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In Al Hamdulillah in Alhamdulillah

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de la

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Dr. Marina de la vida

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de la when I said well, you know I love the Buddha Sherry when I said to Agnes, Donna Mohammed Abu hora pseudo America Carla Baraka Tara

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Hamid, all to build upon it. What do you mean? Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. What am I

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gonna do honey on meta milanesa spoon, Baba dummy dooney hombre de Nita, Duda, Nicola mokopuna Carlita and St. Hata you still

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say, Gabby, according to bu sallallahu taala he was a dean wanna see how full non human colony lagging when he Kitab in university he when he met a Muslim enormity him? Oh, c'mon Padania. Salatu was Salam. Salam o Donnell Avi Masada para su una Yun Karim oneup Nevada, Daddy camino de de novo Shakira will hamdulillah Robin and amin, honorable Ana microm, respected brothers and elders, amongst the many favors that a lot of bullies that had favored and endowed in Abuja, Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worth amongst those favors one was Allah had favored him with concise speech, Libya, Kareem Salatu. Salam himself says ot to Giovanni alkylene, the words of nobility,

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some were very concise, yet very comprehensive and voluminous. So the words were very few yet voluminous in its meaning. And the Hadith that I have quoted is a manifestation of the statement of Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam many times we are asked by Muslim or by non Muslims, or people that are not acquainted with Islam. Tell me something about your deen in a nutshell in two minutes you met the man is it alright introduce Islam so we now we you know mumbling and we don't know what to say where to start where to end into words in a nutshell then a viola defines Islam savasana Viola what is Islam? Let me a cream sallallahu Sallam said to make it into condense it at Dino and see her

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Deen in essence means desire in good. What is the what is the definition? The simplified explanation of the desire in good Sahaba and when to ask, desiring good for who only be of Allah could you perhaps elucidate elaborate let me a Kareem sallallahu wasallam said Linda he was only when he kitabi when a material Muslim and I met him to design a good for Allah to design a good for the scriptures of Allah to design a good for the apostles of Allah to design a good for the leaders of the Muslim Ummah and the general message. This in essence summarizes the I want to speak on the last aspect and that is designing in good for the general message. This is also a fundamental ingredient

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of our Imam. It is also an important component of our faith that we become the benefactors of society. Jerry rebny Abdullah God Allahu Imam nawawi Rahim omala a great author of the sixth century, as written in the commentary of Muslim Sharif in the first volume, he makes no mention of one incident there was a jury of the Allahu anhu that once he came to me via Kareem sallallahu, wasallam and Sahaba used to come and they used to pledge their allegiance. One was the genuine pledge that Sahaba would come and make, including the males and the females. Yeah, you and me either Giacomo Amina to you bionic Allah, Allah Yoshida kana been lying. It's a overview of Allah when the

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woman come to you, pledging that they will never strike partners with a law what is written that they will never commit theft, what is mean? They will never commit adultery, what are you doing, and they will never kill their children, whether you are seeing a female roof and they will never disobey you in any matter, then accept their pledge and seek forgiveness on their behalf. So what was the general pledge that was taken from Sahaba but there was some independent situations where certain Sahaba would come some isolated situations, and they would on a personal note between him and the nephew of Allah, they would make and they would play to certain noble deeds. So Jerry Ripley

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Abdullah Amano came to Libya Kareem sallallahu wasallam and after having a discussion with an aviary sallam, he left the gathering and he said on the view of a lie make you my witness life long I will design your good for the Muslims wherever I go, I will help a Muslim I will make life easy for whoever I meet wherever I find how I can help remove a difficulty make life easy for someone inshallah I will do this. So the incident I was making mention of once he sent one of his slaves to go and purchase a horse. The slave took the money and he went to the shop and he looked at a particular horse he decided, you know, met the owner and the seller negotiated the price. And

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finally they said that he will be purchasing the horse for 300 dirhams. He gave the money to the horse and he came home. When Jerry Viola looked at the horse he said Subhana Allah This is a beautiful horse. I think the owner has underpriced this horse. Let's go back to the Mac. So they go back to the owner. Go

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Back to the seller. And as a jury Rolando then introduces himself this servant that came to purchase the house is my servant. I had deputed him and I had sent him. I think you have undercharged me. And what would you say if I add on another 100 Dylan's Subhana Allah.

