Twins of Faith Show – Day 6 – Prayer Misconceptions

Tawfique Chowdhury


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The speaker discusses the importance of praying daily and not just praying when you're at work. They also mention misconceptions about praying and the seriousness of the issue. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying for yourself and not just for others.

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Salam Alaikum Welcome back to the tunes of faith show. Now sharing just before the break you mentioned about the importance of Salah. But a lot of people don't really get a lot of people don't drive this point home, it doesn't really strike them. So how what would happen to us if we don't pray the five daily prayers practical So, yeah, you know, a couple of misconceptions, right people have first misconception is that Oh, when you say prayer, it's okay. I mean, I pray I pray Friday prayers, or I pray Ramadan, time when I pray my prayers, I'm still, you know, I'm still praying, technically speaking. Others, they say, Well, you know what? Prayer is really in the heart as long

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as I'm intending with prayer, that's good enough. Others say there are other misconceptions. Like, if you say the Friday prayer, this makes up for all your other prayers, you know, these sort of silly misconceptions people have or they say, you know, lead cutter or lead or the Chevy Bharath. For example, on laylat, Mirage, for example, if you go and pray that night that makes up for all your prayers, all of these sort of misconceptions and lies and fabrications. Really, with all due respect, this is not the case. Let me give you one simple point that will illustrate to you how serious this issue is. If not paying Rahim Allah, he said, Listen to this very, very carefully. This

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is really, really important. He said, someone who does not pray, according to all the scholars of Islam, so all of the scholars of all the different methods in Islam, right? They consider someone does not pray to be worse than worse than someone who steals worse than someone who kills. kills, kills someone who for decades, and someone who does all of the three things at the same time.

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Can you imagine a someone who steals and kills and for decades and commits adultery? How bad is that person? I mean, how serious is the crime? You know what I'm saying? And that someone who doesn't pray is actually worse than all of that in as well as origin. And then you know, when you think about this, and you think about, you know, sometimes our elders, may Allah have mercy on them, forgive them forgive us. Sometimes they say, Oh, they said, they say to the daughters, don't worry, you know, marry him, marry this man, he doesn't pray, it's okay. When you marry him, you'll make him religious. Don't worry about you know, the fact that he doesn't pray now. Just, you know, marry him

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now. And you'll make him religious, you know, what you're actually doing, what they're actually doing is making the daughter marry someone who is worse than a fornicator, someone who's worse than someone who steals someone worse than someone who does all of these three things. You know what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying in that in the eyes of Allah xojo. That's an Isola xojo. And so we really, really have to be careful, really have to be careful about taking our prayer lightly. Also, one of the fallacies people have is this thing called Casa right? They call it Kaaba. So because of you know what that means. What they mean by that, they mean that Oh, it's okay, I haven't played on

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time. I'll pray later on when I come back. So sometimes when people do is they will delay the delivery until the time was over as a militia. They'll pray all at one go. And they come back from work, you know, all of this is bought and all of this is disbelief. A person who prays other without excuse Yeah, and a valid excuses not like Oh, I can't be bothered, Oh, I can't find a place to pray, oh, I'm at work, how can I pray? Or how am I How can I put my feet on top of the basin and wash my feet you know, things like that is makes people not want to want to pray, right? This The mere fact that they can't put their leg on the base into wash, etc stop them from praying. So my point is,

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these are not valid excuses at all. not valid excuses. In fact, the scholars Islam are so strict that they say that if you know that you oversleep from your budget, and you fail to put your alarm clock on. That is also disbelief. That disbelief is tantamount to display Because ultimately, if you don't pray, then you're actually on the door of disbelief. So as you're carrying the point I'm trying to make is Salah is very, very important. Salah is important. It is not optional. It's not something which can only be done when you become old. It's not something that you can make up for if you miss it. If you miss one pray you can never make up for it. Never make up for it's very

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important. And a prayer is in limited time set time. It has input for a set time because that's a test. Otherwise, if we could have unlimited time throughout our life to do it, this would not be a test at all.