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Sulaiman Moola
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In Alhamdulilah in 100

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takanohana ii

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kusina Dr. Marina de la Marina was

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the winner when

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the hula Sri Cana Vanessa Donna Maulana Mohammed Abu

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Pani rajim, Bismillah Ar Rahman he, Omar kalapana sama,

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mala re been lower Athena

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FEMA Carmina For ye da da da da da

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Blue Water aku Coco Emma palma de la,

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la, la la la la la LA City vaccarino bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam colusa him in LA with dunia in la de la iniciativa. Luca Leto sick What da boo Cali para sick one modaraba to Kellyanne Lake for in nominal hottie wacana Marina Salatu was Salam min Hosni Islam in Maria Turku Mata Jani. Oh c'mon Kala hunting is Salatu was Salam. Salam o Donnell Avi masataka Rasulullah Vu will Karim Allah de la camisa de nuestra Kadena will hamdulillah mean

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honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders the verse that I selected for discussing today.

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I left America with Allah makes mention in this verse, that we have not created the skies in the universe in the earth and whatever you see around you, as the form of entertainment, the object behind this creation, there is no element of entertainment. This is not a circus that is operating around us that we see the sunrise in the sunset in someone coming in this world someone leaving this world, Allah says entertainment does not prefer the majesty of Allah. And neither does it before the believer in this world. Entertainment is exclusively kept for the believer in general, and not in this worlds.

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Further Furthermore, law says hello Arjuna and nectar is Allah Wa, la casa na, na, if we intended entertainment, although it does not be for our majesty, but if we wanted entertainment, we could have entertained ourselves in the skies by the many things we have created. There was no need for insulin to create you for entertainment.

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In the concluding verses of the 18th use of the Quran, Allah says, Allah has EBIT, da, da da, da da da. Amen. Do you feel that we created you meaningless without an object without an aim? Without a goal? No, no, we have created you with an object with a purpose. In fact, not only does Allah negate the fact that he has created us, not for entertainment, but maybe Kareem sallallahu wasallam goes on to say, mean Hosni Islam. ilmari Turku, mala Jani, the beauty of a man's Islam will be that, that he doesn't only abstain from entertainment, but he goes one stage above. And he even abstained from those things, which will earn him no benefit in this world and accurate, whether it be lawful or

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not. nebulous Salaam says, what will determine the beauty of the person's faith in the eyes of Allah is he or she who will abstain from any and every such Act, which is few times which is meaningless, which is in vain. And furthermore, NaVi la Salatu was Salam goes on to say, Pharaoh, the Quran has emailed us that Oh, my Sahaba remember in abundance, remember in abundance, that that particular thing, which inevitably is to prevail in the life of every human, which will put an end to the element of lust and entertainment in your life instantly.

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I will repeat, what does the Vla Salam say, remember in abundance, that particular thing, which is inevitably to prevail in the life of every believer, which will instantly put an end to the element of lust and entertainment? What is it tell me of Allah? It's nothing other than the concept of debt and modes. Brothers, with the fever of the World Cup now let's ask debt men whose sons Janata is lying in his house or vice versa. If there's a generational line in the house, would that person be concerned about the world cap starting? That is 20 pages in desta and the world is speaking about it? And like fools, the whole of England, if not the whole of Europe is making or praying and

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saluting for one fool that is foot Mutharika to kick the

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As the man in whose house, there lies a janazah at this time, what this fever effect? Would it bring some concern in his life? What do you worry about who's playing and how long they played? And What's the score? And what's the latest developments? No, no, he's got a general line in his house. He can't worry about that. Well, now whenever this omit has become prey, to the to the temptations, and the amusement of this world, in any way, in every way, is because they gave they've shifted away from the time that they are going to leave this world and the concept of death. That is why they have become gullible to various forms of entertainment, that the world comes and sways us in the

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direction that they want to take us. Now via Creme De La La Jolla, some say the Chronos we will

