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wa salatu wa salam O Allah I should be even more serene. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah while he while he was abused lm de Sleeman, kathira kathira. From abudu my brothers and sisters are hungry La La Serrano della della della, who

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gave us this beautiful religion.

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And he sent his guitar he sent his book, and he sent his beloved messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi, WA, he was able to sell them to teach us how to live by his book.

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If we do that, then we become winners in this dunya welaka.

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This is the second of the lectures on values, behavior, and results.

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The first one was on identity.

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Values drive behavior, and behavior drives results.

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If you want to address behavior, you must first address the values that drive that behavior.

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Without that any behavior you see, can be playacting can be pretension,

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play acting cannot be sustained. Play acting is always seen through by everyone, except the act except the actor and destroys credibility.

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The three values that I mentioned to you last week, identity, integrity, and courage. They have the power to drive the behavior, which will get us results that we can feel proud of, and which will be an asset for us in the author. And Shall

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we looked at identity last week? What is the nature of identity that I need to develop as a Muslim? What are the challenges that I'm likely to face in that process? And what are the solutions? This week, we will look at the second value. And that is integrity. Integrity is a total commitment to the truth.

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To search for the truth, to accept the truth. Even if it goes against whatever you believe previously, I would have liked to see

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to accept it, even if that leads to embarrassment for yourself. Because you had said or done something contrary to that before that.

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If you are intelligent, you will face that embarrassment only once in your life.

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Integrity is an expression of self respect. Only someone who has self respect someone who is aware of what he or she stands for as a Muslim, and truly considers that worth upholding can behave with integrity. Integrity is to speak and act. According to our core belief. Integrity is total congruence between belief, speech and action without any compromise.

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Integrity is the essence of a man because that is what entering Islam means to behave congruently does the bill

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what you call our militia, will armor will or can never autobiography.

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This means

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believe in the heart to believe it in the heart does do to confirm that to bear witness to that in the heart we'll call xR militia to declare that with your tongue.

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But Mr. biller can and to act according to that belief,

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never called hypocrisy, which is a major sin is to behave in congruently. To speak or act differently from your belief. Abdullah even if the last

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narrated or

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narrated, that also relies on as Adam said, Whoever has the following four characteristics will be a pure hypocrites and whoever as one of these four characteristics will have one characteristic of hypocrisy unless and until he gives it up. And these are whenever he is interested. he betrays whenever he speaks, he tells a lie. Whenever he makes a covenant. He proves treacherous and whenever he follows he behaves in a very imprudent he

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evil and insulting manner. And this is in, say Buhari.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala considered hypocrisy and in fact, to be so serious that he revealed what our commanding rasulillah is not to praise Allah to janazah for the monarchy and declared that he gelato would not forgive them. Even if it was also Salah made dua for their forgiveness 70 times our company distinguishes, identifies and influences us. Allah subhanaw taala ordered yeah you alladhina amanu

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into hola como Masada when Allah says in Surah Taha Oh believe, have Taqwa of Allah, be concerned about the pleasure of Allah, hear the displeasure of Allah and be with those who are true in their word and deed. So that is the first consideration Who are your friends, we become like our friends in their company, it becomes easy to do what they do and difficult to do what they don't. There are entry conditions to any group. We must consider this carefully

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because they influence and demand compromise, and we end up paying a heavy price. Some people are afraid of losing friends if they refuse to accept an Islamic entry conditions. The reality is that you do not lose friends. You only exchange them for others.

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I remind you that everybody has friends, their worst of people have friends, and so do the best of people. The question is, who do you want as your friends because we will be with them. When we meet Allah Subhana

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Allah subhanaw taala warned us about wrong friends. And he said why yo maya on those oily more Allah yo D

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and it does us to Mara su de Sevilla. Yeah ye let's lay attorney lamb, faithful and and Holly Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said and remember the day when desire limb the criminal, the oppressor, the polity is

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the denier of of truth and denial of Allah will bite at his hands, and he will say oh wood that I had taken apart with the messenger sallallahu Sallam

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wore to me wood that I had never taken so and so as a friend.

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But being regretful on that day, has no meaning.

