Yasir Qadhi – Library Chats #10_ Responding to Jay Smith & David Wood on the ‘Holes In the Narrative’ Controversy

Yasir Qadhi
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Miss min Hill wahama new aim.

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I said I'm olive oil castle hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah. So today is going to be a very a typical personal library chat. For in case some of you are totally unaware, there has been a massive controversy raging over my head regarding an interview that was done a number of months ago about the hold on and I used a phrase there, there are holes in the standard narrative that has been misused and abused by a number of Christian missionaries. So in case you're unaware of this controversy, this lecture, therefore we have no relevance to you. However, if you are aware, then the purpose of this library chat is to basically expose what I consider to be the very evil tactics

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of this group of people and to also issue a very public clarification, that the usage of my name is really it's a slanderous appropriation, that, frankly, indicates the bankrupt nature of the tactics of this group, and the paucity of their academic merit. As you're all aware, this is not my style, I do not attack people by name. And this is the first time that I'm actually doing this. But I'm really left with no choice really, because of the nefariousness. Frankly, the depravity of their lives. And because of the seriousness of the charges and allegations, enough is enough, after having had my name dragged through their stupidity, and claiming that what I said was somehow linked to

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what they're trying to argue, I have no choice but to stoop to their level, and to expose how utterly unqualified these people are, and how ludicrous it is that they are lumping My name together with their understandings of Islam and slandering me by associating my comments with their views. Now, there are many categories of people that are involved in these types of polemics. There's two primary groups. If you're not aware, you have the Christian missionaries are a sub sect of Christian missionary, obviously, not all Christian missionaries use such evil, underhanded tactics. There's a small group amongst them, they do not represent mainstream Christianity, they do not represent the

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general nature of Christian preaching and teaching, which obviously we will theologically disagree with. But as long as it's done with a Devon with respect, and with preaching what they believe is the truth. The Koran itself says, Come let us have a dialogue, no problems there. But this small group of people that do not represent mainstream Christian, mainstream Christian theology, these groups of people, what they do is they try to construct a web of deceit and lies and they drag in people like myself, and that's why I'm having to do this video. People like J. Smith, or David Wood, or their ilk, and you have one group like this, these are the Christian missionaries you also have

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another group of people that used to be Muslims. And you know, these these motives I mean, frankly, it's as if they've they've chosen to eliminate any noble purpose in their lives. And so they have apparently decided to spend the rest of their lives proving to us how miserable they are after having left Islam, every single tweet and video is about the faith that they hate so much, you know, it's like if you go through a bad relationship or divorce, just leave and move on. But these methods they are so cringe worthy as to not even Warren to their names being mentioned, much less their ramblings refuted someone Bookman armbian formula or your own I will not even mention them they are

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really Frankly, I mean, it's it's it's frankly pathetic the lives that they're living, but that is their, that is their choice, and they will have to answer on the Day of Judgment. As for the Christian missionaries, who are out to convert to the oma Good luck with that you've seen in the last if you've never learned anything, learn at least that missionary work has never been successful, and ham that never will be successful. But as for this group of missionaries, frankly, and I'm not trying to be dismissive here, before this controversy began with me, I was vaguely aware of some of their names, you know, from from because you're just logging online, you're seeing what's

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going on. But I really had no reason to, to know more about them to really know, the differences between you know, their names, even their tactics, until they dragged me in, and they used my clips to justify their understandings. And to this day, even as I'm giving you this lecture today, to this day, I have not had the patience to listen to an entire series or an entire full YouTube lecture beginning to end from them. Because the fact of the matter is that and again, I'm not trying to come off as dismissive, but they are not real academics. The reason why I don't listen to them is because they have nothing to offer of my benefit.

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Now, let me be clear here. I do listen to many non Muslim academics, I am very engaged in academia, I listen to and I read books written by foreign scholars that are not Muslims. They're in the academy. I recently I purchased a super expensive book by Brill, you have to do that. And I engage with actual academics, I want to be very clear here. There are trained scholars in the academy who are writing things that some of which I would agree with, some of which I would strongly disagree with, but I engage with them, and I interact with them. And I have no problems reading their material and talking with them. And basically giving them the respect of an academic, even if I

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don't agree with their conclusions. Why? Because they're following the proper academic protocols. They're doing meticulous, honest research. They're displaying academic integrity, and I have no problems engaging with them, and giving them the respect to that fellow colleagues deserve. Even if I don't agree with their conclusions. I am a part of that world not that much anymore. But still I have connections. I do present papers at conferences I interact with professors whom I strongly disagree with, but because they are academic researchers that have displayed integrity, and because they also display a modicum of humility and humbleness, are willing to engage in dialogue, I have no

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problems interacting with anybody of any faith and background. But these missionaries in particular, they have nothing to do with the world of academia. They are untrained, unqualified, ignorant, arrogant individuals who spout ridiculous claims that don't have a shred of credibility amongst actual academics, they don't even read Arabic. And they are literally like blind mice, grabbing it whatever they can, trying to concoct a completely bizarre narrative, and then preaching some garbled rubbish to their, to their choir, who obviously have no clue, you know, as to right and wrong about the religion of Islam. And therefore, I have had nothing to do with that world. And I shall have

