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The hedge program is encouraged by Allah and is emphasized as a journey of the heart. hedge is a journey of the heart and certain actions are considered "monemonic." hedge shacks cannot be shoken and women cannot wear clothing that is fitted to the body. hedge shacks cannot be shoken and women cannot wear sh. ... are not allowed to go to men's rooms, not touching animals, and not washing hair. hedge shacks cannot be shoken and women cannot wear sh. ... are not allowed to go to men's rooms, not touching animals, and not washing hair. hedge shacks cannot be shoken and women cannot wear sh. ... are not allowed to go to men's rooms, not touching animals, and not washing hair.

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Mr. Heyman hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while he was on big money, so we just finished the overview now let's go ahead and get started into the head itself. One thing that a question that came up in the question and answer session a lot of people were asking is the permissibility of doing multiple cameras. I've already done my camera for Hydra say I land in Mecca on the first of them hedger and I, now I have one week before the eighth of the ledger, I'm doing HTML. I finished my Amara, can I go back the next day and go to go outside of the atom? This you don't have to go to the meat cart this time you go outside of the atom, right? You go to the closest

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place outside of the atom is messy. The name is also known as Mr. Die Isha. The reason why is because I Isha long has she went there, because she was she was on her menses, during the initial class, she couldn't perform. So she wanted to perform Amara after Hajj. So Mr. Avila discouraged her from doing it. But when she insisted he allowed her to do it, and she went there. So that's why it's called Mr. Na, Isa. And that's the proof that scholars say is it's not encouraged to continue to pour multiple cameras. It's not encouraged press. I'm discouraged from doing it. And the Sahaba never did that. The Sahaba never went out and went back and forth to perform multiple cameras, right

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in a couple of days. Right. What they would do is they would pray in the huddle. They're rewarded for praying the Hunnam is 100,000 times the prayer anywhere else except for Mr. lotsa and Palestine. And Mr. Napoleon Medina. Right, that's enough. So you get 500 times a reward. Messi did miss it. And then we get 1000 times a reward and missing out on and Mecca you get 100,000 times the reward of praying anywhere else. So what happens is people go to to perform unless they leave the boundary of the harem, and they're missing for the prayers in the mission, where they're getting so much reward. And you're also allowed, you're encouraged to do the love. You can do netfilter love, right? How do

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you do the love? How do you do the love? You just do the love just keep this in mind this hour is just like we pray to like as we always have, we're gonna pray some that we pray to it like guys, first off, it's seven circuits, and then two guys behind mahkamah, Brahim, every time there's no exception. You can't do like just three circuits say okay, I didn't I did my thought that's like saying, I'm gonna pray Africa doesn't work like that. Right? You just you gotta do seven. You do seven around in total, behind Malcolm Ebrahim, and you could do it as much as you want. You can continue to do as much as you want the details of everything that we'll talk about. Now as we're

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getting through each step. So let's let's talk about the the next stage of hedge. And we're going to start with the eighth eighth day of the ledger, which is known as yom with tuttavia yomo total we this is the first day of Hajj brothers and sisters realize when you're there that you're in the greatest and most holiest land of Allah subhanho wa Taala Imagine you're in Mecca, you could be walking on the same place the Protestant and walks you could maybe touch the same thing the person I'm touched, right you're you're in the same land, the same mountains the same everything you're there were able to him on he said on was where the Sahaba were were different prophets and

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messengers, right? In the Mahabharata being the greatest of them all were all there. And when you remember what we talked about yesterday, that you're a guest of Allah, you're a guest of Allah, his house and one important thing we said was, to the extent you you internalize that understanding of being a guest of Allah will be the extent of your experience on Hajj.

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right you're a guest several lessons are being honored at his house, right and so the one a poet, he says, He Vega has been attained from Allah Bian sabbatic either he had JT will do here. Casa de campo de Luca baqia. waha Shakira be Antara dibuka he says Oh, live come to you. saying the Tobia answering your call la bake Aloma big I'm answering your call Ola. Here I am to serve you Here I am. cc so Allah bless me, bless me. My in my head and in my job. And he says, I've consulted to get the same thing we said the hedge means cause he says Casa de como para I've My aim is you and I've come humbled. And he says what it took aback he and I've come to you crying. So he says, what has Shakira

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been and how far you are removed? Oh Allah from turning away my cries, right? So you understand you're a guest of Milan, you're humbled to be in the house of Allah in the land of Allah spawn Tada. And Alas, paradata says about these people who honor the land of Allah. He says, instead of San Hajj, verse 32, he says that he coma he Lim Sha, Allah He for in moutoku? He says certainly does. It is those who honor the symbols of Allah. They all honor the Shah of Allah. He says indeed, that is something that's a representation of, of piety in their hearts, that's truly prydie from their hearts. What does that mean the symbols of Allah the different steps of Hajj, those who honor they

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recognize where they are, they recognize what they're doing. They're at the house of Allah doing specific honored acts that millions of Muslims wish they could be in the position that these hedges are in, right so they honor the land, they honor the symbols of Allah subhana wa Tada. And, and they and they live like that they're not going to litter on the place. They're not going to speak foul land.