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discuss in abundance the debt which will destroy within your heart that element of entertainment. Without doubt this is a human desire, maybe a Kareem sallallahu wasallam has divinely exempted three forms of entertainment and he has made it lawful has made it permissible and has approved it in the audience which I have quoted before you colusa in mainland with dunya Babylon. Salaam save says every form of entertainment is baffle is false is in vain. Well and you know benefit with the exception of three that apparently it also has the element of being in vain, but ultimately, it leads to some object in some goal. What is it that whenever you have a lot in TV, you can be

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tossing. What's a David Kelly for a sick one moolah to Kellyanne Lake for in no nominal happy number one, when you are playing with your bow and arrow in order to develop accuracy. Now you are busy doing it at that time you have achieved nothing, you've hit no caffeine, you've hit no target. Nobody has really benefited, but you are becoming professional and skilled in using the bow and the arrow, you are becoming an archer and today he is not helping you today perhaps apparently that action of yours might be a few times. But nevertheless, sir, I'm saying it is permissible it is lawful, because by virtue of the accuracy that you will develop, it will assess you in the midst of

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the battlefield. The second thing is

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when you are training your horse, you are galloping your horse, you are mounting on your horse, by virtue of understanding your horse controlling your horse. Tomorrow you will mount on to the back of this horse and you will ride into the thick of the battle. And by virtue of that as the Quran says for was supposed to be Gemma that the horse takes its master on its back and penetrates into the midst of the battlefield and danger in its own light for the victory of its master. So yeah, again the time you're spending with that with that particular horse taking it right in it, you know, galloping it, understanding whatever it is apparently gives you no benefit, but ultimately inshallah

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it's going to help you. So now Vla Salam says this is an action, which apparently is in vain, but ultimately, it leads to some object and it is possible. And the third thing of course, which is the expression of every human desire, one moolah to carry for in nominal hottie is that when you meet in seclusion with your partner, and you fundal with your partner trying to have in relation, this is a human need, which apparently one might one day is in his few times is in vain. But naturally, it's a human need which nature is instilled in every person. And yeah, again, while I say this, and I say the seriously that this is also a less kindness because the object behind this is that inshallah if

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you will have a healthy relation with your wife, then inshallah it will save you from having unlawful relations with strange woman. If you will smile in your house with your wife, you will stop smiling with strange woman. But unfortunately with smiling the whole day when we come home, our muscles are tired of smiling when the wife is anxiously anticipating a smile. In the lunch break as I'm smiling with the strange woman in the in the person's smiling with the strange woman with the patient. I'm smiling. I'm smiling with every strange woman that's coming before me. So when I walked in the house, that that why was great yesterday and modesty, who awaits my husband coming back and

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smiles I'm unable to smile for her. Why? Because I have been smiling with strange woman. So nebbia Kareem sallallahu wasallam saved. These are three instances where apparently it is invade it is few times. But ultimately these benefits online has made it lawful and permissible. But it is furthermore

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the second it carry method I recited well law, it wouldn't be the height of ingratitude. When, at this time we know what is the plight of the omit globally, we are not only talking of what's happening in Palestine, let's see what's happening at the Indian and Pakistani borders, what's happening to the woman what is happening to the woman in Afghanistan. Now one is to stand with them in devotion in Salah in submission in supplication and one is if we are unable to share with them and continue in that then it means let us not get involved in such things which will ruin our accurate ending.

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data crema that I recited, it will just give you a glimpse as to how Allah detects and dislikes entertainment for the believer in this world.

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Elias promise and Allah is designed to accommodate your entertainment and not your soul. That is why whenever we speak of gentlemen the Quran we don't hear about in general that you will read so much cinemas in general you will read so much Quran, we are about the woman of gentlemen, we are about the wine of gentlemen, we are about the fruit of that we are about those things to which the human knifes inclines because this is the human desire and this is what Allah wants to curb yourself. They carry my recited a typical situation.