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So in all human likely would who would decline he says, well if you want to add on Jazakallah by all means, it says anybody saying from for let's make it 500 Subhan Allah and if I say let's make it 600 700 800 finally he says, Yeah, I think you deserve 800 Allahu Akbar. I think you deserve 800 he gives them an 800 Durham's, and he walks out people meet him congratulating Mashallah, you bought a new conveyance? What did you pay for? I paid 800 Really? You're a fool man, I could get you the same animal for 300. So he says, No, no, I also could get it for 300 but I pledged to the neighbor of Allah, I will design a good for every Muslim. And at this time being good too. This Muslim wants to

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give him a better amount in what he actually asked for whatever it is, this perhaps might be impossible, or very typical for us today, even if this match can come that if a man walks into my shop, of course I want to make maximum profit out of him. Ask him what he wants, like someone told me recently this happened. I was so impressed. This is one and I went to a hardware shop I needed to buy some wood we were making some cabinets. So I selected a wood that was relatively expensive. The owner of the shop said what do you want to make? I said I'm trying to make some cabinets he says no, no, don't waste your money buying expensive wood. Buy this one this is cheaper this would suffice

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for your job. Well, long winded honesty will come out in the oma where sub economics may be occurring salaries are only available onebyone law which is the noblest of actions, which action constitutes the maximum benefit and the greatest reward in the eyes of Allah. Let me agree with Sara Larson said sorauren to the fellow who had a Muslim in the joy that you can bring to the heart of a Muslim they can be no greater joy and no play tag then you bring in joy to the heart of a believer then going to be able to explains that chiffon Hooper button. Either you remove a calamity from his way that could be an who Dana or you settle a debt on his behalf. But there's so many of us here

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Allah has given us well, first to settle the debt of one man, it will not infringe on our necessities, perhaps the maximum it will mean I will have to make some adjustment in one vacation. And one man can enjoy a house of his own someone in my own family in my own relatives. Allah has given me that money. If I can go and say by how long are you going to budget and pay 1000 Rand a month you're taking How much is it? 50,000 a bit, no problem. Make the point at the end of it. Let me a Kareem sallallahu wasallam says either you remove a calamity, or you set a date on his behalf or through a new job, or you remove a hunger from his path. And then the review of Allah said I

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would prefer I would prefer working with my brother to satisfy his need than to sit for one month in a teacup and mustard and I've always had a lot to sell him and that man who works with his brother to satisfy his need to make things easy for him. What is the law that is being taught to us when we see a Muslim happy today? Unfortunately, we say But why are you so happy What happened to you? Let me according to the law itself did not teach us that of the Hakka law of sin, my brother you liquid happy May Allah perpetually keep you happy. So behind Allah, Allah forgive. Today, hypocrisy is creeping to the home so much.

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hypocrisy and double standards has crept into the home so much that we have been sent as the benefactors of society. We cannot design your good but Allah forgive we have dropped even lower than that we cannot even see the good of the next man. Nevermind these are good and make good available. And Messiah even say one step further brothers, when someone else makes good of my brother, we don't even have that ability that we can hear the good of the next man. That is how long we have fallen. When the margerine tone the big ceremony Viola the anzar have excelled us they comforted us they give us the homes they did everything. Let me le Salaam says no. As long as you make dua for them

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and praise them you will enjoy the same reward for the good that they do. Then me ally has given us a formula of enjoying the good of the entire Muslim world. My brother Mashallah that made my head off for him Allah has given him well so many people are benefiting from his wealth, but on the contrary, we cannot give and we cannot see others give thank you and give you make mention of another incident in Muslim serif

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as a couple of example of the alarm tallarico the element of desire in God.