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They're not going to waste their time because understand what they're doing and where they are. Right. So you'll see you'll hear these words brothers and sisters, two more definitions I want to give you is the word machette and the word monastic, the word Masha and the word monastic. These are two words that are as the I am instant mentions that egomania when you ask them sha Allah, the symbols of Allah, these are the words that are used to refer to different stations have had

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different stations of Hajj meaning was that effect meaning throwing the jamara during the sacrifice right going to out of all these things are considered, you know, from the mash out of Alaska out of the monastic, the monastic of Hajj, right, and each you just like we talked about the sweetness of soda, each different part of prayer has a unique flavor, right you have a unique tastes in each part of the prayer has also has unique tastes for each different part of hij. Very powerful, unique flavors to hedge. Right? And the men sec. The men sec what it means one sec is the singular form of monastic. Right men sec, what it means is a place of ritual. A place where a ritual is performed.

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Okay, a man SEC is a place where a ritual is performed.

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And what's interesting is that it's the same root words, if you take mess, men sec, and you switch the scene in the nude, and you make it meskin. What's a meskin? In the Arabic language?

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It's a house. Exactly. So a mess. Scan is a physical, a physical place where you give yourself shelter and safety and protection. And men sex is where you find spiritual safety and protection. Right? It's the spiritual home we're doing this ritual, ritualistic act. So a mess again is where you find any they say like, you know, the man's palaces, his home, right when he comes into his home, right? He feels this that comfort at ease, right? When you go to amend sec, one of the rituals of hedge then you should feel the same thing. You feel comfort and ease by coming to one of the places where where the heart finds rest and comfort as well. And mesh out of my head. And the other

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word mesh out, shout out in the Arabic language means to feel right to feel something. So that's what we're talking about hydrogen in the journey of the body is a journey of the heart, you should feel certain things when you're doing certain actions of hedge. Right, you should feel different things.

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So the first men sec of hedge the first mesh out of hedge is that of the harem, that of the harem. So let's talk about that. And before we get to the spiritual aspects of the harem, let's talk about the thick of a harem. We briefly mentioned it in the last session. Now let's go a little more in detail. As we mentioned, now we're talking about hedge. Right? We're done with Amara now we're in the we're in the context of hedge. So if we're talking about hedge, you're already within the meat arts correct. You're already at Mecca or Medina. You're already there. Now you're going to the hedge, you're going to the MENA on the eighth of that hedger. So how do you enter into state of a

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head on what you do brothers and sisters as you enter into Iran from your place wherever you are your hotel room in Mecca that's fine. And the sun at the same sun that we talked about still applies even to me and says it's Mr. hub It's Mr. have to take a closer look before you enter into them. Right in front of them. We mentioned already the for the men you were your effort you put it on before you enter into right so from your your hotel and Mecca, you don't have to go anywhere else. You from where you are you just enter you where you're from. And then this time, what do you say?

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You say Ella Baker lahoma hajra. Exactly. You're here for hygiene. Now. Now you're making intention for heads. And again, you have to verbalize the intention that Baker lahoma had. So let's go into details now about the huddle, we kind of briefly covered it. Let's go into some details.

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let's talk about men first. Very simple men. You cannot wear anything fitted to the body. Okay. It's often translated as you can't wear anything with stitches in it. Right? The President never used that word. It was a word used to describe whether Protestantism said the president said you can't wear anything fitted to the body. And so the scholars after him said anything stitched meaning they're referring to anything that's fitted to the body. What does that practically translate to us now? t shirts, thobes, kotas. pants, socks, underwear, boxers, all those things are, are stitched to the shape of the bodies, shoes. hats, baseball hats, right Goofy's turbans, all those things that

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are designed to fit the body are now prohibited for the men. Okay, anything that's designed to fit the body. Understood, simple as that, okay, for this. And the other thing that the men cannot do, specifically, as we mentioned is you cannot cover your head. One mistake. Be careful. You'll see. People a common mistake people do is because it's so hot, they'll use it head on towel, and they'll put it over their head and you're not allowed to do that. You're not allowed to do that. Okay, so you keep your head uncovered.