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nothing to do with that world, because it is a complete and utter waste of time. For me, I engage with real academics, that has been my methodology, and it will inshallah continue to be, unfortunately, I have to break that rule for this one lecture. And I have to do this because of their intentional hijacking of my name, and their usage of a snippet of a clip that was meant for a completely different topic, and their claim over and over again, that somehow my you know, 10 seconds or one minute or whatever long clip is actually in accordance with their understandings. And it is proving what they are trying to say. Now, even when they first started, you know, using my

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I was quiet about this, because really, it's not in my nature, to to to stoop to the level of every single barking dog, I just don't do that. I don't respond to stupidity and foolishness, as well. Scholars that I look up to scholars that are older than me wiser than me, they advise me that that clip should be removed, because it can easily be misunderstood. And so I followed their advice, and it continued my lectures. But this group persisted in using my name, taking my words out of context, and unscrupulously. pretending that my interview was actually in accordance with what they're trying to preach about Islam. And because they have repetitively done this, I will have to break my rule,

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and just for once, give these idiots the SmackDown that they deserve to show them because they have no integrity, to show them that they are utter fools who should not and cannot speak about the religion of Islam, because they are a disgrace to the field of academia. They are untrained, ignorant people who don't have a clue about what it really is that they're talking about. Now, again, for this lecture, because I had decided to basically explain, you know, how they're misusing my name. And so, because of this yesterday, I decided to do this yesterday, by the way, yesterday, I spent maybe four or five hours and that is it to go over some of their material. And then inshallah

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tada from after this lecture, I'm going to move on, and I spent literally just a few hours gathering what I could about some of these individuals and I'll present what I have here just to demonstrate why it is an utter waste of someone like myself time who I consider inshallah and my reputation is known to all of you, I consider myself to be an academic, I consider myself to be somebody who researches everything that I say and willing to engage in dialogue and debate and defend and taken admit if I was wrong, so I don't deal with ignoramuses I'm going to have to do this for this lecture and inshallah to Allah you will then understand, after you after you listen to this, this lecture,

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you will understand why I will not going to go back to engaging with this with this crowd. So as I said, because I needed to demonstrate the level of intelligence and training of these people yesterday for the first time in

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My life, I went to YouTube and I typed in, you know, Jay Smith, okay, this is the main person that they have here. And and again, Muslims, you're gonna believe me as for the non Muslims, it's up to you whether or not I swear by the Creator who created me while la he went Billa he went to LA he, I looked at the series of, of topics, and I chose one at random completely based on the title and based on the views, it was about to hold on, and it had a very high view rating. So I said, Okay, this must be representative of this person. I'm trying to say this because I'm saying I did not go over hundreds or thousands of lecture as a law is my witness. I swear by the one who created me,

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this is the first link that I clicked on. And within five minutes of just, you know, scrolling through because I'm not gonna listen to cover it. I don't have time to listen to cover to cover to something like this. within five minutes of going through, this is what I found. Listen to this.

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And then he sent to every Muslim province, one copy of this original

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one to every province. Now let's see what provinces he talking about. Well, he's talking about the province here in Mecca, Medina basa bug that Damascus, Jerusalem, Alexandria, Cairo, Herat and Misha pool, there is the word I was looking for initial food. I knew I had a poor in its initial food. There are the nine provinces. Now, let's put aside the fact that the earliest references about the number of arithmetic most houses for you know basura Kufa Sharman Medina, some added Yemen very few sources at bahauddin. But for is the the the the correct number. Let's put that aside that, you know, because I'm not aware of any reference that says that Earth model the Allahu unsent, out nine

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copies, let's, let's put that aside. He mentioned nine cities. now realize this is not a slip of the tongue. This is not just you know, he's sitting in front of an audience and he's speaking from his head because I understand I have made such mistakes. You know, when you're sitting in front of an audience, and you just say something, sometimes you say a word you shouldn't you don't mean or intend? No, these are his prepared notes. This is a PowerPoint slide that he's prepared. And he has material on his website that is exact same he has he is publishing material in this regard. And he mentioned that Earth mandrel, the loved one sent most Huff's to nine cities to nine places, right,

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and in that list, he mentioned that Earth mandrel the law who I sent a copy of the most have to But dad, the city that was founded by the bastards as their capital in the reign of Abu Jaffa Monsoor, a city that did not exist for at least 120 years after the death of earth model the loved one so allegedly, earthman is sending a copy of the most have to the city of Baghdad. And then here's the clincher. He also sends what allegedly to Cairo. I mean, guys, every high school student of Islam knows that our hero was named and called a hero by default image in 969 c 358. Digital, well law when I saw this clip, I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. I mean, my mind is blown by such

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utter ignorance. Only an untrained idiot. I mean, I'm sorry to be so brutally harsher. It's not my nature. But if you're going to tell me that Remember, your loved one sent a must have to our hero, right? You're going to tell me that Cairo. I mean, you're not just a cretin of the highest magnitude, you have publicly humiliated yourself and disqualified yourself from ever speaking about the basics of the religion of Islam, much less about some of the most advanced topics like the history of the Quranic compilations, the origins of the karate, you don't even know all Hara and Baba that were cities founded by the buses and then the fountains and you think that Earth Monrovia

