Sulaiman Moola – Every Soul Shall Taste Death

Sulaiman Moola
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In Al Hamdulillah in Alhamdulillah una

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de la

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fusina Dr. Marina Manny Medina boo, boo boo Farah Deanna wanna shadow La la la la? Allah, Allah

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Allah Allah Mohammed Abu hora Soto

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along with the Baraka tala

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photocall, Hamid

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ministry Ponyo Jami Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim WA, sharing properly can hold up an image of a woman.

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According to bu sallallahu taala. It was lm zero dekra de Mille kumbhakarna Elena sada.

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Honorable microm respected brothers and elders diterima have recited before you a lot of people is that very boldly, very clearly says, Mr. john oliver shall remain public shall hold. We have not made eternity for any human on this earth could not have seen the patrol mode. Every soul will inevitably taste of death holy in Alma which and lead each of your rune. I mean, in no malarkey can say unto them, oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is the depth from which you flee monatti will drop you in Amata kuno you direct command mode, one open 20 Buju Masha, wherever you are on your appointed time you will be grabbed by that one oh content. Guru Ji Masha. Allah says even if you are

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in solid force, Allah outlines and defines the life of a country. He Allah Muna Vanya, Amina hayati, dunya, Romani, la lune, they have explored the world you travel in New York midnight, the city that never sleeps, they have brought light in the world with the recent development of our country and join the so called privilege of hosting the World Cup. The sense of jubilation joy, excitement, happiness makes us understand what does the Quran say? You have a moon over here on mineral hierarchy dunya This is the pinnacle of joy in the life of a couple. This is the ultimate joy of a cafe in Islam. There's nothing beyond this year. Bunny Dora Karina moon phylloxera when it comes to

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accurate knowledge phasing Benjamin Fisher kameena balloon minha moon

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New Moon Filipina Balan then do not be deceived by the investigation of the copier by the exploring of the copier by the conquering of the copier by the moving from to and fro on this earth. Allah Allah says do not be deceived by this your financial guru ricotta Kala booneville Bella Livia creme de la SLM says in this hadith at zero because

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remember in abundance is that thing which would destroy all lust all comforts all luxuries. Sava said what is it only we have a lot let me get a Salam said make the discussion of death a common thing among zero. I'm going to show you the Hazara COVID mo Allah paints the picture, the inevitable picture when father has to depart from sun and a man has to call his family Kela Izabela to karate lay when the soul reaches the collarbone. Kela Isabella karate what the lemon rock and then immediately they say call some Mawlana man draw some some doctor Yo, I think he's breathing fast. Can we get someone Yo, what's up with this song, this song and the nose bends and the eyeballs turn

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and beneath me was done.

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And the time man realizes that the time has come close but I can't communicate

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through the cracks in

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that picture the Quran paints on quantum Shahada hassayampa will you present at the time when jacobellis salam bids farewell to his children? Imagine Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam bidding farewell to Mars depletable How often do we discuss how much are we mentally socially and you know, prepared for this? Let me le salatu salam dispatches CDROM wa depletable towards Yemen.

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And at that juncture, while Mojave Ilana is mounted in the Navy of allies, but in favor, Navy le Salatu was Salam then whispers in his ears, as de la. Connie badami hada was I don't know how to break the news to you But I have to tell you, when you come back you will find me not you'll find my grave.

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Was I don't know how to break the news to you.

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Imagine a country tells his son at an airport where you're going. This is the last we meet. And let me tell you, the love that Sahaba headphones really Salam You and I have not experienced that level of love with any human Nevermind.

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We have never tasted loving a human beat my wife beat my children beat my parents beat my beloved. Our love has never reached that Pinnacle that Saba had manipuri salatu salam ala opens the news tomorrow.

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lothal pani Baba ami ha de la Nikita Maru be musty D we'll be covering mas Let me tell you it might sound crude and harsh. You will come you will find my grave you will find my mistake was started sobbing like a baby. Then have you ever login consoles him and comforts him in Nolan Naseby Hellmuth chacun hi Tucano in a condo, why don't fear Don't worry. The closest to me on the day of reanimate will be those who live a life of righteousness, even if they die far from me. And then there'll be over lattes. And yes, Sera, Sera, Sera, Sera. My last advice is, as I leave you the last words of delivery of a letter, Mohan, make things easy for people, encourage them and don't discourage them.