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Let's go to the woman. We already said two simple rules. No gloves, no niqab. That's it.

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And of course you wear proper hijab into the back

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See where the proper clothing questions a question because the answer time

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No, no, no gloves no nipah but we mentioned the narration which is shalonda one, you know, non Muslim men would pass by strange men would pass by, she will lower her covering over her head to come down to cover her face. So it's not something that's fitting the face but it's covering the face that was allowed one non Muslim men were passing by. Okay. Now what about a woman on her Menzies'? Can she enter into her arm? The answer is yes

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it's actually very easy you know it can be it can be

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it can be intimidating you know the fifth of of hedge for woman because of the whole you know, the the issue of of the menses there's only one thing you cannot do if you're on your menses and that's performed a lot

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and obviously saw that you don't obviously you don't pray but everything else from had you do the only thing you cannot do is is that the left Okay, that's it the only thing you cannot do is at the left

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right so as always, she actually gave birth on the way to hedge it's not meant to mace was the wife of a button lon

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she used to be the wife of who for for two points.

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Who was she the wife of a snap into place?

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Okay, do you want to do this if you get it wrong minus two nobody can answer huh

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All right, plus two points. That's it if you get it wrong, nothing no no penalty. Yes.

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You are with bubs Okay, who knows the name Anyway, there you go. She was the wife of Jaffa oven epi pilot. She was the wife of Jaffa be thought about the yard, the one who died and what he was murdered. And what surprised me is that he went he loved Jaffa Jaffa was one of five companions who, who looked like the messenger of a loss. And I said no. He looked like the Messenger of Allah. And when the Messenger of Allah said Jafar went to avicennia he performed and then when he came back after the fact of hiber, when the resident was in Medina, he says president says, I don't know what makes me more happy. Be fat. Hey, haber amigurumi Jennifer, I don't know what makes me more happy

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that we've gotten victory over HyperX or that Jafar has come back he loved him so dearly. So Jaffa muttalib was murdered in the Battle of LA and then abubaker married his his widow, has now been two minutes after a snap into mais gave birth on the way to hedge to Mohammed Abu Bakr, Mohammed bin Abu Bakr. Now, asthma, the issue came up is okay, she now has the post post, you know, birth bleeding. So Can she enter into her arm? Can she take Watson? Yes, absolutely the same things. The only thing a woman under menses cannot do is perform the life. So even if a sister is on her menses that she recommended to take a listen. Yes, take a listen. And then you enter into her arm just like

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everybody else. Right and then a snap into place after Rebecca died, who married her next.

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So how about a policy of no woman stays unmarried.

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They took care of that woman who married her.

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Alina Mittal Neverland who the brother of Jafar

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the brother of Java 11 married her and to get in so Mohammed bin Abby Becker right the same people who attack abubaker she has attackable bucket. His son was raised in the home of Oliver Amitabha he was with him and every single battle that he had. His son was raised in the household

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right so a smile for dummies anyways The point being the sisters about the whole you can enter into drama with you cannot do is that a lot. Now for both men and women. What are the rules so we talked about men nothing fitted women. And don't cover your hair men. You can't cover your head woman no gloves, no niqab whatever for both. No scented items. Okay, so men you wear you wear cologne before but you don't wear cologne after beware of scented soaps. Scholars differ but be safe and stay away from it. scented soaps, okay. Also scented hand sanitizer. A lot of times people have hand sanitizer but it's scented. If you're going get unscented hand sanitizer okay? So you don't think I can I

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can't even count how many times somebody came to me said oh, I use the sentence hunters or what do I do this avoid it okay to stay away from it. It's a difference of opinion. But to be safe avoided.

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No cutting the hair or trimming of the nails while you're in the harem. No cutting the hair or trimming the nails while they're in a slump. Okay.

