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In the hamdulillah inner hamdulillah

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patina woman, Dr. Marina Mary Angela Rama Villa

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de la

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ilaha illallah wa ala Sheree. Vanessa Vanessa, Donna, Donna Mohammed Abu Maura sudo. I'm about to fall in love with Avada which

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is Hamid

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Khan Raja smilla Rahmanir Rahim.

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Masha, Allah, Allah,

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Allah Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam, Raja Bentley Emeril mcweeny in Bravo por la,

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la, la La, la,

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la La, La La, La La, la, respected scholars, brothers and elders, right the Karima that I have recited before you a lot of bullets that says that there are many injunctions which Allah has ordained upon men, which he personally dislikes. So Allah has ordained certain injunctions, but men finds it difficult men finds it

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difficult to conduct to perform those duties. Further, Allah goes on to say watsa, and Sakura who say Lacan, but then reflect on men there is the possibility of you disliking something, when it could be highly beneficial for you

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to sit back

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and reflect on the reverse, you could passionately be like in something and it could be harmful for you. And then Allah concludes by it by saying one long we are gonna move on to the moon, let's conclude on a note will you confess your ignorance and I make known to you my perfect knowledge. So again, you don't even know what is good for you and harmful harmful for you never mind having the skills to acquire it and abstain from it. You don't even have the skills to know what is good to differentiate, you could be possibly ability to save. Sometimes the man wants to venture into business, and he makes all the necessary adequate arrangements. And a lot of them are likely to

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avert this plan from him. And then he can intercede in this a lot of demand has noble intentions. Why do you have Reddit Allah says I'm looking beyond this you're only looking at now if it gets into the short form, you're gonna engulfing materialism will take him and that will be the end of June.

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So one long way out. Number one, Allah said he knows and you don't know, in the same vein, and in the same breath event, there are certain injunctions with a line as ordained upon us, which we cannot comprehend its wisdom. Likewise, there are certain circumstances that come in our life certain situation, at times, it is the direct opposite of our ambitions and aspirations. We making grace to allow that particular thing and the direct opposite happens. And we fail to comprehend and we tend to found sometimes explicitly sometimes in a certain way, but we tend to frown, why, and how are these things happening? And the thing that actually motivates me to this particular topic? Now,

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when I was in America, obviously, you know, I had spoken extensively about marital relations. It's a common thing, you know, they say, When, when, when American and I said to the American says, well, when an American has an argument, which is why he runs to the lawyer, when an Englishman has a problem with his wife, he runs to the pub, when a Frenchman has a problem with his wife, he runs to the Secretary, and the engine runs to his mother.

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So I was speaking extensively about, you know, medicine problems, and I had so many sisters phoning me. And really, I felt so hurt when I heard they cry. That, you know, I've been divorced in six months, and the culture to which we are exposed, none will take or re marry a divorced woman. So now what happens to us? Is it wrong that I have committed a crime that is perpetrated when my husband was cheating against me, he divorces me. Now I face a social stigma, and then nobody will take me as often a boy would come propose. And then when he saw the look, he was previously married, immediately they dropped the proposal. And this course persisted upon us so much, that I plan that I

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need to adequately address the matter. And hence I took the platform and I address it in great detail. And then I spoke about many incidents, which happens in the life of an individual, which apparently, firstly, at its face value doesn't look very pleasant. As time progresses, and wisdom surfaces men realizes the Hidden Hand of a lot behind the whole thing, and to have absolute relevance to the Ico or the occasion or the situation of Nika if the incident of these rhodian llamando. There are two incidents here. They throw the alarm on who he was, you know, kept it in.

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Little childhood. And then he was purchased by Hakeem exactly Bumblebee, a loved one who

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then took Xavier llamando. And again between his arms, the Casa de la la Mancha. And when he got married to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, then these are the alarma and ha Jade as a gift to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So the prophets of Allah Islam kept him as a slave. It was very loyal in trying and faithful to him. But as time progressed, the father of Vedic especially for the release of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that, if you want to change rate, I will release him with no ransom but I will not release him against his wishes. Later on his father chain, and the purpose of licenses you recognize this man, he says that my father, that's my uncle,

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Ray's father interceded, and he said, I'm ready to give a handsome ransom to earn the freedom of my son, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says you can take him I will not take offense in his return. However, I will not send him again situation.