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laquan is sending a copy to cities that do not even exist? I mean, some handle and by the way, had denisha Paul, he mentions them again. Okay, they were conquered by the time of Earth mount or the alone but just newly conquered impossible that these spiritually populated cities with Muslims, you know, would have been would have had a copy to send to them. And I'm not aware of any classical reference. But the point is that when you reach this level of idiocy, I mean, how and how do you even possibly respond to somebody who's such an ignoramus? And again, so I'm looking through these lists here, I see another one, which is relatively recent compared to the other one I said, Okay,

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let me log on to this here. Here's what he has to say in this clip 1936 right there because this it was such a success in the city of Cairo King photo, who then came to power in 1930s, to decide to put up a new edition for all of Egypt called the photo condition. Ah, the photo condition that took the Huff's text and made it Egypt wide. 1936 why that was so successful in Egypt, but before that, I forgot I forgot one thing. When they did this in Cairo

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when they 100

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Mohammed Al Haddad did this in Cairo. They took all the other caravans that were different than Huff's. They took it out into a boat, and they sank them in the Nile.

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You ever heard this before either? No, we need to go down we need to do some we need to do.

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So don't waste your time. We have 10 of them.

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We've already found 31

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Now this one actually did get me laugh out loud literally I lol when I saw this, this is this is comical. So apparently, all of the mishaps of Egypt in the reign of King photo, which is barely a century ago that were not to have. They were taken on a boat, and they were dumped into the Nile. And now we have to go scuba diving to go retreat. Oh, by the way, I'm a scuba diver. I'm an advanced rescue Nitrox certified scuba diver over 200 dives. So if you need a diver, believe me, I'm more than happy to go to go diving anywhere. Well, where does one begin? I mean, you do realize Mr. J, you do realize that forget how ludicrous you sound, that the sheer quantity of neurons that would

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meet your criteria would not just sink a boat, they would block the entire Nile. I mean, I don't even understand do you do you? Do you listen to yourself speaking you think all the copies of the Koran that didn't conform to the quote unquote version which again shows your ludicrousness, there is no version it is a printing that is being printed for the first one of the first times by a printing press. And so yes, the committee is being you know, done together. By the way. Where does it origin to the story again, half myths, blatant exaggeration, ludicrous claims, there is a German orientalist, which is actually not verified, who claimed that one king photo printed his copy of the

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Koran, there was an Indian print that had according to the the committee, some technical errors, meaning the printing press of the Indian print was technical. And so according to this German orientalist, we don't as of yet we don't have vericut verification elsewhere, that those copies were destroyed. Respectfully, again, this is one of the key differences when Muslims want to, you know, dispose of a must have, they will do so in a manner that is respectful in the Christian tradition. It's disrespectful in the Muslim tradition, you will burn it because you don't want to throw it into the trash or you will throw it into the water. So according to one German orientalist, it's even if

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that happened, it's not a big deal, maybe 50 or something copies of a particular printing, we're disposed of. But no one ever claimed that all the origins of Egypt that didn't conform to the king photo were gathered in a boat like yeah, as if they would fit in a boat and then dumped into the Nile. otter ludicrousness. And, and by the way, in the same video, this exact same video, he has a claim that is so preposterous will lie to you wonder, is he even intelligent? Does he understand what he is saying? He says to his, his his two co hosts or colleagues there who are another story altogether, if you look at what they're saying, that he says to them, that, you know, he talks about

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this king Fahad version of the Quran in 1985, meaning the Medina you know, must have printed by the king forehead complex. And then he says, Listen to this, that he's going to make a secret reveal on their show for the first time in history is going to come out and tell them the truth about something that nobody's ever heard. Okay, Mr. J, what is this amazing truth you're going to tell us listen to this guy's and I wonder truly, does he know he's lying? Or is he mentally insane? He says that they some unscrupulous organization they who they are the the secret, you know, Mahabharat services of somebody or some type of Kamikaze are some ninja groups. They sent secret missions

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across museums all over the world to break in, and to change the ancient manuscripts to conform with the king Fahad edition, so that it looks like the king Fahad edition is in conformity with the most ancient manuscripts and he claims that he has proof for this and that he has doctoral students that are going to be that are going to be exposing and talking about this. Now, the notion that you know, and by the way, some of these manuscripts are in libraries in Paris, in the the Museum of London, you have the Chester Beatty in Ireland. So, according to Mr. J, simultaneously, emissions across the globe were sent in to break in to libraries, including the top copy and to secretly change the the

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manuscripts so that it matches up to the King Fahd printing of 1985. I mean, while I listening to people like like, Jay, makes me realize why there are still people who believe the earth is flat, you know, so do you understand why it is insulting for someone like me to have to get involved with such a crowd? It's not my I really feel demeaned to have to even respond to an allegation that all the manuscripts of the world were changed by some secret entity in order to to match up with the king for head printing.