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Obviously, it goes without saying I think but no any no relations with the spouse are no actions that will lead to relations with the spouse. So no kissing or touching in anything like that. Obviously no intercourse itself, okay, that would nullify one's hedge that would nullify one's heads they would have to offer a major sacrifice like a camel or a cow and hide is invalid. Okay, so you cannot do that. No hunting or bothering animals. You cannot help

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hunt or bother animals, there is some exceptions. There are some even heady five exceptions, basically animals that could cause harm like the scorpion and whatnot. Okay? But in general don't harm any animals or and also don't bother them. That's also important don't bother them. And honestly, this is some handler has teaches you, right? You shouldn't be bothering animals anyways. Right? If you see a duck chillin on the side right next to the sidewalk and you're walking on the sidewalk, what you should do is move to the other sidewalk and let him chill. Because, you know, if you walk there, you're gonna bother him. And he's gonna get scared. So you know what the end of a

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believer is, I'm not going to disturb him. And I'm going to go the other way and let him sit where he's sitting. That's what you should do as a believer and, of course, more so. The other thing that's not allowed is no weddings or proposals. Okay? So don't go to highs to get married. All right.

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You can lay down for getting married and shot love to get married.

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All right, what you can do common things that are questioned what you can do, you can brush your teeth with toothpaste. Okay, that doesn't that's not considered centering yourself. You can brush your teeth, okay. We said you can take a shower. In fact abas one man was arguing with a bass A man came to a seminar bass about taking a shower while you're in when you're in a hot tub. And a man and another man I'm forgetting his name was with an ambassador, they the other man said you can't have an ambassador. Yes, you can't. So he told the question or go to our ubelong Saudi and asked him, he goes, have you but while he's in Germany finds him taking a shower. He finds him taking a shower. He

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was behind. He put up a curtain and he's behind the curtain. And so he comes to ask him he says can we wash our hair when we're in and around? So he says he lowers that he lowers the the curtain a little bit and he sticks his head over and he says pour the water over my head. And he washes his hair. So you're allowed to you're allowed to wash your hair, you're allowed to wash your body you any anything natural that you're going to clean? That's fine. So here unintentionally falls off. Does that does that cause you to pay for the No. If unintentionally falls off then that's, that's okay. Now, if you're sitting there like pulling your hair, right? People like like, like pull on

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their beards, that kind of stuff. You got to be careful with those things because you're pulling at it now. So that gets kind of borderline okay, but taking a shower and those kind of things is allowed when you're in a hotel. Can you use umbrella?

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Yes, you can use an umbrella. That's fine. Hold on, brother. Save yourself from the heat. That's fine. Can you wear a money belt? Yes. Right. You can wear a watch. That's fine. You can wear a watch to wear a ring. That's okay.

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Like we said, unscented soaps, that's allowed. We already mentioned washing your hair.

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And then the whole idea of the stitches thing people say after stitches in that you can wear it while your towel has stitches. How do you have a cold? COVID? It doesn't have stitches in it. Right? That doesn't make sense. So understand when we say stitches, we mean anything stitch to the shape of the body. Right? And the other thing that people may have a question about is changing. There's a decent chance around, we'll get dirty. When you're in Mena and stuff and going back and forth, they'll get dirty. If you want to change it, you can change it, that's fine, get a new set of firearm and put it on, you're allowed to do that. Take a shower, that's fine. Okay. Now, if you

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break the rules, intentionally, questions and Quentin breaks down? If you break the rules intentionally, right? So somebody put their hair cut their cut their nails, that kind of thing, whatever, then what do you do you offer a sacrifice, you pay a video, okay? And how do you do that, there's places you can ask. And they'll guide you to where you need to go. And you can pay it right there and take care of it.

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As we said, If you perform if you had intercourse with the spouse invalidates the hedge, and you have to sacrifice a camel or a cow, and if you hunted an animal, it's not really I don't think anybody's going there to hunt. But if you hunted an animal, you have to offer a sacrifice equivalent of the animal you hunted. So if you hunted like a cow or something, you'll have to offer a cow, but I don't think anybody's gonna do that. Right. And that's, that's about it. The other thing, here's the other thing, though, is that you can do one of three things, you can offer a sacrifice, you can fast for three days, or you can feed six people, what's the equivalent of approximately 1.5

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kilograms of an item of food, like barley or wheat or rice or that kind of thing? Right, but the scholars the difference of opinion, but the majority of the scholars hold the opinion that the preferred thing is to offer a sacrifice, because that brings the most benefit to the people. Right? So if you're able to do that you offer a sacrifice. Alright, so that's a tip. Let's go to the spiritual aspects of Islam. Number one, the meaning of the word itself sweetness, Osada review, click below to head on what did we say wrong means?

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four point.

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what's the what's the literal meaning?

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Very good. All right. Oh, did you read the notes?

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All right, okay, if we're gonna do this, right with this question stuff, you can't cheat.