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And then let me leave you with the last advice. Er COVID Santa Fe now, Eva de la la subida. I mean, Omar distance yourself from the comforts of this world. Literally, the chosen servants of Allah have nothing to do with the luxuries of this world. Brother when a man brothers when a man is living in a hut, and he owns very little even his heart is attached to this world and he doesn't want to die. When he's got so little belongings and his art is attached. I fear the man who owns a palatial home and who drives the most beautiful cars, when this critical moment will stay at you. How would he react? how prepared he for this? Um, quantum Shahada draws the picture the father calls his sons.

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the brothers What am I have explained the hadith of Libya, Kareem salario. Send them that explain that before a person leaves this world. The devil comes in appears before him in the form of his late mother in the form of his late father. And the devil then tells him Oh my son abandon Islam, or my son abandon Islam. The mother comes on the line, the father comes underneath, and they try and pursuing him to abandon Islam. They actually keep tabs written on the deception of the devil at the time of death. Can we imagine how challenging how critical those moments will be? jacoba sam tells his children my body or my children now that I'm leaving, just whisper in your in your father's

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ears, so that your father's soul can leave with ease. After I'm gone. Who will you worship into whom will you turn? Harlow? nabooda ilaha illa Ibrahim, are you smart? Our Father we understand your greatest worry is our Deen that doesn't come with your soul until you let you go in peace. inshallah We will live a life of piety upholding the morals and the values that you have instilled in us.

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Monica is in the throes of death his son compare the father starts crying the son pacifies the father, Mr. Bashara Rasulullah he became Mr. Bashara rasulillah he became Oh my father What are you crying repeatedly? I heard gonna be over let's see in your internet, your internet? What's the crime in the morning for he says oh my son you have only seen one arrow of my life. Let me in a nutshell before I take my last breath open up three arrows of my life for a 21 mom in a nursing

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home in rasulillah I remember that part of my life prior to Islam when I hated delivery of Allah the Most Follow me to Allah tilaka because I couldn't come in early not we unfortunately at the time of death a sorting out the finances sorting out the house so you know these things you look at the discussion Sahaba with those people that even while dying they left a murderous thinking that Savi struck with a spear he says fullstory vilcabamba line successful the murderer as the Muslim What does this mean talk about success I've murdered him. He says no, no when you struck him that means Paradise Lost. What is this paradise introduced me to the series kalama they're in the

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water enviable death. If you study the lives of the pious aquatic featured in the life every day for the whole night give me a pleasant Indian. Allah bless me with a noble did Allah bless me with an enviable they say I mean brothers. How often do we make law

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so as long as I remember that error we need to deliver the most for me to Allah till Kesava if I died at that time, I would have gone straight to Dunham so much Allah will Islam officially then Allah inspired me with Islam to rasulillah I came to have a lump and then I told him obviously Amina spread your hands whenever it's time to cut his hand when it took off. He said I would throw my hand let me reach around said what's the reason at the throes of death he's narrating this to his son. I told you of Allah I'm ready to accept Islam provided you make agree with one condition. The very son said make the condition I said don't ever you will not confirm that you will allow us to give all my

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sense that we are a certain says you have an internal Islam Ayahuasca blah

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blah blah ha Allah will forgive everything. Oh my son, that was the best part of my life. In fact, I own it nearly said I'm so much. I used to attend his gathering daily for those who are ill to ato matakohe, lionni, lahmacun otaku and

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I used to sit in his company daily I used to sit in his gathering we talk of respect for others, I can pour my heart out with tears if I tell you how much today that the students have greatest respect, they are satisfied. when money is no more respect left you know madrasahs there was a time when you know you ended yourself with the service of Allah. Allah knows how many times I've cried out

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have pain.