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etc, etc. So I mean, again, much more can be said. And literally, this took me all of less than an hour to look at two or three random videos and I'm like, I just, I can't do this anymore. This person is not worth my time. As for David Wood, I could not even bear an hour of his lectures, forget about being an academic. I mean, obviously, it's very clear to anybody that he does not have an iota of knowledge of Arabic of the script of the Arabic of karate, or Roman Koran. Forget all of that. The fact of the matter is that I simply could not listen to him. Because if you haven't, then please don't. How does one put this I mean, I have rarely come across somebody who is more vulgar,

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vile, foul mouth noxious, repugnant, depraved excuse of a preacher, whatever he is, whatever he is, David would, it is obvious to any person of faith is not a man of God. Nobody who has an iota of humility in front of his creator, nobody wishes to claim to follow any prophet of God would ever be so vulgar as this particular individual. I have had the great fortune of having plenty of Christian friends and colleagues in my life, Catholics, Presbyterians method, Methodist evangelicals, Baptist, you know, many, many different types of people. And the fact is, as everybody knows, that you will find, generally speaking, humility amongst the followers of Jesus Christ. The Koran itself mentions

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this you will find, you know, a compassion, you will find a glimmer of the manners of Jesus Christ. And both Muslims and Christians agree that Jesus Christ was a loving, compassionate, humble, caring person, somebody who everybody around him loved this person, David Wood, claims to be preaching the gospel of Jesus. And I don't know how to say this, like he is so uncouth, it is a shame will lie. I'm embarrassed that he considers himself to be a follower of Jesus Christ. I'm embarrassed. David Wood does not need anyone else to refute him his own manners is enough of a reputation of the character of this individual al-harbi 30 little hobby thena while hobby little hobby that by your by

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their fruits, you shall know them, you have no reason you have no reason to even worry about refuting the likes of David Wood, because he is a refutation of himself, anybody who is attracted to that level of depravity, frankly, I have nothing to offer, because he speaks exactly of what he wants. And so enough of reputation is simply to let him be now by the way, again, there are others of their ilk, and I listened to a few of them and they're even more ignorant than than then these two. And all of their group all of them David and Jane, although them they are obviously they don't you know, speak Arabic. They're they're quite I mean, by the way, I mean, fair here, maybe Jay is an

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expert in I don't know Hebrew or Aramaic, ancient Aramaic. Maybe they're experts in ancient Christian doctrine. I'm not negating that, you know, Jay, in particular, I don't I mean, he might have some knowledge of other fields. But he is incompetent when it comes to the sciences of the Koran. It's clear to me that they don't speak Arabic, and nobody on their team is qualified to be speaking about these topics. I mean, as the saying goes in the land of the blind, the one night is king. I mean, I'd like to say, you know, these people aren't even one night, it's as if they're squinting with one eye, and even that one eye is like almost half blind, but because their followers

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are totally blind. So when they come with a smattering of Arabic words, and some bizarre facts here and there, it makes them look, you know, significant. So the question arises, like, Where are these people getting their knowledge from, because obviously, at the end of the day, somebody's got to be spoon feeding them. And if you look at who they're quoting, and I looked at a number of of their references, generally speaking, a lot of their quotations, a lot of their material is coming from a particular person by the name of David Brubeck group. And again, I don't have anything personal against this individual, I've never met him. I don't have anything personal against him. At the same

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time. He's the only one that has a PhD in that circle in Islamic Studies. At the same time, it is it is just astounding to me. Frankly, I don't understand how someone of this nature can be awarded a PhD. If it's any consolation, by the way, his PhD, even if it's from a good university, but the university is not known for Islamic Studies. The university has no track record of producing Islamic Studies scholars, it doesn't even have a reputable Arabic program. So he got a PhD from a known university but not one that is known for Islamic Studies. And by the way, he's not involved in academia. He has no it has no position like you know, he's not he's not a player in the actual arena

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of academics. You know, there are some people you know, they decide to do a PhD somehow they just get in they they move on with their lives. I think this is one of those types of individuals where he managed to eke out just barely pass every exam and do

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Frankly, it is shocking that somebody of this nature actually has a PhD. Because of the egregious errors that one finds on almost every page of anything he's ever written. You know, there's an account on Twitter. That's by some unground undergraduate somewhere in America. That's a parody account of Abreu Becker's a parody account. And all that this person does. I don't know him personally, by the way, all that this person does, is that he screenshots something from one of Becker's publications and then puts it online. That's all the data is just screenshots shots it. So I'm going to take from this parody account, right? Something that David wrote that he said, he

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claimed, and he and he claims to this day that this writing of his, it is revolutionary. And it is groundbreaking research that will allegedly cause the entire field of Quranic studies to change. And by the way, he claims to have studied over 10,000 manuscripts of the Koran. And I honestly don't know what he means by study, because if you look at what I'm going to show you will law you don't even need to have any knowledge to see how ignorant to this person is that again, I have nothing against the person. I'm just saying this, but I mean, how can you possibly make these egregious errors? Look at the first slide here. Now, for somebody who claims to be a manuscript expert, right?