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Like right here in front of me, means to disengage and literally means to disengage from something. So when you enter into her arm, you're disengaging from what everything else forgetting about basketball, you're forgetting about sports and forgetting about politics. What are you hear your thoughts in your head you're focused on the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. you're focused on earning the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. So you disengage from everything else and you focus on Allah subhana wa Tada.

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We said

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it comes from the reward haddam which means a sanctuary, right? Just like inside out when you enter so now you enter this place of comfort, also unhedged? Physically you may not be the most comfortable right and you'll feel in a couple days when you start walking a lot, but spiritually it's in a different you're in a different world, you're, you literally don't know aren't aware of anything else.

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Right so one of the things that you make note of if you're not going to hedge you could have experienced this and saw that when you enter into security how long everyday and saw that, right. So what are some lessons number one, simplicity? Number one, simplicity? Simple clothing, right? No one gets to feel arrogant about how good they look. You know, their Gucci suit and all that stuff out the door. Now, it's all white towels. That's it by the way, or whatever. I'm not gonna mention white towels. That's it. You weren't too white cloths. Right? So simplicity reminds you of simplicity. And that reminds us you know, Allah Santa wants us to look nice, yes. But not to be arrogant about it

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not to be over you know, exaggerating.

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extravagant with it. Right? It also reminds us of death. It reminds us of death. How does it remind us of death? Alyssa Anna says, would you

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be Hannah? Allah says on that day, there will be some faces who be shining so bright and radiant, on what day? The Day of Judgment, he says, and they're looking at their Lord and last panel. It's odd that he says, what would you

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tell on

00:21:29--> 00:21:38

behalf of the law, some face that day will be dark and gloomy, frowning and sad, overwhelmed and and depression.

00:21:39--> 00:21:43

Thinking that some sort of calamity is about to befall them then Allah says

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taraki wealthy lemon law co woven and

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this is

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Ed Neil Mercer masa.

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Allah says that when the soul reaches the collarbone and it will be said, who can save you from death? Right Allah says in the dying person will conclude that it says time for departure, he's gonna die. Then Allah says and then one leg will be joined to another with the deaths route has about three phases refers to the death route. So we'll be wrapped in a white garment when we're buried. Right. So when we were a harem, we should one of the things that we should reflect on is Subhanallah I am again once again I'm once again going to be wrapped in a similar white cloth. And I'll also be going on a journey on that day as well except that day the journey will be to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. When the believer dies, his soul is taken up to the MLS. And if it's a good believer, the angel comes to take a soul out When a soul comes out like when you pour water out of a jug. Easy and 500 angels are there to greet the believing soul, and they call him my most the most beautiful names he was called within this world and then he's put in a coffin from Paradise and as he's raised through the semi wats, they the the the angel saying that he Roja Eva Who is this beautiful soul. And then it goes in every time that enters passes one of the heavens the angels say the same thing until it goes to Allah subhana wa tada and Allah says Minh ha ha la Kanaka Murphy

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Kalani sent back down to earth. Right. So this reminds us of death. When we're worrying the white cloth should remind us It puts us in a different zone. And that's it. Once you say that Baker lahoma hija you've entered into heroin. it's game time you're in you're in a different zone. You're you you step up your level of demand your level of focus your level of intensity to a level that you haven't done before, not even in Ramadan. You haven't done it before. Right? You know, you know what the some of the Sahaba when I said nomadic lon, who when he wore a hat on, they said about him from a semi anonymous can even in la vida que la hazaragi we never heard him speaking. From the moment he

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entered the head on we never heard him speaking except for being the victim of a loss.

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Right? So once you're in a home, it's game time, right? People asked him about it and he said, Yep, now he had who was wrong.

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When they said What's up, you're only making that you're not even talking. He says Oh, the son of my brothers. This is the this is what we're supposed to do. From this moment on. You're You're That's it, you're in hajj, your whole maybe your whole life savings, you know, years of building up for this moment. This is it. You started it now. So you're focused on Allah subhanho wa Taala. But through one of the stuff they say about him fernet for melanoma in La sajida. The only time he fell asleep was when he was in sujood. Meaning he exerted himself so much that the only time his body found rest is when he paused for sujood. Right I was I one of the early setups for him the whole law

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he sees when he made hedge hydroset about him. We never saw him lying down in the day or the night he would pray and if he became too sleepy, he would lean against a wall so that his brothers and sisters is a powerful moment you enter into the ether

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The ledger then from the moment you enter into ROM, you begin saying that albia so that will be our next session the television show on Sahara. Welcome to that one. hamdulillah horrible anime