High Expectations of Your Children

Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses the importance of not letting people's dreams or expectations fall through the cracks and not yelling or screaming at children. They stress the need to teach children to love their children and not let anyone convince them to marry them. The speaker also warns against being too hard on children and suggests that children should be given opportunities to pursue their interests.

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Salam aleikum, my brothers and sisters, when we have children, we have great expectations. And we feel our children should behave in a certain way, be a certain way, look a certain way. And perhaps later on we want them to achieve something we want them to marry the way we would like. And we we expect a lot I want to tell you reality is you have to change that as time passes. Yes, we all have expectations, but Allah has given your children in mind different capacities, they may never be able to achieve what you want them to achieve. It may be possible, but you cannot put so much of pressure upon them that they snap. A lot of the times we want our children to get grades, and they cannot

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make it let them enjoy their lives at school for as long as they're trying their best. And, and still they bring about a result, that may not be the best.

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They're still your children, they will still succeed inshallah. So don't let it destroy you and destroy them. By being too hard on them. We have great expectations, I know, but they may let us down. Or they may not have the capacity, that God given capacity to fulfill what you're dreaming about, that they should be fulfilling. Similarly, when it comes to marriage, we want our children to marry a particular type of a person, they may not want that your dreams that you've had for the children need to be adjusted based on reality. It's not just a dream based on something ideal in your mind. You know, as time passes, you may have to adjust things, they may do certain things that

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are very embarrassing, help them, they may do things that are unacceptable. guide them, be there for them. Teach them again and again. Remember, don't yell and scream at your children. Don't swear your children that is prohibited. It is prohibited. You're not allowed to swear Be it to your children or to others, and yelling and screaming is detested in Islam, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never yelled or screamed at a child even once he never beat up a child not even once. SubhanAllah Where are those who claim to love the Prophet peace be upon him? Where are they Subhana Allah? Well, I do, I'm sure you do too. Well, then follow his example. Learn, don't scream and yell

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at children no beating up the kids not at all. Understand, teach them with goodness, with kindness, the expectations we have of these little children, they may break things they may grow up, they may fail a few times, they may not achieve something, they may lose the path somewhere down the line, they may give in to a pressure here and there be there for them. The stronger the bond, the greater the chance of these children succeeding.

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But Subhana Allah,

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some of us just don't learn. And like I said, especially when it comes to marriage,

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give the person they want to marry a chance, try and look at who it is. In the case of those in the communities where that is happening, where they come up with a proposition, it's not wrong. It's not prohibited. a male or a female from your children can actually come up to you and say, you know, I have an interest in marrying so and so would you be able to take it further for me? Or can you look into it? There's nothing wrong with that. It's not Haram. Some cultures think that's so unacceptable. How dare you tell us who you want to marry? That's not allowed in Islam? Where did you get that from?

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That's just a culture. That is redundant. Or it may be redundant in a lot of places on earth. Subhan Allah, it's not Islamic. In Islam, you need to consider what the children are saying. The world has changed. we've progressed so much. We cannot force our children to do things that they don't want to do. We cannot. My beloved brothers and sisters, our expectations at times are too high. And yes, we want the best for our children. But perhaps those children don't have that capacity. Learn to love the way your children look. Learn to love your children just as they are. Keep guiding them teaching them. Some people don't even like the way their kids look as they're growing up. Don't do that last

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test for you. is just to watch you to see how you react to the situations and the people he places in your life. And you're going to go back to Allah and you're going to have to answer for everything. It's hope we all have good answers. APU locally habla sobre la la Vina Mohammed was Salam aleikum