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He boasts, as I said, of having 10,000 manuscripts studied, he literally has no clue that in early Islamic manuscripts, it's very common to write the number of the verse in the ancient object system in the ancient system, not actual numbers, but the object system where every single letter represents a number. And so he takes the lamb happ right he's you see that lamb ha, he takes the lamb hat, and he does not understand that it's 30 plus five lamb means 30. Ham means five. And so lamb ham means verse number 35. And he feels that it is an added word Lahu. And notice the idiot actually says that there is a lamb ha at look at it 1635. And he says, I don't know what it's doing

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there. I've made this really cool. Discovery doesn't really make sense over here to have a level, it must be a post production, alteration, alteration. But clearly, there's some message being sent here some major shifting message, but I don't know what it is.

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Can you imagine somebody dealing in ancient Roman manuscripts and he comes across IV, right? And that IV is in between two very different, you know, texts. And it's at the fourth verse, right? And he's like, what is this IV doing here? It must be IV, or maybe it's an IV drip, and they had discovered an IV back in ancient Rome. And the guy doesn't even know that IV is the Roman number four. This is how john Hill this David is that he doesn't even know that lamb ha is the number 35. It's there. And the idiot literally says 1635 level. I don't know what it is. My God and I have to respond to people that are taking from him. Do you understand my exacerbation and frustration? I

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mean, can you cut me some slack when I'm being so harsh here that I have to actually waste five hours and another hour doing this video to clear myself of ever being associated with a bunch of imbeciles like these? I mean, let me look at another show you another example over here. And this is his shift. By the way, this is the shape of these people. Look now. I mean, what law he thumb. I mean, I don't even know, this is not even Google translation. Right? So he has over here this second slide here. This is literally worse than Google Translate. And this is supposed to be their share. That he tries least diverse as so wish a good morning to your deed as regretful one

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for the love of God. Couldn't you have just looked up Yusuf Ali or Marmaduke Pickthall? I mean, seriously, so wish a good morning to your good deed as a regretful one. What the * I mean

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you know, he I don't know what Google Translate he looked up so Saba. * hire I don't know, you know, so to spear who Saba * here Good morning. I don't know how he gets there. Because even Google Translate is not going to make this this this error. And he translates this entire phrase in utter gibberish. Of course, also, for those who don't know Arabic means to become and so basically the reverse translate says, You shall regret what you have done right for to spirit you're going to you're going to become you're going to regret what you've done is very simple. You're going to look you wish a good morning. Again, where is their morning? It's Subbu had failed. And he might he might

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have learned about how fate when he was in first year Arabic class, and now he's doing his PhD. So he sees to be who so he makes one plus one and makes 111 I don't know, again. I mean, this is the last one here. This is this is this is so embarrassing. Honestly, I cringed I couldn't even laugh.

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cringed, look at this,

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if you don't even know you're immortal from your origin. If you can't even tell your man from your woman in any language, then I don't know what to say. And guys, this is the share of Jay and David, this is their, their head dawn. And this is a book that he's printed and published. This isn't an undergraduate paper I'm discovering in the archives of the universities to go to, you know, back in the day, this is printed and published by his Institute, and he is claiming that it's going to revolutionize, you know, for onic studies, and this is supposed to be their teacher and their mentor. So please do understand again, why I have never had the patience to respond to such

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imbecility. Frankly, it is demeaning to my time to my persona to have to even get involved with people like these. I mean, I'm trying to not use you know, vulgar words. I mean, what do I say arrogant nincompoops some how to love you know, actually, there is a word that comes to mind I mean, it's still in my head from my gr GRP days is almost 20 years ago I took the GR E and there's there's a word there What is it? I'll truck crappy Darien ultra crappy Darien that's the word. Look at ultra Caprica. tepidarium ultrachrome krepo, Darien is a person who not only speaks outside of his area of expertise, he speaks way out of his league. But he also feels the need to announce to the world that

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he is an utter idiot. This is the word that comes to mine when I'm dealing with these people, ultra crappy darrion memorize it. And I hope that in shallow doubt if one thing comes out in this lecture, please Muslims, you know, that are involved with this start using this word and popularize it again. Because that is exactly what these preachers are ultra crippled ariens they are not only speaking out of their leagues, it's as if they want to make it a point to embarrass themselves and to announce to the world that they're speaking out of their league. And that is why do you understand why it is so painful. It is slanderous to see these idiots taking my name and dragging it through

00:32:06 --> 00:32:47

their mud. Actually, not even mud mud is at least thought ahead. This is like scatological nudges, what they're doing their shenanigans. So that's why I'm forced to release this video and show a little bit of anger because honestly, I have kept my cool with these people for way too long. Otherwise, it is an insult to my level of expertise and training, to even have to mention their names. It isn't complete and total upfront of my dignity as a scholar, as an academic to even have to refute people of this nature. Because honestly, there is nothing to refute. Just listen to them. And you know that they are utter giants. Now, to be fair, I did use language that I regret. And the