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It is before the pattern of Jamal he calls his son and he tells his son Oh my son, tomorrow Your father will be participating in the battle. By the looks of it. These are the last moments of your father. You know, the greatest worry that's burdening me is my debts, and I leave you in charge to wind up my estate and settle my debts. The father then passes away the Hadith is very lengthy. The point I wanted you to succumb to that focus. So anyway, the father passes away he arranges in the burial and then he starts making the calculations for widget two who didn't say anything to me I say anything. He says after I did the calculations, I found that my father was owing 2,200,000 dirhams.

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My father went in the battle he passed away. He entrusted me with this. This was the burden on me. Now definitely that's that's a colossal task. That's a great figure 2,200,000 tenants, but then he goes on to elaborate and explain the reason why his father was indebted was his father just you know, abusing the money. of

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Others just going around borrowing and not paying. I got the words of Muslims. And if we're in America and they know who I love He can he can get it he will man for your studio area for your poor to LA when can you have a cell phone in Saudi Arabia? The reason why my father became indebted was my father was a very trustworthy person, and people trusted him a lot even had a lot of reliance in him. So often people would come with large sums, and address my father and say, oh, there's 100,000 items, please take care of it. I leave it in your trust as an Amana, my father would decline. And my father would say, No, I'm not going to take it as a trust for the simple reason. So behind Allah, I

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wonder if they are humans like this in the entire world? My father would decline and say no, if I take it as a trust as an Amen, that and then it gets misplaced, or it is stolen, without negligence on my part, then your money is gone. In other words, that is the ruling if someone leaves a trust with you, and then not because of any negligence on your part, but it gets lost or misplaced or stolen, then that man cannot claim anything from you. It was just as a trust by you as an Amana. So is it so they will be alone would say, you know what, you're going to leave that money with me. But you have some unforeseen circumstances could prevail, your money would be lost? Why don't I secure

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your money for you? And let me take this amount is a debt. If I take it as a debt, whatever happens, your money is secured.

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So in this manner, people would come in leave money as trust, but my father in the interest of debt men would take that trust as a loan and say, No, no, I take in this 150,000 Okay, I borrowed this money from you. Now, whatever happens, I am responsible to give this money back to you. And in this way people came and gave my father My father never refuse. He took that money and he says, I have borrowed so much money, he never stretched his hand. But when people came to trust him, why desired input for the oma he would then take that wealth and channel it in avenues of good brothers once upon a time. This was the quality of a believer, Satan I used to wear his Salatu was Salam.

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His brothers were animosity for him who had hatred for him. And who had plotted his assassination the Quran makes mention, but um ah boo boo, boo, boo fever via baywa hyena, our hyena in a in a tuna Bay and the angry mother. They separate Satan the use of from the Father, understand this year, and they began the father they lied to the Father that we take him for some entertainment, he or he will play he will eat well and he will play when Allahu Allah Hafiz, and we will take care of him. Satan, I jacoba had cited in this young lead of he is that he was going to grow up and become a Navy. Hence he had a special love and he had a special you know, compassion for Satan. I use a very solemn

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finally the brothers separate him the Mufasa and everything when they separate that son from the Father. They dropped him on the floor. And then they started now arguing should we kill him or should we just abandon him? Finally they agreed let's drop him in a deserted Well, this was done by his own blood brothers. But what is the teachings of an abbey? They come to that? Well, We're adjourned.