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And remember, if there's no respect, there's no Dean in the life of the child. He said, I sit in the company of navionics from daily. But if someone had to ask me, I'm a described navionics alum, I would have excused myself, because I used to sit there but I never had the courage of lifting my gaze to that blessing face out of the sheer respect of nearly ceram you know, he's all striking personality, which is not consent for my gaze to look at him when the Quran is taken, because I'm on those faces on the face of Nadella Trump. He says I wish I had died in that part of my life. That was the golden part of my life when it was with nearly Salaam and we were in that environment. I

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wish Allah had seen the angel of death and that was the end of my life. But of course, each man's time has been tested. The hadith of Bokhari nabire salaam says that time after three months has left some mechanical, Metallica.

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When the soul is put into the, into the fetus, Yoruba Valkyrie Martin became the barista he was and he was, he was a tea, you know, salad. And the angel is then given, is this child going to be a wretched child? Or is he going to be a fortunate child? The lifespan of the child and the sustenance of the child has been decreed by Allah when he was in the womb of his mother. Then he said maybe an external passed away from Molina sha Allah then open up the comforts of this world for us to agree Maha Devi ha really my son now I've seen a lot of comfort and I don't think I have maintained the same relation I had in the air of nearly Salaam I don't know how my life is going to fit with me.

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But now I'm about to take my last breath Let me tell you I have said this before and let me use this opportunity to speak to our children Oh my children when you know I'm terminally ill don't hospitalized me in any clinic to die on the lap of a copier? Let me set in my house turned me towards people again at the pious of my house. At least let me die in a way that Allah is happy with me.

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What about that Sahabi who sits in the left column and the left column is his pillow and the last person he sees is Mombasa and he takes his blood What about our youth that are driving What strange woman and have music blasting and in that they meet up in a tragic accident. We sympathize on the tragedy but then oh my brother Have a look in in in relation to the crime you have committed what hopes can we have is not the future plague in relation to the crimes you have committed.

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It says listen to me My son is an amateur when I die now fill out this hub Nina you How old are you? I don't want people to falsely come in praise media. I was a great man in this I try and avoid this a few people come respect them entertain them see to them then once you've loaded me into my grave I got some requests with your my son Listen to me. from Costa Rica drama you

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stand by my grave for the duration that a camel is slotted in the meat is distributed and recite the Karima in abundance. Finally Esther needs to be kumada Roger Ross will not be by your recitation I will derive some comfort and inshallah through that it will make it easy for me to softly answer the angels. Then he lifted his hands turn himself towards tabla Allahumma la COVID

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Mr. Tanaka Cena, Wanda eternal from antenna. Una de la Koo Ola you told us to do a lot of things but in my heart I know I fail to obey you may Allah Allah you told me to abstain from a lot of things. I lived with sins and I died with sin. When the genocide comes to the grave and Angel calls out you have an awesome courage, stamina, both a lot of courage step 11. Meanwhile, Cuckoo Cuckoo. Oh man, your journey started from soil, you return to soil. The difference is you started sinless and you return sinful. That is the difference between the two. Oh Allah you've commanded me I have not honored your commands. You've told me to abstain. I have not abstained along Malawi and Fantasyland

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not stronger. I'm gonna argue with the angel of death.

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And I'm not innocent that I can put my innocence while muslin Kiran and Gina nothing but I accept everything acknowledge and admit, he said that they kill him and that was the end of it.

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In Habib Amina la Bobby mocha telesto la

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una hora su we will start reciting this couplets was there really a man will be snatched from his beloved not taken away politely snitched on motorboat?

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no doorkeeper no security puts an end the angel of death is not a trespasser wherever he enters for Can you put the property dunya was in a car May your loved one episode a foolish man when unless camera is on you. And unless angels are recording you how do you still develop arrogance to violate DOD over la catholicon nakatsuka da Seraphin you enjoyed the best of homes akuna FEMA Hakuna Armenian Do you think you will reside in these dwellings forever? Mine was not often used to tell us go to the graveyard and read these verses will not describe the outcome of Pharaoh come terraforming Jana was

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in Karim what gardens what palaces what homes what billions they left behind? He did the sky nor the earth mourn the death. In fact the death of your own Subhanallah Homer and I will personally put it in his words. He dies in the center of the center of the ocean. Center Nina

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Martha Malika Misra badly then obviously he didn't answer

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Barney, he loves Obi Wan Yoda, we will see he dies the king of Egypt, the elegant tyrant ruler, the arrogant tyrant ruler that comes in every Empire the sun would set over every Empire. Allah has his time in Allah has his grace.

