An Example of the Eloquence of the Quran_ Activity Verbs

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So today's hot data will be eight verses of the Quran, each one of which deals with emotion of a human being. And we see why did Allah use that particular verb for that motion, we began with the slowest of them all, and that is to walk. And Allah mentions command to walking. When he says in the Quran, who will lead the john and acuminata loulan from Shu FIM and akeeba He is the one who has subjugated this earth to you so the earth is yours you can do as you please in it. So walk from shoo in its path and guru, crispy eat from the risk of Allah subhana wa Tada. So when it comes to getting along as it is, Allah says walk, you don't have to run. You don't have to rush. You don't have to

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race walk and enjoy. There's no hurry, whatever it is because written will come to you from shoe FEMA Nakia. So this is mushy or walking one level a little bit higher than this, that Allah subhana wa tada says, for either Odia to Salatu fantasy roofing. Once the Salah is over, then spread forth in the land and spreading forth. Once again, there's no urgency, there's no speed, it's just you go here, you go there, go forth in the land and find the risk of Allah subhana wa Taala. So there's the notion of each person finding his space, because when I say spread out, this means each one of you has a little bit of a space. So Allah uses spread out when it comes to going getting your risk. Why?

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Because your risk is written somewhere your risk is written somewhere, my risk is written somewhere, go and spread out in the world, and you will find your risk. Once again. There's no speed, there's no urgency go and spread out the third level of this world as well. Who will see who fill out the founder, okay, phi beta, alpha founder, okay, if I can

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see you fill out, say travel in the earth said needs to travel from one land to another. And once again, traveling is not done, especially in the good old days with speed traveling was done with leisure traveling was done on a camel or walking and a lot is saying go travel in the earth. And as you travel, look and pay attention to the people before you look at how the world began. So some of our scholars say this is a verse that allows traveling in the earth for the sake of contemplation for the sake of benefiting from history for the sake of learning from what is around you. And once again, the command is SEO and SEO means go and travel. None of these verbs when it comes to this

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world is urgent. None of them indicates speed. None of them indicates something that is very, very strict. Now we get to the religious stuff and the religious stuff we find all of a sudden the verbs change. We'll begin with number four in our series of eight. Number four, Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, you have the Dena armano either new dia de Sala Timmy Naomi Giamatti, what's the verb first. So now we get to the first sense of urgency, when the other than is called for Joomla. Then rush for sour. Sour means to be determined and walk at a brisk pace, sir means you have azima in your heart, you have strict intention, you give up everything else and you are now that's what we

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call salary site. That's the same thing. Site salary means you have determination. You have now a strength in your heart. And it's demonstrated in slightly a little bit of a gate that is determined and brisk, let's say brisk, so we have now first our Isla de la rush not quite rush rush is still too harsh, but it means walk with with a force with a determination. Make sure you're getting straight to the masjid like we're doing sorry back and forth. First sow Isla Vickery la he was ruled by a that's number four. Number five, even more than this, Allah subhana wa tada says twice in the Quran. For stubby, Iraq's estaba means you are before the other people establish means in English

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race one another to see who gets there first, for study for what I will say rot, which means has not good deeds. When it comes to good deeds. We now have a sense of urgency, who will be the first to do it. Who will be

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First to build them as Jews, who will be the first to sponsor the orphan who will be the first to build that world who will be the first to do something positive that nobody has done as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the one who begins a good deed shall get the reward of all those who follow him without diminishing the reward of those who follow the one who starts it. That is for statistical, so when it comes to good deeds, Allah is now saying, You be the winner. There is no from Shu there is no zero there is no walk literally no, we have to win the race for steady wins the race when it comes to good deeds. Why should you let somebody else do this? Look at Abu Bakr and

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Omar that we kept on competing with one another although I know that's what he said that I would have said I kept on stubborn car racing aboubaker until the day of the book when he gave his full money. Then I said okay, you've won I cannot beat you in the race. So again, the philosophy is stubborn Kotzebue and this leads us to the next book number six from a Starbuck number six is now established and Saba are the same route But sir Baka has a slightly higher speed than estaba estaba just means you came first. So you're both of you're going very slow, but one of you is first then you have established You're the one who came first savoca now you are coming first but also running.

