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The speakers discuss the success and importance of martial arts in teaching human behavior and finding ways to be more powerful. They also touch on the negative impact of not speaking about religion and the importance of finding means to achieve success. The speakers emphasize the need for people to turn to their creators and finding ways to be stronger emotionally. They also discuss the challenges of the pandemic and the importance of finding the right way to live. They share their belief that God is the only God they want to worship and their desire to be the only God they want to worship.

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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salam Alikum greenies apiece Welcome to the deen Show. I'm your host. We got an exciting program for you with my next guests. no stranger to the deen show shake up the Rahim McCarthy is an Irish American heritage and was born raised in the US of A after accepting Islam in 1994. He went on to pursue a higher level of education in this Deen and it since then, committed to sharing this Dean graduated from the Islamic University of Medina has sat with many different great scholars over the years. And he's here with us on the deen show salami Chrome. Welcome to Salah Morocco Ricardo.

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Good, good, Mashallah Good to see you as everything good Alhamdulillah had or below the mean. So what's new since the last time we've met how's everything in your part of the world, um, that everything's good getting getting back to normal hamdulillah you know, watching in the US where people have the freedom and a lot of states to walk without without mask and enjoy events, Sunday's getting back to normal here a bit. It's a bit better than the lab, but still not 100%. But handleless gets getting better, which is encouraging and makes us happy. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah? So the first question is, some people might be thinking, why are you guys giving

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attention to this? You know, is it is it for us? Are we just this our way of staying in the loop? You know, being able to connect with the masses on what's going on? What's How would you answer this? But I think it's, you know, we want good news for everyone. So when we talk about this topic, in particular, who is the superior one, and what happened recently with Conor and we've talked about Connor in the past, I know the issue is we want good for him. But also we want good for our youth as well, when our youth and you know, and Muslims and non Muslims alike around the world to be able to take benefit from what what has happened. And it's very important when any of these you know, main

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events that happen around the world that we stop, and we take time to reflect what can we gain and what can we benefit is not just what can Connor benefit from this, but also what others can benefit as well, I think this is you know, our main goal is to be able to

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to benefit the people and show them whenever the masses. So let's get into obviously, to bring people up to speed on on on what's going on. It was a big fight battle between Connor and Dustin. And then in the beginning stages of that, where they fought before, there was a Connor who's very respectful, and he was showing a different type of behavior. And then after that, they ended up fighting again, and he just totally changed. So then Habib was asked about this. So let's get into this clip with Habib and then we'll take it off from there to figure out who is this one that Habib is referring to? Yes, FIDE Show us.

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We, it's, it's gonna be always there like something like superior, more powerful than we have, you know, and sometimes when people become like, oh, and do this, I can do this. Because of, I'm smart, because I'm strong, like, God gonna make you always humble. And you know, like, like, I saw, like, yesterday or two days ago, I just saw his coach interview, he say, I don't understand how this happened. Like, he's like, strong young man, and he broke his foot. Like, I don't understand everything from God. You have to be humble. You know, when you become like, rich when you become strong when you become famous. And, and then you think this is because of myself. Guy, we're gonna

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make him humble, you know, and I really enjoy with this fight. Honestly, I really enjoy I'm I'm very happy for

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your comments, your reaction Alhamdulillah. I know that

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it shows you and I think and it the complete opposite of what he mentioned, he mentioned several of the reasons that that success when it goes to the head when you're successful, when you're strong, and you're powerful. And when you when you're someone who's famous and you make a lot of money, all of these things, it tends to go to people's heads. That's why from the teachings of Islam, you know, they focus on this and not not let the arrogance enter into your heart. And what happens to so many of these people as he's mentioning here, they forget that there's a superior one, there's one, the one who created them, the one who has the right to be worshipped, the one who gave them this ability

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to be successful, the one who gave them this ability to be strong. And you know, it's very sad to see, you know, the state of what happened to Connor, because

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he was really a true success story in the beginning. And someone who, you know, really, as they say, we know we say came from the gutter, and he came he was living on social welfare and Ireland. Someone who worked really hard was really dedicated. And he reached a very high level. Obviously that went to his head we saw he was very became very arrogant.