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He dive in the center of the ocean, buried in an RV far from historic throne Valley than an supone. Far from his dominion law v Buddha v. There is no doctor to treat him. Well as you can see here, there is no friend to pacify him. While he there is no need to shed a cheer on his dead brothers, where will I die? I often say who knows daily, we could be passing the venue where we will be meeting the medical mode, the road, the home the place, but we never consider let me then take you through some couplets that would make you inevitably cry, that we are a service setting where the Sahaba he then draws the picture of moth and he says, You know what, at the time of death, a man

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calls his children. He looks at his finance, and then he looks at his amahl. And then he addresses each one of them. And he says, look here I'm going through this year is the throes of debt is my last moment. I can see all my hopes is shifted in before me. These are the fields that look behind me. He gathers them and then he interacts with them. So nebulin salaam spoke to the Sahaba as the hobbit by the name of a bit like Nick Kurosawa. He said recently an akula Allah Beata, Rasul Allah, Allah you've said this year do you permit me to give it a poetic form? And then I will narrate it in poetry to the Sahaba let me restaurant says you have my blessing. Go. He goes, the next day he comes

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back. Let me give you some guesses the Sahaba he says listen to what Nikolas has to say. I wish you understood Arabic my brother, your heart would burst how he paints the picture inevitably that needs to come in the life of every human.

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In the world, he one da da da da La Saba, huzzah. maka, le, he says my example in the journey that lies ahead of me suffer even without a deal and you will live in my journey is long. My my path is unknown. And my provisions are very little

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in a worldly what

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he calls his family, he calls his wealth and he calls his amahl. And then he addresses them.

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Later what he said to a

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young man as he he says, Look, you're addressing his wealth, his children in his mama, I'm about to dine out and I'm going through pain and agony. Tell me each one How can you grant me deliverance? How can you assist me and aid me? So first is well comes up. He was a very wealthy man. It was a very prominent businessman enjoy great great homes. He traveled the east and the west. He went to international vacation. He said in killing in meetings is well comes first for column Roman home and a sapphic will lead to tea or coffee machine. letters are usually from Siracusa in many lima bean and ham in a university. He's well says listen, as long as you breathe in me and you have religion.

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As long as you breathe in we are intact. And because of me I can have you admitted in the most exclusive clinics and I can have the most competent surgeons operating on your body. I was in LA I met with one brother from Africa who came there for treatment we were sitting together and having him I asked him I had a program there in LA I asked him you come here to the state for what reason? He says I've come for medication to take four injections each injection cost me 25,000 Rand

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for column Roman whom I will arrange for the best of surgeons. I will have you treated by the best of doctors from my era.

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But as soon as I see that debt is becoming eminent, the first to withdraw will be me. Focus on mainly whatever you want to make use of me use it now. What Gil Salah

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mighty take me and dispose. That is the only way I will help you. As soon as you close your eyes I become the wealth of other lovely flowers the Sahaba which one which one of you loves your money more than the money of your ears. Savas every man loves his money more than the money of his head. That really sums it then your money is what you've invested in accurate and what you currently own. If your eyes closed, this goes to your ears. This is not your money.

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Then comes the second brother that is the relative he said no, no, I'm not like Well, let me tell you who I am. What column romaine home what column romaine home then

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Ronnie Anita?

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Is our

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digital copy room Apache. Oh my brother or my sister or my nephew or my wife or my uncle? Let me tell you I'm not like your well. I will stand with you right at the critical moment of death. I will be the first day to make the decision was the ventilator be taken off? You are not I will liaise with the doctors and I will stand with you and observe your dying but I won't able to argue with the angel of death. I won't even say Romo Kathie Lee, an observer sympathizer. menaquinone Bucky, Nani como. I will try in such a way and I'll mourn on your deathbed, the world will say I love you. But does that does this kind help?