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And then our last rantala talked about good friends. Allah Hello, yo ma even Bernardo whom Lee burden ADO in love the pain and loss around a certain sort of friends a killer that is the plural of Holly and Colleen is a very, very close friend. So friends on that day will be photos will be enemies of one another, except along with the whole mix of the people of taqwa. So have good friends in the famous IRA,

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which is the finest declaration of the importance of justice ever made. And which Harvard Law School acknowledged as such, and displayed on their wall. Allah subhanaw taala ordered. Yeah, are you Well, again, armano Kurokawa Amina will Christie Shahada de la he would Oh ALLAH and fujichrome I will validate and he will occur Amina he upon Vernier Nova Kira for lo Ola v Hema falada rural Hawa, under ado, we're in de leeuw our auto renew for in Allah Ghana Rima Dharma Luna Javier la serrana Tara said Regina means Oh believe stand out firmly for justice as witnesses to Allah Subhana hotel, even though it may be against yourself or your parents or your relatives your kith and kin. be that

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person rich or poor. Allah is a better protector, to both better protector of both than you. So do not follow the lust of your hearts, lest you may avoid justice. And if you distort your witness, or refuse to give it Verily Allah is Ever well acquainted with what you do. Allah Subhana Allah commanded us to be truthful and to accept the truth and not to allow our dislike or hatred for someone to blind us to the truth if it becomes if it comes from them. The fact is that if we ignore the truth, we only harm ourselves and those around it that I said yeah, you have Lavina armano, Kunal kawaman, and Illa e Sha bill pasty, wala yejide

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Nakamura no kamina Allah, Allah or do Urdu who are carambola taqwa of Allah in Allah Javi Rumi, but

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Allah subhanaw taala said which means all you will believe stand out firmly for Allah subhanho wa Taala and be just witnesses. Be fair and just witnesses and do not let the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just that is nearer to piety and fear Allah. Verily Allah subhanaw taala is well acquainted with what you do. This is what destroyed of jail. He knew the truth that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the Messenger of Allah Jalla jello, but he refused to accept that because he did not like the fact that all of a sudden belonged to his rival clan. So also others among gibberish who would not accept the truth of Islam, not because they didn't believe

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it, but because it was being propagated by Muhammad Salallahu alaihe salam, on the other hand was Omar satara de Lange, who also started from the same place of hating your soul as a seller. In his case, it was to the extent that he decided to kill him, and he started out four by two rock come with a drawn sword. We know the story of how he met Sam, classical Delano on the way, who told him that his sister Fatima or galana had become Muslim. He decided to deal with his in house threat. But when he heard the recitation of the ayat of the Quran, Eman entered his heart. What are the Catalano started out hating Islam and also realize a seller but when he was faced with the truth, he did not

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allow his hatred to blind him to the reality. So Allah subhanaw taala guided him to be one of the greatest Muslims of all time, and included him in the chatroom MOBA Shara, the 10 people who were promised Jana, in this lifetime itself. Let us check if we have people in our lives who tell us the truth, but we do not accept it because we don't like them. Not because we don't believe them. That is truly ignorant behavior and harmful only to the one who does it. In credit integrity is Allah Sania sincerity of intention, which is the prerequisite for the acceptance of our deeds, and that is why we must constantly check our class

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to see who we are really speaking or acting to please Allah or someone else. Allah does not accept actions that are adulterated where we do things to please others, while pretending that we are doing them to please Allah vanita.

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In the famous heavy is called the heaviness of the Salah three ever reported, he said I heard also realize as I'm saying, the first of people against whom judgment will be pronounced against whom, against whom Jasmine brass, on the day of judgment, will be a man who died a martyr he died he

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he will be brought and Allah subhanaw taala will make known to him his favours and he will recognize them, Allah will ask and what did you do about them? He will say, I fought for you until I died a martyr he Jalla Jalla who will say you have lied, you fought so that it may be said about you, he's so brave. And so it was said

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then it will be ordered that he be dragged along on his face, until he is cast into Janna. Another another one will be a man who studied religious knowledge

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and taught it and we used to recite Quran, he will be brought and Allah subhanaw taala will make known to him is famous and he will recognize them. Allah will say to him,

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and what did you do about them? He will say I studied religious knowledge and I taught it and I decided to Koran for your sake. He jello gelato will say you have light.

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You studied religious knowledge that it might be said about you that you are learned that you are an ally. And you reside in the Koran that it might be said about you that he is a Chari. He is a great reciter and so it was said, then it will be ordered that he be dragged along on his face, until he is cast into Johanna. Another will be a man whom Allah subhanho wa Taala had made had given wealth and very rich and to whom he had given all kinds of with this van will be brought and Allah subhanho wa Taala will make note to him his favors, and he will recognize them. And then Allah will say to him, and what did you do about them? The man will say I left no path on Trident in which you like

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money to be spent.