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The way he walks the way he talks the things he says and then he was humbled several times and after being humbled like you said like could be been mentioned and I was gonna mention I've even another clip is that if you could see that before the second fight he was you know this this new man and we were all very happy of this and Hamza It seems that he realized the arrogant stuff and the stuff he was saying before this is something that's not suitable is something you stay away from, but here and he came back and you know, tried to again, to be fair, I do believe and he a lot of it might be more of a mental type of preparation because he maybe he thought his success in the past is that he

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got to the people's head and you as a martial artist know this as well. You know, perhaps maybe his skills you know, that he had before he and his stand up game. Mixed Martial Arts is constantly evolving. So perhaps you know what now what with the leg kicks with you know, the the grappling the wrestling and grinding pound like the Habib style, our brothers lamb, as you probably saw last week, and you know, this with the evolvement of MMA, you know, practices game just didn't evolve. And as the I mean, even in the cubby fight, if you look from a textbook standpoint, he did what he could but could be if was just on another level. So perhaps maybe he thought that that's what made him

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successful in the beginning and went back to that does just to, you know, to put that out there that that could be the reason he wants to maybe get beat his opponent mentally before he stepped in the ring. But then obviously, what happened to him, you know, that was something

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and what the thing is, it wasn't just something that bad that happened to him. But he was getting destroyed before that. So he can't really use that as an excuse. I mean, the few first couple, a few the first couple of minutes, yes, with the kicks in as he was ahead. But then he was just getting pounded. He was he was he was pounding and then Dustin was pounding him. And even I saw an interview with Dustin's coach, he said that two of the scorecards on two of the judges had a 10, eight round, and that's how bad the round was for him. So I mean, that's a you know, and then obviously, we know when the Diaz fight, and others want to win the Cubby, vite. When he got knocked out by Dustin, just

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time and time again, and this energy to show and we talked about this before. The other thing he got to the level, he called himself a god, he became so successful, so good, and so rich, instead of being humbled like Habib could be one layer, look how he dresses look at dresses the same way he dressed, when he was just starting off in MMA, and I look how he acts the same. He's always acted, why? Because he realizes, you know, the greatness of the one who created him. And I've saw, you've alluded to this, and I mentioned it before, as well. Always like looking up and you know, and talking about a law and saying and hamdulillah and teaching the people about your heat about, you

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know, Allah, the monotheism, the oneness of Allah. And that comes from a lot of this success. It's not from us, it's a gift that a lot of gifts. Yes, there's hard work. And there's also an important lesson. And as Muslims, we don't just look at something like if you've been given a talent, if you don't work for it, you're not going to be successful. Even myself as as a public speaker, maybe a lawyer blessed me with with the ability to stand up publicly and to give a talk, to give a who'd been in front of 1000s of people, and not everybody has that ability. But if I don't work on my trait, and making myself better, I'm not going to benefit from the talent that Allah gave me. And so

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even if you look at any athlete, any in basketball, like we have in America, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, all of those people who had that raw talent, but they work very hard at the same time, but you see that many of them, they're very humbled how they act as well, even even any non Muslim, it's not just could beep. And then people realize that, that this is something and then from their Creator, and can beep shows that that example time and time again, and if Connor were to do the same, and I believe that he would be more successful, because he would receive the two fields that help the assistance from his creator, when you come up and we need like he said, in the past, you

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know, that he called himself a god to that extent. And that's how much it Went, went to his head, the arrogance, and this is mentioned throughout the Quran and as soon as

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he those who are the arrogant ones, that Allah subhana wa Tada, He will punish them and that Allah will humiliate him and this is what we see that is happening.

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You can see the contrast here like someone, for instance, like Conor and many, not just him, but many people, when you truly have that confidence. You don't have to be so ostentatious, pretentious, and you're always looking to what people think of me and you're trying to show off real showy. Here you see with Habib, what people respect and like about him that he has this integrity, that he also he respects his opponents, that he's humble. And now we talked about this before for the youth coming up or anybody coming up, you'd want why would you want to point towards anyone via bikaner or anybody out there who's talking about your wife, some of the most precious people in your life, you

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know, I'm going to murder you. What kind of

