Ramadan Series Day 15 – The Month of Reading Quran

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The Quran is a title that describes the history and meaning of the title's meaning. It is important to read slowly and gradually, as the Bible is written slowly. The speakers stress the importance of reading the title slowly and gradually, even if it is difficult to read. They stress the need to learn the language and make it a habit, as it is written slowly.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ramadan. Another name was given to it is the month of reading the Quran. We talked yesterday about that Quran that Ramadan is the month that the Quran was revealed. Now another name was given to Ramadan is the month of reading the Quran Shahrukh urato Quran. Where did this come from? Allah Swati salatu salam as of the moment Buhari has narrated and has

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documented in his book that our Swati sought to set up with Satan or gibreel. Every Ramadan. They used to review the Quran. So yeah. Swati sought to sit and read to save legibly and they like like discuss it. Except the last year before he passed out, he set out to set out he actually read it or he or although allegedly they both

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read it together twice. And even that was one of the signs I thought I saw they saw it was said I knew that this is the last year of his life. And he told this to say the Fatima that this year gibreel came to me twice. We we reviewed the Koran twice. So what is reading the Quran?

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reading the Quran, in fact is basically moving the tongue and the essence of it is understanding the Quran, what Allah is telling me and you and the virtue and the reward of it, as you have it in the planner, or Swati salatu salam said mancora how often meaner Koran whosoever read one letter from the Quran, he has, he has one reward one. It's like a good deed one. And what has to be ashati I'm sorry, every good deed is 10. So whomsoever read the Quran, he said out of one letter from the Quran, he heard this is a good deed, and every good deed timesten and then he explained Ali salatu salam, and I don't say Alif Lam. Meem is a letter. No. Elif is letter, lamb is a letter. And meme is

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a letter. So just saying le flam mean that's 30 rewards. Imagine when we are reading, when we are reading a page, if you just go and count how many letters how many good deeds we have achieved, and we can achieve by reading the Quran and the stories about the righteous people before us how much they read, sometimes beyond our understanding, they used to finish specially in Ramadan, some of them in one day, and some in three days, sometimes twice. Now, for them, the Orion was not like for us now. They know it very well. This was the this was the language they a lot with Baraka in their time they were so close to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah me things easy, that should not discourage us

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and discourage us. What we need to do is we do our best to make the Quran part of our day, part of our day and I always remind myself before anyone, let us not make the left over time for the Quran. So I do everything in the day. And then when if when and if I have time, and when I am most of the time, very tired. I go and read the Koran. No, it should be my prime time. It should be the best time so if I'm a morning person, I do it in the morning and Rasul Allah has sought to surround

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him. In his book zadran mahad. He described the heavy his his sooner his way, his spaten with the Orion and he said, The best part of our soirees that made the best singer for us what he thought was that he actually what he did, he actually acted upon the horror on his manners, his daily characters was the Quran, but the way he read it, they said he read it slowly. Every day. He had an absolute exact amount of the Quran, the Quran 10 pages, and he read it slowly. Verse by foot by verse and he used to say he stopped at one verse, one verse, one verse, and then if the verse includes for example, description of gender he used to ask Allah to give that to him. If it was about the

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Hellfire, he used to ask a las pantalla to

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give him refuge from it, if it is something glorifying Allah used to say Subhana Allah, this reflects we understand it. So what do we need to learn? Number one, we need to read the Quran. Let's make it part of our day. Not only in Ramadan

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But definitely in their own mobile number to give it our time, give it our best three. Give the Quran not only our best, but our best effort. And if we don't know how to read Let's learn even little bit even Al Fatiha, read it slowly, gradually. How about I cannot read it that much I can read a little bit. What about listening? Will I get the same reward? The answer is yes. Because our Swati Assad was surrounded both he read it and he listened to it. In fact, he used to love to listen to the Quran when Satan Abdullah Nima sold, recite and he used to ask him to recite the whole time and there is a very famous incidents incident when in Surah Nisa, the woman, Satan, Abdullah Mossad

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was reading the whole roswaal he sort of said, I'm listening and he these two averse what are the verses states that How about when the Day of Judgment is going to come and we brought you as a witness over them and our soiree sort of set up start crying. So let's do our best to read and make it a fixed amount. one page two page 10 pages is not for us what a software sir, that's number one. in Ramadan, we need to do more because he is sooner He finished the Koran. So we need to read the one part a day which is 20 pages average. Let's do our best to understand even one hour a day one ID or add

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the translation if you don't know the Koran, or the commentary on it. The Quran also has etiquette is not an obligation but etiquette We are an order that was Whack for the mouth, face the cobbler. We can read the Quran sitting or standing or even lying or less pantalla lying in bed or on the side of Las pantalla said this. I guess coolala pm and Walker Odin wala genovia they read the Quran standing and sitting and on their back on their side. The most important thing that we need to ask our last panel Tyler, that we will not be of those who are also salatu salam described them as sorbitol for on. And a last point I said, What color was who we are in a homie to huddle huddle, or

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Anna Majora or a law? My people, that's you and me Muslims. If you have a foreigner Maduro, they neglected the Quran, or they took the neglection they made neglecting the Quran as their norm. And let us not be in Let's ask Allah that He makes us not have these people, neglecting the Quran not reading it, not opening it, not listening to it, not understanding it, not applying its rules. What Allah said, Do what Allah said, don't do we don't want to be these people. Y'all a lot. Yeah. Kareem let us not be all those who are soiree. salatu salam felt bad about them, that we are neglectful of your book, your ally, Luna magiging. I mean, your ob teach us what we don't know about and the

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kidnap man of Siena and make us remember what we have learned. But we forgot And let's not forget one thing. The Horan will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment. On the day of judgment, the Quran will speak and he will come in to say to Allah pantalla Yo, Allah, that person, I kept him up in the night reading the Quran. Let's put our hearts and efforts like we want to learn so many things. Let us not forget the words of Allah, your ob me