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It was in that era

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where the Juma Salah used to be performed after the football

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like how we have on the occasion of the lead, that we first have rather vice versa. First is the Salah. And then

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we have on the occasion of the first is our salah and day after the khateeb or the lecturer will ascend the pulpit and he will deliver his sermon. Now we find in the initial stages of Islam this was the condition with Juma is well, one occasion Libya Karim sallallahu wasallam is delivering the hookah

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the Salah is over. The second one is on his Sahaba have gathered in the masjid. And in Medina, there was a drought and while they are listening to the latter part of the second quote, but understand it clearly incomes a caravan from outside. And the Quran says what is our direction.

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Now, it was customary amongst the caravans that used to come when they used to come, a drummer would come and he would strike his drum, which would signal that the caravan has come and you know there will be sending basic necessities which people would go and purchase and would save them to travel in the time of going outside to Dubai. So once I there was drought in Medina, the Salah was over, the first football was over, it was the second hood bar and the later part of the second Hooda Sahaba seated the Navy obala delivering the sermon and incomes this apparent Fund, the Quran referred to this as fun and entertainment. And of course, sustenance bargain because they wanted to

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purchase also. And one of the affecting factors, the way it happened was that this person would come and hit the drum, perhaps the children would come out and see and observe how this happen. Sahaba were caught in a dilemma in a situation that if we're not going to purchase what we need, and we're not going to respond, this man will leave very shortly. And then it will mean going outside Medina and traveling so many of the Sahaba then while sitting in the company made some conclusions, and they felt that the salary is over. The first goodbye is over. It's the latter part of the second hook but there isn't they shouldn't be much wrong in what we do. And they left the gathering of Navy

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on a solemn to go and respond and to purchase some of their bare necessities. But at the same time the Quran highlights the aspect of fun and entertainment because of the drummer striking his drum. It was enough for the Sahaba to leave the gathering of near a Salam and without the consent of nearly Salaam that Allah revealed the verses and Allah revealed it in Surah. Juma as you and I see today on this modality of trauma. I think the first myth started up first one on this mobile day of Juma. The Quran says ya da da da da, da, da La da, da da, da, da da. And when they see fun, or they see entertainment, or they see a bargain in LA, they hasten towards the the headlong. What are coca

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cola? And oh, my beloved Habib they leave you alone standing

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to have Sabah remain among Zuma qualified

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to remain and the substantial amount of the Sahaba will understand brothers today, like I was speaking to one of my associates and he explained to me so beautifully, that way Allah speaks about

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the prohibition of wine and gambling.

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Then Allah speaks about when is it an intoxicated the mind and all the other disadvantages, but one common factor that is found in watching soccer or any other sports and is found in intoxication and in gambling, and there is a loss as well. So the con and the Cranleigh one is that when you indulge in such activities, it prevents you from salah and it prevents you from the remembrance of Allah. But this is what Allah says is the outcome of consuming wine. Which one law no person can deny is a similar situation. Yeah. Perhaps one can debate and argue the benefit of playing soccer. But one law no person can debate and argue that there is absolutely no benefit and I'm saying this on the

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strength of people who are in soccer for years that have mentioned it to me

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Looking at soccer, and this time as we learned that there is even a health risk where people will be staring for hours and hours. Libya Kareem sallallahu. wasallam says, Latin in Africa The haiyang will have made it early. Don't ever look at the certain at the time of any male be alive or dead. It is haram. It is unlawful. It is prohibited for a male to look at the thigh at the legs which is inevitably to happen here whether intended or not, there is no way out when you will look at the person who will sit there is exposed, then perpetually your sight falling on him will be falling on his sweater which will naturally make you guilty of this Guna naturally some caution so you do not

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hear the alarm. Don't ever look at the center of any mail be alive or dead. Then secondly, as I mentioned,

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the green line is Salah, that a person that will be involved in this year. Naturally, his nemesis will go

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many people it takes such a toll on them. That apart from it affecting them mentally, physically, emotionally, brothers, it goes to such extent that I'm saying the standing in the house of Allah. I know one person May Allah give him a diet and the entire oma

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whenever his team was playing,

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and practice you know, when we say his team, those people they don't care anything about you. You are giving your life about his history. When he was born, we need to come to Korea where he scored how much he scored his entire life. He doesn't even know you exist. Well, I he doesn't know you exist. And many of them and I stand forth as they are raceless

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there is no virtue in learning their names. In fact, we can we can say these Guna

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Nevertheless, this person used to come to the masjid in one place. I know this personally I've seen this and many of the youngsters used to come he was in charge of the masjid time. Allah forgive brothers. On that multi time dailies to come in change the time and upgrade on the cornice to put the score.