00:32:47 --> 00:33:31

claim that there are holes in the narrative is employing language that did create confusion. And I apologize, ask a loss forgiveness for that. There's simply no excuse. And I learned from my mistakes and my senior odema that I look up to ask me to get rid of the interview because it's going to cause more confusion, there was no covering up, I just don't want to cause more confusion. But when these missionaries are persisting to take that clip, and then pretend that my topic is somehow related to their in competency, I have no, you know, recourse except to go public and show people that I have nothing to do with these cretins whatsoever. And I had to waste a few hours just to quickly show you

00:33:31 --> 00:34:09

their level of incompetence. And as I said, I swear to you, I have not spent more than five hours and even that I regret that I had to even spend five hours Can you imagine if somebody actually, you know, dedicated more time to go over their mistakes and show how utterly Juha these people? You know, not they're not even worthy to preach a basic course of Islam at the middle school level, much less speak about some of the most advanced issues have heard of anchor art and preservation of the Quran. Nonetheless, they're using my clip of the holes in the in the standard narrative. And yes, I did claim this, and I need to own up to my words, or retract, or, you know, somehow clarify. And I

00:34:09 --> 00:34:46

have no problems discussing with anybody who is interested and willing to learn. I do believe that a mainstream opinion because here's the point, there are multiple, you know, interpretations of the art of karate, and everybody knows that there's over 40 by now everybody knows there's over 40 opinions about the art of a suit and others mentioned, and I follow another one of them, the one that has become dominant, the one that is now you know, mainstream. This is what I called the standard narrative. But in reality, there are many standard narratives. Even what I'm holding is a standard narrative is just not the one that is most common in our times. And so I am, again, what I

00:34:46 --> 00:35:00

don't want to there's no need to go into details in the video and I'm more than happy to discuss with anybody but I don't mind giving you some examples so that you understand that when I said there are holes in the narrative, I regret the wording, but what I'm trying to say is that there are questions that the

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

There's a majority opinion and then there aren't minority opinions. For example, one of the issues that is the issue of the water of karate I mean, I believe that the karate or mutawatir in their essence and syntax, but not necessarily in their, you know, specific choices of each and every raw we have each and every 30. And by the way, this was the position, the later position of the giant immunogenicity initially images, it said that everything is motor water. And then towards the end of his life, he also came to this position, which is basically one of my disagreements with now what is the the mainstream also, another thing that I disagree with as well is the origins of the

00:35:36 --> 00:36:16

differences of each and every edge redrew each and every pronunciation of the vowels, right? You know, as maybe anybody who studies the characters aware, there are so many times read the rules, there's so many ways to pronounce things. So for example, you know, what, bohat, or you can do a miter saw or what bow hair or you can emit a cobra, wild boar hair, you can do it all of these three types right now, did the Prophet system himself recited in these three ways? Which is what mainstream says? Or did he allow some of the Sahaba to recite in their dialects? And that became accepted, and that is accepted as a part of the foreign as well? I mean, my position is, is the

00:36:16 --> 00:36:49

latter not the former. And by the way, even even to me, again, even taymiyah clearly says that, you know, many of these differences, the pronunciation differences, they go back to the Sahaba and to the dialects of the Arabs. Okay, so this is another thing that I might disagree with, you know, the majority opinion. I mean, also the development of the orthography of the most half again, if you study the evolution of the ancient Arabic script that was first written down in what is called a mountain, and then Hejazi, and then oh, cool fig, and then modern Catholic, and then the study of, and then along the way, you have orthographic changes coming, for example, the word color was

00:36:49 --> 00:37:25

typically written in back in the day with call flam. And later on, it started being written by off le flam. Right. So again, this is something that I'm advocating and many scholars have of the manuscripts advocate this as well, but there was some, you know, spelling changes. I mean, what's the big deal if instead of spelling color, like the British spelling, you spell it like the American spelling? It's the same word. Right? So these are some of the things when I said holes in the narrative, which definitely, you know, I regret I shouldn't have, you know, made it such a big deal. But yes, there are opinions that I hold that are not the dominant opinion. And every single one of

00:37:25 --> 00:38:08

these opinions deals with some minutia some abstract issue, that I respectfully have a position that Alhamdulillah has precedent, it has scholarly backing, I am not the first and I'm not the only and I'm not going to be the last. The problem that happened is that this group of critics, right, these orientalist and whatnot, they had no clue what I'm talking about. And they took my clip, and they exaggerated it as if I am in any way fashion or form linked with these idiots and ignoramuses and that is why I have to make this video. The problem with these critics is that they think that they have unearthed something absolutely, absolutely new that no one before them has ever understood.