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Time men. When I came back in Africa were Muslim because the man who was sorry and whoever comes to pay respect, I will speak great about you. I would say my father was such a wonderful man. My late father did so much for me. My late uncle was so wonderful, my beloved Sunday, I will praise you oh my oh my son, no, my brother when I came back in aliko one with the big machine, machine machine. And then the time will come Watson will be given to you Watson will be given and then Allahu Akbar, I will stand up and I will hold you some will come in change hands and go I will walk with you throughout the way because you are so beloved to me. homotopy machine The machine will say yeah, I

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will be walking in our booth you must walk led

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to that house of yours which even I don't know where it is. And even you don't know where it is. That is why they said when people start buying homes, it's high time you decorate your grave with surah Barak, I said at the outset I never seen the nephew of Allah terminating any Salah after which he did not ask Allah divine protection, divine protection from the punishment of the grave. In RBT masakan lady anthem would follow. I will take you in lower you in your grave. And then hora de oma Karuna Bhima who shall de are my brothers This is where my help will come to an end. After I have buried you I will have to excuse myself the words of the savvy because since you have taken in a lot

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of my errands have been left unattended. I haven't been sleeping right I haven't been working right my business is in chaos, my house is in shambles and I to carry on with life as much as I like love you but I have to live for the remaining part of my life. I will know you I will cover you will send back a lot of things to attend and if you catch a flight and get back home and leave you there between you and your Allah Allah Jiro macoun Ma Ma Hua Shan de Colombia colombini verbena, kapustin, attune Walla Walla, Denmark Ratan Pitta Bosley. Initially it will be very difficult for me to talk of your death, then a time will come I will pass by the grave and I will say my late brother was

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very gentle become emotional, I will cry and as yours will pass I will forget you in such a way as though we had no contact that with a smile on our face I will say my late brother passed away and he's buried here and I will continue driving past that cemetery My life will carry on brothers is the death of every man life continued one thing it will come this man when dead men when this girl passed away dead men went away to sorry dead men will not my time come home they've become deserted. tons of food even place to bury, will not my time also come when I serve young man and lost her brother, Abdul Rahman. One was Abdullah who passed away 40 days after the demise of navionics salaam

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when an arrow stray arrow hit him on his chest and he passed away and one was up to Lama nuclear bunker. She was in Medina and he passed away at a place called cookshop. That was a day's journey to Makkah. So she could not be present at the burial of her brother in years to come. When she was going for her. She said let me pass by the grave of my brother. She came by the grave of her brother and then she sang couplets. She said what could not get the money just the image of

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myself and my late brother was so close. We were like the two ministers of the king of Jersey. matsushima was the king who ruled in Iraq. He had two ministers that rule for 40 years. People used to say He later said that these two are inseparable. That is all myself and my brother. Well, we will never separated for the matter for Ratana can Niva Monica Lee to legitimize in London a bit later, ma but then as time passed on, and he passed away, and life had to carry on and my life continued, it is as though we had never met in this world. That is the reality of what needs to happen. Life will not stop at the death of any man. It is me my ummah. The Vla Serato Sam told the

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Sahaba esta umina La Jolla Hama Saba fear Allah in the manner allowed to be feared Sava said we all individually Allah says you have misunderstood the fear of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah

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azza wa

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jal Mahal winter kurimoto will be La Liga Copa De Stefano Yamuna, La Jolla, fearing Allah means fear your head and every organ on their head to your stomach and what you consume and think of death and constantly think of the time when your bone will decompose. While touring the motor will be law. There was definitely some kinks of the time when your bones will decompose and disintegrate in the grave. If you do that daily, you have cleared allow me a serum says this is the Sahaba says this is the second brother. Then comes the third brother, what is Armand?