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Example. Does that set for the next generation coming up? If we follow that type of behavior, what's an end result? And you know, are he in a you being a black belt? Mashallah, and you're coming up in the Gracie School of jujitsu, you know, you've trained and you've rolled with some of the, you know, really people who don't want to say they're the wrong word. But you're right, a really tough people, or anyone throw them out killers, people who could who could really kill you, they wanted to, but you'll find that those people, the more they get into that level, that they're,

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how humble they are. And that's one of the amazing things about martial arts. And it's one of the objectives of martial arts is to teach that humbleness. And then that's what it means to be a true martial artist is to have respect for your opponents, those who you're training with those who you're rolling with, those of you who you're working out with, and the more you learn, and I remember my coach in Ireland, he was telling me, we trained MMA with him. He said that, you know, when someone says something to me to insult me, he said, it doesn't bother me, because he said, already, so I'm just looking at him, I've already found, you know, about seven different ways to

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take him out if I want to, I said, I already know I can do it. So he said, there's no need for me to do it. So when you have that confidence, and and that's and you know, what you can do, you don't have to be boastful like that. And, and he said, in the cubby fight, it's just business is this, those type of things cells, but and that that is true to an extent in their in their field, maybe that's why he became very popular, but everything has red lines. And I think that's one of the beautiful things about what has happened with the whole cookie cutter thing is that a lot of people realize Muslims and non Muslims, the fact that could be jumped out of the cage, I was very unhappy

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with that in the beginning. Because, you know, it was just such a

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such a massive victory for him and for good in general. You know, the evil being said about him about his father about his country about his religion. And, you know, when when people saw this quiet, calm, humble man reacting This way, you know, even though we didn't agree with it, people were like, wow, you know, that these things shouldn't be said. And that kind of put a precedent for the for the future that look, we don't we don't you don't say these things. Even Dana White, and a recent and he said, Look, you don't talk about people's wives and things like that, that's not proper, you know, that things have to have red line. So a lot of things that happen in life, you

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have to look at the positive that comes out of it. So I think a lot of for the youth who are coming up instead of being influenced in a negative way, where I'm going to talk negative about people and I'm going to have this negative show off, you know, type of personality,

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the boastfulness because they know this is not the way I think actually it's it's been in a scene in Arabic expression, robot bata to natvia that perhaps it's a harm that comes with a lot of good and that and I think this is gonna be one of the positive things when you look at what's happening. And he and we talked about in the last thing we talked our last show, we talked about the good for Connor himself, but I want to focus as well on the issue of the good for everyone. And I think there's a lot of good in this, especially for our youth who are coming up who might have followed that way if he was successful, but the fact he wasn't the fact he's been humiliated time and time

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again, it's gonna make them start to realize, you know, and then so many with other good, the success that could be passed now the level he's reached of superstardom, but yet remains a very simple and humble man. And it came in the teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Manta wall de la la Rafa who that whoever is humble for Allah that Allah will resist status and whoever and he has this boss Mr. alawar Vinci humiliate them many as we see from

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what's happened to Connor and he's so if you are going to be someone's humble Allah is going to raise your status and is obviously vice versa. This is what happens and it is such individuals. You have the leg break that happen and people are usually looking you look for a means Okay, medically what happened before his fight he's talking about he had some issues there. And now it just the breaking point. So we're always going to look for the means that what happened but Habib talks about now he connects it to there's always going to be one superior to us, that more powerful than us. So now he brings another equation to the table that many people exclude or some people will include

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something like that just his bad luck, right? So don't get into superstitions or whatnot.

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Who's he talking about when he's talking about the all powerful, someone who's always the more the all supreme? You know, who's Habib actually talking about? Obviously, he's talking about Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Creator of the heavens and earth and creative all of us. And you know, these type of things. Are you talking about is this Jesus, know about God, as as you would say, English God, which is to do with the Creator of the heavens, the earth, the Almighty Allah the one true God, the only one worthy of worship, so I know this can be a contentious people.