00:38:08 --> 00:38:45

They exaggerate the notion of of karate to make them different versions of the Koran. They exaggerate the the printings King photo printing and King Fahd printing. And they think these are different versions of the Koran. And you know, here's the point to the Muslim audience, okay, and even if you're not Muslim, but you're listening for information about this group of people, I want you to know, one simple fact, each and every bit of information that this group picks that is authentic, that is true, because a lot of it is just mythology, or fake. Each and every bit of it. That is true. They're finding from within our sources and references and our odema not only were

00:38:45 --> 00:39:25

they well aware of these differences, but no one in human history ever considered anything of this to be different versions of the Koran, or different competing texts of the Quran. This is sheer lunacy. This is stupidity. There's there the vast majority of these differences are pronunciation, the para themselves the bulk of the differences Arthas weed and pronunciation related. I mean, for example, if I mean, let me just think of an example. I mean, American and British English, right? what's the what's a few words that the Americans and the Brits pronounced differently? I mean, what if an American says can you bring me a glass? Can you bring me a glass of water? Can you bring Okay,

00:39:25 --> 00:40:00

let me put it in garage because that's definitely always an important. Can you bring a glass of water to the garage? Okay, if an American says that a Brit says it, how's he gonna say it right? I'm gonna try my fake British accent you can you bring a glass of water to the garage, right? They speak in a higher pitch voice right? glass of water in into the garage. You know, there's differences, right? glass of water to the garage, right? There's a difference there. Is anybody going to say that these are two different versions? I mean, how foolish is this, but this is what the equivalent of what they're doing. Again, to be fair, obviously, they're more

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

differences, then pronunciation, and there's sometimes hear out of differences and what not. But again, these are all differences that are well known well accommodated, they at whichever understanding of the bell curve that you follow, and there's over 40, whichever one you follow, all of these differences are explained in a very, very rational manner that fits in with everything else, what these people do, it's literally as if they cut off at 90%, you know, of the evidence that they have, they take the little bit that they have, they add their own imagination, and they construct an alternative universe that has nothing to do with the reality. And that's why I needed

00:40:37 --> 00:40:43

to make this video to distance myself from this, this intellectually bankrupt a lot.

00:40:45 --> 00:41:23

Now, before I conclude, I do have to address, you know, my Muslim brothers and sisters that listen, first and foremost, ask us forgive us for any mistake that I made. I am human at the end of the day, and preaching and teaching and speaking so much. Sometimes I obviously slip up I say things or shouldn't say the wording I used was definitely unwise. And I owned up to this on Facebook and Twitter multiple times. And I explained and clarified that what I'm talking about desierto Ventura art, and even then I shouldn't have used that wording. And what these people are talking about is the preservation of the Koran and versions of the Koran, I mean, oh, the Billa. So there's nothing

00:41:23 --> 00:42:04

to do with that. So if you, dear Muslim, have no idea about these topics that don't have the law, don't worry about it is enough for you to know that the Koran hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, is proven to be preserved that the thousands of manuscripts around the globe Alhamdulillah, they do nothing except to affirm and verify. And I have multiple Facebook posts where actually show some manuscripts along with modern copies of the Quran. And you can compare them. And there are many websites that do this. So if you are confused about all of this hamdulillah Don't worry, these people are unscrupulous, and they are cutting and pasting things from our tradition and constructing an

00:42:04 --> 00:42:41

alternative universe that does not add up to the facts that we know. And that's why they are not serious academics. Yes, there are actual academics that are saying certain things that we have to respond to an answer, but they're nowhere close to what this group of idiots is saying. So be Be careful about that. Also, if you are wanting to study this field, then and you're confused about, you know, all the controversy surrounding me or what I said, Listen, don't worry about it, look, follow the majority position, no big deal, you know, follow what is being taught by most scholars around the globe, because that's how you start any field. When you start the field, you don't go to

00:42:42 --> 00:42:54

the more you know, advanced opinions or not, you start with the mainstream positions, and then hamdulillah that is fine. By the way, if you're if you really want to read a book in English, there was a book written 25 years ago,

00:42:55 --> 00:43:35

called an introduction to the sciences of the Koran by too small for me to see her. But you can see this book 25 years ago, it was written, and it still remains What did not have the most authoritative and advanced book in the English language that presents the mainstream views. Perhaps the author might have modified some views. But the book represents the established views and it is the most advanced book in the English language at hamdulillah. To this day, now, if you're an advanced student of knowledge, and you are interested in learning more and more, please read and read and read. And if you are satisfied with what you read at hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. And if you

00:43:35 --> 00:44:12

have unanswered questions, then know that there are many opinions out there. And some people, myself included, have been very interested in this topic. We have been thinking about it, no exaggeration. For decades. I wrote that book. And it was published 25 years ago. And since that time, up until now, and that was meaning I've began the research even before then, since that time, up until now, it has been a passion of mine. And I have been reading and reading and asking and debating and talking and Alhamdulillah thermal hamdulillah I haven't many people have answers to each and every issue that is being thrown against our religion and book by the modern Academy, no problem and

00:44:12 --> 00:44:57

hamdulillah and Alhamdulillah. In my own research Alhamdulillah I have only increased my Eman in the authenticity and the preservation of this book. So there are there are answers to questions even if you don't have them. I'm saying if you have any questions, there are answers and people have answered them. As for my Muslim critics, you know, for those that have never studied, I'm speaking out to those that have never formally studied Islam. Those that are really not qualified to take on. debates within you know, scholarly circles within Islam. I'm trying to be gentle. Please My dear brothers in Islam, you are not giving Dawa. When your main focus is to refute other that you need to