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told his father and his uncle, believe me, I've seen such a personality in Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, that I'm not prepared to live with my own parents also to sacrifice his company. When they express such sentiments, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said from today, I adopt date and he is my son.

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Today I adopt them. Because of that they enjoyed the privilege of being referred to as they when Muhammad they the son of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, which was an absolute procedure, which was an absolute honor, because the purpose of Alison's male offspring had passed away in the infancy hence there was no one there was no one among his immediate biological children who had this privilege. He only had daughters and obviously a daughter, as she gets married, she moves on to the new family. So among his immediate male offspring, he had no son that could continue physically with his knees. And this on an attempt to save your loved one vote. But obviously Islam is the team in Amman Elijah,

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even when truth comes in Allah will reveal and whatever measures have to be taken place will take place and prevent

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suffering subsequent to this year Allah.

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Allah Jalla

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Valley konkola ye come along we have

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made your adoptive son. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called and said, Listen, as long as as passionate as I am to accept you as my son, but Allah has revealed these verses and hence you will still remain close to me and so will I remain to you. But now you will not be known as they've been Muhammad you will have to be directed to the lineage of your father. So you will be known as they've been harissa, who is your biological father, Gregory Amman obviously complained being the will of a lot, but there was a degree of unhappiness in his heart, simply because this name and this association and affiliation that he had with the Prophet Sawsan has not been severe. So again, a

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situation comes in the life of blade which apparently it is unpleasant. But look at how Allah substitutes this look at the privilege of like, if they take that name away from Allah then give him the honor of his name been mentioned in the Quran. And the only the only Sahabi in the entire Quran from the galaxy of Sahaba, who enjoys the exclusive privilege of emphatic mention of his name in the Quran. There are numerous verses which make reference to a host of Sahaba but the only Sahaba whose name has been explicitly mentioned in favor of the olana Salama Papa domina. So his name was taken off from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam because of an order of Allah, but then Allah gave him that

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privilege, the person's name comes in the newspaper, and then you know that he bought the paper. You know, just check up this section. Yup, Monaco. And then what happens is that very quickly, you picked it up, you're ready to give him a phone call, Mashallah well done. And the next day when you're looking for some toilet paper to clean the floor, just bring that newspaper article. And that is where your respect goes. That headlines that you are respecting him.

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In him tomorrow, you need to clean your car or you need to put paper on the floor. The newspaper goes down, you clean it in the Quran, by Allah Himself. The very same

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person was very attached to him, and hence he took an extra part in the marriage of these. So when they mature then he grows up. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam takes it upon his own conscience to make some arrangements for the proposal of date, and he sends a proposal to his own Southern Professor Allison sends a proposal to his own cousins his aunt's daughter in law, and he says that I am extending the proposal of Ray to you. Initially she declined because she had belonged to a very prestigious family. She was a woman of absolute beauty and unbelievers, these are the olana did not enjoy those privileges. It was a very good hobby as well, but in duty in social lineage, he did not

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enjoy those privileges a lot in previous efforts.

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Omar Donnelly, ma, ma ma ma ma ma de la Mora Soto, a

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human and Rahim that it is not becoming of a male or a female believer that when Allah is the exercise that you create for them to have choice in the matter, he does not respect. the majesty of a believer is not becoming of the spirit of a Muslim. It just doesn't see hold the nature of a believer that he stole a lot in his interviews, degrees degree is explicit. And then he still reviews the method, he applies his logic, he thinks the matter when these verses were revealed, then immediately she withdrew her denial, and she said only view of a lie, accept the proposal, given your requests your intervention, and the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the marriage takes place,

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the marriage takes place. And that's what I said to those sisters. And I say to every Sister, I had a sister in our own area. So behind the law, you know, at times, we don't identify with the pain of a woman that is divorced, and that any person goes through it. It's not a wonderful experience. It's not a wonderful experience. The sister came home. And she spoke to me and she left some literature also, it was very emotional for me.