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For a contentious for some people, they start with God, my God, your God. But this is the God of everybody. It's not to offend anybody. But this is the God that actually Jesus worshiped. exactly correct. And all throughout all throughout the Bible, when he talks about who would have worship to worship, and the ones in the heavens, worshiping with Oh, the one true Almighty God knows what could be this is referring to when he talks about the old, powerful and these type of things, and they all send signs to us. Now Allah sends signs to individuals. Now, time and time again, a sign has been sent to Connor, but he's not getting it, or doesn't want to get it. And that's just sometimes just

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so successful, so rich, so famous, and he just doesn't want it want to get it a law center assigned to us and always give the example of this, I think it was a very powerful example. And obviously was some time back but and obviously we know the story was in the movie came out of that issue of Titanic, when they had the audacity to say that it was so powerful, that even God couldn't sink it. And what happens the first time out, it gets, you know, it sinks hits an iceberg, and it sinks this and these type of things come as as reminders from Allah subhanho wa Taala, the power of Allah, Allah gives us opportunity, he gives us signs to repent him this pandemic, that we're going through,

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we've been going through, and he signs from a lot to repent into turn to turn to him. This has mentioned this principle, without the Koran Allah wants to us to open that why is this happening? Where is it coming from? What can we do? How can we stay safe? How can we keep and have

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a strong state of mind? How can we stay strong emotionally during these difficulties, we have to turn to our creators in our fifth law, that's why you find even you know, people who call themselves atheists are called is always at that at the time of need, you'll find you know, that need to turn to something greater. And that is that is our Creator, our last panel, what's on them.

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Do you see a lot of people also they bring this term up karma, this is just his karma. Now, I believe this is also connected to some religious connotations and current in Buddhism or Hinduism. But now how does this connect islamically this term karma, that's very important, especially when it comes to are you the those who are coming at you even older brothers, sometimes, we get we're so used to watching, you know, YouTube videos and things like that, where this type of ideology comes right into the head. So when you see the leg break, right away, it's karma, talking about people's religion, talking about people's, you know, families, their wives, their fathers, their countries.

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And so people said, that's, that's the karma. But as Muslims, we don't believe in something called karma, and it's not permissible. And even if you look at it, any, there's, there's, there's a form of disbelief in that because it goes back, as you mentioned, to Hindu religion, Buddhism, I believe in Sikhism, they have it as well, where it goes back to the issue of you know, reincarnation, you know, people were bad in the past, like they come back and bad things happen to them, to you know, get what they deserve what they did in the past life, the ones who were good, come back and in good form, and then what have you, obviously, is not something that we believe in as Muslims. But there

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is a principle that we have in Islamic teachings, both of them came from different narrations in the teachings of the provinces in them some of the scholars talk about the authenticity of different narrations of the Hadees but the meanings are correct and one of them is an A come out to Dean to Danny and how you will be you know things will happen to you basic is the meaning of it and another is LGM and Jensen hammer that you will get really you know the recumbents for what you have done you know so if you do good good will come to you if do bad bad will come to you. And these meanings are confirmed in different texts throughout the Koran and as soon as we believe in this as Muslims Yes,

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when you do you know a lot of good and then goodwill will come to you you know even if it's eventually eventually good is going to come to you when you do bad eventually bad is going to come to you and this we see this time and time again throughout history evil people they get away with it for a certain amount of time. But then it comes back to get them and it comes back to haunt them so yes, we believe in this as Muslims but the issue of karma it's not something we believe in it's something we need to be careful with as Muslim using these terminologies not going back and having dinner with you know, Google just today and any as Muslims we need to be more clever, and you know,

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whatever religion or we use certain terminology or ideology, all you have to do is type it in on Google and you'll find right away that you know where this comes from and you'll see as a Muslim it's not something you should be saying or you should or should be believing in.

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The other thing people respect is you know, we live in this AI culture iPhone, iMac just II and then Habib had talked about relating to the fact when people start attributing all the straight, I'm the smartest, I'm the strongest, this could be a dangerous path. But as Muslims you know, keeping it humble is what attributing it back to what you're saying to the one who's all powerful, the Supreme the Creator of the heavens and earth, God Almighty. And he when you when you look at, you know the teachings of Islam, first of all when it when it comes to arrogance, and what makes someone arrogant, it goes back probably you could say to

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to four or five different things are the main reasons people become arrogant and that I mentioned in sort of telecasts, if you go back and reflect on that and other verses in the Quran in the teachings of our beloved Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem any going back to the issue of wealth, you'll find when people become wealthy, they become arrogant. When a lot of it goes back to the lineage, where we're from, what what's my tribe? What is my people what's my race, knowledge is also a big fitna for many people opens up the door to become arrogant and looked down upon other people being successful in general, whether you know, it could be with your as you mentioned, wealth or knowledge, having more