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without spending it for your sake, he geladeira who will say you have lied, you did that so that it may be said about you. He is open handed and generous. And so it was said and then it will be ordered that he be dragged along on his face until he is cast into the Hellfire into Jana, and this is in Sahih Muslim.

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also realize that asylum taught us to be truthful, even in so called small matters, keep private and telling a lie even as a joke, which is almost the norm today.

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Maria bin Haider was the Allahu anhu reported surah Sallam said whoa to one who tells lies to make people laugh. War to him war to him. And this isn't so now without I was referring to delana reported My dear friend Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Salam instructed me with virtuous traits. He instructed me not to look at those above me. And to look at those below me. He instructed me to love the poor and be close to them. He instructed me to maintain my family ties, even if they turn their backs. He instructed me not to fear the blame of the blamer in the matter of Allah, He instructed me to speak the truth, even if it is bitter. He instructed me to increase in declaring that there is no

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power or might but in Allah for it's a treasure among the treasures of Jenna, which is the whole our fourth level. And this isn't even a one. Abdullah masala gnomes and on who said reported that also Elijah Salaam said you must be truthful. Verily, truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Jannah. A man continues to be truthful and encourages honesty until he is recorded with Allah subhanho wa Taala as truthful and Beware of false wounds. Verily false hood leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to Jannah. A man continues to tell lies and encourages falsehood, until he is recorded with Allah subhanaw taala as Alka zap as a liar, and this is in

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Bukhari and Muslim. Even the O'Meara de la noir really narrated that also la sala Salaam said there are four things which if you possess them, then you should not regret whatever you miss from this word. And those four things are speaking the truth, fulfilling trusts, good manners, and a lawful source of provision halaal earning halaal income and this is in Muslim Imam Muhammad overdye bin Salman or delanco narrated that also serves as if you guarantee me six things on your part. I will guarantee you Jen and these are, speak the truth. When you talk. Keep a promise when you make it. When you are trusted with something, fulfill the trust. Avoid sexual immorality, lower your gaze in

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modesty and restrain your hands from injustice. And this is also in Muslim development. Allah subhanaw taala described as MBR leymah salaam by the attribute of truthfulness, to stress its importance as one of the greatest attributes a believer can ever possess. Allah says in Surah Maryam was burrillville kitabi Ibrahim in no God should de con be and mentioned in the book The story of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, indeed he was a man of truth and a prophet. And then Allah said was guru Ville Gita is it is in the whole Ghana si de con NaVi. And he said inshallah the Mario again and mentioned in the book Idris Indeed, he was a man of truth and a prophet. And then our last rather said also,

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Maria was kohrville guitar bass marine in the Hogan, she d kawara. d, we're gonna also learn NaVi, Allah said, which means and mentioned in the movies by la Salah indeed he was true to his promise, and he was a messenger and a prophet. And a lot of our data said in the Quran about Allah subhanaw taala and this was a salam wa Sadako Allahu wa solo and Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger spoke the truth and this is swatara has up in connection with the story of the buzzword 200 Orca satola has also done a stellar himself was known as we know as asako Lamine the truthful and the trustworthy. buys p was known by his people as as as a sizable domain long before he announced Islam

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and doe many opposed him bitterly. Nobody accused him of

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Lying or deception, even though they became his mortal enemies and tried to defame him. In many ways, truthfulness and trustworthiness were so important to us all as a seller that he declared them to be the signifiers of humor. And now signifiers of being Muslim, or Muslim or Muslim cannot lie or deceive anyone. It is as simple as that.

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software has been so lame, or the olana reported that resources Allah was asked, Can the believer be a coward? He said, Yes. He was asked, Can the believer be a miser? Can he be stingy? He said, Yes. He was asked, Can a believer be a liar? He said, No. And this isn't more automatic, and is Hobbes's more self.

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Integrity is the soul of influence. It is the essence of honor. It is the inspiration for respect an individual without integrity is despised and distrusted.

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It was the clearly manifest integrity of Russell Russell setup, which gave him the title of Assad's epolamine and that was his greatest asset. Muslims believe what Allah subhanaw taala revealed because a sonicwall amin said so integrity defines reputation. Reputation inspires influence. It is that simple. Robin has Allah nanfu sana we lump the full on our 100 Nanak una nominal ferocity. robina for food.

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or coffee, Ron NASA Yeah, Tina autofunnel mala bra, or Salalah holla and Abdul Karim. Allah He was ibH main erotica, Mr. Rahimi what hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.