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akula Tara

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korpisalo Let me tell you I'm not like the first two, the first one deposit at the time of death. The second one dropped you in the grave. I am the invisible brother of yours and I will walk you through your death. I will take you through your subsequent stages. I will take you through the challenges and the difficulties. Let them return pani hoonah, Licata I will be the first to sit in your grave paved the way when you come and when the Angel of Death comes. I will speak to him. They say Don't talk to me talk to my lawyer. Let them we'll talk we return Connie who nanika

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Let them talk I will still the Angel of Death you don't come close I am three Who are you? I am Tabarak Who are you? I am yacine Who are you? I'm the appearance of Muhammad Salah ism. Who are you? I am the tilawat of the Quran. By all means we respect you defend in his case, let them tell Connie when Allah kokkari da da da da, da da da da da li. I will fight your case. I will argue in your favor. Welcome to Yeoman was nipping at the kuno Halima, he then fit the taco de and I will sit on your scales and I will take you through the severity of the day you have p Ahmed. And I will not leave you till I see you entered into gender Baqarah sola la Papa Patel Muslim own Sahaba who are

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conscious of accurate My heart is devoid of accurate ALLAH forgive you your heart is devoid of accurate it couldn't touch our eyes It couldn't touch our heart, literally Salaam in the Sava started sobbing whenever the Sahaba used to have these to call him and this will tell him repeat those couplets to us repeat those couplets to us brothers tastes so much I can tell you what nakazato will be tomorrow Russa to a yummy the poverty is the days of my weeks and the weeks of my month in the month of my years are passing by without me thinking of that. And olevia Philippa Mujahidin Alan Massey. I'm the one that used to shut the door and just obey your law why no law hit

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androoni but alas gays was watching me and I knew in the back of my mind that time is going to come I'm going to stay there. I'm going to leave it there but he goes on to say well, aka Toby, Toby became Jenny yamata BBN phony and in the throes of debts, I can hear them phoning doctors, I can't speak the power to say I can hear them phoning the phone this clinic phone just to try and get the cardiologist on the line. But I know the days of cure are gone. It's time I can see the angel of death. Well aka Toby Toby if they are called insurgency or they are calling but I know it's out

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to be found ferroni it's not going to help me say a crucial role Kamini feet are very hot in the throes of debt very soon that soul is going to depart We're sorry, a moron Hey nagahara in the first thing that is going to happen is the saliva is going to become bitter and sour. That very body on which they were deodorants and 1000s of brands of clothes open that man's grave after three days and it emits such a foul smell that entire graveyard is smelling and then what does he go on to say well bassoon Ethiopian la ke mama la persona que la mala ha and they came in they covered me with clothes, which has no slave workers Mooney, Rob and they brought me close to them. Rob was one Lou

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Salatin, la ruku Holla Holla sudo de la la la harmony, then they get the deserve someone is hugging my brother someone is hugging my mother someone is consoling my son nevermind make summer they brought me forward they made subsea and they made in the mouth which has no ruku which has no sudo hoping that Allah will have mercy on me. La la la. de la came to the grave worksurface Sutra and was he someone said can we just have a last glance at the maid so they open the face when they open the face my child became emotional welcome villainy and he kisses me someone moves in down and then they lower me into the grave. I leave you with couplets. I leave you with couplets when we completed and

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we graduated in madressa. And it was a very emotional separation, knowing not if we will meet our colleague with whom we work for the last 10 years. Now start saying few couplets with which we terminated and he left every man cry. He said la consola mala Allah He and Neela Hello, I am making Salaam to you and create a new lesson I have to leave what hyena you mean whoa Victor for Rokita tomorrow. The very thought of separation gives me a shiver and makes me tear. Why in I mean, whoa fixer upper Rokita tomorrow, fair enough, nothing new vishna for who he might have been Anna, if Allah has still written life for us, then I hope you will reunite us. We're in New mattina but if

00:28:47 --> 00:29:07

before our next meeting, the Angel of Death knocks my door fell to Yama tomorrow then the plains of Russia will assemble as we make God Almighty Allah he take us with him on May Allah give us a wonderful death in the holy city of Nibiru Salaam, and that we can rest in the graveyard that we can be the first to enjoy the privilege of the intercession of Nebula Sam Walker.

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