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followers, being successful in your trade and what you do, it puts a type of arrogance in your heart but always what Islam is teaching us is to control that type of arrogance because it's, it's it's natural, if I become very good, and he I was into basketball back in the day, but now when I got a bit older, I got into more into martial arts. But when it when it if I become very good, you know, what's going to happen, it's going to it comes to your mind, you kind of look down upon people, but Islam trains us and that's the beauty of Islam because Islam meaning submission, any other word is slamming to submit to your creators, this lamb we're submitting to our Creator. So even when he's

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blessed us with this Allah subhana wa tada It teaches how to control that how to seek refuge and he in our Creator from the evil within ourselves and the evil of Satan of shape on because it's something that will naturally happen and that's what you have to understand. And I'll tell you a very interesting story that happened to me

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benefited from chef Mohammed Salah Do you know the famous chef who comes on Huda TV? And he Mashallah he with his red beard and it's very, like inflection, people don't realize that he's actually from Egypt. You know, I remember my wife was telling me one time she said But is she said as as a as a foreigner from the west. He said his Arabic pronunciation is excellent, you know. So that's because he's Egyptian Mashallah.

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It looks like he's coming from the west of Angola, the ship, we were traveling together, and we were in Singapore for a conference. And we were traveling at hamdulillah and business class for the blessing of Allah subhanho wa sallam. So when we're coming from the transit in Qatar, we have our own special line, our special entrance. But in Singapore, they put us in the general line, you know, the general population line. So it kind of says, What is this? We're supposed to go quickly? We shouldn't wait in the general line, because we have a business class boarding. So shall you say, no, no. He said, this is good for us. It's very beautiful lesson. He said, it's very good for us. He

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said, it doesn't go to our head that we're special. We're better than other people. Because a lot of times we travel the economy as well. And he said that he said this is the problem is something Allah blessed us with this, because we have very long trip. So we can put the seat down, we can relax, we can sleep and we can arrive fresh is the objective, not to be extravagant, but to arrive fresh and to be able to deliver on the lectures that we were giving. He said, But love the what happens is it goes to your head right away something this small, you know that it goes to your head. And he told me an amazing stories that he was saving money when he first moved to the US, or you know, was there

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for some time before he brought his wife and he said he's objective, what do you want to do? He wanted to

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he wanted to buy a Lexus. You know, he said, I saved my money, I saved my money. And he went, and he said, I bought the Lexus. He said I was in the bank one day. And he said, I proudly put the key with the L on it on the counter, you know, and I was I was so proud. You know that the bank teller, you know that she could see that I'm this, that with Alexis, I want people to see. And he said, I realized what it had done to my heart. So he said, I immediately went and sold the car, my dream car, he said, but he said I really sold after that, because I saw what he had done to your heart. So there's something that naturally happens to the heart. But one of the the principles that Islam

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teaches us is, as we see from could be right away to return that to the Creator, to return it to the superior one, the one who has given you the one who is the powerful, the all powerful, all knowing the one who has given you this ability, he's giving you this talent, he's given us ability to perform at high levels, and whatever your trade is. So we say Alhamdulillah, as we always keep saying that's an important for the viewers to understand that what is the meaning of it hamdulillah is to be thankful to our Creator, the one the superior one who gave us this ability to turn it back to him right away, we turn it back to our Creator. And also from the things that as well, is to

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think, you know, always remind myself and the brothers, we could be less fortunate we could be being you know, now we're American. Allah as blessed us with that, when it comes not COVID time now because we're all trapped now with COVID but after COVID we can travel almost anywhere in the world freely and hamdulillah that's a blessing. Other brothers man they can't get they can't get visas. They can't go anywhere. But should that make us what should that make us say? That make us arrogant because we have we have this this passport, this ability to go all around the world or should it make a sale hamdulillah and be happy for Allah has given us you know, Allah is blessed with that

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when it comes to knowledge. Also, like I said, Go it goes to your head.

