:37:12--> 00:37:13

this favor?

00:37:14--> 00:37:15

What is this favor?

00:37:18--> 00:37:41

The favor off what Naboo the favor of Prophethood Okay, Allah will complete the bounty on you, i e ut manera Mehta who Aliko why Allah Ali Scoob and on the family of Jacoba insulin coma tam Maha awake the way Allah had selected you're too far forefathers before you

00:37:42--> 00:38:13

mean Pablo Ibrahim and his half the way Ibrahim is hardcore selected for being the Prophet. Likewise Allah is going to fulfill that and complete that bounty on you to select you as a prophet. In Rebecca indeed your robber I Lehmann Hakeem, Allah is indeed all knowing and Hakeem in the entire Quran you're going to find the word Hakeem and Eileen, this is the only place in the entire Quran where Allah subhanaw taala brings Aileen first and Hakeem after

00:38:14--> 00:38:21

all entirety of the Quran you're going to always find Hakeem and Eileen. This is the only time we're going to find

00:38:22--> 00:38:27

something different which is highly when Hakeem the rest of the Quran is Hakeem on it okay

00:38:35--> 00:39:16

okay, so what we're going to do is I think I'm gonna stop because now we're beginning like what kind of use of what equity so we use of our equity Aya to Alyssa Aileen. So we're going to begin the entire story of Yusuf Ali salaam Insha Allah we took his little bit time to do the introduction, we usually keep our sessions 45 minutes so that you know it's easy for families to entail unless sometimes the story is so nice that we might you know, squeak in a little 15 minutes here and there, but other than that, two requests inshallah for everybody that is here. One day, remember that next week we will pray 730 The aim is that we will start in sha Allah to Allah sharp 745 This is being

00:39:16--> 00:39:50

broadcasted on YouTube Live as well as clubhouse for people that are not able to join you can help them you know, share the message and one other requests that I was like to tell people and Hamdulillah we had a great success in the other place that you know, I'm also teaching you know, I said to every person that when you go out there is no better hire that you can do to somebody a relative of yours or friend of yours that you tell them hey, you know what, you know, why don't you show up for 45 minutes we're going to have a very light conversation about the Quran because you never know a dull oil Hi Erica fairly he you never know that that person that you call on and bring

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

that person ends up becoming somebody that actually goes way beyond. I still remember once you know my shares, we were sitting and you know

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

When in the Arab in the Middle East culture, it's not appropriate for younger kids to come and sit in the front, especially when there's a big scholar that is teaching. So I remember there was this young kid that came, and he came in, he sat right in front of the chef's physician, right? And he actually was he actually planned it out, right? This kid was like, You're sharp. So he was like, I think seven years old, eight years old. He came in before everybody, even the oven. Right? So he snuck in and he sat there and he sat the entire time, they're not moving, because he knows that they're gonna kick me out. So he sat there.

00:40:37--> 00:41:01

And then we were sitting there, and the devs have, you know, the chef arrived, and the nurse was about to begin. And obviously, you know, they wanted to take some pictures because it was like a very famous, you know, shape. So he was there. And, and they did not want it to, you know, have a small kid in the picture like going and taking a picture and small kid in such a big shape. You know, and I still remember, you know, the che,

00:41:02--> 00:41:04

he was there and he got really upset.

00:41:05--> 00:41:07

And he said, da who leave him.

00:41:09--> 00:41:16

Ma de la Allahu Salahuddin Allah up. You don't know if this kid turns out to be Salahuddin Allah up.

00:41:17--> 00:41:24

Right, that the fact that that child had a resolve to come and sit in front, you never know that this kid turns out to be Selaginella up.

00:41:26--> 00:41:28

This kid was my chef.

00:41:30--> 00:41:40

And his chef was narrating the story. The chef was like, I became so inspired by that statement of the chef that I ended up becoming and today he's the Imam of Masjid Kava.

00:41:42--> 00:41:59

Okay, similar thing happened with me. Something similar happened with me. I was in a group of gatherings of people. And Arabic was one of the most difficult subjects for me, we just homogeneity. I'm telling you, I was like, you know, I'd done all Medina books and I understood the Quran, but like, it is whole,

00:42:00--> 00:42:04

they would go into and I could not understand this. So something happened.

00:42:06--> 00:42:31

And my shake, you know, may Allah preserve him and give him the dough feel that, you know, he took on such a difficult student. And then he was sitting there and we were in the messiness. And you know, what, you know, I asked a question, which was very dumb questions for somebody to ask who understands grammar, who's been studying grammar for a couple of years. And, you know, there was such a, that the students that were in that modulus, they laughed at me.

00:42:32--> 00:42:50

They like laughed at me, mockingly. So I remember Chifley Oh, Dean, he was sitting there. And he says, he looked at all of them, because everybody wanted to get some time from the chef, and she would like cut everybody out. Because he's got so many other things to do. He doesn't have time.

00:42:51--> 00:43:21

As is the case with people who have achieved a lot in their life, they give their time very, you know, scaring like scarcely they just don't give it out to people. So he turned around to me, and he talked to the rest of them. And he said, had a horna Hamid, this our brother of brother Ahmed, and as a GI Lou, Holloman insha, Allah, I will make him into an island insha Allah one day. So the students that were there trying to get the time from the chef, never got that time.

00:43:22--> 00:44:04

But the chef recognized something in me, Allahu Allah. And then from there on, I got an opportunity to actually study with the chef for almost six and a half years, every single day for three to four years, three to four hours daily. So you never know what happens if you call upon somebody, that one person comes, you brought him to the masjid. And then you know, he goes 10 steps ahead of you and you never know. Right? The person who gives shahada to Imam Suhaib Webb, right. So he was like, I don't even know where he is. I don't know where he is, like, you know, the guy gave shahada to him that person turned out to be a convert in such a big scholar that Imam so what was himself like in

00:44:04--> 00:44:20

Egypt in that role if they're giving fatwa with the rest of the Arabs, right, so you never know who you bring to this modulus. They hear something and get inspired and move on. And you know, it changes your life in Accra, and it changes their life in sha Allah