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She was divorced within a month after marriage. And her words were that I was still receiving wedding gifts when the divorce was through. And she said, you know, how I didn't know how to conduct myself? Do I tell the people you know what I'm divorced will vary. And people are still sending wedding gifts and flowers and whatever else. And yeah, I'm already divorced and still lying in one room. And she went through a very, very emotional period. And obviously, you know, the devil exploits the desperation and the confusion. And the devil, the injection influences the mind, and you start having evil force against a lot. And she went through a period of time that she found

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herself that she lost her faith, and she lost her balance, and actually started gaining her composure. She started pinning down some information, you know, just to latch on to some support and some guidance that it motivates her. And it motivates every such sister who goes through such a similar crisis, and a very, very sick booklet, she left me to edit it, which I haven't yet done. But what I'm saying is the emotions and the sentiments of the woman were really, really painful. Now this was a marriage that was arranged by the prophet sallallahu wasallam himself, the prophets Allah ism. Hence, there couldn't be any flaw in the procedures that were adopted in this marriage to

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materialize, you know, the Islamic procedures, how for them to see the Sahara, etc. They currently have gotten matchmaking some personal knowledge, then the purpose of the lottery was something he had a passion for them, and he loved him, you know, he had a feeling for his cousin as well. But after the marriage took place, within a short span of time there was complained that there was a problem, and they knew they would come and complain anytime drainable vilano would come and complain, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would use a very polite Texas approach and say galica though just keep your wife and don't divorce what's up the law in fear Allah Allah and he tries to

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suppress you know, the, the flickering and the unpleasantness. But then he came to a boiling point in the bubble had to burn and they could no longer contain it, they could no longer contain it. And hence they throw the alarm on who dingy bosses this woman. They think, gee bosses, this woman, once I was in Canada, and I was addressing in our congregation, and then one sister asked the question, she said, sure, that what happens that at times we make is the hora, we follow the correct procedures, we get divine inspiration that the choice is correct, the partner is correct. After a period of time the marriage dissolved and obviously my only answer to her was she couldn't be a

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better match arranged by anyone other than the Prophet sallallahu wasallam yet for whatever unforeseen circumstances it did not sustain. But then again, look again look what what I'm saying is that you know, you might wonder why how a lot of question marks attached to it. The sister was sitting in front of me and her ex husband, and then she was so emotional and you know, he walked out of there in the marriage broke up and she says, I just wish something drastic happens to me in my life and and address the fire and as a sister that's not the way she says no, I'm becoming very suicidal. I'm telling you as a teen and becoming very, very suicidal because in six months the man

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has messed my life. So you know, these are the situations that happen, navigate how Allah substituted what happened to her. Palomar Baba, the domina, warfarin, the vagina karnali kainai akuna, meaning

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the divine intervention because they accommodated the sentiments of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and hence accepted this proposal and they actually develop, Allah said the only way not to satisfy the deen of his own Mohammed, I'm making your Nika to go into heaven. So the prophets are awesome. silica was divinely performed the choosing of the law. There was no formal marriage on Earth, this is was revealed and you got to play. So the marriage broke up which was unpleasant but the hand of Allah was that I'm taking you out of date and I'm going to put you with Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So whatever Allah

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janene 47 is in the interest of his servant. We are constantly in a desire to change situation and we become oblivious of the obligations of the respective circumstances. The people reflected in the situation we want to change it projecting what's the obligation of Allah upon me in that situation? If I'm in a situation of the law, what is obligation upon me in Southampton are often

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with holder with respect or relief or with dignity, not yet the injunction upon me in this situation. So in every circumstances what what that might allow one from me if I'm in pain today I read one Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if a person goes through pain, difficulty and agony, and he contains it and he tried only before Allah, Allah says, I swear by my granddaughter and my beautiful name for him, I will not leave till I can forgive

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him I will not leave right because he's discharged obligation of the crisis upon him. So we have to look at the obligation in every situation what is applicable to me, what does allow one from me in the situation and whatever he does, his hand is better his intentions are greater his wisdom is also used the wisdom is encompassing.

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The mother of Maria Maria Salatu was Salam question of like any woman but look at her nobody essential she countries and she says, if you haven't run out of Benin, una cama de batani Mohan for Taco Bell mini in Naga Anka Samia Ali, all I have conceived, hopefully it will be a son holla on the curse of this boy I am telling you my intentions are as he grows up, I'm going to devote him to the service of Baker mocha, just son of mine, please for your team. One great scholar says one great scholar said just add this to your wealth, the two and a half percent, you just start to purify your wealth. This should be our laws also, were at least one cent exclusive to the deen of Allah to

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purify your children as well. In other words, you know, we all have passions in this world and they can push you to degrade. But the court of your law obviously is not obligated to maintain a tree, but he's seen in relation to that of the top of your wealth at ease the bare minimum, the bare minimum that one son of yours becomes exclusive to the deen of Allah. Others then of course they obey Allah and they pursue whatever the professions in degrees they have now said we don't even have one of our children. We don't even have one of our children present in the deen of Allah or you know promoting the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So she her intention is over law on my birth on the

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birth of the son I will hand the son over to your service. This is the aspiration that is our ambition. And she's optimistic about it knowing very well that her intentions are motivated by spiritual reasons.