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I have some books behind me now. May Allah help me read them in shallow Donna. But if I read more books, if I have more knowledge, I can look down at people. Scott doesn't know anything you know, it goes to your head, we said Henry, Allah has blessed me with the ability to be able to read these books, to be able to understand these books, to be able to teach these books, Allah is blessing with that knowledge, whatever success you're in, always turn it back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And another thing is to look at those who are less than you. And at the same time, the Lord blessed me with disability, Allah blessed me with the ability to be able to travel around the world. And Lord,

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bless me with the blessing of freedom that we have in our in our countries, it's a great blessing. Other people are trapped and they can't move. Look at the people who are trying to go across, you know, the oceans to get some of the freedom that we have when they die in massive drownings and things like that in order to get to Europe to get these places where they're going to have some type of freedom says all the things that it should they should bring us back to our greeter this is the this is the the whole goal is the whole challenge. And we have to understand that wealth, just like poverty, it's a big test success, just like not being successful at something. It's also a big test

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to see what are you going to do with it?

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There's a few more we're almost out of time. But you had me really thinking about this example, when you struck this example about the share who went and returned his dream car. But why did he do that? Because again, there's one all powerful over him. There's a system now that he a way of life he lives by and this is why people need if they really want to take their life and grow to the next level. And they really like we've had i've i've seen myself firsthand a couple people. A few people accept Islam, when they've seen these actions of someone like Habib, but these are actions that Muslims do every day those who have submitted their will to God Almighty Allah because they have the

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system and they have that taqwa that God consciousness. So now as opposed to someone else who's just succumbing to the peer pressure and becoming ostentatious because that's society, materialism, so they don't have a system that they live by. No moral compass, no moral code. So it's, you're on your way to destruction. So now you've had people I just had recently someone who was in the cartel ex cartel member accepted Islam, illegals in there somewhere because he said he would see him he was a fan of Habib and he's seeing him praise the almighty not doing the chest bump but he's raising his hands up above say it's not me it's the one up above so this triggered him to go and research and to

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look and I had another guy Reggie actually also came from a Catholic background and when I mentioned these religions is not like okay our team against your team our village against your version, it just like if you were brought up and your grandfather was always riding in a Ford and now there's something that's come along that is the upgraded version now it has everything more so that now not to compare to the into a car but you know if this can benefit your life more and it's the way is the way the true way based on evidence and proof that it is truly from the Creator. It's not man made right? If you look at it, so anyways, a lot said here, but my point my question was, that this is

00:28:16--> 00:28:26

why why does this the Habib do the things he does is because he's a great person is because now he's got the formula and and just for him, what's behind him.

00:28:27--> 00:29:01

behind him is is the the superior the Creator, Allah subhana wa sallam. And like we said, He's realized that and he, when he puts everything back and all of his actions, he puts it, you know, takes it right back to Allah subhana wa, who blessed him with this. And that's the understanding that's, that's not him. That's not something just unique. He's just an humble guy and whatnot. It's he's doing it because of his lucky because of the teachings of Islam because it's what Islam teaches. All throughout the Quran, all throughout the teachings of our beloved Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim, he teaches him he teaches us to be simple. And that's the beauty of Islam. Islam, we

00:29:01--> 00:29:36

can be successful, we can become superstars like Habib, but it wants us to remain humble, to have this success be something but not to enter your heart and wants us to be spiritually sound, to have that spiritual connection with our Creator. But at the same time to be successful and to excel and a beautiful teaching of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he said that in the law, your Hebrew either I mean, I had to come, I'm an entrepreneur who Allah loves one of you does something perfect This was whatever we do in life. Islam wants us to excel into perfect and that will we do, but at the same time, to you know, put it back or give it back to the Creator, the one

00:29:36--> 00:30:00

who gave it to us and to acknowledge that and to not let it go to our hearts and to make us arrogant and to corrupt our hearts. Okay, and then now I was trying to strike an example how do you because now when it comes to the issue of trying to find the right way, the purpose in life is some people inherit just like I was trying to example they inherit a car they inherit certain things from their grandparents, their parents, their ancestors, and

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

Hold on to that like, say doesn't pour a For example, let's say he's always wearing the cross. He's a Christian, obviously, we respect people, all different faiths and religions or whatnot. But now someone might hold on and they really, they really have not gone deeper than what they've just inherited. So how do you because it's sometimes very sensitive for people and then it becomes like almost like Okay, you got your way I got mine This and that. But now you know, they can see just the Arab thing you know what I mean? But you see hubby from Russia, you're from Ireland, right from Bosnia. Here, we got the, you know, from all different parts of life. It's just people who want the