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They used to come alive seen this with my own eyes, where they used to come and congregate at the masjid, to see the score which caffeine is playing against which coffee happening and discuss and entertained in the house of Allah.

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When you ask, Why are the draws of the Omid going unanswered? Why even Allah taking the decision to destroy the forces of Kufa

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when we oddly over with the Palestinian crisis, and comes in the system of the West and we fall prey to this, and this is one that is to follow in succession.

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So we just took the command victory line one is Salah, it will prevent you from the remembrance of Allah emotionally, physically, socially time will be taken up.

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The Quran makes mention al mo animal hyah to Daniela Ivanova, when was enough? That tells them oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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what is the life of a human in this world?

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The Quran summarizes, and the most comprehensive way gives us a synopsis. A brief explanation of the entire different phases and emotions of the human animal animal hyah teutonia Allah.

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Allah says the first phase of the human life of an undeveloped mind is to play.

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The child when it comes to the mind is not developed. And the reflection of that undeveloped mind is that he cannot be bothered what is happening around him 1000s a day in this crime, the depreciation of the rain, whatever is happening, he sleeps and he gets up by his toy. His entire day revolves around the toy. If he has a new toy, he has a wonderful day. And if he doesn't have a new toy on his bicycle, or tricycle is broken, he's depressed, his entire day revolves around it. That is why it would be unique for a child at that age. Like the Quran says

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obeah salam was a small child. The Quran says We inspired him with the understanding and the object of his life as a child. He was a boy of the age of three to four and the children told him Yeah, come let's go and play. He said Allah has not created us for playing. One lottery a 40 year old men cannot see what a four year old child said. Today's 40 year old man also feels Allah has created me for playing some field. Allah has created us for soccer, some field for golf, something for others. A child at the age of four said Allah has not created me for playing my Allah has created me with the superior object. So Allah says the first phase of the human life is playing. Then Allah says it

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goes on voila, when the second comes of that have fun and entertainment excited

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When something new, so when the child came in this world, you could, you know, throw him with perhaps a small rattle, or you bought him a small time, a small toy, it fascinated him. But as the years went by that very same toy, which fascinated the child yesterday, he now sends that toy. Now I need something more exciting, something more striking. So now the part that takes the child to the merry go round, or he goes to a circus, or he goes to take him to watch a soccer match or something else more exciting. And like so beautifully. There's an incident that I've heard from one scholar, that once there was a young boy at this age.

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And one day, he asked his father, my father, buy me a yo yo. So the father went around in the neighborhood looking for a yo yo, to buy to hit you know, and it's strange that you try and consider the desires of your children over yourself also, that my son asked me for a request, you will forget your own, but the son, my boy told me so I will go here and there and bring it and give it to my child. Somehow the Mother, the Father could not get it. And time passed on. But the desire remained in his heart that my son asked me this. I think I owe it to him. The child grew up, the boy matured, and he decided to go abroad to study. And some years later, he returned as a graduated professional,

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intellectual, competent person. And when he comes to the airport, there's 1000s to receive Him. And the Father, the thought was always in his mind that I must give this gift to my son, he asked me, so he wrapped up, he bought a nice expensive, yo yo, he wrapped it up in a nice box. And amongst the many 1000s that came to receive Him, the father was also there. But of course now he is much more intellectual professional. So he's been received and welcome by professional people. His father dressed in his simple old garb. He's not very impressed with his father. And in the mix, the father comes greets his son, and he says, Oh, my boy, this is a small gift from my side. Also, when you go

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home, you open it and then we'll speak. The boy goes home, when he opens it. And you look that it's a yo yo, he feels embarrassed. He feels insulted. And he comes back and he throws it at his father says Oh, my father, you haven't understood who I am. I know that son of yours. I am now someone else. I have degrees attached to my name.