00:44:57 --> 00:44:59

fear Allah subhana wa Taala

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

Just sit down and be quiet. You have done enough damage in your overzealousness to declare other Muslims and other people of knowledge and other students of knowledge and maybe even other scholars to be deviant. This is no longer about me and you anymore. This is about the whole drama that has been created the scandal that has harmed the religion of Islam, the ammunition that you have given to islamophobes and missionaries. So please, for the sake of a law, learn from your previous mistakes, and don't repeat them. Leave refutations to those who are qualified and concentrate on teaching the people that which will benefit them. If you really feel a certain individual has gone

00:45:42 --> 00:46:20

astray. Go to those who are more senior to him and you go to those who are the seniors in their age and their knowledge and there are people I look up to well, law one shift said to me take the video down hundreds of people that are on Twitter, what not, they were saying I didn't they're not people that I'm looking to for knowledge. One shift said to me take the video down. And hello, Samir, I know Alpina because I respect that particular person, as somebody who is senior to me in age and knowledge, I listen to my elders in shallow Donna. So anybody who has a problem with me, go to those senior to us all of us and ensure a low data we will sit down and resolve this. If you are a

00:46:20 --> 00:47:01

student, if you're not a student of knowledge, by the way, you shouldn't be doing this by the way, if you are a student of knowledge, then please for the sake of Allah feel free to contact me. And it really does hurt to have to say that none of the refutations online against me, none of those brothers ever bothered to contact me directly to sit down with me one on one to have a direct conversation back and forth where I can explain I can attempt to defend so panela every position that I hold every position about this issue has many rules that have preceded in saying this, every opinion that I've arrived at is not just unique to me, many scholars throughout history, and in

00:47:01 --> 00:47:42

contemporary times rule ama living in the Middle East not corrupted by Yale or the kofod ruler Mark trained in this field also hold them. So after if after speaking with me, you feel that my opinion is wrong is incorrect. No problem hamdulillah. There's 40 opinions out there. But the very least is that understand that I am not saying anything new. Everything that i'm saying is within the mainstream of the room. And every position that I hold, I can back it up with specific names and quotations of aroma in the past and current route ama, as well. Also realize and I'm just going to say this gently. I'm not the one who wanted to discuss this issue in public. I'm not the one who

00:47:42 --> 00:48:17

started this controversy and brought it to the public domain. And that's all I'm gonna say. I asked a loss forgiveness for any mistakes I have made and also ask for forgiveness for my sincere brothers and faith and ask that Allah subhana wa tada allows all of us to realize we have greater priorities and doesn't allow shape on any success over us. You know, embody and associate obey obey authority will lie shavon loves it, when do art are attacking one another. Even if you disagree with me, I disagree with you. Let's keep our disagreements civil and outside of the public domain will lie in my brother's in a stamp below here.

00:48:18 --> 00:48:59

Feel free to criticize me, you know, directly or amongst your group or whatnot. Feel free to say I acted unwisely or used words I shouldn't have said but keep your anger within the realm of what Allah subhanho wa Taala allows Be careful of your accusations. Allah knows my relationship with his book a lot of soldier knows how much of it is read and how much of it is recited. A lot of virgin knows how much comforted has brought throughout the years Allah subhana wa tada knows, I have never once doubted the divine origins of this book for my entire life in any time I am troubled to this day to this day, the first thing that I do as I turned to the book of Allah or the by reciting it or

00:48:59 --> 00:49:37

listening to it from another person, and that causes my grief to be cheered up. I ask Allah subhana wa tada to make me of the people of the Koran and amongst those whom the Quran makes you fall for and I asked this from my brothers as well. In any case, I don't want to make any extra harshness for any of my brothers in Islam. Anyone who says La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah and lowers his head to Allah subhanho wa Taala. I try my best to be as merciful as possible, even if sometimes I get irritated at certain things that I see as being rash. But I ask Allah to keep our hearts at least united under the banner of the umbrella, this video or the umbrella of the oma excuse me, this

00:49:37 --> 00:49:59

video is not meant for them. It's really meant for the people that we should all understand are wanting to harm this religion. It's meant for those missionaries, unscrupulous ones and those methods that have taken these words and then use and misused and abused my name. And I wanted to say to them, enough is enough, and I'm not going to

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

Any more with that crowd, because really, they have proven themselves to be arrogant judges who are simply below my level of academic research. And there are also some of them. Not everyone, but especially one in particular, is a vulgar, obscene, evil jerk. I mean, honestly, there's nothing else to be said. So I have no reason to engage with somebody of this nature. And I fully understand that this video because I mentioned them by name, it's going to be followed by hundreds of refutations. So be it I mean, there I have one life to live, if they choose to waste it, you know, barking after every single issue that they want. That's their business. As for me, I want to leave a

00:50:39 --> 00:51:03

productive legacy when I'm gone. And I want to do that which is going to be beneficial for myself and my Lord and my Creator. And I tell these Christian missionaries and these methods you do as you please, I am doing as I please. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will be the ultimate judge and Allah will show who is the real one who is sincere and who is the one who is worshipping Him. And with this, I conclude this video and inshallah until next time said

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