00:30:34--> 00:31:10

truth. So how do you go ahead and break this ice to show people know Islam as a solution for all of humanity's problems is for everybody? Yeah. hamdulillah and and if you look at if you look at the problems that we're facing around the world, Islam from that we have the solution in it. And it's very interesting you mentioned because someone who was successful like could be any pound for pound any they caught me some say he's the go, they need the greatest. FEMA is definitely in the conversation is one of the best ever. And someone who only who has that religion has that way of life, even with that success. That is a sign from Allah subhanho wa Taala, for everyone to research

00:31:10--> 00:31:49

and what made him like this? Why did he not go and tattoo his body? For example? Why did he not, you know, doesn't act extravagant and live the lavish lifestyle? Where's it coming from? This what his religion is teaching him? So? What is that religion, so at least for everyone to go into read and to learn more, especially in the days, where in Islam, many people non Muslim, many and Muslim like I realized, it could be a great guy, right? You need the good he does for the community, and that things he's doing, and how simply as people like him, he's simple. He's someone who's humble, and people like that his characters and people, what made him like that. It's his religion. It's it's a

00:31:49--> 00:32:22

very being being raised as a Muslim, being devoted to his religion, putting his religion before everything. And I mentioned before, and one of my talks, and he was he was the biggest card of his life, and UFC 200, where he was invited to fight and he turned it down. Why? Because he was fasting Ramadan. Now, that was more important to him the issue of the religion, he wouldn't put anything before his religion. So that's an invitation for people to come in to learn more about Islam. And if it worked for him, it worked for you. In it being from Bosnia living in Chicago, it worked for me, you know, Irish American descent, raised, raised and raised in the Washington DC area, and it's

00:32:22--> 00:33:00

changed so many lives and meet so many people and happy and find that inner peace to interview and that you know, the peace of mind and peace of heart. That is something that everyone should should should take some time to research to understand why. And we'll conclude with this. You also have you done a talk on this on the deep love, you know, because now it becomes a contention because people have their hearts attached to Jesus peace be upon them. But now what have you someone who also in 1994, accepted Islam? Is that the correct year, and that's there, and now you went on a higher level of pursuit to academic knowledge, you were so convinced of it based on proof and evidence. And now

00:33:00--> 00:33:37

you didn't cut Jesus out? I mean, you all you now you love Jesus in the proper way, not as a god or little son of God, but as a mighty messenger. So what do you tell people? Now when they talk about Jesus, you handle any This is something I remember, I gave a talk in a church, they asked me to come and give a talk about our love for Jesus that my my son's name is actually Isa, one of my sons, his name, your son's name is Isa Yes, yeah. And it was actually very interesting, because in Ireland and the Gaelic or Irish language, they say, Isa AS WELL, they say the same way, but obviously without the island, but the same pronunciation, he said, they say, so this is this shows the love that we

00:33:37--> 00:34:07

have for Jesus. And he throughout the Quran, any history is mentioned in detail, he's mentioned as one of the greatest prophets. But that's the difference. We believe in it as a prophet of God, just as an original, the original form of Christianity as well, if you study in detail, I give a talk about this stuff for some time back. If you look in the history of Christianity, that was actual belief, and from the beginning, that the issue of the Trinity and that the issue of three in one, but it was the issue of the original belief is that he was a prophet of God. And this is obviously the proofs in the Bible. That's what it eludes to clear that he was a prophet and not a God Himself.

00:34:07--> 00:34:43

In fact, that's why he's calling as we mentioned earlier, throughout the Bible, calling the his people and his followers to worship and to turn to the one true God. And that's, and that's the message all of the prophets in the past. So obviously, we in Islam, we suppose we have a great love for Jesus, even for his mother, if you go to chapter 19. It's the chapter named Maryam, which is Mary and Arabic. So this is something that, you know, we invite all of our, you know, Christian, you know, friends, colleagues, neighbors around the world to look into and to understand, you know, why we have this love for Jesus? What do we believe in? What is the difference? And for me, personally,

00:34:43--> 00:35:00

I was raised as an Irish American, you know, Catholic, went to Catholic school, that was our belief, but obviously when it was built on the issue of the Trinity and that for us, it was always something very difficult to understand, but it's something you just have to believe. When we looked into when I when I looked into this now that is, the first thing that stuck out to me was issue of metal.