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So Saba cup is also winning. But along with winning there is the sense of great speed. And what is Saba in the Quran word for the word is Allah say Saba, where does Allah say where the

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Sahaba Kareena mo Pharaoh Timmy Robbie, come with Jana Saba is for agenda, right Kairos estaba be the first and you in Sabah. Don't be lazy, don't go slow. You have to get to gender you have to rush to get to gender Savio, illa monferrato Mira become virgin net and outdo her. This summer he will be the first to win the race, be the first to rush and get to gender agenda whose width is like the heavens and the earth. So in Arabic we say like in English we say as far as the eye can see this is an expression as far as the eye can see. The equivalent in Arabic is the customer what you will not like the heavens and earth the distance between the heaven and earth. So in this verse, Allah says

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Sabu in Amalfi rotimi Rebecca Jonathan out of

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out of this summer, he was on race to forgiveness from a lock window race to get to Jenna agenda whose width is almost like the heavens and the earth. Now we move to the seventh one, and the seventh one is from Sabah, we get to Saudi

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Saudi Arabia. This is different than Serbia. But if you're paying attention the next five six words are going to be exactly the same as number seven. What was number a number six issue was number six sabba for Ella Mo Farah Timmy Rob de como genoten

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number seven. Sadie, same thing in our Mo Farah timbira become virgin net and out of Doha out of Doha Samoa out the profile. This is how you memorize okay. sabaha and Sarah Saba has the calf on it Sabu Jonathan Alba cow this summer Sarah, Jen Nathan a summer what now this is a little bit I have to go a little bit into the Arabic language here that calf here is lithium feel. It's like so it's like is not the same as it is. There is a higher level and that higher level is for the sada or not the Saba. Why? Because listen to this carefully. Number six was Sabu Sabu Islamophobic. magenta, or a death for whom? No, Linda Dena Amanullah he was truly right. Saba, for those who believe in Allah

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and His messenger. That's good. That's great. There is a higher level Saudi rule in agenda to Morocco in

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Arabic agenda.

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Mr. watts will

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then move in, there's a higher level for them with token. This is a very, very deep and profound point. For those who believe. It is like the heavens and earth means you're in it. You think it says because of the heavens and earth, but it's not quite as big as the heavens and earth. For those who have Taqwa and those who have Taqwa is a higher level than those who have a man taqwa is a higher level. It is the level of Epson. It is the highest level. Those who have Taqwa Allah azza wa jal says their agenda is as vast as the heavens on Earth. Not their agenda is

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Almost like the heavens and earth, there's a difference between the two. So Massara Saudi Arabia. Now what is the difference between Sarah and Saba? Very, very precise difference, even though there's a bit of an overlap between the two. But here's the main difference. Saba means in your Nia is to win a competition. Deep down inside, there's something to do with another person. And you want to be number one. Sarah, there's nobody in your mind at all, except the deed that you're doing. And the one you're doing it for. Sarah, you're wanting to win, not because you want to beat the other guy. But because you want to win for the pleasure of Allah. There is a level of sun, there's a level

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of purity of this loss. It's not wrong to make more sabaha it is completely aligned to make masaba you get the point, Masako plays in racing on one other goodies. It is completely valid and it is good. You feel to yourself, oh, why did he give 1000 I'm gonna give 1500 for the sake of Allah. Why did he memorize to abakada? in how long? Two months? I'm gonna memorize it in one month. Good. Good. masaba Good for you. How about the one who says I want to memorize Bukhara for the sake of Allah, not caring whatever anybody else is doing. I want to give my 1000 2000 3000 for the sake of Allah not caring what anybody else is doing. My is lost between me and Allah. That is the highest level

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and so there is no sense of competition. Once again, understand me there's nothing wrong to compete in halaal for a lot faster vehicle. It is completely alive. But the highest level of taqwa does not concern himself with what others are doing. The highest level of taqwa worships Allah as though Allah is seeing him even if he does not see Allah He knows a lot Azerbaijan is watching him, the role of Islam is completely high. For that level. Allah says Sadie to be fast, not necessarily be first because it's quality, not quantity. Make sure you do your best don't care what others are doing. And make sure you are as fast as you can be sadio enamel filter a little bit more agenda 10.

