Khutba of Shaitan in hellfire

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So I promise you also conclude with the hope

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of Satan and hellfire. Are you ready? You can open the forum. I'm sure that all of you have, you know, a port on your tablet or in your cell phone right? You can open so number 14 so Ebrahim and number 22 so Ebrahim is number 14 and number 22.

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That's the whole shebang. And I'm going to go through it with you inshallah, word by word, Allah subhana wa Taala and you will learn a lot from this Hooda so that we can be aware of Stefan and know his tricks again. Okay.

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And shaitan said, when the matter was decided, meaning Allah subhanaw taala judged people and some people went to Jenna Mia Las Vegas amongst them, say me and other people went to hell farm Allah save us all say I mean.

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A lot promised you a lot promise to But listen, a lot, I made a promise and I made a promise, listen carefully

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promised you then the shaitaan is talking. Why?

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And it was the promise of truth. Allah, when he promises something, Allah will make it happen. Along with all of that promise, he promised those who listened to him. And this time, they will be under the mercy of Allah. And he promised those who will disobey Allah.

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They will be with shaitan hellfire.

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But I promise you, but I will never keep my promise. What is he saying now? I'm a liar.

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I will never keep my promise. I will lie to you. I am a cheater. Would you trust somebody who lies? He's telling you in the Koran. No, Aki, we, we believe in him. We listen to him. Remember the day when he came and whispers to you and he listened to him? That's why we need to take him as an enemy. Right?

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Listen carefully to the next statement.

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I didn't have an authority over you.

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What's the meaning of the word so far? I don't mean your cousin. Okay.

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So lawn means two things. So time means two things, okay.

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Somebody who has the authority to force you to do something, even though you don't like it?

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Is that clear? That is so hard.

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So somebody has an authority to force you to do something against your own freewill.

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Or he has authority to convince you until you do it happily with your own free will.

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That is so fun. So what the second is what he said.

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He said, I have neither authority over him. I can't force you. And I can't convince you. So what is it that he did to us? In the

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I just whispered

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and you listen to my whispers

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Is this something that can protect me from Satan? Yeah.

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That's exactly the whole thing we have been doing for the last two holla has, we're going around to build a ministry say energy when we read the Quran. Remember all these stories of the enmity of strife on the site on hate you that Satan wants you to be it to be going astray like him that Satan wants you to be with him and hellfire.

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Yeah, so all those secret features or functions shatta and when you read the Quran, where's the Quran coming from?

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From Allah, the least thing Chaitanya will try to do is not to make you focus. He can stop you from reading the Quran. But the only thing he would come and try to distract you see, going to be reading the letters, reading the words without reflecting on the meaning.

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You know when you come to a brother like in Ramadan, Ramadan is coming Salah.

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Like, you know, did you raise your hands? How long did it take you? 10 minutes?

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Brother I'm saying that just

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how do you read?

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How to laughing?

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You know, people read like that. There's any of you and it brought tears to your eyes. No.

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Do you remember something of what you have written a whole juice?

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No. Shall I tell you something of the lab nominate your loved one Homer. He says kwinana talaash is on Lana.

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Suma Namah Luisa Fatah laminal Elma wa salam ala man.

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We used to recite 10, eight by 10.

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Then we learn them, then we act upon them. So we got the knowledge and acting upon the knowledge. That's the difference between us.

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Is that clear?

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The least if you don't know how to read Arabic or to understand Arabic, the least the least you can do read some translation. And if you have difficulty Come, come to the matches and ask because the only way you can benefit from the Quran. The only way the Quran will penetrate your heart and touch you is when you understand what you're reciting. And so we're starting this holiday.

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And we have been talking about just introduction to the Koran, and the etiquette of starting to eat.

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So we're sharing the history of the enmity of faith and so when you say our own

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ministry regime, you know what you're saying, you know who shaitan what would he do to you when you read the Quran and it's a command by Allah we started at the very beginning of Allah.

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Number 16 and number 1898, he said, fader On

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Belay, min ash shaytaan comanda Allah, but listen here but for those who speak Arabic Allah says for either Corrado Quran, Tara is fairly moderate, right? Can we translate this literally? When you read the Quran sacrificial Allah from shaitan you know, the excluded the one that's excluded from the mercy of Allah? No, we've never ever translated the Quran literally. It means if you intend to read the Quran, because you have to do Salah before you start reading after you read. Okay, so if you want to read the Quran, if you intend to recite the Quran, sacrificial Allah against cytology Is that clear? Okay,

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so Stefan here is acknowledging one thing he says we're

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gonna say

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Allah promised you unless truthfully his promise

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to come, I promise you, but I will never keep my promise. Right? Then is gonna tell you

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never know thority over you. I told you the meaning of so far. No, it's the authority that forces you to do something against your own freewill. He doesn't have that authority. Or he can convince you with arguments so you do it with your own freewill. He doesn't have either. Okay. In and out.

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To me, I whispered into your ears. And you responded to me so Panama? Allah subhanaw taala is calling upon us. And so number eight

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and number 24

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I can't hear you.

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Okay, second English. Yes, Yama

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is the better

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Okay, now, he doesn't like it. My assistant somebody said like no no, no, let's go back to the Arabic okay. Say

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Allah scolding you Yeah. You are Latina Iman right. You came to the to boost your Eman.

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shaytani se

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I was born to ears you respond to me? You listen to me you obey me.

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And the core of the message of why

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they call you when shaitan calls is gonna call you to do something wrong. But when a line is messenger will call you What is it Lima.

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The call of Allah and Islam

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messenger will bring lives to your heart. This is why you have to pick up the call.

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What does that mean?

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Come to pray.

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Right? How many of us have missed that call?

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How many times have we missed that call of our life? And the law says, If you answer that call, it will bring life to your heart.

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If you don't, you're dead. Even though you're walking into and you eat five, five meals a day, and six snacks in between.

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let's go back to shaitan and let's learn shaitan is gonna say

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Don't blame me that you're ending up here with me. You know, where is this?

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It's in Johanna. So shaytan is in Jana now has a platform and all his followers who follow him in their wisdom to selling them Don't blame me.

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blame yourself.

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And then

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shaytan is crying in Hellfire asking for help. And his followers are crying and Hellfire also for help. He's gonna say

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you can stop I can never stop your cry and you can never stop my cry will be all crying here forever. Can you imagine a last telling us what's gonna happen should we pick up the wake up should we become that whole a wake up call read carefully this what China's gonna say in Johanna molars telling us you have the answers will do now. So we need to be aware of the tricks of trade.

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Then at the very end is gonna say

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in the

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used to take me as a partner with Allah. I'm a Kaffir now I just believe in that. Allah is the only true God. I will just Allah

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Subhana Allah, would you trust a liar?

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Would you stop inshallah trusting the liar