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

theism and E there are what we call an Arabic and Islam to eat the oneness of God. And though you only turn to the one one true God, you don't turn to anyone else. There's no no one equal no one like upon to them, there's nothing like him. He's unique. He's the all powerful, he's the all great. And so when you this belief is what really stuck out to me and had a huge impact on me. And that's why I decided to change it this, this made more sense, it was more logical, and Hamdulillah, I made that choice in 1994 Alhamdulillah. And I've been happy all throughout my life. With that decision, I finally found, you know, peace of heart and peace of mind and tranquillity through my my

00:35:35--> 00:36:12

transformation in my, you know, reverting or converting to Islam Alhamdulillah, we have a great example of conversations, we've had one just recently in our program number 857, you go to our channel on the D show, and we have an amazing Christian Muslim dialogue conversation, you see how these can go respectfully, peacefully, and it just about conveying, you know, in the proper way. And at the end, if you choose to continue your way that's between you and your Creator, but but at least you look like you mentally at least, you know, take the time to look and see, you know, why is that such a powerful impact on changing so many lives? You mentioned the story of the people who saw

00:36:12--> 00:36:46

could be for me, what really influenced me was the story of Malcolm X. No, no, because I was someone who had a jet helia similar, similar to yourself. And, you know, when I saw the impact that had on him, because I felt something inside know, the filter, I was calling me, there's something not right, I have to have, you know, one of my objectives in life was to have God in my life, you know, so I realized I needed that I realized that was missing. But I just didn't know the way when I saw Malcolm X how, you know, his situation was, and I had completely changed him and made him someone who was disciplined, devoted, and they'll handle eventually, obviously, then went to true Islam at

00:36:46--> 00:37:18

the end of his life for him, oh, Tada. So that, you know, that has huge impact on me to go into search deeper. And I think when when people do research and take out that time, not hearing what they hear on the media, or what they thought they knew about Islam, and actually go and read and listen, like, wow, I never knew that I never knew Muslims, really, that I never knew Islam. That's what it was, they thought it was something totally alien, something, you know, from the deserts of Arabia, that has nothing to do with what they believe. Or they could believe that thinking, you know, it is some weird religion, but when they go and read it, and they read about, you know, the

00:37:18--> 00:37:53

the setup in Islam, the discipline in Islam, you know, everything is clear, and it's now that's one of the things that really impacted me, you know, everything was clear the five pillars and just just just a very strong foundation, that had a huge impact on me when I read about Islam, and that's when I made my decision. I was 18 at the time. 1994 and that's when I took my shot and I accepted Islam. And I think this is what really people gravitate towards is in part of our nature was a the fitrah is that pure monotheism of Islam that you only worship the Creator of the heavens and earth, you're not worshiping a human being a saint, an idle dead person in the grave, you're just worshiping the

00:37:53--> 00:38:28

God of Jesus the God of Moses, Abraham, the last and final message sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them all. This is what people it goes in line with their innate mission to worship the one and only God leave it at that don't add a three a five with to not just one god that's it. That's it. And people love that and then the moral code and the proof and evidence that's in there. So we invite people to read the Quran we invite people to investigate to open their hearts and minds and ask the Creator of the heavens and earth to guide you is that simple ask and if you're sincere, he definitely will thank you very much Hey, how can people go and listen to more of your

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talks or lectures and connect with you? I'm doing on my my YouTube channel. So my my Facebook and my Instagram, I try to be as active Twitter as well as the backend there and I'm the law. So anything I have new coming out, I always put the links there inshallah, perhaps you can put the links in the description below, for the viewers inshallah, to to follow us there and shall autonom thank you very much for being with us again, by the gloving. Thanks. Thank you for having me. Thank you, Joseph lawhead and salaam aleikum to everybody out there. Thank you for tuning in. Subscribe if you haven't already, and we'll see you next time again here on The Daily Show. Until then, peace be with you as

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salaam alaikum.