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But in any job the use of a solemn pleads as a young boy as a lead Oh my brothers, what are you doing to me? Is this brotherhood Is this what you display to me, and they agree with no mercy in a house in a crude way. That unanimously the Quran says drop him in this deserted, well infested with insects, or our hyena Illa Illa tuna Bay, unknown Bay America, Allah sends gibreel to rescue us every Salam at the bottom of this well, and Allah inspires to him in this tender age of ease, the use of the patiently time is to come, we will give you a such honor, you will narrate these happenings to these very same brothers of yours in more detail than they can tell you to you, you

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will identify one and each one of them while they will fail to identify you. So this is the hatred they displayed against you so very salatu salam anyway, the future of use of a surah who can stop the future of use of a Salaam it starts unfolding and gradually starts taking shape. From the comes out. He goes to Egypt he goes to the minister's house, and in due time and cause he becomes the king of Egypt. In the interim, the king seen a vision I don't want to go through the different different explanations coming to the point of focus. The king of Egypt sees a vision that 7000 cows have been devoured, or seven sec cows have been devoured by 7000 cows, which denoted seven years of prosperity

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and then seven years of famine and starvation. Finally, Dec period came after many, many decades had passed Satan from sitting on the throne of Egypt. And that picture which the Quran described, and ally had told us about a Sam comes before he becomes a reality is now sitting on the throne of Egypt in full power and authority. What are you what are your sofa takanohana he for one moment Iran. The breath is of use of walk into the court. And as they walk into the court he makes each one of them out. These are those very brothers of mines who dropped me and perhaps forgot about me. They did not recognize him. They thought the chapter was over. The man is dead and gone. Allah brought him in on

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him. They came also like me

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Nobody else came to come in buy some, some grain and some corn. Yusuf Ali Salam had a brief meeting with them, but he did not divulge the secret. After having a brief meeting, he ordered that each one of them be given a common load of corn and grain. And then so behind the law before dispatching he addresses one of the servants in the court, walk on and if at any da da da da home theory highly him, Lana myaree funa ha, even caribou, Illa linear Jeroen, because one of the servants, he says, You see these men that have come, these are my brothers, they have brought money, but I feel shy to take money from my blood.

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How can I take Well, from my own blood? Do me a favor, take this money and put it back in the saddle bags? Whatever they have done, but they are my blood? Can I exploit their desperation to make money?

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Is that the message that I give on at this stage? Which brothers those that dropped him in the well, those that abandon him, those that separated him? But what was the lack of use of a Sam, how can I make money? Brothers? Let us ask ourself a question. When every one of us yeah, perhaps most of us are in a position of employing. Allah has made us owners imposes wine we entertain the noble endeavor of expanding in our businesses, and moving from a basic car to a luxurious car. And from a simple home to a wonderful home. And from national vacations to international vacations. I wonder if we entertain this frame of mind for our employees when we decide in the salary?

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Or is it? Do we does Islam advocate a selfish attitude? That I will exploit you? This man that is working for me? Is he also not building a future? Does he also not have a wife and a child? Or do I only capitalize on my own thing? Do I only play in my future? I'm asking you for this take it to heart. Do you take into consideration she says I want to go ahead and I want to expand those people that are under my employment. They are also humans, then they have equal desires and ambitions. Do we entertain these ambitions on their behalf or not? Say the 1970s Salatu was Salam says tell them to go back. This is my blood. I cannot take money from them. This is the o'clock I had a wonderful

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experience. Three weeks ago we were in Canada. So behind the scenes the Brotherhood of Muslims. And after I completed the program in Toronto, one brother invited me in in the province called Saskatchewan, the capital of which is Regina. So one brother from Toronto insisted that he wants to join me on the trip and he wants to come here for the programs. We got to the airport. He didn't have a ticket he said can book a ticket the last minute naturally it's gonna be costly, the same ticket which is $500 is gonna cost you $2,000. So he went they went to the counter I'm talking of three weeks ago, he went to the counter, they said no 2000 2200 I told him you know what, that's an

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exorbitant amount just to join me for two day program. You'd rather spend that money somewhere else. But he was somehow very passionate and he says not on one on I want to come with you. I want to come with you. We decided to go read namaz day there was an interfaith prayer room while we were performing Salah one brother came who had a uniform he was working at the airport of Somali origin. So this brother said this is perhaps my last chance to try he says brother Can you do me a favor? You know what I want to go with? The sheriff is from South Africa we have a program. I wonder if you can just get me a ticket. Now. If you can just bypass some formalities. He says no problem Brother,