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And then she delivered the child

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in Nevada law contrary to my hope, this is a girl

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Obama was elected you only came to know now I knew from the time of conception. You know now if the girl has the Quran says Allah. Mata Camilo cologne Amata Viva La Hama Omar. Allah knows the gender that every female here is using the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala Yama filler hum. But in looking at the constellation of lodges against something happens contrary to what you want, contrary to what you want to look at the plan of Allah. Allah said Maria, we respect your sentiments and your passion to have a son. But let us tell you, we've given you such a daughter that no mate can be equal to. No male can equal the female. So as much as you wanted a son, the girls you have you had

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such an enviable girl, even the sons of the world cannot be equivalent to a question he then becomes the Virgin Mary. She becomes a Virgin Mary, the only woman whose name is mentioned in the column. We spoke about grades only as a hobby. The only female whose name has been mentioned in the Quran is Maria Maria Medina.

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So this was no hope. This was the aspiration if not apparently materialized, but the plan of Allah was way beyond that. So what I'm saying is, as believers we have to learn as the Prophet Solomon said in the

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case of a believer is unique, and this uniqueness is exclusive to the believer. What is so unique about him, whatever happens to him happens in the best interest for him. Whatever happens stream happens in the best interest for him. It is meant shallow logic, and limited understanding and narrow vision that he frowns upon these choices of Allah subhanho wa Taala which Nathan he realizes were only in his interest

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omnicell Maria llamada she loses her beloved husband, Abu Salah. Now obviously, every every couple of prosperous couples that are happy, wants to live a happy life, and hopefully that when the children mature and marriage Sinhala brings them at the time that you know it's possible if you have a lovely present a guy together so that neither of them have to love the pain and the trauma of the death of their partner.

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She was very attached to her husband like any woman would be loyal, faithful on the desk of a husband, she went through a depression. The prophet SAW some console and said read one along my journey famously, but he taught me in my difficulty and grant me a better replacement. She said, I kept on reading the draw, but the question was it mean my heart could they be a better man than my husband? Could they be a better man than my husband but I respected what the prophet SAW son said. He said the reality of this was dawned upon me months later after my age that was over when someone knocks on the door and says congratulations of Miss Alma Muhammad and proposes to now I think, abou

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Salma in Allah gave me Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Say for example, and you know, I was reflecting over this year and never did this particular idea crossed my mind, is this scandal that surrounded the image of eyeshadow, the love on her, and did not only tarnish or stigmatize the reputation of ice and a debt of Abu Bakar the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and there was a question mark hanging around the entire family net of the place we know about it the Quran speaks about it in great detail that certain evil elements in society to be explicit monarchy teen to mention the name of Filipino babe in saloon who thrives upon an apparent situation where I saw the Alona was walking, what's the

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one of the Hadith is very long, and he started circulating the rumor that Isaiah is pursuing his religion, Isaiah is pursuing illicit religion. And this continued for a month and I don't want to go into the details, but I want to show you the response of Allah. And I tie it up with the sentiments with which I opened my fridge. I saw the young man who was not even aware of this surgery, just the slander. And one day she went to relieve herself with Mr. Maria lavonne, whose mother Now there were three people among the Muslims who also became a victim to this one was Mr. One was Hassan bin COVID. And one was

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Mr. Hassan Sahaba became, you know, victim to this particular accusation. So they also promoted it somehow, anyway, cutting a long story short, as she was returning after relieving herself, the mother of Mr. Who was one of those who had become a victim to this accusation. She was also walking and she slipped and she fell when she says, she said whoopee to my son. So I said, I said, this woman and I said, sister, what's the matter? You are falling? You're accusing your son. So she politely said, You know what, daughter, you're an innocent child. And you don't know what my son is saying about you. So I said, Tell me what is he saying? I don't know. Tell me I don't even know what

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you're talking. So she said, You know what my son, including others are circulating the slander against you. I said, that was enough for me. I cried, uncontrollably. I came home at the proper level. I want to go home. He said you have my permission. Go. I came home. I cried so much. My parents thought I was out of here. My parents thought I was dying out of here. The heartbeat is very long. The professor Larson then came and he sat down with I said, Isaiah, if you've made a mistake returns a lot. I will forgive you. If you're innocent, give it to Allah will prove your innocence. I certainly am. lonato said I looked at my father I speak my father said What can I say? They all

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declined and then revelation started upon the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now, that's a painful procedure which lasted for a month. What a painful ordeal. But yet when the Quran responds, what does the Quran say? lot's of

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luck on.