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So the father took a deep sigh and he said one thing so you will arrive rotten lemon arada

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Oh my son. Yesterday the thing that entertained you today the very same thing is insulting you. Let it not be that today your profession as it entertains you tomorrow. And today you have to meet up insulted by the same thing.

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Yesterday you were thrilled and fascinated by this. And if I brought it up both I have a nice father. I have a lovely father. My father bought what I want. See my friend My cousin, my sister, my neighbor, my daddy bought me a yo yo look around nice man. So yesterday, if I gave you that you can throw you fell on it. You fell plated. Today you feel embarrassed by the thing that thrills you yesterday. Let it not be that today as you feel honored. And you feel elevated by those saluting you by those greats in you by those honoring you tomorrow when you stand before a law you feel insulted by the same thing, brothers. Well, we have a journey ahead of us. Life is to come we have to leave

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this world. We have to stand before law, Libya, Kareem sallallahu Sallam says mean Hosni Islam, enumerator Kumara. Yani, it does not be for the majesty of the believer. It does not be for the nature of the believer. It does not be for the man of a believer that he occupies himself in things that are few times in things that are in vain. We have to stand before a lot we have to give this up before Allah imagine you walk in your house and you are hurt. And then you see your child he ignores you. Anybody says that he can see me I'm doing my homework. And your wife says come see I'm busy cooking, what will you think of them that while you are hurt, and you are bleeding, and you fell and

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you walk into the house in this condition, and this is how your family reacts in the response. Brothers one side while you and I talked in a child is becoming an orphan, a woman is becoming a widow houses have been demolished. People are using everything and you and I find time in this condition when the hour is dark upon the woman and the night is dark upon the woman and the challenges are intensifying and the world is mocking in the woman in a Latina drama gentlemen and Latina Armand Hakuna. Allah says indeed the kuffaar are laughing at the believers, ye Rama Ravi Mehta Ramadan and when the Muslims are passing by brothers, we don't need to support that. What's

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his name? Say Newton zaidan holla. At this time we have to worry about what is happening to the oma. Our affiliation goes up to the omit. This is a deception and it is a delusion of shape and the Quran says today the Kufa makini the believers, those that will live a life of piety and live a life of obedience. Allah says folio melodien Armando middelkoop Faria, cocoon. Tell them to enjoy, tell them to love. Tell them entertainment is yours. Tomorrow the believers will be sitting on thrones and enjoying the numbers of gentlemen and they will be laughing and mocking at the Kufa provided in this world. They live a life of obedience. That is in conclusion, we end with this, then let us not

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become the victim.

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I have this entire fitna that is traveling in the entire world. And if perchance May Allah give us he died, let us not watch he let us not become involved in it. But if for any reason we do get involved, then let us not become amongst those people who devote their lives in memorizing the lives of those people, understanding the entire Autobiography of those people Sahaba hit those just bought that one, Sammy had seven sons. He said, I'm going to name every son of the name of a mother so that from the time of birth, I can create the resemblance between my child and mother. So that was the whole quantity of Tiamat. To stay. In this world. This child can be honored with martyrdom, and if

00:25:35 --> 00:26:15

he is not martyred, I will tell Allah Allah I spoke about Sahaba in my homes. Oh, well, I discuss Sahaba and you are my witness. I have named my children after matters. Were in a hussin me Benny epi asthma is Shahada, Allah, Allah whom yester Sharon, so let it not be that the discussion between father and son between mother and daughter revolves around Cooper, about the people of Cooper about those people that have under oath of Allah who have no objects in life. You look at those people's photos with any sense if you have and human preserve the nature, a human nature will open the details such a person and the world prays for such a person and the world salutes such a person.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:36

While there is no words to describe. To which direction is this woman leading by a lotta Baraka with Allah protect us from all the forms of entertainment of this world. And may He make us among those fortunate people who will enjoy pure divine entertainment arranged by Allah in the guidance of gender perpetually at the desire of your own choice was Rita 109.

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