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you perform your Salah after sir it will be done for you. It took the ticket he just waive the late booking. And he did it and he came and he gave it and he said make bla for me on your way. That brother voila left an indelible impression on my heart and mind we didn't name from above so but just on the grounds of this is a Muslim brother. I can make life easy for him. He took two hours for me and one law he taught me a lesson. But it is this is the nature of a Muslim wherever he is. The Quran says to teach good to make things easy for someone to simplify. Take the incident of Satan or Masada his salat wa salam. This is a warrant of arrest for him. He kills a person innocently in

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Egypt. Finally, one brother comes to him a Muslim and tells him that you know what your own and his men, his intelligence want to locate you I need to leave Egypt and go. So what inspiration he then flees from Egypt, and he moves on and he walks in the direction in no man's land. He doesn't know where he's heading for. He has no food. He has no provisions. He's totally standard working for days and days. He finally comes into madeon when it comes into Majumdar saying here hunger of this, he is totally lost. He has no sense of direction there is a warrant of arrest against him. He comes in he lives in and then he doesn't know what is the future. Future looking totally bleak. It comes under

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one three and he rested. Now, we know when a man travels today we traveling in the best of conveyances. Yet when you fly in for so long, you jet lag, you're not in a frame of mind. You can help anyone you can even understand what's happening satana Moosa in this condition. You know what so much challenges surrounding him. He comes in, he lies under the three rest in there, totally lonely stranded. perplex doesn't know what the future holds. While I'm our A Da Da Da Da Da Da Matta meanness a spoon and wine is lying there hopeless helpless. And just wondering what is the future he finds that there is a well there the Quran makes mention of this and the shepherds were coming with

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their respective flocks to come and give it water. At a distance he finds two young girls with total modesty with holding the flock and waiting very patiently.

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From the testing, he could see that these were definite Muslims. So he approaches them mahatva Kumar. He's tired, he's angry, he's exhausted, but he finds two Muslim moments strengthen the sentiments of brotherhood. What happens when the world is moving in one direction? And that is the crave of materialism, the crave of MS in the cave of accumulating the grave of usurping and snatching from the next man, can we not revive another angle of life to make the world understand they can be another meaning to life, you can also earn to provide for someone else. This is the reason why you tend to be over lucky when everybody wants to bet on his own. Can we not become those

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who want to better the life of someone else? Your sirona and forcing him when he became kasasa those that give preference to others, even if difficulty comes their way. Anyway, he was motivated by symptom and some feeling came into him he said my sister's you look desperate. Why are you standing here with great modesty? Carla tal honestly.

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Wha buena shaken cabbie. They said, Oh, stranger. There are a lot of men there. And if we have to go into the crowd, we will rub shoulders with strange men, which is definitely forbidden and prohibited. And perhaps you might wonder why there is no menfolk from our home. Our father is old and his age, hence he cannot represent us. So this is our practice. We waited patiently, when all the shepherds are gone, then gradually become we take our flock we give it water and then we return home or law in this moment of desperation. This was enough to see the desperation of these girls. This movie was motivated by sentiments. He said, No, no, my sisters, you wait one side, it took that

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flock, he went into the crowd, he moves the people lifted the lid, gave it water, and then return the flock to those girls. And he said back on your way. What was the Birkett of this thing that he wanted? One person came to a beloved Mubarak Rama to Laurie and he says of the line suffering and also on my knee. horacek Farooq, Betty, there's an ulcer and blood is flowing profusely. Workers are alleged to be unwinding a large, what's the L tool at the bar from A to B? I've been to doctors, I've been to physicians, but somehow there is no symptoms of recovery. Could you perhaps, you know, prescribe some, some reading some something islamically that Allah can aid me. So Bella Mubarak says