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consoled Ayesha Abubakar and the prophet SAW some in the following words. Don't consider this slander to be nasty for you. It's the best that could happen for you.

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So Bahama law, and you know, I sit over this versus it coincides with the season the 18 Jews and you know, the sisters phoned me in America and it happened to coincide with his versus the reputation. And I thought of this energy because I said Subhana Allah, what does the Quran say? Don't consider this evil. Now, one might wonder why is it not even a stigma to my family, a blemish in my character just honoring means society, demoralizing us in every form. Yet the Quran explicitly says

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don't consider it negative, to be explicit, don't consider it evil. And that's not all. biowarfare and Lacan, Allah first negated that it's not evil, and then he came in an affirmative way if he's positive, so to get the emphasis he reiterates the same thing. Scholars then explore what if the goodness scholars and explore what is the goodness, the goodness is that after this the world knows who it is,

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what is the goodness, it took these accusations and education and then divine intervention to prove who is acidic, so now she enjoys divine prestige position. Hence, the scholars say after the revelation of this verse. If anyone accuses Isaiah, he becomes a copy instantly. It becomes the copier, instantly. This

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It exposes the evil elements in society. It exposed the evil elements, they were brought up to love and obey the monopoly. That was not the agenda. The believers would discipline the believers with discipline. And those Sahaba who fell victim to this accusation, the penalties were instituted against them, they were penalized. They were brought forward, they will lessen accordingly. And the honor of a woman became sacred in the annals of Islamic history till the Day of.

00:25:28--> 00:25:32

So it took this painful procedure for these things to suffer.

00:25:33--> 00:25:38

It took this painful procedure for these things to come to reality. So let's reflect over this very war.

00:25:39--> 00:25:50

What has happened has been in your good interest, and I often say I often say, if any situation strengthens your bond was a lot in what you got is greater than what you lost.

00:25:51--> 00:26:28

Regardless if it took the loss of a shock, if you took the loss of a profession, if it took whatever it took, but if it made you find your law, and it returns you back to your Creator, trust me, my brother, what you got was greater than what you lost. Because now you found a law you found direction. So we may go to Almighty Allah He gave us the trophy, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said none of you should die, but in a condition that he has the best of hope to see the law. He has the best of relations with his Allah, he doesn't frown on the choice of Allah. He doesn't harbor ill feelings against the decrees of Allah. He doesn't question the authority of Allah, but he fully

00:26:28--> 00:27:05

comprehend it fully comprehend. You know, it would be naive on your part, or rather, intellect demands from you compelled from you that there are many times in your life things happen, you fail to comprehend its wisdom and a matter of a month or a year, that part and then Allah brought the reality to you. So now you need to develop that conviction that whenever my Allah does, it is in my interest. And my naive nature and my weak nature is always that at the beginning, I fail to comprehend and as time progresses, I realized and this again is a glimpse of the comprehension of the wisdom. What Allah was dawn upon us in our era behind his intention. It comes in a heartbeat

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when a person will see that he won't allow his prepared for him in difficulty. He will say oh my ally Wish you kept me in pain throughout my life. I wish you kept me. So this is the nature the puppet doesn't fit into that Allah. How strange is men. He has so many passions, and I have taken my responsibility to set the spine is special in our era, the bridge to our threat is dead. And that is why I decided to get over this bridge and they are satisfied but he frowns upon that. And he finds it uncomfortable. Now how strange is man I want to set this fight you want the house of the best leader you want woman of the best way to comfort luxury, the nature of men the temperament The law

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says I want to set this fine, but man finds this breed of just very difficult and beyond this breed I have kept everything Allah tala inspired with reality and give us that ability that in every situation we discharge the obligation upon us waffled down on somebody