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How to do SMR watch one of these, its width is going to be like the heavens and earth. This is level number seven. And then number eight for our lecture today. And obviously there's more examples that can be given but time is always limited and lectures that we give. Number eight last and definitely not the least, the most powerful verb when it comes to motion in the Quran. The most powerful Arabic verb that is used is for fulfilled rule in a law in the law community rule moving for is the strongest sense of fleeing at it's literally the same. In fact, it is narrated as a head Ethan scholars differ, is it a Hadeeth or not? Some say it's added some say it's the saying of a Sahaba.

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Philomena image do me for a minute run away from the one who has leprosy like you run away from the lion. So the word calf iraq amino acid, this is what furor is how fast are you going to run? If you're in the desert and you see a lion after you that is filled out as fast as you can? as well? Pharaoh has very easy to remember an element of fear for fear. Okay, it just so happens that the English word fear sounds like Farah, and there is an overlap because fear is only done when you're scared. So when you're scared when you're terrified, what speed Are you going to run with fear? Ah, so this is for where do you run when you're terrified for fear?

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Illinois law now what are you scared of? You are scared of a la casa de la every other object that you're scared of you run away from and that is why for typically is followed me for a min he ran away from the lion for a minute or two. He ran away from the enemy almost always in Arabic poetry in Arabic language even in examples in the Quran. The fatwa is followed by men running away from the one time for feudal rule, ILA Isla RUN TO YOU typically don't run to the object you're scared of. But in one case and only one case, you run to the very object you seek protection from, while one new manager Amina law he in LA, and they recognized that there is no one who can save them from a

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law other than a law. This isn't the Quran surah Toba, the believers recognize there is none who can save them from a law other than a law and this is what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself said that Oh Allah, there is no one that can protect me from you other than you, no one can protect me from you, other than you

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So we are scared of a lust punishment. Where do we run to we run to the mercy of a law to protect us from the punishment of a law and that is the highest level for funeral either law, rape, rush race with full terror to protect yourself, where will you run to protect yourself from a law you run to Allah for Pharaoh in a law in Nila caminhada view mobian. These are eight levels of activity in the Quran. And by the way, similar can also be applied to the non Muslims up to the monastic own and the hypocrites. Allah zoa just mentioned in the Quran. The hypocrites when they stand up to pray for more inequality, for call macusa they stand up really lazy, really slow, they're not eager to stand

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up and Aloma inches in the Koran. Don't be like those who you said the owner, Phil Cofer. They're raising one another to do poofer. So there's something called racing for Cofer. There's something called being lazy in good deeds. And there's something called racing for gender and racing for good deeds. We want to be of those who race to gender, we want to be of those who are racing to Allah fleeing to Allah rushing to the Salah. Now obviously this is metaphorical, you don't actually run to the Sala our Profit System said that when one of your hears the comma and the Salah has started, don't run, but rather it can be Sakina it will work or be dignified when you come to the Salah.

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Obviously, these are metaphors of the heart that in your heart race to Allah you obviously physically don't run to the Salah, even the word press out. It doesn't necessarily mean run hastily, it means you have a determination to get to the Salah. That's why when it comes to the Salah, Allah says first out he doesn't say Sadie because you don't actually run into the masjid, to pray the Salah even if you're late you walk with dignity but internally you are racing to a lot your psychology you are rushing to gender, your mentality you are fleeing away from Allah to Allah to protect you from Allah. These are some of the beauties of the Quran. And by the way, my dear

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brothers and sisters, this technicality of these specific verbs, it is impossible that a human constructed this it's impossible that the precision of these verbs simply just came about out of nowhere. This is one of the indications of the Battle of the Quran which indicates the Quran is indeed Tansy lumen Hakeem and Hamid it is a revelation from a law of the all wise and the almighty May Allah subhana wa tada make us the people of the Quran May he make us of those who win the race may make us of those who rush to Allah to save ourselves from Allah wa 100 la hora para mean masala la hora sunnova he was a big marine

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in a feed dounia Salah

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