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Yes, definitely. Why don't you make some service available to mankind. And ideally, look for a place where people are living in abject poverty where even basic water is not available, I promise dig aware of the pharaoh Hunan, Kabira and make water available for those that don't have water. Before that man will take the first step Allah will cure you immediately. This man got happy and he went, the beauty serum says in one Hadith, that that person whom Allah has given wealth, fame, authority, he must understand after Allah has afforded him these opportunities, allow world direct some of his creation towards him to have the needs fulfilled. If he understands that this is the view of what my

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lord has favored, and he will respond and avail himself in the name of the honor, the fame, the respect, the dignity, the wealth that Allah has given him, then Allah will multiply what he enjoys. But if you will decline, Allah will snatch, if he will decline. The one look at the such deep words, the one who will learn his favorite he must understand, coupled with those favors, welcome the needs of creation, perhaps your brother, perhaps your neighbor, perhaps your sister, someone would see into that After all, this is a friend of mines is a relative of mine, he will put some hopes in you, Allah will direct his creation, if you will capitalize, Allah will increase, if you will abuse Allah

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will snatch. So he says, I went to that place, I dug a well, Allah cured me immediately and permanently. Anyway, save the number. So look at the berkata and with this brothers serve in one person making the need making it available when Santa Omar was working and patrolling the streets of Medina. And he seen a caravan that came then they were stranded. He said, 37 on the day of Tiamat, Allah will judge me that how have I welcomed these people? He went, he arranged for some food and provisions he brought in he gave it to them, the woman that put up the pot of food and she was cooking, and then the children were playing, and he stood one side and it just observed the picture.

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Then he told his servant, do you know why I'm standing here? So the servant says no, I don't know. He says when I came, I seen this face sees these faces were sad and grief and they were in full of sorrow. Now I see them smiling. It just brings joy to me to see one Muslim there is epi Allah. He is the designer of the oma and this is the teachings of Nivea creme sallallahu wasallam. These girls return home early. The father says what happened you came home early today. We made a strange man. And he displayed such unique qualities. We don't know the men from anywhere, but he just sympathize on our condition. The father says Well, that is not the menus I taught you go back on my daughters

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and call that man. Look at the kindness of the snippy how Allah tala opens the future of Maasai Salaam. Immediately that girl comes and with such a modesty Subhana Allah message our sisters for da da da da da garlotte in the Okanagan Zika drama Sangeeta Lana she comes and says that oh strange man. My father is calling you to reward you reimburse you compensate you for the noble

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hospitality you displayed satana moosari salatu salam then comes and he tells her with great modesty you will walk behind me so that my gaze does not fall on any part of your body. They finally come. satana Moosa narrates the incident, and this very relation of kindness, three goes into a proposal and this girl becomes the wife of musar Islam. And this man becomes the father in law, who was then a viola srivari salatu salam. So really brothers. As I mentioned, the nephew of Allah said, the definition of a man is desired in good design and good for the general message of this oma, if we cannot design your good, at least, let us say good. Like one person said, it's so beautifully and I

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end with this. Life is so short, there isn't enough time to love. I don't know where people find time to fill it with hatred.

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Life is so short, there isn't enough time to love. I don't know where people find time to fill it with hatred. May Allah inspire us with the wisdom of the statement, and instill and infused within us this noble quality of desiring good for others. If a young boy comes and he's desires to get married, I have a daughter in my house, my brother has a daughter in law, if I will direct this boy to my brother's daughter, Allah will send a better proposal to my house. But of course it will mean me to be men enough to embrace Him and to design a good for him, Allah will send the same if not greater to me. So there has become those that can praise others that has become those that can

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embrace the good of others. Kapha Bill Murray ha Sita Yamanaka, Suri, it is sufficient to render umaine jealous if he's unhappy on your happy occasion, that man who can smile on your happy occasion that is proved this jealousy in his heart It's a happy occasion in my brother's family. Let me also be man enough to make this a joyous occasion for me. Let me see the good of my brother. Allah was inspired in favor of me with the same good May Allah tala inspires a lot